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Telegram, 3 February 2021

The Good Liar

"Don't let the truth get on the way of a pre-prepared gag." Says Sir Kier Stamer in a video gag recently released by a Telegram user.

Well-trimed, well-spoken poor liar? Is that Sir Kier Stamer ?

Until recently we couldn't put a finger on what exactly the leader of the Labours is... Could we now say he is "A good looking bad liar"?

Apparently, later Sir Kier - do we have to still call him "sir"? - has excused his lie saying that he misheard the Prime Minister.

Deaf!? The Leader of the Labour? A deaf liar? You don't say! Well, at least none could accuse him for not being in continuity with Tony Blair. 

Ops, sorry, Sir Kier is probably within Parliament's People with Special Needs Quota, being the first Labour leader officially diagnosed with mythomania and pseudologia fantastica.

But all of them lookers, those Labours, huh? tststs*

*a tongue chuckle expressing simultaneously fascination with somebody's good quality and fortune and disappointment of the unfairness of the universe to accord the fortune of such a good quality to this particular individual. A very Bulgarian complex nonverbal expression.

4 February 2021