Shard or Shark?

قشرة ام قِرْش؟

The Shard or the Shark is swimming in a good Sicilian wine?

Laaf finally found a casual place with drinkable wine - which as we all far too well know is as rare in London as a full bodied pearl in an oyster bought on a Sunday at Broadway Market.

Did I say Oyster? Yes? Well this "ripe and round" Sicilian is at the bottom of the white wines' list at the Oyster Shed, North Bank, Thames Walk.

Talking about wine one can't stop Paris popping into one's mind. In this comparison London obviously looses the battle. Should I think of a battle where London wins - it's the lavatories! Inclusive, clean and free. And this already is a big human, not merely touristic, battle won.

Having said "free" I should also mention that the French are particularly stingy in regards to all things given for free in London: smile, politeness, tab water, lavatories.

- Are you a politician? I was once asked in France.

- No, why?

- You smile all the time....


This sort of thing. Good mood is a rarher suspicious business in France.

Sorry, I got carried away. While the initial question was simple: if now the wine in this town of London is so bad, what will happen next? After Brexit

... ay ay ay...

Get all patriotic ? Drink pale ale ? The quantity of English wine will obviously not suffice, be them fine in quality.

Ay ay ay ay Ah, and by the by if you end up at the Oyster Shed ordering Sicilian wine don't bother with the food. At all.

Ah, ah perfection in this world... so badly missing. Just as badly as a good wine in a casual drinking place in London.

With love to RS/FrP in memory of our V V : 29° 12' : 15° 41' dies Mercurii : Full 92% conversation  

Ultra cool Roger Brown

and many other curious artists in How Chicago! Imagists 1960s & 70s at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art.

This new three-floor gallery space is stuck to the "old Goldsmiths bathrooms". It's certainly worth a visit. I might even go see it again. Various projections and events surroumd the exhibition.

Until 26th of May 

The Four Seasons, Roger Brown, 1974, Oil on canavas.

What you see is actually half of the painting. You know where to find the other half...

Clinic In Action

العيادة العالمية - إلى ٢٤ نيسان/ابريل في متحف جمع ويلكم

A DoW clinic model at Global Clinic exhibition at Wellcome Collection

تقوم مجموعة "ويلكم" (متحف المجموعة المعتنية بتاريخ وتطوير الطب و مفهوم الصحة والعناية الصحية) بعرض يتابع بانشاء العيادات الطبية المتنقلة باسم "عيادة عالمية" وسيكون هذا العرض من همة جميع الفضلاء والمعتنين بالمسائل الصحية. ولكل اللتواجدوا في مخيم او اخر في صفة او اخرى في وقت من الاوقات.

الى جانب العرض الموقت المذكور يكتم متحف جمع  "ولكم" (المدعي باسم خالقكه) كنوز لا تعاد من تحف من انحاء العالم الاربعة ( مثل لعبات "فودو" للعلاج) ولوحات من عصور متعددة (مثل لوحة "بريوغل") معتنات بالبدن والصحة البشرية .

هناك ايضا غرفة قراء واسعة و جميل (احسن مكان للراحة في لندن) ومقهى و مخزن   و مطعم 

قبال يوستن - محطة القطار 

Global Clinic until 24 April 2019 at Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection - The free museum and library for the incurably curious.

Walk inside an innovative mobile clinic, and follow its development from the early prototypes to the first complete version. ( Wellcome Collection's info)

Can't say how good this exhibition is as I tried to see it on a Monday - it turned out that both museum and reading room are closed on Monday.

So I opened my own archives....

DoW Clinic, Camp Katsika, Ioannina, Greece, August 2016

There is no video clip yet

A Sparse Saturday Morning Between Darkness and Light

Woman Searching for Eternity, Bill Viola

Bill Viola Micheal Angelo

Life death rebirth

By Caroline Fakhri


The contrast from light to dark as I entered the Bill Viola exhibition took me by surprise.


The surprises continued into the next room where two videos ran, one depicting a young woman in labour. She was crouched down supported by, I presumed, the father of the unborn child. The scene was calm as the woman moaned quietly from time to time. The other video showed Viola’s mother near to death. The breathing is laboured. In between a figure floats, at times calmly and at others in turmoil. I didn’t stay for the full length of the two films, five minutes was enough.


I looked more favourably at some of the drawings in the exhibition produced by Michelangelo in the final thirty years of his life; these depicted the birth of Christ as well as the resurrection. I wandered through several more rooms showing films projected on to many screens.


In the Sleep of Reason a personal individual space is evoked through a mundane domestic interior, overwhelmed by intermittent explosions of discordant images and sounds Overall the exhibition felt sparse. Maybe the venue was too big for this exhibition. But it certainly showed the power of Bill Viola’s work.


I was happy to come out into the light.


25 February 2019

Man Searching for Immortality, Bill Viola


 Royal Academy of Arts until 31st of March.


Citizenship's Darkest Hour

On Digestions 2019 subpage

Robert Capa, Collaboration Horizontale

The Wrong Ambassador

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Jesse Darling, Epistemologies (Shamed Cabinet? 2018

The hottest hot



At the Big here

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Mahmoud Farshchian

I Know The Way You Can Get by Hafiz

I know the way you can get When you have not had a drink of Love:


Your face hardens,

Your sweet muscles cramp.

Children become concerned

About a strange look that appears in your eyes

Which even begins to worry your own mirror And nose.


Squirrels and birds sense your sadness

And call an important conference in a tall tree.

They decide which secret code to chant

To help your mind and soul.


Even angels fear that brand of madness

That arrays itself against the world

And throws sharp stones and spears into

The innocent

And into one's self.


O I know the way you can get If you have not been drinking Love:


You might rip apart

Every sentence your friends and teachers say,

Looking for hidden clauses.


You might weigh every word on a scale

Like a dead fish.


You might pull out a ruler to measure From every angle in your darkness

The beautiful dimensions of a heart you once Trusted.


I know the way you can get If you have not had a drink from Love's Hands.


That is why all the Great Ones speak of The vital need

To keep remembering God,

So you will come to know and see Him

As being so Playful And Wanting,

Just Wanting to help.


That is why Hafiz says:

Bring your cup near me.

For all I care about Is quenching your thirst for freedom!


All a Sane man can ever care about Is giving Love!