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Supposedly, Vladimir Putin is dead. What are we doing with the world?!? Uhhu!?!


What are we doing.with the WORLD?!.


Unless. Unless Labour joined British National Party or say English Defence League by the Thursday, the 5th of May, in Islington, I will be voting... Conservative.

For we may have The Queen, Caitlin Moran, Emily Thornbury and the duchetsses of Cambridge, Essex and Cornwall; yet, women in Islington are still stuck between a rock and a hard place.

... not to mention all the boosless, cup cake and other sugar-rubbish filled lock-down-breaching, Labour-voting NHS - while we were saving it! - and private health sector parties that I've witnessed, while being too gobsmacked to document. Therefore, it is pure and clear liberal choice backing CONSERVATIVE vote for me.

My Free-range Satanist will vote Green up in Hornsey. "I didn't come to a conclusion" said he in answer of my question "I always vote Green".

Other Haringay and Highgate friends will vote Lib-Dem "tactically". Good luck to them.

I came to my voting conclusion thanks to the results of the French Presidetial Elections. Just think about it: If one is called "Far X", be it left or right, it would be only logical for one to meet and join other "Far Xs", wouldn't it? Further more, Far Left and Far Right always meet on the other side of the round planet Earth🌏 Once met they would balance each other and do uncountable miracles of wonder. A coalition between La Le Pen (23,2%), Le Mélanchon (22%) and Le Zemmour (7,1) at the first tour would have resulted in a wholesome 52.3% and would have handed Macron and his shortlegged 27,9% over to oblivion. Which would have been a fresh, brand new revolution in itself. The modern, democratic revolution that France deserves. France is not liberal and will never be, just as the UK is not European, and all Macron mandates are pure wast of time.

Unfortunately, the Fars'-Triumvirat must have missed Sham 69's great tune "If the kidz" in their day.

4 May 2022

Step In, English Summer at Central St Martin's

"Needlepoint" cast marvle by Cathy Lewis. Castlegate Gallery, Cumbria; stand 49 at London Art Fair, Islington Design Centre. 23-24 April 2022

I was Right vs I was Correct

It's no longer possible to say "I was right". "I was Right" has been now swiftly replaced by "I was correct"... as I overheard at London Art Fair, Islington Design Centre this afternoon, while looking at a heart worming piece of marble representing a tattooed torso-naked, vulnerable oi boy by Cathy Lewis. "You see, I was correct" said the woman’s voice over my right shoulder looking further right at a baige glazed pottery named "Vase using my family"; "This IS Grason Perry". As if it was a big achievement. As if anybody over the age of three could fail to recognise a Grasson Perry. As if "I was correct" was more progressive and tolerant than "I was right". Somewhat more acceptable as a nose-blow. Nerely a nose-job. More tolerant and less cocky. Both mentioned pieces of art at the stand of Castlegate Gallery, Cumbria; stand 49.

The accumulation of exciting art is such at London Art Fair, Islington Design Centre that by the end of my tour I had to exersice will-powers to stop myself from running around kissing the paintings and hugging the sculptures. It's better than a pocket size Freeze. Basically the best show is in town until tomorrow, Sunday 24th of April.

Other than that: we still count on Ukranian nationalists to defend Ukraina, don't we? Or do we? Do we or don't we, I would like to know.

Nationalism yes, no? No, yes? This is a fair question still standing. I want to know the answer.

Do we want Ukranians to be nationalists? Yes or no?

Do we want Macedonians to be nationalists? Yes or no?

What about Hungarians (for some reason we don't want Hungarians to be nationalist, but for the Polish to be nationalsit that's alright.. or shall I say alcorrect?) The Bulgarians? Yes or no?

And at the end of the day, how much anti-Russian can anti-nationalists be?

Serbs? French?

...about ourselves we don't ask. about ourselves we know.

And at the end end end of the day, why do we bother to call each other Sebs, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Ukranians, Hungarians, French, Russian and English if we are supposed not to call ourselves any of that?

For the time being English can call themselves English. For the French it is not yet sure : will they or won't they be able to call themselves French we'll figure this out tonight. Russia does not allow Ukranians to call themselves Ukranians. EU still allows Hungarians to call themselves Hungarians. See what happens next.

Other other than that Putin should clean the Black Sea from the debris of the Moskva ship, regardless of the cargo on board - nuclear or other. Putin should, every single day, be handed over the ecological bill for this war. Winner or looser, with or without a trial for genocide and war crimes, an ecological commission should be convoked and Putin should be presented with the bill on a daily basis. Once this is done, later on we will think of handing ecological bills to other governments for other wars.

Saturday, 23 April 


Sunday 24th April 5-7pm

In Georgie Mason Studio at Stepney City Farm

Вошъд, fragment, by Svetlana Kuznetsova. Sculls, bones, insects, semiprecious stones, jewelry, sable hats, WW2 orders, joinery. Вошъд is an invented word combining two Russian words вождь/vojd/leader and вошь/vosh/flee.

The most Ukranian thing in Britain? UK Police Vehicles! Else to speak UK police has always been yellow and blue 🇺🇦

The Bob Marley One Love Experience Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery.

London's For 9 Year-Olds Experience

The Bob Marley One Love Experience Exhibition at Saatchi Exhibition that is. 

Happy, musy, sporty, dancy - Bob Marley 's One Love Experience Exhibition is the place to be weekday morning. That is, if you would like to see a lot of elderly, retirred people singing and dancing, say, Wednesday 11 am.

This is also the place to be if you would like to investigate the differences between photo printing on copper, aluminium and wooden boards. Personally, I am for the copper ones.

No politics, no resistance, no tears - Plenty of women though in the audiance - I reckon was the motto of this particular one of all possible Bob Marley's experiences. Games, music and ...smoke machines. Weed scent would have done good to the lot. Alas, there wasn't any. As well as there wasn't any of the dangerousness and seediness of the Reggae Culture.

Good, innovative Bob Marley murchandis would have done good too. Unfortunately there wasn't any despite of the display of good contemporary artists.

Whoever the organiser/curator is, must have forgotten that despite Brexit, London is still more Europe than Las Vegas, kind of a town.

Hence, Bob Marley's One Love Experiance Exhibition is most suitable for London citizens aged 4 to 9. I am afraid anybody above that age will be expecting experiences lacking in this exhibition. Having said that I will still encourage all my European friends to come see it. After all, who wouldn't like to feel 9 again come Wednesday morning?

Bob Marley One Love Experiance - Untill 18 April. Saatchi Gallery.

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Нова Генерация

Репетиция, 2 март 2022, София

The excellent interviewing technique

Ivo interviewing Aziz

Second Version of Study for Bullfight No.1, Francis Bacon, fragment

Of Man and Beast

Don't call them 'the fittest'. Those, who survive are the destructors of others. Or at least that was my revelation when seeing Francis Bacon: Man and Beast exhibition.

Another revelation was that Bacon is probably The Painter of the 20th Century. Or at least now, when under the impression of this dramatic exhibition, this is what I think. He certainly isn't my favourite artist, but he might well be the best painter of the last hundred years.

I was expecting many things but was caught by surprise by Bacon’s mastery of colour and its plasticity. Baffled my mind runs between Renoir and Rothko, but doesn't find anyone getting even close to Bacon. And certainly none is more multi-layered than Bacon. Often has been said that Bacon avoided narrative painting like in “From the 1960s the large-scale triptych became increasingly important to bacon, enabling complex compositions with multiple figures that could address major themes, whilst avoiding a narrative scene that would fall into the trap of ‘illustration’”. Yet, Bacon’s paintings are narrative, it’s only that his narration is not linear. From the Crucifixion to The Bullfight all is narration. Wonderfully complex narration.

Bacon’s uniqueness is in that: while the viewer's brain is paralysed by a narrative cynic to cruelty; the viewer's heart is enchanted by the lust for life pouring from Bacon's bright, sparkling colours straight into the viewer's itchy eyes. Even the Mastiff’s canvas is glittered, like sparkled with golden sand.

"Bacon was convinced that there is an area of the nervous system to which the texture of paint communicates more violently than anything else".

Indeed. Indeed. This vibrant white line on an abys-deep blue background, next to the grey-brown, penetrating through my eyes, sets my heart in such ecstatic joy that my split brain half-watching Lacy’s coiled figure on a white pillow and half-observing my singing, joyous heart doesn't know whether this is a sad or happy painting and whether to laugh or to cry. I haven't seen anything like it. The gloss, the shininess of the colour, the form, the movement, the story...

The product is such that I immediately forgive Bacon for the two devoured lovers*

*Specie - Bacon's Lover. Life expectancy : 10 years.

Just as I have long forgiven Eric Gill his trespasses. Only Picasso remains to keep Rodin company in my gallery: Your sins outweigh your merits. Is he forgiven because his victims were male? Possibly, but not certainly.

Francis Bacon : Huge. Gigantic. Colossal. At the Royal Academy until 17 April

Ladies don't forget your sticks or long umbrellas when heading the Man and Beast exhibition; for you'll see a massive amount of men standing straight in the middle of the paintings and so close as if expecting to receive personal instructions from the toothful mouths, so that you'll have to pocket them to move aside.

This exhibition is so big that only lunch at the Ritz can go with it.

25 January

PS. 24 hours later I can conclude: Francis Bacon is not my favourite painter, he is simply the Renoir of my 50s, just like Celine is the Proust of my 30s. Or something of the sort.

Study of Portrait of P.L.No1, Francis Bacon, fragment

Kehinde Wiley, The Prelude otherwise know as the Unexpectedly Good Combination is at the National Gallery. 'The project is a provocation, a look at what's possible ' - Until 18 April. Thomas Gainsborough ‘s Blue Boy is also there now; in a room near by together with some youth by Van-Dyke.

 'Avanti Bellicose Amazon at Red Lion, Parliament Street ' or Chapter Three of 'On the Foodsteps of Robert Peston's Gil Peck or The Whistle-Blower's Augmented Reality ' is under books here 

Stacy Kranitz, Smith ville, Tennessee. America in Crisis Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery

A Day in the USA

Here is your Static-Travel Itinerary:

A. America in Crisis exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Less than I was expecting but still curious to see.

B. Big& Easy American lobster 🦞 and shrimp-burger . Less than I was expecting but still pleasant to eat - certainly with the nice Sicilian house wine.

C. In Cold Blood, Truman's Capote classic has many advantages such as: quality guaranteed and it's a proper journey taken at one's own pase.

The American Dream? Not much more than the English one. As I said to my father on the phone the other day: If one is so fine and so well of at home, why would one run conquer the whole world and even populate America for the matter?

This, of course, in response to my father's question : If it is so bad there, why don't they migrate?

Actually "they" did and they do. It's only that "they" called it all sorts of names - "The Quest for the Holly Land', 'The East Indian company', "Desert Storm", "Shock and Awe"... you name it - but not what it was and still is : economic migration and poverty exportation. Export a bare sorry ass riding a metal elephant and then import him back with £60 million and knight him. A millennium has passed sans changement.

Curiously enough, apparently the notion of an "American Dream" came amidst 30s recession in the USA - that's a fact speaking, for you, unlike the current fake news.


For 'The Coming Storm' - BBC Radio 4: QAnon and the plot to break reality. Reporter and presenter Gabriel Gatehouse takes a journey into the dark undergrowth of modern America. - Head to BBC Radio App or click here

PS. Please dad, never forget : "They" are these genuinely bad-mannerred, bad-tempered people, who would always project badness and negativity into others; whilst talking themselves to sleep with stories of their own good greatness.

20 February 

The Ordures Order

Phony Warfare sorry Tony Blair a Knight?

Despite having signed the petition and "chipped" £10 so that 400 more people may see it... I think it is only logical and rational for Phony Warfare to be knighted having in mind that the leads in the crusades where knights and Francis Drake was knighted also. I can imagine that all sorts of other ordures, were knighted too, not only pirates and warmongers.

The bloodthirsty nation is more crossed with people having illegal parties than with people going into illegal wars. Which is exactly why England is a spooky, scary place. See the text bellow.

We petition the Prime Minister to petition Her Majesty to have this honour removed

17 January 

Ich Und Die Stadt, Public Service Broadcasting

"Adam , who produces us, writes: The album brings listeners to Europe's heart and de facto capital, the cultural and political metropolis that is the haubstadt of the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin. He asks: You were there in the middle - late seventies, when it was very much a divided city; does it surprise you that it still has this important pull for people and creative arts?Well, a lot of things went on there. Einstein was working there.. Robert Musel, Freud... If you look at the map ... it's just a hub and a skip to the pond...Romania not so far to Bulgaria, all lot of the border countries and the energy from these places has always been present there. And it is a beautifully, fantastically layd out city for livability, and art-ability if you will. Not very hard to get large spaces with generous proportions and very reasonable transport; graceful large bulevards; and more canals than Venice, Italy. Yes, a beautiful canal system which expands upon the river Spree. And you know, you can put up a wall; you can put up a barrier; you can have some soldiers.. you can't divide a vibe. And the vibe wasn't and isn't really all that different between the people in the American, English and French sectors of the city, most of them and the people who where living in the other part not easily by choice and I met quite a few of those people; there were people in the West sectors who have managed to slide over. AndThe ones that were raised in the old DDR, the Deutsche Democratic Republic tended to be very well educated and to have a shocking amount of ideals. Ideals to a point that we don't have anymore, in our easier lives... People who had an emotional and intellectual integrity that was kind of scary, almost eerie, but very impressive to me. So there is just a lot of great energy around that place ... and it is welcoming to people. You know, there is an old saying that I learned when I  lived there "If you say A, you must say B" . That's kind of how they are, and still are. " Iggy Pop in BBC's Iggy Confidential '54-58' from 09 January 2022

Apart of the fact that Iggy's Confidential is one of my favorite shows ever, with this little description of Berlin, Iggy helped me a lot to summarize what I find wrong in "the Western World in general and England in particular" and it goes like this: "The mass public is very poorly educated and has a shocking lack of ideals; people with such an absence of emotional and intellectual integrity that is positively scary and blood-curdling. I don't mean Boris here, but 90% of everybody else. Which also explains why lately I don't feel like writing in English - after all a spine-chilling company doesn't exactly predisposes to conversation.

Giovanni di Paolo, ‘The young saint John the Baptist leaving the city’. Sainsbury’s Wing, National Gallery.