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LOCKDOWN Eventually the Omega will turn into an Alpha and London with its museums, galleries, temples, theatres, operas, bars and restaurants will live again ⭐ Death is not turning off the light, Death is turning off the lamp before down

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Essex Road, 20 November about 0801

20 November - Ça commence

Ça commence. Red posters with angry Antifa fists is the last thing I want to see early morning on my walk to work. Yet, this was the first thing I saw today when I opened my front door. If Islington isn't red enough as it is... Which was the precise reason why I didn't want Oldman Biden to win US elections.

As if Brexit - when the nation showed its racist horns - was not enough, now we'll have to have Antifa, Black Blocks, Maoists, Marxists and all the pink-red-purple spectre clownade and muppetry showing off around town.

This of course en liue of theatre, opera, museum, gallery, dance.

A sad red place... Sad red planet.

19 November - A Half-Iraqi person dismayed

A Half-Iraqi person is dismayed how Blair is still into Labour. If being in a champagne-socialist bubble counts as being "into Labour"....

Wait a minute, what am I talking? Being into a champagne-socialist bubble is a synonyme of "being into Labour".

What happens when one is into a champagne-socialist bubble? I have no idea, what happens within; but from outside the bubble it looks like this: You drink champagne, you eat brioche, you do nation and worldwide mischief while saying things like "Free, free Palestine" and "The Future of Iraq and Middle East Peace Proces" instead of "Let them eat cake".

Nature's cognitive shock, 17 November, about 0840.

17 November - The Cognitive Shock or The Giraffe in London

On my way to work today, seeing a blossoming tree I thought “The Triumph of the Good News - as a promise that nature and life will regenerate again - is already here” and approached to take a picture of the blossom. When close, I realized that there is something wrong with “the good news”. It was kind of “spoiled” by yellow-reddish autumnal leaves. And while there is nothing wrong with yellow-reddish leaves in November; there is a cognitive shock to be lived at the sight of pale-lilac tender blossom growing alongside this-year’s autumnal leaves. For indeed, in the last four-five years, the first signs of spring were coming as early as late December, a few days before Christmas, which provoked the idea that: as on this island, lately, trees and bushes start to blossom on time for Christmas there is no need of decorating coniferous trees in the houses. People could celebrate “The Triumph of the Good News” around any blossoming tree or bush in the garden. For indeed what do Christmas decorations represent if not a metaphor for blossom and fruit? Which sadly reminded me of the surreal communist slogan promising the masses an eternal spring: “September will be May”. It seems that Nature is in cognitive shock - not certain whether it is autumn or spring, November or April.

…. And if only Nature alone was in cognitive shock…

Bulgaria is in cognitive shock as well. Of all Eastern European EU countries, Bulgaria is the most brainwashed by Russia. This year, the brainwashing went in one two-edged direction : COVID19 doesn’t exist, it's fiction invented to cell vaccines aka chip-implants. At present, with 40% of the tested population testing positive for COVID19, with many of the ill suffering severe symptoms, Bulgaria lives a national cognitive shock - All the nation suffers from a disease it believes doesn’t exist. …. And if only Bulgaria alone was in cognitive shock…

I am in cognitive shock too. My usual existential shock - ongoing since birth and increasing since the year of 2000 when I left my hometown and home-country, I went to France and found out how unfraternal, unegaliterian, and unfree the unbubled world, which at the time I was confusing with the general notion of “The West”, is - had turned into a cognitive one after the US elections; combined with the fact that once more I was called to work Bank in a hospital♤, because all the interpreters on a pay-roll are “working” from home; therefore, there is nobody to do the job for real. As the managers are also “working” from home, I am doing plenty of their job too. These macro and micro cosmatic facts led me to the realisation that I am a mighty multitalanted, multitasking human being and also an obscenely naive biorobot. Crown of Creation and a dispensable Bottom of the Food Chain element. Cognitive shock.

Thus today, since the very morning, I feel like a Giraffe in London. A Giraffe in London is more incongruous than an Englishman in New York, I am sure.

A Giraffe in London, is more incongruous even than a Giraffe in Baghdad as described by the poet:

“Eaten down to their skeletons, the giraffes looked prehistoric, unreal, their necks too fragile, too graceful for the 21st Century.”

It seems though that in this point in time, mainly exotic, prehistoric animals keep the world turn around.

♤ In theory, in this hospital, bank staff during is prohibited since the first Lockdown... but after all, someone has to work.

*Full poem “ The Baghdad Zoo” by Brian Turner in text and audio here 

From here , 14 November, till New Year's Eve Or F*ck the Hypocrites

Dominic Comings step in .

Donald Trump step in.

As long as Toni Blair is not in jail, it's your turn .

F*ck them all

11.11.2020 or 2020 in Mysteries, Facts and Conundrums

1.In 2020 we realized that more than half of planet Earth’s population is happy to discontinue their habitual way of life. This we learned thanks to COVID19 and the Lockdowns around the globe when massive amounts of people happily obliged to stay at home. Today, again, immense masses, some say as much as 90%, of people do not feel ready to go to work. I guess that was that with Work.

2.Despite the fact that massive amounts of populations are happy to discontinue their previous ways of life with good reasons - COVID19, climate change etc. The majority of these masses are equally happy to stick with old establishments. Thus, the people of the USA, backed by the “Civilized World” - as Western Europe refers to itself in its head - voted out the first Oddball that has inhabited the White House; the one who did really unexpected things and thus became “a wake up call” for many; and preferred to reelect an Old Establishment… what should I call it? Vampire? - mind you I love vampires - Because it likes young blood.

3.Added together our point one and point two bring us back to the old, well known fact: people are very, very conservative creatures of habit, which explains why American voters voted for what looks like a very, very trivial couple: an old, white man accompanied by a woman half his age issue of a deprived minority. For indeed, people around the world are very used to the sight of an elderly man with a woman, half his age, of colour. There is nothing scary about such a couple. It’s so trivial that it is merely cosy. The Heterosextual Couple is the certain Majority Choice. What a handsome scenario - the “progressive world”, the one on the side of LGBT+ and women’s rights happily electing a hetero-couple of the most-oldfashioned and unjust nature. At least Harris is natural in the role; after all, a man twice her age, whom she dated for ten years, pushed the button of the power lift for her*. (I am not judging any woman on how she reached a position of power. Quite the contrary, I am saying “Bravo Kamala”.) I just can’t turn my head around how primitively conservative US Democrats are.

4.Having said scenario I have to congratulate Hollywood for it’s arrival - from the #metoo movement to the writing of a USA Presidential election scenario - Bravo and well done! Bravo and well done I should also say to the state apparatus in Washington DC, a bit of Hollywood script definitely adds chique and glitter to each and every state competitive propaganda. A question, though, rises: How should we call the new, two in one, unexpectedly good combination resulting in a brilliant new formation, the Admin Fiction State Apparatus? WashyWood or HollingTon?

Facebook Art

5.As American elections have an impact on the world not lesser in scale than a pandemic; it revealed a global phenomenon called “SDIWI”, Sod Democracy, I Will Interfere. SDIWI was witnessed in various parts of the world: a) The EU entity said to itself: “Why would I pay for my security? I better join Biden’s campagne. That’s much cheaper”. EU’s inner dialogue was captured and externalized by Radio France Culture as “Why would our security depend on the vote of a handful of peasants in Pennsylvania?” - I am not sure about the date when this was articulated, because I am listening to RFC tous les matins. Another inner dialogue of the EU sounded like this : “Why should I have reciprocal goods taxation? I better join Biden’s campagne. It’s much cheaper”. b) I am not sure what the UK told itself - I know, I know but sometimes you the ecco is much louder than the whisper, so some inner dialogues are better heard from a distance - but it seems it found good enough reasons to join Baiden’s campaign too. Here, the Times newspaper and Radio4 have to be mentioned. c) I have no clue what was my favourite columnist's CW, inner dialogue that stimulated her to join Biden’s campagne writing “I’m sure if Biden watches footage of that, from the White House, he’ll see how special we really are.”** four days before US election day, as she was simultaneously writing intriguing - and actually misleading - articles such as “THIS IS MY ANGRY COLUMN - Don’t get me started on the latest obsession of the very rich”*** as if forgetting that Biden represents the same party and establishment that, according to her own words prefere to put a man on the moon, as more photogenic, instead of a glass of limitless fresh water in the hand of all Africa’s children. d) Israel’s inner dialogues are much clear and very audible. A sort of inner dialogue high visibility; they go like this: One - “Don’t give me peace treaties. Give me dry cash”. Surprisingly, it turns out, Israel has no more interest to be self dependent, security or otherwise, than the EU!. Two - “Don’t give me peace treaties. Expansion is my nature. Give me an old establishment Middle-Eastern Peace Adviser a la Toni”. “Needles to say - Joe looks more like Toni than Donald - I, Israel, will join the Biden campaign”.

6.A Hollington Washywood scenario was handed to all international allies with the working title: “Erroneous anonymous voting polls’ intimidation landslide” for splashing a certain photo on the front pages of the official media-outlets, my personally favourite ones included, around the world. NOTE: There are 5.5 million Americans living abroad. 

7.Despite and since winning WW2 America is paying to all its… allies (!?!^^ - remember that ^^ are my brows lifted twice?), what looks, more and more, like endless reparations. No wonder Europeans think of Americans as of peasants - Europe prefers to call the rare people that work “peasants” instead of “slaves” - le charm discret de la bourgeoisie oblige… and has zero, I mean ZERO, respect for people who work, in this regard UK is still joined with the EU - and has and increasing difficulty to hide it. The reality of the matter is such that now both the EU and the UK gag at the notion and sight of what is now called “Work of the heart and work of the hand”. Both the EU and the UK faint strait at the notion that the Heart and Hand work should be paid. (Strangely enough translation and interpreting, par excellence Head Work, are also gagged and vomited at, hmmm).

8.Americans think that Europeans make a difference between Democrats and Republicans, but they don't. Le charm discret de la bourgeoisie stipulates that we bully through the carrot and the baton method those who pay for our security and buy our goods tax free. So we carrot as “Educated” those that obey and bat as “Rednecks” and “White Trash” the rebels. And the wonder indignated why wouldn’t the White Trash pay our security happily and preferably silently.

9.I am no longer crossed with the USA for the war on Iraq - especially after watching the full tv-series “Harlots” - if you regularly have to pay your “allies”, you obviously need to restlessly hustle… Iraq, Afghanistan… wherever you can.

10.The battle for survival is getting very serious. I can tell watching how les intellectuels or the Upper Middle Classes, instead of being a vehicle of progress, are at war with the “lower” - basically everybody else - classes. At present the inner dialogue of the Upper Middle Classes sounds like that: “If the billionaires fly to space, I must inherit the Earth. Trash the peasants. The more I call them “White Trash” “Redneck or Eastern European Racists” the better I’ll feel trashing them”.

Conclusion: In 2020 many things became clear as listed above. Yet, just at the end of the year I am left with one, big personal drama turned dilemma. The drama of my relationship with my favourite media-outlets: The CW related The Times newspaper, Radio4 and Radio France Culture. The thing is, I feel violated and there has been a breach of trust. Now what should I do? Should I remain hanging loyally to this media-cluster like a weak woman in an abusive relationship or should I go and radicalize myself like a free emancipated woman somewhere with other media-outlets closer to me in perception of truth and moral standards? Huh? Huh?

And while their might, still, be some sentiment - therefore, space for acceptance and exchange - left between my favourite media-cluster and me; I certainly have no tolerance untoward a long - three-centuries - ago outdated class-system that all present EU and UK establishments - leftist or rightist - endorse. And more precisely: while I have nothing against functional subordination, I am strictly against class related rights of travel and congregation. I am not ready to hand over my right of travel and congregate, while watching bouche bée “businessmen at thirty-party strong business lunches” or “diplomats on strictly non-leisure trips with zero diplomatic randeman”. Thus, I started 2020 as a supporter of all Establishments - rightist or leftist - perceiving them as the basis of the ordered visible therefore “Cosmos” but I end 2020 as a total unaligned Gilet Jaune or supporter of “Chaos”. Something unthinkable this time last year.

What is the way for the Establishments aka Cosmos to get me back in its lines? The way is easy and consistent of three simple steps : One, a £5 million house in Islington, preferably by the River Walk. Two, a £250K working from home “Brain” job. Three, a diplomatic passport - I promiss I will only use it for travelling and congregations and none of the usual diplomatic saloperie: drugs, arms, cash and antiques smuggling; and revenues, human trafficking and murder covering.

I am certain that once living in a £5 million house with £250K brain job and diplomatic passport I will once more, most cordially believe in all the magical words like: Labours, Middle-Eastern Peace Adviser, Palestine, women’s rights, racial equality, Democrats, Joe and Kamala, Intellectuals, LGBT+, EU, CW and the rest of the good fairies of human race. And be very vocal about my believes. Actually, I think, once the three conditions are fulfilled, I might even open the window, clap and shout Joe Bidon once every hour of the day. You know what to do for 2024.

*Fact check: Kamala Harris and Willie Brown had a relationship over a decade after he separated from wife 

**Caitlin Moran’s Celebrity Watch, Thursday October 29 2020

***Caitlin Moran: this is my angry column, Friday November 06 2020

Sun-tan bright... TADDAH ... le nouveau Trump Curry est arrivé. The problem is that I only think of taking pictures of good food once it is at least half gone.

12 November - Orange Curry

I only realizee the full extenth of my support for Donald Trump when.... I cought myself cooking a new self-invented recipe - The Three Orange Vegetables Curry! Main ingredients buttersquash, carrot, sweet potato + ginger, garlic, leak, cashew, sultanas + Ghanaian Shito paste, hot chillies, smoked paprika, coconut milk, pistachio oil.

Life always looks brighter after an orange curry.

Oh, yes, and prawns. I bought shrimps too, but found the prawns to be more on the orange side than the shrimps.

9 November - High on Witchy Cringe

Robert Zemeskis' film "Witches" is cringy in more than one way, above all with the desire to tick more stars on IMDB, which lately gives stars mostly for "women" and "colour" and "no-men".

Zemeskis looks like an old-times guy adamant to adapt to the new-times Hollywood by shooting two rabbits in one go makeing a story about a black child -katching ⭐ - and a black - katching⭐ - ELDERLY -katching⭐- woman for the goodies and dozens of "other" women - katching⭐ - from the other hand - just to be on the safe side - for the badies. Or as it trends in Hollywood lately - a film full of women and no-men as if ready for a premier at an all female audience film festival in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan* . I can nearly hear Zameskis thinking " If 1 black woman gets me 1 IMDB star; how many non-black women would get me another IMDB star? Let's have plenty. Plenty should do."

Little did Zemeskis know that while busying himself with IMDB star-ticking, he had missed to note how insensitive he is beeing to : a) people with disabilities by depicting his witches as women with deformed hands hidden in gloves - minus⭐ b) people undergoing cancer treatments by depicting his witches as bold women covering their bold heads with wigs - minus⭐ c) Orthodox Jewish women, who also use wigs - minus ⭐ d) Eastern Europeans by giving the Head Witch an Easter European accent - minus⭐ e) black people by stereotypically opposing them to Eastern European woman - the Head Witch - as if saying "Black people, I know that your biggest rival for the badly paid jobs you're trying to get are ambitious Eastern European women" - minus⭐ f) gay men and trannies by depicting all of his witches as women - minus⭐**

This is how Robert Zemeskis' "Witches" ends up with - (minus two) ⭐⭐ on LAAF's chart ***

And while I am very happy with the new wave of films about women, I still don't understand why these films have to be men-free. For this exactly reason Israeli series "Tehran" is at the top of my female films list - it is clearly a female film, with plenty of women as central characters, yet it still features a reasonably realistic amount of men hanging around and acting normally.

Not that Hollywood movies were ever renowned for their realism, but adding militantisme amd competitive propaganda to fiction smells a lot like Mosfilm.

* Another film for the all female audience film festival is Mrs America for example. The amount of men it features is casy zero, watching it I started wondering whether America isn't the vastest nunnery in the world.

** some of the most wicked witches I know are gay man and trannies!

*** and 5.4 ⭐ on IMDB

29 September - The repetative themes of a generation or here we go again


Weapon of Vice, by Bambi, Pipckerying Street or how the symbolism of a piece of art might change from one day to another during a pandemic, mid March

Shamsia the Clairvoyant, Women By Women exhibition, see bellow. 8 March or couple of weeks before the quaranteen.

In the Times of COVID19

I wonder what France does with its ban on face covering...?

"The bill prohibits the wearing of face-coverings in public places and also applies to foreign tourists visiting France. The law imposes a fine of up to €150, and/or participation in citizenship education, for those who violate the law." Wiki

Other contemporary practice that in the Times of COVID19 strikes a particularly rotten pose is the one of the Admin*-Abattoirs as I call them.

Think of the new Camden Municipality building, the one next to Google at the otherwise so luring new Pancras Square, with the exciting postcode N1C. Or also think of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation HR, the one at Chelsea Harbour (this shamelessly boggling expression of greed that hadn't allowed the growth of a single tree amongst the sardinesquashed buildings...posh? mon queue). I am saying these admin-abbatoirs where up to hundred people are jammed desk to desk with not as much as a cubicle, like the ones in American films, to separate them; and where staff 'meets clients' in massive equally unpersonalized lobbies (overheated or hipper cold respectively), I mean these monstrosities are as a pure health hazard as a chemical attack.

And before my Lady of Elevation, the Starry Badger ** nags me for sueshoutingattea***, which is the contemporary English for unconstructive criticism, I will say : Nay, I am not sueshoutingattea and here is my sconeandclottedcream which is the contemporary English for "having a positive idea nearly solution":

Whenever you've created a workplace for humans - step back, squint your eyes and examine the creation. If it looks like admin-abattoir, start again thinking aesthetics and respect. If aesthetic and respect are incorporated health conditions would be bettered too.

Admin Life Matters.

*By Admin I mean all working for public institutions.

**Caitlin Moran aka CW

*** For contemporary English entry 'sueshoutingattea' follow the link and read N1 ' Yorkshire Tea' here


Shield! by Shamsia and Shamsia by Tahmina, at Women By Women exhibition, by ActionAid at OXO Tower, until 8 March

Women By Women and Niqab for Men

An example of strongly talented clairvoyance : Shamsia wears a mask before everybody else. Unfortunately the photos on this exhibition are not dated, so we don't know how much before everybody else exactly.

Shamsia was born as Afghan refugee in Tehran, where the Women-Fearing regime did not allow her to study art (as in addition to Women-Fearing the regime in Tehran is also a Muslim-slaying one - not only it slays Syrians but it also deprives from all rights and dignity the Afghani refugees seeking shelter on its lands).

Today, Shamsia is a street artist, fine arts lecturer and professor in sculpture at the University of Kabul. And hopefully for many a year to come despite all manmade wars and batmade viruses. Else to speak despite all Batmen.


By the way, suddenly, in the eternal match Iran vs Saudi Arabia, SA scores yet another goal - Saudi women's gear is more en vogue with the last virus fighting trends. Lately, I am thinking shouldn't we all, women and men, start wearing full niqab?... for couple of months at least. 

Women By Women exhibition, by ActionAid is at OXO Tower, until 8 March

Extinction Rebelion visiting Antony Gormley

Fly now Pay Later - Extinction Rebellion at Antony Gormley

An endearing, lonely extinction rebellionist was a live female sculpture amidst Gormley's Iron Men.

Sea of Tranquility Sea of Plastic by Polite Extinction, @politeextinction

Sea of Tranquility Sea of Plastic

Mare Tranquilitatis is a lunar mare that sits within the Tranquilitatis Basin on the Moon.

Polite Extinction, went to Goldsmiths BA, MA, Museology in Ed, PGCE university of Brighton and is currently in artistic residence at Budapest.

Here We Go Again or Screaming Brexit

Credit @art_decoded. Follow @art_decoded on Instagram

Screaming Johnson, an ahead of its time image of Boris as captured in September 2020 by Francis Bacon

8 September 2019

"Oh, Theresa tried so hard but in the end you couldn't make Brexit happen. We just hope that you are not taking it as badly as this painting is making you out to be." @art_decoded

"If this seems familiar, it is because it is based on Francis Bacon's 'Study of Velasquez's Portrait of Pop Innocent X' or The Screaming Pope as it is otherwise known.", @art_decoded continues its strict analysis.

Yet, Laaf just discovered an apocryphal edition of Nostradamus' Chronicles in which it is revealed that Bacon's inspiration for The Screaming Pope wasn't his tumultuous relationship with Peter Lacy as largely thought, but a vision of Britain's Prime Minister in September 2020.

The apocryphal chronicles reveal that the vision came to Bacon at about 0710 at the junction of Greek Street and Old Compton Street, Soho on 25th of May 1967, after a drinking night with Lucien Freud, Frank Auerbach, Henrietta Moraes and Lady Caroline Blackwood.

"You will paint a Prime Minister caught in a scary stuff called Brexit, ne cherche pas a comprendre, and you will call it Screaming Pope" a mighty voice whispered in Bacon's ear the chronicles further unveil.

Inspiration courtesy @art_decoded.

Follow @art_decoded on Instagram

It's one of Laaf's favourites

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