Sandy Summer Guitar Fashion

Denmark Street, Soho

The Sandy-Summer 2019 Look

The Andy Warhol card from the Art-Oracles deck

Sandy Summer 2019 Fashion Iconic Fun Item

Laaf just discovered this summer's best fun object - The Art Oracles.

How does it work? Get the Art Oracles (I got it from the Welcome Collection shop), call two of your friends and go to a cocktail bar. While one of your friends reads the cards for your other friend, you can happily meditate on the flower in your cocktail... or on the meaning of the divination cards each of which is dedicated to a famous artist and the artist's most iconic oeuvre. ...and let the divination begin.

Caitlin, I have no idea what this travelling man fidgeting around your bush means...

Koprina Mallini reading the Art Oracles for Bella Badger at The Cocktail Bar, Stereo-Gradinkata, Sofia, 12 June.

The Perfect Sandy-Summer Breakfast

Banana, raspberries, macadamia nuts, dried apricot coffee and Caitlin Moran.

Antoni Alison

Antoni Alison

Is the Sandy-Summer 2019 par excellance brand available amidst London and more precisely at Rosebery Avenue.

It also goes with very sandy and summery pharaonic prices I can't afford.

In case you can't afford it too, you could, just as I did, hang around with protesters outside Amnesty International further down the road.

It's very trendy, also sandy and summary.


Bainbridge Jeans

Skinny jeans and leggings have always been in fashion in the Western World, I come to realise while looking at this picture...

The American Commander William Bainbridge paying tribute to the Dey, circa 1800, from Wikipedia under Dey

I also come to realise men have started it. No wonder I dislike them so much! Not feminine at all. 

200 (at least) years later still around... if this is not blue rigid, not sure what is.

Not The Sandy-Summer 2019 Look at all

The Sandy-Summer Boots on a Hailly Day

Sandy-Summer 2019 boots on the 73

Footwear wise the Sandy-Summer look is very easy on this island.

In rain, sun or hail, 9 or 19°C , English women don't think much of socks, stockings and tights.

Come the weekend they stop thinking of shoes too - one could see them running barefoot after dark.

Having said that I have to immediately note that in comparison to 2007 for example the barefoot running, just like vomit puddle splashing, has largely diminished.

The nation must have sobered. Ha! Brexit might turn to be a Post-Alcohol Depression Syndrome symptom.

Economic crisis 2007 - less Friday-night-drinking-money. 2014 - Mild Post-Alcohol Depression Syndrome symptom. 2016 - Severe Post-Alcohol Depression Syndrome symptom leading to Brexit.

Which perfectly describes the visions downspiraling coils of Post-Alcohol Depression Syndrome.

The better was the party the night before the worst is the mood the day after.

Cut a long story short : barefoot after dark, flip flops at down or tatty suede boots daytime - the Sandy- Summer 2019 Look is all embracing, all good.

4 April 2019

Sandy- Summer 2019 gray suede boots / black back in 2009

The Sandy-Summer Look on a Rainy Day

Is it only 9°C?

Is it raining?

No worries, the Sandy-Summer look campaign is still full on - just put on a holed jumper, a torn scarf and a pair of trousers your child has long-time grown out of.

This is what one keeps in the Old Fisherman's cabin: the oldest, most favourite garments that are of too much sentimental value to be thrown away but can't be worn in urban environment any longer. Like the sky-blue mini silk dress from M's wedding half a life ago.

Laaf's Sandy-Summer look at 9°C drizzle

Laaf's Sandy-Summer look at 9°C drizzle consists of:

Patterned scarf All-Is-Possible. A souvenir from the spring in Berlin 1990. Bought and worn only few months after the fall of the Wall, it is soaked with the drunkenness of youth, freedom and expectations.

My mother's medallion, bought in Mosul 1967. It represents a veil boat floating on the Tiger. When my father met my mother he told her "At home we have tiger". Only years later, upon her arrival in Mosul did she realise he was speaking about a river... is how the family legend goes.

Uniqlo fine cashmere jumper. My first jumper in the UK. One of the moth holes is covered up with a mother of pearl bottom.

Bespoke tartan trousers tailored by a friend for my son when he was 14.

And Ren's leather jacket.

Easy peasy proper Sandy-Summer look.

2 April 2019

Washed Gold or The 271 Sandy-Summer Look

You know how at the seaside everything is colour-washed in the summer from too much exposure to the natural elements - sun, wind, sea and sand?

In the same way one's summer wardrobe should look like an old fisherman's hut perched on the rocks above the sea : jeans, shoes, t-shirts, jackets all decoloured and thinned from mad running into the wild with the elements.

In this frame I am working on a Sandy-Summer Make Up Look . Half gone from playing with the sand one's nail varnish is now filled away. Golden or coral it dimly shimmers hardly visible on one's nails, like a mother of pearl hidden amongst the pebbles.

No more vulgar city glossyness or bright office vinyl.

If not outside, the summer is certainly triumphing on the upper deck of the 271 as it travels up Holloway Road towards Archway

Not sure yet how does the Sandy-Summer Look translate itself facewise. Is it to make strips on one's face with a dry fon du tent brush? Is it to mascarade only one of one's eyes.... hmhmmmm have to think more...