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Standing ovations Acosta Danza Up Close, 22. 02. 2020 Linbury Theatre

Linbury Theatre is the Address

Today, if you are not in LInbury Theatre at 1945, and if you haven't been by the same time at the same address in the last few days, you are about to miss the most existing thing that London has seen this February - Acosta Danza Experience Up Close.

I have never seen such an exciting accumulation of male dancers.

Saturday evening, the female spectators of my age was literary going nuts at the sight of the bodies - histerical laughters, sighs, o-my-goddings, goshings and others were to be heard from the first to the last minute of the show; for big offence of the male and younger female part of the audience.

The dancer that created the biggest frenzy was Carlos Louis Blanco - with his spectacular body.

My favourite though was Alejandro Silva - what an extraordinary dancer!

Raul Reinoso was also perfect.

All the male dancers were absolute stars.

Of the women most interesting was Zeleidi Crespo.

My favourte choreography was 'Mundo Interpretado' by Juliano Nunes, but if you have asked me, I would have said "It is the Wave by Camille Claudel".

Carlos Acosta himself does Malephant's Two in a rather spectacular way.

As tonight is the last show and the tickets are sold out, just go there at about 1900 and start begging for a ticket waving a thik bundle of banknotes around hoping that somebody might be stupid enough as to sell their tickets at double its price.

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Kanalvideo, 1992 by Fischli and Weiss

Peter Fischli and David Weiss

The 60-minute Kanalvideo,1992 is one of the most amusing and relaxing art bodies I've seen so far this year. It is a "Balancing act between unpretentious simplicity and complex effect, into a poetics of the ordinary" as the gallery's press release rightly but pompously says in full contrast with the art body it describes.

The soft wooden floor at Monika Sprueth and Philomene Magers Gallery is a fine support for the experiance of Kanapvideo.

Actually Sprueth Magers might turn to be my favourite, as space, W1 gallery.

Of the couple Fischli Weiss also to be seen there are The Raft, 1982/83 and Fotografias, 2005

Until 14 March

Bacchanalia or another way to represent Aisha and Abhaya

Трифон Зарезан or Ancient East Meets Contemporary West*

Trifon Zarezan (or Vineyard Day) is a Bulgarian folk celebration in honor of St. Trifon. It is celebrated by the winegrowers, falconers, gardeners and innkeepers on February 14, (Bulgarian Orthodox Church solemnly celebrates St Trifon on 1st of February) It is one of the most persistent, but also the most controversial and complex customs in its historical nature in the Bulgarian folk calendar. This is a labor custom associated with the first work process in the annual cycle of vine cultivation - spring pruning. The image of St Trifon is associated with images of ancient gods such as Sabazius, Dionysius, Bromius, Bacchus, Lycurgus.


That's all good but how do I celebrate Trifon in this year of 20/20 when I am adamant not to succumb to drunkenness ?

The solution is more simple then one might think - I will indulge in my guilty pleasure. Or more comprehensively: what do I do when drunk? Things that I don't do when sober. Like what? Like allowing myself a guilty pleasure. What is my guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure ?

Mon Daily Mail a moi?

It's French Hip Hop (FHH) là où les boyz sont bads pour du vrais.

L'idée of guilty pleasure m'avait échappez until I discovered FHH.

Untill last year, when I was drinking, I would know that I am properly drunk when I start playing FHH. Or by the quantity of FHH my English manfriend would report I've plaid, genre "Yeah, French hip hop until 3 am!" I would judge how bad a state of drunkenness I have achieved.

Well, now when I have spent a sober January and as I really really hope to spend a sober 2020. Aiming a perfect 20/20... well, I started checking the FHH chart when sober. Intending to play each tune not more than once a day.

Here is my January top

N3. Hornet la Frappe - C'est mort (feat. Leto & RK)

There, now I have admitted my guilty pleasure or else to speak I have taken my concubine to society's red carpet; and as now we are officially engaged I feel obliged to say few words in praise of her qualities (and justify myself):

Since the trade of "pharmaceuticals", Banlieues' main economy, officially granted by the French government to the Banlieues' population, has reached the billion** euro annual turnover***; its cultural product - FHH, combining the best of pop and subculture - is becoming more and more refined. I love the minimalism that has lately descended upon FHH of a particular current. Long gone are the melodies, girls and guitar diversions still to be found in FHH of say Latin provenance (while product of other Black currents is still turning on the dépassé spot of massive extras and unnecessary filigrane).

Else to be mentioned of my new-old mistress FHH is that unlike my official spouse rock'n'roll, FHH is the product of "shit" smoking and not of alcohol drinking. And yes, even though it is now clear that smoking weed is at least as dangerous for people's mental health as drinking; and that French youth, more than 55% of which are weed smokers (the French way to secure privileged positions to some by mercilessly annihilating others since childhood style à la guerre comme à la guerre), is paying excessively high mental-health price for its alcohol-free weed habit - I can't help myself being fascinated by its cultural product; just as I have been fascinated by rock'n'roll. And I would even say that as a cultural product vehicle of the particular substance known as Cannabis, FHH is a honorable upgrade to reggae; and not less blood thirsty than it.

N2. PLN - Blanka

Last but not least, FHH monthly chart is a sort of news bulletin: what's new what's old - predominately old just like in any other news bulletin - in the banlieues. A specific sort of The Sun - Financial Times mixure.

Have you heard the expression "La France a deux vitesses"? Have you asked yourself what are these two gears? Well, gear one - White French Prozac gear; gear two - La Racaille spliff gear. Resemblance : both gears are slow. Difference : the Prozac adds a particularly impractical angle a l'entrée de virage. As in all dynamic mechanism, La France too has other gears but the representatives thereof are such an inconsiderable number that they are not worth mentioning.

This year for Trifon Zarezan I will drink a glass of water and I will smoke NOT a spliff and a cigarette.

"You're doing it deliberately just to be awkward" I can hear my English manfriend saying. Believe it or not, I really do it deliberately, but rather in an attempt to be unremarkably normal.... the alcohol and smoke free normal. *

For the one dimension of timespace what would be the words replacing when and where? Or indicated the spot of event?

** An American billion aka thousand million (i.e. 1,000,000,000)

*** This is not even a 'public secret' as it has been announced about ten years ago on Radio France Culture (quoting by memory) : There is no way that we would integrate la racaille, but we still have to give them economic means of existence... That's why nowhere else in Europe is so explicitly visible, as in France, that illicit trade is a State affair.

N1. Niska - Du lundi au lundi

Note: If FHH is not your cup of pastoch LAAF's sober-fun old recipe is always available - National Portrait Gallery's Friday Lates.

And Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize is still there until the 16th of February.



NPG Friday Lates, 31 January 2020 about 2130

Golden Egg by Jordan Wolfson & Trendy Crowed by Sadie Coles, 30 January 2020 about 1830

Jordan Wolfson at HQ Sadie Coles


31 January -29 February 2020

Very young and trendy crowd at the opening. I liked the golden eggs otherwise described as "wall-mounted brass panels featuring UV substrate prints of photographs from his childhood... icon-style objects form part of the artist's ongoing series of sculptural wall-mounted objects"*.

I would have loved to see the "cutting-edge holographic display technology"* installation ARTISTS FRIENDS RACISTS, focus of the exhibition, in a larger, not so dark a space, ideally public like a back ground or a wall paper, rather than like a "choreographed dance or a musical composition"* to stare at.

But then it is just me. Me who found the young and trendy crowd at the opening much more pertinent than any exhibit.

* gallery's press release

31 January 2020

Criterion Theatre in January

The Comedy about a Bank Robbery

By Caroline Fakhri

Criterion Theatre 218-223 Piccadilly London W1V 9LB

This is the most I have ever laughed in one evening!

From the minute the curtain goes up until it comes down at the end of ‘The Comedy about a Bank Robbery’ I can guarantee that you will find it hard to stop laughing at the quick wit and perfect timing of the side splitting gags and the ludicrous antics of all of the cast in this fabulous West End play.

Even at two hours and fifteen minutes long, the story of a bungled jewel heist in a sleepy Minneapolis bank branch, the play manages to stay hilarious right to the end, which is no mean feat. Henry Lewis and Jonathan Sayar are the standouts of the show as bank manager Robin Freeboys and eternal intern Warren Slax, that is not to say the rest of the cast are any less marvellous in their own roles. There is a laugh in every line of the play from the opening scene to the closing curtain.

January is the perfect month for the theatre; the days are still short and everyone feels in need of a bit of cheer.

This play is an excellent antidote to the January blues. Don’t take my word for it. Mosey on down to the Criterion for a joyfully mad night out. As well as the play, enjoy the splendour of this beautiful theatre; in the words of Steven Fry ‘One of the absolute jewels of London’s West End,’ I couldn’t agree more; glorious in its Victorian splendour, the Criterion is a grade two listed building in Piccadilly Circus in the City of Westminster; a stone’s throw from Piccadilly underground station, right there in the shadow of Eros.

11 January

Wish you 20/20

20/20 Completely seeing the truth of a situation.

"I see the 20/20 but I don't know why?' by Kenneth H. October 05, 2005 - Urban Dictionary 


'The split second between past and present' by Vasiliy Slonov

Extinction Rebelion visiting Antony Gormley

Fly now Pay Later - Extinction Rebellion at Antony Gormley

An endearing, lonely extinction rebellionist was a live female sculpture amidst Gormley's Iron Men.

Trevor Paglen: From “Apple” to “Anomaly”, at The Curve, Barbican, Until 16 February 2020

Not sure about sober in October, but this show is an absolute must!

Trevor Paglen: From “Apple” to “Anomaly”, The Curve, Barbican

تريفور باغلن -" من التفاح إلى الانحراف" في "ذي كرف"، باربيكان

يفتتح اليوم عرض عظيم للفنان تريفور باغلن تحت عنوان " من التفاح إلى الانحراف"  وقبل التطرق الى العرض اود ان اضعه في إطار مكان العرض.

وهو ممر "ذي كرف" في حي باربيكان السكني العجيب الغريب والذي لا مثيل له. فهو حي سكني وثقافي شبه مغلق - فيه مساحات عامة كممرات وساحات وحدائق ومساحات اخرى خاصة - مفتوحة للعين لكن ممنوعة للدخول. تم بناء باربيكان في هذه المنطقة التي تعرضت لقصف شديد من قبل القوات الجوية الألمانية خلال الحرب العالمية الثانية، مما سمح ببناء حي جديد بأكمله

الخاص بالباربيكان هو ان الحي كله مرفوع فوق مستوى الشوارع المحيطة به ومداخله مخفية من عين وبصفاته هذه يشبه قلعة عامرة - وهو كذلك مغلق للسيارات والأعلانات والنشاطات التجارية ولهذه "النظافة" آثر مريح على نفس الأنسان الخدمات المتوفرة فيه متعلقة بالضيافة كالمقاهي والمطاعم المرتبطة بمركز باربيكان الثقافي الواقع في قلب المجموعة السكنية وقدامه بحيرة اصطناعية مستطيلة طويلة يكثر فيها النيلوفر و تحيط بها النخيل وفي احد اطرافها شلالة وفي طرفها الثاني حديقة. والمجموعة كلها مصنوعة من أجود أنواع الأسمنت المشغول يدويا، أما إطارات النوافذ والشرفات فهي مصنوعة من خشب الأبنوس

هناك قاعتين عرض في قلب مركز باربيكان الثقافي، ونشاطهن المتزامن مكرس هذه السنة لإعادة النظرة إلى الحياة من وجهة نظر العلاقة بين الإنسان والذكاء الأصطناعي

سمي عرض "تريفور باغلن" "من التفاح إلى الانحراف " ويمثل عمل فني - قطعة عمل عملاقة مكونة من 30.000 صورة فوتوغرافية - فريد، من خلاله يأخذ الفنان الزائر، حسب رأي ، في رحلة إنسانية من الجنة إلى الجحيم . ينطلق الفنان في عمله من طريقة "تعليم" أو " تطعيم " الذكاء الاصطناعي بمعرفة ومعلومات عن طريق تمويله بأعداد لا تعاد من نماذج شيء معين - وها يفتتح المعرض بصورة تفاحة وثم تليها صورة تفاحة ثانية، وبعدها صور اشكال وانواع والوان من التفاحات ، وبعدها تفاحات في حالات لاتحصى وهكذا تتكون "غيمة التفاح" وتليها غيمة أشجار التفاح وبعدها غيمة النباتات بصورة عامة والتي تتصل من جانبها بغيمتي السماء من جهة والأرض من جهة ثانية وهي على دورها تتصل بغيوم أخرى مثل غيوم الإنسان بنشاطاته الغير معدودة من طرف والحيوانات والكواكب والأشياء المادية من طرف آخر

وهكذا الى ما نصل اصناف ك: متخلف، محرض، أيديولوجي ، عنصري ، شاذ الخ وهذا العمل الفني عريض كالحياة نفسها ومضحك ومرعب وساخر وغامض مثلها

وهو عرض يجب ان لا يفوتكم للباربيكان مطعمان ومقهى وتتمتع كلا القاعتان الفنية بمخزن فني

٢٦ ايلول

Sea of Tranquility Sea of Plastic by Polite Extinction, @politeextinction

Sea of Tranquility Sea of Plastic

Mare Tranquilitatis is a lunar mare that sits within the Tranquilitatis Basin on the Moon.

Polite Extinction, went to Goldsmiths BA, MA, Museology in Ed, PGCE university of Brighton and is currently in artistic residence at Budapest.

Here We Go Again or Screaming Brexit

Credit @art_decoded. Follow @art_decoded on Instagram

Screaming Johnson, an ahead of its time image of Boris as captured in September 2020 by Francis Bacon

"Oh, Theresa tried so hard but in the end you couldn't make Brexit happen. We just hope that you are not taking it as badly as this painting is making you out to be." @art_decoded

"If this seems familiar, it is because it is based on Francis Bacon's 'Study of Velasquez's Portrait of Pop Innocent X' or The Screaming Pope as it is otherwise known.", @art_decoded continues its strict analysis.

Yet, Laaf just discovered an apocryphal edition of Nostradamus' Chronicles in which it is revealed that Bacon's inspiration for The Screaming Pope wasn't his tumultuous relationship with Peter Lacy as largely thought, but a vision of Britain's Prime Minister in September 2020.

The apocryphal chronicles reveal that the vision came to Bacon at about 0710 at the junction of Greek Street and Old Compton Street, Soho on 25th of May 1967, after a drinking night with Lucien Freud, Frank Auerbach, Henrietta Moraes and Lady Caroline Blackwood.

"You will paint a Prime Minister caught in a scary stuff called Brexit, ne cherche pas a comprendre, and you will call it Screaming Pope" a mighty voice whispered in Bacon's ear the chronicles further unveil.

Inspiration courtesy @art_decoded.

Follow @art_decoded on Instagram

It's one of Laaf's favourites

For Brexit Free gigs, spaces and events visit B-Free subpage