London date night haunts: The series

By Gigi 

Satan's Whiskers

Satan’s Whiskers is the focus of this second piece, part of the series about London’s date night haunts.


Friday after work, in the sweltering August heat, we dive into the oxygen deprived, crammed and sweaty Central line to Bethnal Green, the home of Satan’s Whiskers. The circumstances immediately preceding our entrance into this cocktail oasis were conjuring against us - a potentially date shattering domestic on the packed train, chockfull of annihilating glares and sarky half whispers exchanged between me and my better half. Somewhere between Bank and Liverpool Street I felt like punching someone. He must have seen the electrical bolts flickering in my eyes, as he did not act  on the  nuclear threat of leaving me in the carriage at the next stop, so that I could happily proceed solo on ‘our’ date night. Either that or he was as equally curious about the cocktails as I was.

Ten minutes later we find ourselves inside Satan’s Whiskers - stuffed animals clad in funky props, throwback 90s hip hop tunes and very smiley staff galore. As long as the cocktails are worth it, I reason with myself, there’s absolutely nothing wrong now and then with a bit of kitsch and taxidermy.


The first order was an instant hit for us both - mine a Negroni Sbagliato, my other half hiding a conceited smile behind a Diplomat. No doubt, his is carefully selected for the ingredients and nothing to do with the name. I chuckle. The Sbagliato, a perfect harmony of fizz, bitterness and citrus. That’s the kick I am after. Seriously tempted by the prospect of a second one, but resist and delve into a dry daiquiri with strong passion fruit notes - a positively exciting experience on thy pallette.

Somewhere along the way we get lost in laughter and the very cheap and cheesy enchiladas seal the entente. The Pisco Sour convinces me that make up cocktails work as well, if not, dare I suggest better, than make up sex (note to sober self - one should probably work on improving one’s sex life).

Owing to their perfectly balanced nature, these are datenight saving potions. The menu changes each day and is therefore quite a popular spot, so book a table before you go and leave all pretentiousness at the door. It’s all about great cocktails and playful fun.

   24 August 2018

The Discount Suit Company

Expanding the meaning of food to incorporate that which is of the liquid form and for the soul, this blog will be the first part of a series about London’s date night haunts. The Discount Suit Company, a bar tucked away amongst Aldgate’s haberdashery and fabric stores, not too far away from Greenfield Road, where the East End tailors strike took place in 1912 is conceptually designed to carry the rebellious stamp of the age. A hidden, brick walled basement, equipped with a tiki like lbar, illuminated by the warm light of floor lamps and comfortable furniture, where friendly staff attend to your needs and able bartenders translate these into tasty cocktails. The setting transforms you to a subtly radical and dreamy era, benefitingly from the comfort of a leather sofa - an experience enhanced by great tasting traditional cocktails assembled from obscure recipes. I should add that the drinks are reasonably priced - more than potent enough to ensure relief from the powerful pressures of the City, without compromising on quality or execution. The combination ensures a reliable setup for a great first or a subsequent date location. The soul remixes are well picked and could easily serve as an unassuming conversation starter. Frequented predominantly by other couples - definitely a date kind of place!


11 August 2018