Forget Politics. Go Art Shopping for Christmas

The French House Prescription Teatowel

The French House Christmas Market

Don't miss it. Sunday 8 December 1200-1800.

The "prescription teatowel" is particularly funny. It lists diseases and their treatment - the particular sort of wine and the daily dose in glasses.

My orange dot being stuck at ACID Everything, BSMT Space, 5 December about 2100

I Love My Orange Dot or Practice what you preach

"Art is all I am giving now on: for Christmas, for birthdays and on all other occasions" I told my son yesterday, after putting an orange dot on an art work.

ACID Everything : solo show by RYCA at BSMT Space, Kingsland Road, E8, is where one will find the right art for the young and the young at heart members of one's family.

Euston Classics - The Wellcome Collection Presents

Never overlook the classics and the well known. On Friday, I received a cancellation call while on the buss to a job. Finding myself with two spare hours at hand by Kings Cross. Slightly reluctantly I drag myself to the Welcome Collection, thinking that I know it too well, that I've been there about 150 times and that I will probably end up writing something on my phone while having a little lay down on the Recamier in the reading room.

Well, by the end of the two hours, I had to pluch out myself by force from there. This after seying the new exhibition in room 1; full with curious present time artefacts such as an unseen misic box with hits about swine flue and ebola! I am telling you, only this item alone rivals Blue Story in its full two hours duration. And the 'Play Well' exhibition, which in concordance with its subject was funny and tearful, playful and serious, reflective and engaging.

Anyhooo, what to buy at the Wellcome Collection appart from the fantastic animal jewlery (of which I have the flys earings)? The Art Oracle and The Art Playing Cards obviously, also the Fashion and the Literary cets. For plenty of playful fun on Christmas and Boxing day.

No photos from this very exsiting visit though, as since I've changed my handset, and as neither Samung nor Vodafone are humanfriendly....and should basicaly self-disolve as all the other baddies on this planet...

By the by, through Advent, one should explore the darkness around and in oneself...

The Winter Solstice Ritual on Druid Hill is only at the 22nd December at 1300 

1 December

The Bag Portrait

If your mother is a monarchist, as oddly first generation Italian migrants of a certain age often are, do treat her to a Queen's Bag Portrait from The National Portrait Gallery.

Stick in it two tickets for the Pre-Raphaelite Sisters exhibition, so she could go and see it with a friend in January.

29 November

My St Pancras " Practice What you Preach "

I can't stop praising The Sewing Circle sale and exhibition at Conference Centre Gallery, St Pancras Hospital. It is resenting works of 25 sewing masters. The items include everything from practical things like brooches, shoes and dools through furniture disguise to sawed tableaux, stitchy etchings and art installations.

All artist donate 20% of the proceedings to the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund.

I got my father, who celebrates all Christian and Muslim festivities with big atheistic enthusiasm, a touching Middle Eastern landscape applique.

It is a good thing that I can give it to my father for Ramadan, as I am not going over for Christmas, for one. For two, all works in this exhibition have to stay put until the closing date which is 10 January. Not well thought this detail, as moat people, unlike me, can't give the relatives their Christmas presents for Aid.

I practice what I preach - see article St Pancras' Presents bellow.

28 November 

Pink balls with white swans, shop next to room 1 and its 'Bomberg and the Old Masters' free exhibition, National Gallery.

NG New Christmas Tree Toy and Leonardo's Angel

After visiting the new 'Young Bomberg and the Old Masters' exhibition at the National Gallery, get your your new Christmas toy from the gallery's shop next door.

And while you are doing that, you could also get the niece and the nephew Experience a Masterpiece tickets for Christmas. together with the t-shirt with Leonardo's angel, may be?

Tickets and book Experience a Masterpiece, from the Grotto experience dedicated to 500 years since the birth of Leonardo.

Fragment of Rise of the Cosmic Twin, Celia Aria, Conference Centre Gallery, St Pancras Hospital.

St Pancras' Presents

This morning, I was about to start sending everybody to Bonhams for Christmas art shopping. This after visiting two of Bonhams eight collections with forthcoming auctions; when in the afternoon I fell upon something different but not less exciting: the art at the Conference Centre Gallery of St Pancras Hospital.

There are three groups of works there: The Sewing Circle Collection, represented by works of 25 sewing masters. It includes everything from practical items like brooches, shoes and dools through furniture disguise to art installations.

A second collection consists of textile collages.

And a third of something like Stitches-etchings, presented by Art for Caring.

All of which surreal and quirky.

The prices vary from £30 to £3000, and many works are already sold.

I know I have a particularly week spot for art in hospital habitat. But the works in these collections will shine brightly in all context and environment.

Hurry up, seriously, plenty of the work is now orange-dotted.

25 November

Bonhams Russian Sale - 27 November

Bonhams Russian Sale

The more I dislike Russia's foreign policy (about its interior policy I won't even start to think), the more I like Russian art. For we know for fact that frustration, secastration, poverty and distress are good Art's mother, father and other relatives. Which basically means, plenty of good times for Russian art lay ahead.

Having said that I will have to immediately acknowledge that based on the same logic and also on the fact that Russian reality continuously goes from darkness to darkness, Russian art has always been good. (Obviously there are exceptions to the rule like Russian Film Week, London for example).

Anyhooo, forget politics and Russia's ambition to conquer Hollywood as everything else, and head to Bonhams where there are miracles and wonders of Russian paintings and objects. Amongst the works auctioned on 27 November there are paintings by Nicholas Roerich, Natalia Goncharova, Sima Vassilieva, David Burliuk, Ernst Neizvestny and many others. The objects include plenty of fabergers - brooches, cigarette cases and purposeless things.

If you miss the Russian galore auction there are plenty more coming with the last being Modern & Contemporary Art on 17 December.


Pure, Russia inspired, Facebook creativity

Christmas Art Shopping with Dr Paul

Usually before Christmas, LAAF gets clever and starts giving Christmas Shopping advices. This when, obviously, no cleverness is required, for it is clear - all you, as everybody else, need is A R T.

In this town ART - of all sort and kind - and its derivates - of all sort and kind - can be obtained painless, effortless and botherelss-ly everywhere. I mean, come on! One could even get Van Gough and Leonardo socks! If, like me, socks is all one wishes to get or give for Christmas!

And as it is all so simple, I would have waited until the end of the month before starting banging about the Christmas ArtsPresents Shopping (CHAPSH), if I haven't met Paul Goddard the other day.

Paul has not merely started his CHAPSH alteady. But he had started it as a wiseman does - by CHAPSHing for himself. #mefirst type of man Paul is. (Here I would like to open a bracket and say #mefirst should become the opening line of the New Women's Bible - we women better, eventually, learn something of our illustrious patriarchs). So everybody, start practicing the #mefirst first thing right here right now by getting your own present/s first - while the Christmas Presents Budget is still wholesomely intact.

Anyhooo, Paul has got himself a Peter Brookes' original illustration representing British Labour Party politburo lined for parade reception at what looks like the Kremlin mausoleum.

"Everybody will vote Boris Johnson, because Boris is so funny" said Paul cheerfully, further opening my eyes of the importance to be funny in this country. I mean, I knew the principle "forget unrest be funny" in regards to writing but Dr Paul's insight about Boris' electability on the grounds of him being funny brings the concept of English Funnyness on a whole new level. (I also wonder how much the General World would appreciate British PM electability criteria should they knew about it. I mean that's one of the General World's seven most important leaders that is. And then the whole General World will be influenced by his funny little hands... in combination with a pair of orange little hands and Siberian-Snowhite-pale little hands...)

Opppss, sorry. I said FORGET POLITICS. Think ART PRESENTS.

I liked Paul Goddard not merely because he's got himself what I would call "A very LAAF type of present", but also because Paul is "A very LAAF type of person":

In the 80s, radiologist Dr Paul toured the country with his band Dr Jazz fundraising and accumulating the necessary over 4 million ponds for the first MRI scanner in Bristol.

In addition to an art collector, radiologist, painter and musician, Dr Paul is also a prolific writer. Which brings us back to our subject - the pressies - Dr Paul has written about 30 books on various subjects. There should be there a book suitable for every taste and mood, shouldn't it? As Dr Paul sells his books on Amazon, I won't be advertising the link here - more humane and community orientated book trading moduses are available and even more might be invented - but I will advice the curious reader to search his books under Paul R Goddard in any search engine.

More about Dr Paul R Goddard's music here

Get yourself a nice Peter Brookes original illustration - très en vogue in these pre General Election times - by visiting Chris Beetles Gallery (which for some reason Dr Paul kept calling Chrisp Eagles or was the music too loud?) or their website here

14 November

Dr Paul with his Peter Brookes at Cafe Boheme, 13 November about 1700