"They said only with masks"

17 September "Hundreds have stripped and posed naked in a north London park -- all in the name of art. Wearing nothing but a white face mask, some 220 volunteers gathered at Alexandra Palace to take part in the Everyone Together art installation organized by Spencer Tunick." CNN

Always at kitchen at parties' mask by needle artiste @sylviefranquet.

I tried in my way to be free' mask by needle artiste @sylviefranquet

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'Teadrinking by the Blue Sofa" @krasso_mihaylov

Blue Sofa - Both Sides 2020 - Current

The Blue Sofa spirit : Nothing knewer than ten years old!

also : The older the better!

Be Blue Sofa - Save the Planet!

Note: the Blue Sofa Current motos do not concern your FacialMask!

As an ancient Chinese script - the fashion entries are to be read from bottom to the top.


Rug by Galina Borisova's grandmother

4 May - The Old Blue Rug

Tired of the Blue Sofa? You could always roll on down on the bluish rug.

The older the rug is the better. Remember: Nothing new in order to be en vogue with The Blue Sofa Current!

Check with you great aunt, she must have one in the attick/celler. Trust me, I know what I am talking. Not par hasard they call me The Iron Carpet!

Above excellent Blue Sofa rug, found by Galina Borissova in her attick. Inherited by her grandmother! Entirely in the Blue Sofa spirit : Nothing knewer than ten years old! and also : The older the better!  Be Blue Sofa - Save the Planet!

Note: the Blue Sofa Current motos do not concern your FacialMask!

30 April - Trikini Day

Yesterday was Dance Day. Today is Trikini Day. With all famous beaches around the world COVID-closed the only chance one gets to wear one's trikini is on a rainy day in a shopping trip to the Co-op....

It's such a shame that in our household its the hunter that goes shopping...

Alternatively, one might premier trikini at a NHS' Thursday clapping session.

Author unknown, source social media

29 April - NO HIGH HEELS

I repeat NO HIGH HEELS at home! for those who are not on speed dial on a fancyman's phone. Get over it. Having said that I have to admit that between 20 and 30 I was wearing highhills 24/7, including at home and when throwing the rubbish. But then I was living in downton Sofia surrounded by all the thugs of the organized and disorganized criminal structures post-communist Bulgaria has sprung. Thus, only when one is surrounded by pimps and thugs, one’s esthetic perspective might get displaced enough as to think that wearing highhills at home is a sensible look. So I wouldn't judge myself too harshly for then. It is strange to think about it now, but precisely those ex-sportsmen turn organized-thugs in the post-Eastern Block were the first to introduce the sports wear - until then reserved only for sports'events and halls - to the street. Strangely enough, because I was living amidst that folly I haven’t noticed the shift utnil Boycho, upon his returned from England in 1994, asked me “Why are all these men in our neighborhood wearing sportsanzung?” Which means that it took the West some quarter of a century to become as sporty and thuggy as the Eastern Bloc after the Fall of the Wall.

In COVID19 quarantine Elmira Kapitan wears Tibetan trousers and Birkinstocks. NO HIGH HEELS

LAAF on the Blue Sofa, West Side, in festive twenty-years-old Chinese silk pyjamas celebrating P's birthday on Orthodox Sunday.

Sunny Blue Sofa - Both Sides 2020 Fashion

Remember this time last year? LAAF launched its Sandy Summer 2019 Fashion. It consisted of wearing old garments used to the point not to be good to be worn in town; but loved enough so not to be thrown away; hence moved to the Old Fisherman's Cabin and worn by the sea during long sandy summer days.

This April LAAF is launching its Sunny Blue Sofa - Both Sides - 2020 Fashion. It consist of wearing your pyjamas and house-deluxe garments both indoors and at your rare outings outdoors. And this is the best time to do it - introduce free style street pyjamas wearing - after a month of COVID19 quarantine when people are used of both : at home, seeing people in pyjamas 24/7; in the street, seeing people in uglish lycra sports gear 24/7.

Thus the introduction of free style street pyjamas wearing will softly and unnoticeable reign the streets as a dream merging into reality. And of course nightdresses too.

The Sunny Blue Sofa - Both Sides Fashion - is a relaxed rather naked sort of fashion. Hence, the nearly newborn naked element of the current uglish free style sport fashion will be perpetuated.The naked element will even be perfectioned as who wears bras or smalls under a pyjama or a nightdress?

Last but not least, just as last year's Sandy Summer 2019 Fashion, the best thing about Sunny Blue Sofa - Both Sides 2020 Fashion is that you don't have to buy anything. You already have all that you need.

Inspired by Phaedra, an excellent biker and pitchblackwardrobe goth, who suddenly "I am going soft..I've bought a bloody WHITE bloody dress...aaaarrrrggghh....😧. Now I just need somewhere to go actually bloody wear it given that no one is allowed to go anywhere at the moment...bugger!!"

The Sandy-Summer 2019 Look - is now de passé