A very LAAF type of book

Despite being starting in March some 15 years after 11 November 1918, "The Order of The Day' is a very November sort of read.

Impressionist and factual at the same time it features excellent quality of writing.

Thin and light in shape and weight it is dense and poignant in content and impact; and easy to carry around and read on public transport. It provides a sober, contemporary reading of old European events. A reading that can be transformed into a tool and used to analyse the present.

The translation reads magnificently, which doesn't stop me from tormenting myself with the question: "Saving the planet demands reading books in the local language. Books, just like all else, shouldn't be flown, should they?"

I am trying to convince myself that reading books in their original tongue is vanity.

I hope that my sacrifice of not demanding Clément to bring 'L'ordre du jour' from France, will be the feather that will outweight the cheap labour hands flown weekly from London to construction sites in Manchester, Dublin or whereverelsenot and then flown back for family weekends in an endless displacing of those already displaced.

3 November 2019

Soho Reads

Khanif Koreishi - Suburban Buddha

LAAF Reads

LAAF Reads its Uncle

Uncle like in the brother of my father. More on Mahmoud Saeed and The World Through the Eyes of Angels and his other books coming soon.

This particular copy of the book was bought at Blackwell's, Oxford, where they had two more titles of Mahmoud Saeed.

Review coming soon


Book by Robert Levi.

Will be launched at Book Cafe London, Walthamstow

5 pm

Sumday, 9 December 2018


An invented word serving as a title, Dromomaxia sounds to me like the name of a disease derived from ancient Greek where "dromo" means "road" and "maxia" describes the megali obsession with travelling. A difficult disease of which LAAF is a chronic sufferer. For the author and dromomaxia's blacksmith Robert Levi though it means "Struggle with the road".

Is it the contemporary, Bulgarian version of Kerouac's On the Road?

Those who master Bulgarian will read and see.

The launch is ran in Bulgarian language too.

A review of this this book should be ready at some point between January and February 2019 - in Bulgarian language

Occult Politics in a Time of Chaos

A revue of this event that took place on Tue sday, 4 Dec 2018 at  The October Gallery is coming soon.

An interview with the author Nadia Choucha is comimg soon

I wait. You wait. We all wait.

The long awaited interview with Nadia Choucha, author of Surrealism & the Occult will be available by mid December 2018