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The Non-Christmas Selection

As the par excellance film watching period of the year - Christmas - begins, here are some non-Christmas themed recommendations:

Boss Level is good the whole-family-on-the-sofa fun kind of film, especially if the main character doesn't happen to remind you of your ex - as it did to me - For if it does, at times the fun gets replace by nosea. But as the probability of your ex resembling my ex is insignificant you'll get to have the fun without the side effects.


Have you ever wondered what your favourite - it's my favourite, hence everybody else should love it too, shouldn't they? - film The Trip would have been if made à l'américaine? I mean imagine The Trip - yes yes this absolute perfection with Coogan and Heartthrob Brydon ^^ - if made with American actors? - Actors? What am I talking about? They are all redundant, or in court, now. - Sorry, made with American actresses? No, you haven't why would you? The idea is even laughable. Yet, here it is. ' The Trip' à l'américaine, full of actresses and invented writers - why not, after all the world is in a sharp deficit of real writers, so some more had to be invented.

It's called "Let Them All Talk". Instead of Heartthrob Brydon and Coogan it features Meryl Streep and Candice Bergen. Instead of beautiful Mediteranean countries with ancient rich cultures and cuisine it happens on a smelly cruise ship, where else? - why move around when you can just sit on something that moves around? Instead of dining in different cities each day, dinner is at the same table day after day. Instead of Byron, it's à la recherche of invented British writeress Blodwyn Pugh. Hence, instead of reaching Ithaca, the columination is a nonexistent grave.

But I still recommend it because it's a cover version of The Trip. it would have been nicer if the trip was real - more like in The Trip - and not some cheap, as for women, who don't pay for their own trips version. A question starts to mingle in me... why women's equality and emancipation should meen that now I have to only watch women on the screen? As much as I am interested in other women's lives and stories - it makes me feel like if I am in a sultan's harem or in a hammam in Morocco ... Excuse me, can't I, emancipatedly and freely, have some handsome men in the sight? For how many more years will now have to have this unbalanced all-female-film diet? To me it feels like a vicious conspiracy that confines me, not only in life - at work I am surrounded predominantly by women and gaymen, which is fine - but also on the screen to a gender-segregated dystopian reality. I need a gender balanced diet, because I LOVE DIVERCITY for real. It isn't that I love only one particular sort of divercity.

Much funnier and balanced aka less gender-segregated is another woman's film, Italian 'Cambio Tutto' - nevermind that IMDB gives it only 5.4 stars for now.

For the Shorts: there is an excellent 2 minute ' Thursday Appointment', winner of 2019 Luxor African Film Festival, by 20-year-old Iranian filmmaker Syed Mohammad Reza Kheradmand bellow; and hundreds more at Aesthetica Short Film Festival website here


14 December 2020