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Antics about incognito, flagless extraterrestrial Xina, as seen on Friday 5th of August

Some Flying Questions on Saturday 6th of August

How bizarre are these countries that fly fighter jets and drones around & above their neighbours, yet shy to fly their flags above their embassies in other countries....

China might be flying 27 fighter jets♤ over Taiwan₻, but one can only recognise its embassy in London by:

A) the usual Falun Dafa protester on the opposite side of the street.

B) the novelty Taiwanese protester on the isle in the middle of the street.

C) the armoured barrier at the gates of the otherwise unflaged and unarmed embassy.

Which embassies have taken their flags down turning themselves incognito lately? I can only think of the Syrian. Does anybody remember where is the embassy of 🇸🇾?

Hance, no waving flag = bad knews and sign.

What's going on with the national flag at the Russian Embassy I wonder.... ...questions, questions....

And again: How bizarre it is to wave weapons but hide flags. It’s a little bit like if women started to lift up their skirts to cover their heads with when about to fart…

Wasn't the whole point of a military conquest raising up a flag?

Talking about flying flags... a beautiful♡ Greek flag flies over Ampeli, Charlotte Street, where they serve Tsipouro Gimlet, the first successful cocktail on the base of... well... tsipouro - the French call it eau de vie, the Bulgarian ракия - and London Standard Greekish food.

Doubtlessly, I will be back there aiming for their happy hour and possibly some octopus.

On the photo : Taiwanese protester facing Xhina*'s Embassy with a banner reading 'Support Taiwan Independence. Thanks to the USA for supporting Taiwan.** ~}₩¥€}■♤○ *** , China Communist Party goes to hell. On background left a Falun Dafa protester in yellow.


*Xina is the perfect typo expressing the fusion between China and its leader Xi.

** Here is the place to admit that we, pPerifetal, previously known as Third World people, have never been short of optimism. I know few Iraquis who believed that the States is wishing them good. And much more Kurds ^^ (my brows lifted twice)

*** Can't read the photo at that place.

♡yet invisible

Note: Xina dedlu its flag ever since the pandemic. Falun Dafa has been staging a silent-gymnastic protest opposite the Embassy of Xina prior both Pandemic and Nansi Pelosi; and in between other tried to put Boris to sleep at a certain point few hours ago staging Silent-Gimnadtics opposite N10.


... or blinded by the glory of international celebrity and national treasure Mr Owase Jeelani. At work today, Thursday 4th of August. I know it was lunch time because I have just bought my mac-cheese and crudités salad at the canteen when I got the call.'s strange how previously it hasn't occurre to me to make a selfie - or a selfish, as a Greek friend used to call it - with celebrity doctors. It would have been quite a collection by now... hmmm

Inspired by the usual suspect : The Times, of Tuesday, 2nd of August

Coup d'etat or Direct Democracy

Or when a click of people kidnap general elections. Else to speak when 13,966,454 have voted and then a click of KGB agents take the PM down by a political novichok, old style Kompromat. Just to show us, the remaining some 13,956,454 how far from free citizens are we.

Never forget : KGB is massive in Kerala, as well as in other provinces.

25 July 2022

PS What about a film on this mid-term coup d'etat? Working title "Coup d'etat or Direct Democracy ".

Alternatively: Seventeen Moments of Spring, Se: 366688, Ep1922000030

Вече вчера най-известният немски вестник, дето не мога да му кажа дългото име, критикувал България, че искала да налага български прочит на историята СИ - това въ връзка с Македония - трябвало Балканските страни да се европеизират, а не европейските страни да се балканизират...

А, аз викам, може ли така - леко нежно - некои страни да спрат да казват, кво трябва и кво не трябва, че да не организирам Болкан Кънтрис Метър два.

Някой съюз да не се изненада от после, че тая или оная страна се чувства обидена, огорчена и отчуждена.

Иначе нищо ново или чудно в това, че Немският Съюз подкрепя Съветския И по тази идеологическа точка, както и по всички практически.

Слава вечна слава ЕСССР - а.

Когато от Запад ти прилагат източно-блокови техники се чувстваш врял и кипял.

Паролата е : СВО БО ДА не смърт.

22ри посред тъмна нощ

666 is the number! Or at least the number of my favourite peace at RA's Summer Exhibition 'We all go a bit' Marie Pep's digital print.

Drawn into the ultimate music test of the Triumvirate

Immersive art? Nothing more artfully immersive than RA's Summer Exhibition.

Imagine if you were fast asleep. In a car. The car is speeding... then falling into water...

This is the closest I got describing myself at RA's Summer Exhibition today. It sounds dramatic, but sort of.. was. The shock of the brisk awakening, the panicked yet swift getting free of the seat-belt, the pushing of oneself through an open window, then up, up I go towards the light... the ckicking off the shoes, the gentle swim-away in the cool water. The sudden realisation that one is an amphibia... breathing water. It's only that instead of water there is... inhaling and exhaling art. Art in volumes. Hall after Hall. Wave after wave. One thousand four hundred and sixty five peaces of the thing. A sea of art.

A sea to see at the Royal Accademee - I'm discovering the English language.

Having said A sea to see at the Royal Accademee, I have to share another discovery ...


The discovery of the New Music Test. Where should I start.... ? Once upon a time, in a kingdom by the sea... Else to speak last Thursday in White Cube Burmondseee, I was at the vernisage of Conversations: Louise Giovanelli, Danica Lundy and Ilana Savdie* exhibition. The beau mond of London 's art scene was there. Some 200 people, more or less, I reckon. Fresh, glammed, mostly young, accompanied by some of the best drinks and catering-food most town's private views have ever seen. And as I sit there, amidst all this art, drink, food and human galore... I am thinking... ... if only I could have some French rap.... believe it or not.

That was what I was thinking... that was what I was missing. Not a swimming pool - for at a certain pont I was dreaming of All-Art All-Inclusive Summer Immersive Exhibitional Experiance. Swimming pool included - actually no. Not that. I was missing only BB Jaques**.

Only BB Jaque was missing. Despite of the massive difficulty of the notion - for listening to French rap is not merely "a guilty pleasure"; it's more like heavy labour, say mining. Because the French education system has supplied the outcasts and the excluded with hell of an instrumentarium including some of the best poets and philosophers in the world; it is a particularly hard task to listen to them describing their grivences - Yet, having once put my fingure on the itch, I told mysel: "Easy-peasy. Head-set on and off you go in the gallery equiped with BB J for an enhanced gallery experiance"

... And that was it. The Art Gallery Test passed by BB Jaques. Hence, while for all other sorts of music it is the Driving Test; for French Rap, though, it is the Art Gallery Test. Established and only passed by BB Jaques so far. I put my French Rap Art Gallery Test on... test, yet again today. At RA's SE... and Bingo. Once more BB Jaques with the tune Donjon 2h22 passed it.

Therefore, that's it ... the French Rap Art Gallery Test is now Gravé dans la roche.

*Having fallen in love first with Danica Lundy, and then with shimmery evasive Louise Giovanelli - the obvious star of "the converstaion" - and having not fully made it with Ilana Savdie, even though she should have been my obvious hook-up being the most surreal of the three... What a fantastic Triumvirate!

** Very grateful to Radio France Culture pour BB Jaques ❣️

Other than that, for honestly, whenever lately that didn't have another!? Yesterday Tuesday 12th July, Radio France Culture officially announced that the EU has given up on Ukraine. It's not a news yet, but it’s what my ear heard. With Boris De Gloris put to sleep, the midget EU is already giving up Ukrain....


Conversations: Louise Giovanelli, Danica Lundy and Ilana Savdie exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey. A dancing visitor

Unknown BG in Sofia, BG early 90s

BG/GB the Parallel Contiued also know as компромат/Kompromat

BG¿ (acronym for Baby Gangsta), is an American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Detailed thinker as I am, I only now* realised what does the current political climate in GB reminds me! It reminds me BG, in general and Sofia in particular, in the 90s. And more precisely the public contract killings executed at the time.

Now in GB we witness the same, but instead of KGB cast bullets, we have KGB cast cancellations. Admitidly cancellation is better than a bullet, and supposedly they are all we deserved. Even though "When there's fire, wet and dry burn together" Persian proverb.

Shoot away shoot away. Or rather cancel away cancel away. Now we know: this is a civil war and plenty will fall. "When there's fire, wet and dry burn together" (two times)**

Hence and by analogue, GB is an acronym for ... Gangster Baby!?!

¿ The domain name .bg is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet for Bulgaria

* The Cancellations Movement should have done it, but no; only when it came as close as this - about 20cm from my nose - I was able to see it.

** Saying "Persian Proverb" reminds me... in this climate re-reading "Reading Lolita in Tehran" would benefit all; and most particularly the passage when Azar Nafisi says something along the lines of: In the name of change we sacrificed so much of our rights and liberties. If we asked Iranians today, I wonder what part of them would say that it was worth it.... Some say: It's not worth trying to stop change. Judging by the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the Islamic revolution in Iran I say: Yeah, but it's goddam worth trying. Unless... imagine it's a Jeff Bezos conspirational attempt to aquire more volunteers for his Mars Missions...

Summer on the Square: NG's free festival of immersive art, creativity and community coming soon: 11 – 29 August; National Gallery; North Terrace, Trafalgar Square

Joke of the day

Before it was like :

'Ives Saint Lauren - London, Paris, New York,  Milan'.

Now it's like :

KGB - Kerala, Naseryah, Dresden, Bromley. 

Today's joke was inspired by the following news: PM conservative aspirationalist handing over compromats on their rival Conservative peers to the Labour Party! (Bravi! That merits an ENCORE); the story about "rape drug scandal" of the German Chancellor 's Party; and by Simon Munnery's - who, le pauvre, has nothing to do with the previous two - stand-up gig at Whitecross art Street festival yesterday, Saturday 9 July.


يا معود ناظم، هاي وين الوفاء العراقي الشهير وين الاخلاص؟

KGB Has Alway Been Big in Kerala

Or Mauvaise nouvelle

Boris De Gloris as seen by Evening Standard's eye on Friday 30th of June

Whilst Britain's chrmlingly disheveled PM Boris De Gloris is always drawing inspiration and courage from the female beauty that surrounds him.

The ShortManWithTheBadTan, the one about whom half the globe's population is betting on: Putin is on steroids while the other half is betting on : Putin has botox is getting inspiration from his predesestors in savegary.

And because I am compationate and always eager to help the underdog, I will tell Putin : You'll loose this war darling, because only good lovers are good warriors.

I know that Putin is a bad lover by : a) Looking at him. b) Analogue. Russians are bad lovers. Hence, Putin as a Russian is a bad lover too.

The question of How do I know that Russian men are bad lovers is slightly, only slightly, more pertinent. I am concluding it out of thousands of facts and observations of which I will quote only a handful:

1. Russia is one of the less populated countries. Which means that Russian men simply don't like to practice the sexy reproductive exercise. Not with women anyway. To further illustrate the logic google search tells us that the less populated country in the world is ...The Vatican City!

2. "Death solves all problems — no man, no problem." Whether the saying is by Anatoly Rybakov* or by Josef Stalin it doesn’t matter. What matters is - its a Russian saying. Russians appear to like killing people more than making them. Hence, see point one, not too attracted to the sexy game.

3. Rapers are not good lovers. Actually, usually rapers are sexually frustrated men. What we witness in Ukraine now is an army of sexually frustrated men on rape raid.

4. The only soldiers dead during the Soviet occupation of Bulgaria post WW2 are the fourty two Russians who have died of alcohol poisoning. During the occupation of Bulgaria 42 Russian soldiers died of alcohol poisoning and not of sexual exhaustion. Hence, see point one and three: give Russians any other game, but the sexy one .

5. Last but not least. In my half a century of men-loving life, I've never had a Russian lover. Russian Lover? Actually, have anybody anywhere heard of such animal?

Me neither, which I reckon, is my strongest argument.

Hence, no war wining for Russian No Worriers No Lovers


Happy Prid's day  🏳️‍🌈 

Vladimir Putin as seen by LAAF's inner eye ever sine Friday 30th of June

Olivia Pennie from Northumbria University presenting at Fashion Graduate Show, Cubit Square, London N1C

Why GB and not BG?  And I'm thinking

"And I'm thinking People pushing by, they're walking off into the night These toilets are a piss take, queue's bigger than the door Gotta get rid of this pill taste, what are they chattin' so much for?" The Streets

GB and not BG not merely for the infinite number of excellent galleries with fantastic art - only today I discovered two in Lamberth:

Jasmine doored Beaconsfield Gallery features primitive surrealist (my label) Monica Sjöö and her fantastic spiritual world in an exhibition named MONICA SJÖÖ THE TIME IS NOW AND IT IS OVERDUE! Curated in collaboration with Feminist Library 11 June – 10 September 2022

And the massive Damian Hurst's Newport Street Gallery presenting the Rembrand of the London School (my lable) Keith Cunningham: The Cloud of Witness 16 February - 10 July 2022

But also because in GB pro-Russian attempts to oust a pro-Ukranian government didn't succeed, whilst in BG it did succeed * yesterday.

* Politico : Bulgaria’s Petkov points finger at mafia and Russia as government collapses  22-06-22 

"Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov planted the blame squarely on Russia and his own country’s powerful mafia after his government lost a no-confidence vote on Wednesday. Petkov, who only came to power six months ago, was voted in on a pledge to fight the country’s rampant corruption and has pushed Sofia to take an unusually strong line against Russia since the invasion of Ukraine. In the vote of no-confidence, some 123 lawmakers out of 239 in parliament voted against his cabinet. “This vote is one tiny step along the very long road ahead of us. I promise we will continue the battle to win the country back and, one day, we will have a Bulgaria without puppet masters, without the mafia — a normal European country,” he said in a valedictory address before the national assembly."

Death Note

The Death Note belongs to the Shinigami (死神, literally "death god") Ryuk, and grants the user the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written in its pages.'s three blends of tea and infusions

Order of the Gutter

The Most Noble Order of the Garter is an order of chivalry founded by Edward III of England in 1348. It is the most senior order of knighthood in the British honours system, outranked in precedence only by the Victoria Cross and the George Cross


Therefore it is of no surprise that Prince William, most reasonably, refused to be seen next to a petit-peadofile like his uncle Prince Andrew, but prefered to be seen with the Don of All Pedofile Pimps in the World Tony Blair.

How come that Tony Blair is The Don of All Pedofile-Pimps in the World? Very easy and here is the explanation that Girls Not Brides gives:

"28% of girls in Iraq are married before the age of 18 and 7% are married before the age of 15. In Iraq’s post-conflict context, there are approximately 1.8 million internally displaced people... Insecurity, lack of social cohesion and livelihoods, and destroyed housing hamper people's ability to return home. Humanitarian settings like in Iraq exacerbate poverty, insecurity, and lack of access to services such as education, factors which all drive child marriage. While gender inequality is a root cause of child marriage in both stable and crisis contexts, often in times of crisis, families see child marriage as a way to cope with greater economic hardship and to protect girls from increased violence. During the conflict in Iraq, armed groups systematically abducted girls and women and used rape, slavery and forced marriage as “weapons of war”.

Now, if I was a Prince #me too, would prefer to always be sat by the biggest dog, be the lesser one a relative. Hence, I do understand Prince Williams decision as described by the Evening Standard of Monday 13 June to "The Duke of Cambridge was adamant if York insisted on taking part publicly, he would withdraw... Instead, Prince Andrew was only due to take part in the non-public aspects of today's ceremony, where Sir Tony Blair, the Duchess of Cornwall and Baroness Amos were being installed as members of Britain's most prestigious royal order of chivalry".

This article appears in a pivotal point of my life: Having just obtained a British Passport, I was just about to sit and start thinking of new forms of piracy, so that I may next get myself into this or that order of the British Empire. Thanks to the Evening Standard article I am now thinking : Imagine if I invent the smoothest form of all modern piracies, imagine I start jumping up from one order to another always higher... only to find myself in the Order of the Gutter with peadofiles of various range and their Archy-Pimps? Hmmm, I might give it a miss and go for a dip and a tan at the Serpentine's Lido. Thank you Evening Standard, Thank you for this good, sunny  sansoucy day.  Very grateful indeed. 

PS. Having just decided to leave the Jolly Rogers behind and hop I accidentally popped upon a Tuuli, a gorgeous blond that has decided to venture herself in the tea business and has established Having in mind the jolly Georges decorating her teabags, her motivation might be similar to mine from an hour ago, when I was still thinking that piracy is worth it.

Alien at Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster's: Alienarium 5, Serpentine South Gallery, Friday 10th of June about 1800

Exhibitions and Expressions

As if it was not enough that London is the most glorious city on a sunny summer day; as if it was not enough that in the middle of London there is the most luscious park of all parks, Hyde Park; as if it was not enough that in the middle of Hyde Park there is the most exquisite gallery of all world galleries, the Serpentine Gallery; as if it was not enough that in the Serpentine Gallery there is the most out-of-this-world Allienarium. But then in the middle of the Allienarium one can encounter the most groovy aliens... What on Earth, just what on 🌎, could be better than that?!

Possibly the new pavilion... Theaster Gates Black Chapel pavilion is charcoal and in fantastic contrast with the various emeralds of its surrounding vegetation. Yet another alien amidst London.  

Well, it turned out that on this same very Friday 10th of June, further down this same old London, one can encounter even groovier, and even more out-of-this-worldly aliens and surprisingly so, in Soho, of all places. Indeed, tatty, muddy and murky Soho doesn't give up its attempts to spiral up in space - luckily, this time not by not-at-their-right-place  Costas, Prets, bubble teas and Shu éclairs - but by... shall we say... hmmm... parallel-worlds cultural phenomena? (See video bellow) ... but by some skatboard- rap fashion by Tarstreetsports. Because terms such as Subculture and Counterculture sound unjust, unpreciseand simply dépassé. Therefore, Parallelculture, Parleculture for short, should be the term used onwards*.

Wherewere we? Ha, yes, Greek Street's street wear pop-up skater and hip-hop show by Tarstreetsports I accidentally fell upon. Haven't seen the garments - possibly all black and hyper cool - but the performers, the show, the crowed and the ambiance were all 100% good fun guaranteed.  Another excellent foundling was Artist Medea. For more of her here 

This cool-cat pop-up, alien - aren't pop-up and alien somewhat synonymous I now wonder? - parallelculture shop is/was? a door a way from The renowned Trisha's, alsok nown as the Blue Door or the Hideaway. With only Cocktails & Hotdogs in between. Mind you Trisha's is your sole orientation point, as the other establishments haven't updated their info onto googlemaps. Having mentioned Cocktails & Hotdogs, I have to admit it turned out to be an unexpectedly good combination. 

Having said "an unexpectedly good combination" I have to communicate my latest discovery unexpectedly-good-combination wise, regardless of its wholesome irrelevance to all of the above: At Arabica, the Coal Drop Yards one, the Persian Sangak bread and the Pita breads, are so freshly baked that they can simultaneously do as hot-knee pads, to warm up your under-table-windcaressed lunching knees and as, well, as food. A most unexpectedly discovered unexpectedly good combination. Order two, or one of each - they come in nicely striped paper bags and both your knees will enjoy - as goes the popular irritating expression - the warmth of a Middle-Easten bread-spa together with a lunch at Arabica. Second bonus: Later, you can hand the second bread to a KX-homeless - in case you are too bothered about the diet of the Union-Canal ducks. 

Why this discovery is so dramatically important for a visit at Arabica Coal Drop Yards?As I am not sure how to put it in a politically correct way I will simply say: Count on Arab(ica/s?) to settle at the coolest, windiest, shadiest and most cold-abiding of all places. Oximoronical as it might sound Arabs** should be the first to go to Mars, and the Sun later, for they will find the coolest, windiest and shadiest of all corners and angles to settle their establishments by.  

*Similarly, listening to The Times radio little genius Matt Chorley's show today, Monday 13th and somebody’s even more genius revelation that 50% of French population votes "extreme left or extreme right"; and having in mind how unjust, unprecise and simply dépassé those expressions are because La Le Pen with 23.2%, Le Mélenchon  with 22%, and Le Zemmour with 7.1% have ensemble-ly scored not 50 but A MAJORITY of 52.3%  of the French votes; the appropriate expressions now on should be Left, Right and the Extreme-Centre. For this is what nowadays the MINORITY of the French Establishment and the delusional establishment-aspirational masses represent: a minority in the extreme-centre.  

**Have no idea whether Arabica has anything to do with Arabs. Lebanon is plenty mentionedin the menu, but it might be just a concept. This Arabica - probably shouldvisit the Borough Market one as well - is in the building of Akha Khan Centre and the Institute of Ismaili Studies.  

With artist Medea at Skateboard & Street-Poetry pop-up, Greek Street, Friday 10th of Jume about 2100
@artistmedea & @Tarstreetsports

"Needlepoint" cast marvle by Cathy Lewis. Castlegate Gallery, Cumbria; stand 49 at London Art Fair, Islington Design Centre. 23-24 April 2022

I was Right vs I was Correct

It's no longer possible to say "I was right". "I was Right" has been now swiftly replaced by "I was correct"... as I overheard at London Art Fair, Islington Design Centre this afternoon, while looking at a heart worming piece of marble representing a tattooed torso-naked, vulnerable oi boy by Cathy Lewis. "You see, I was correct" said the woman’s voice over my right shoulder looking further right at a baige glazed pottery named "Vase using my family"; "This IS Grason Perry". As if it was a big achievement. As if anybody over the age of three could fail to recognise a Grasson Perry. As if "I was correct" was more progressive and tolerant than "I was right". Somewhat more acceptable as a nose-blow. Nerely a nose-job. More tolerant and less cocky. Both mentioned pieces of art at the stand of Castlegate Gallery, Cumbria; stand 49.

The accumulation of exciting art is such at London Art Fair, Islington Design Centre that by the end of my tour I had to exersice will-powers to stop myself from running around kissing the paintings and hugging the sculptures. It's better than a pocket size Freeze. Basically the best show is in town until tomorrow, Sunday 24th of April.

Other than that: we still count on Ukranian nationalists to defend Ukraina, don't we? Or do we? Do we or don't we, I would like to know.

Nationalism yes, no? No, yes? This is a fair question still standing. I want to know the answer.

Do we want Ukranians to be nationalists? Yes or no?

Do we want Macedonians to be nationalists? Yes or no?

What about Hungarians (for some reason we don't want Hungarians to be nationalist, but for the Polish to be nationalsit that's alright.. or shall I say alcorrect?) The Bulgarians? Yes or no?

And at the end of the day, how much anti-Russian can anti-nationalists be?

Serbs? French?

...about ourselves we don't ask. about ourselves we know.

And at the end end end of the day, why do we bother to call each other Sebs, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Ukranians, Hungarians, French, Russian and English if we are supposed not to call ourselves any of that?

For the time being English can call themselves English. For the French it is not yet sure : will they or won't they be able to call themselves French we'll figure this out tonight. Russia does not allow Ukranians to call themselves Ukranians. EU still allows Hungarians to call themselves Hungarians. See what happens next.

Other other than that Putin should clean the Black Sea from the debris of the Moskva ship, regardless of the cargo on board - nuclear or other. Putin should, every single day, be handed over the ecological bill for this war. Winner or looser, with or without a trial for genocide and war crimes, an ecological commission should be convoked and Putin should be presented with the bill on a daily basis. Once this is done, later on we will think of handing ecological bills to other governments for other wars.

Saturday, 23 April 

Вошъд, fragment, by Svetlana Kuznetsova. Sculls, bones, insects, semiprecious stones, jewelry, sable hats, WW2 orders, joinery. Вошъд is an invented word combining two Russian words вождь/vojd/leader and вошь/vosh/flee.

The most Ukranian thing in Britain? UK Police Vehicles! Else to speak UK police has always been yellow and blue 🇺🇦

The Ordures Order

Phony Warfare sorry Tony Blair a Knight?

Despite having signed the petition and "chipped" £10 so that 400 more people may see it... I think it is only logical and rational for Phony Warfare to be knighted having in mind that the leads in the crusades where knights and Francis Drake was knighted also. I can imagine that all sorts of other ordures, were knighted too, not only pirates and warmongers.

The bloodthirsty nation is more crossed with people having illegal parties than with people going into illegal wars. Which is exactly why England is a spooky, scary place. See the text bellow.

We petition the Prime Minister to petition Her Majesty to have this honour removed

17 January