The Girls and Boys of Fes


18 November, about 1030
Place Boujloud, Fes, Morocco

My Gazelles

Dust Sand Mud Snow

Upon my Gazelles

Three continents and an island


My Gazelles beneath Mont Noir, Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

Nine months later: Sofia's Continuous Nightmare (Series 2 - February 2019)

"Попът" Sofia's most emblematic meeting point turn rubbish pit.

As Sofia becomes more and more broken ("dilapidated" is a far too sophisticated a word to describe Sofia's miserable state of affairs) Bulgaria as a whole gets wilder and wilder. The Wild Balkan East. Proper.


And while the rags of poverty fail to hide the bare lack of lawfulness and normality, local Bulgarian population's main occupation is the hatred of Gypsies (in absentee) and main bother is not to be mistaken for one.

Futile senseless fears and preoccupations as the saddened knowledgeable spectator knows that most Bulgarian Gypsies are in Western Europe (UK included) on their way to a rather successful integration.

Yes, hundreds of thousands Bulgarian Gypsies, Bulgarian Muslims and Bulgarian Turks live in the West as a result of Bulgaria's lack of social policy and systematic social war on minority groups.


Poor (as of a person deserving of pi ty and sympathy) poor (as of a person lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society) lost Bulgarian souls.

Maddened souls fighting imaginary demons.


My friend Nadia, painter and scenographer (check her subpage here) says "This is the pesants' revenge on the capital city ".

I share Nadeto's pain at the sight of Sofia, once called the Paris of the Balkans, in ruins. Further more that the bits that are eventually "fixed" "look like nothing" as goes the Bulgarians expression.

Personally I think that the current Bulgarian Wo/men of State resident in Sofia unconsciously seek to reproduce their home places as they remember them from the time their childhood.. Unfortunately, this is how Bulgarian province looked in the 80s - mud, ugliness and gaps.


For more on Sofia check Sofia 2019 subpage

VISIT PERSEPOLIS - before it becomes a shadow of a memory or a hologram in a museum.

Beirut or Sofia?

For those who have seen Sofia lately, Brexit looks like a reasonable idea.


A gap to lay in, downtown Sofia.

3 October 2018

For more on Ivo Dimchev:

With Ivo Dimchev in a massive EU gap! Downtown Sofia

Beach, late September

Elephant and Castle

I think I mentioned that every time I decide to go somewhere I find myself somewhere else!

For example, in March 2016 I left King’s College Hospital to work with a Japanese  TV company, in Oslo, on a project regarding the famous Iraqi migrant cat Kunkush.  But the funding for the project was cut short and it was decided that instead of flying to Oslo I will do the interview with Kunkush's owner on the phone from London. So on 15th of March it becomes clear that I am not flying to Oslo on the 18th.

Later on this same day, 15th of March,  I receive a call from Doctors of the World Belgium suggesting that I should  go work as member of the team of their MediBus pilot-project on an island in Greece.

Thus on Friday, 18th March 2016 I Eurostar to Brussels on my way to a Greek island instead of flying to Oslo as I thought I was going to do only four days earlier.

Well, last week, two days before flying to Sofia, where I was supposed to meet friends and drive to a Greek Island; I receive a call from... King’s. The result of this phone-call was that instead of flying across the continent on my way to Greece, last Friday 17 August 2018  I was undergrounding to South London. 
Oh well, at least Elephant and Castle is rather an exotic name of a tube station.... 

Also misteriously Kings always leads to an island in Greece and vice versa. 


20 August 2018

My Gazelles

On my Gazelles

Dust from
Tel Avive 
Leighton Buzzard
Straight line 
Dust, dust, dust, sand, sand, dust and sand, dust and sand, and some mud  for charm


"We are one", Amman

Stone for Petra

Haiffa/Jaffa, Palesrael

Georgi Markov, Journalist square, Sofia

"It is not that we didn't experience our own, Bulgarian umbrella (hardly a self-initiative, self-inspired); and this on British soil precisely - talking about "crazy lies" now rings to me with no rhyme nor reason...." Maya Tzenova, Professor in the University of Sofia and renowned  translator on Salisbury's Novichok affair.


20 March 2018


Museum of Communist Art, Sofia

"My faith has strong armour
in my sturdy breast
and bullets able to shatter
my faith
have not been found,
do not exist!"

Faith, Nikola Vaptsarov

House of Architects, Sofia

The mosaic of the House of Architects in Sofia

Must be made of pieces of broken streets.

 A long time abandoned  
 set for a film called
 The Capital

Museum of Communist art, Sofia


Snowy rain
Sunny clouds
Broken pavment
Bears' wedding


Hafez by Mahmoud Farshchian


Day 4 Crossing the street in Tehran reminded me my routine runaways from the kindergarten, when the big street was the main obstacle on my way home. I will stand at the end of the payvment and ask a grown up to take me by the hand  to the other side. In the dusty, polluted, noisy, life-threatening cross road in Tehran, the feeling is the same – I need a grown up to take me to the other side safe.


Dinner at Darband

Day 3 Once I got over my the fear that I will lose my head-scarf, I started fearing that I will lose my pants. That for a reason unknown and obscure they will get undone and fall in the street.

Abu Kasim Hadji Zadeh

3rd of November. Day two. Tehran.

Covered from head to heel 

You can set your toes free.


On your head-scarf a sunflower, a snowflake, a green and a yellow leaf

In your black raincoat – you all year round

First day in Tehran. We cry at Beatles’ Yesterday in the morning and at Hussain’s mourning songs in the evening. It’s Mouharam.

The eternal winter of  Iranian women

Seasons change

Short sleeve long sleeve jacket coat jacket long sleeve short sleeve long sleeve jacket coat

For men

For women

Scarf and raincoat 

With the scarf i am getting better and better.

Alien babushka in the morning. Obvious foreigner in the evening.

I through a tantrum at the airport: Where is my visa? You make me wait two hours. You make me ware a scarf and where is your aircon?

Later i smoke outside, smile and chat the men. Do everything opposite to sain reason...  Stress or scarf-boiling head?