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Hydrania - The nine headed death walking about the Middle East and Central Asia

6 May - Hydrania

Now it's a fact double checked: Power in Iran is bi-tri-furcated.

First, in January, was the case with the Ukrainian airplane shot shortly after taking off from Tehran Airport of which the Ayatollahs knew nothing - Obviously, it is theoretically possible that the game was the old one of GoodSultan/BadVizier with the GoodSultan being the Ayatollahs the BadVizier being the National Guard; but somehow it didn't look so. Now, it’s the revelations of BBC's investigation that revealed how Mahan Air, linked to Iran National Guard, "fuelled the Middle East's coronavirus crisis by flying infected passengers into Lebanon and Iraq and continuing flights to China". *

Should the BBC expand its useful investigation, it will easily find out that the case with the maleficent spread of SARS Cov-2 by Iran in all the Gulf states is rather similar. For Shia Muslims there aren’t only in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon; but there are also 30-40% in Kuwait, 15-20% in Saudi Arabia, 10% in Qatar**. Apparently big numbers of those were flying backwards and forwards for "tourism" to Iran ever since the beginning of the year. Hence, and thanks to Iran all Gulf countries had COVID19 outbreaks even earlier than early March. As well as of Yemen’s Houthis, most probably most of them have been COVID19 treated together with fight-trained by their Iranian National Guard aparatchik mentors.

Should the BBC expand even further it's investigation, it will easily discover that Iran has p*ssed in Russia's backyard - Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan etc - too.

I am not saying that the Russians didn't have their own ways to p*ss on their own shoes, but apart from that, the Iranians...well, they did the same but on the heelside.

From here two conclusions: Should we talk about responsibility in regards to the world spread of SARA Cov-2 and the Pandemic; Iran has to be at the top of the list of those to be held responsible. In addition to total destabilization, war and misery - Iran has now introduced biological SARS Cov-2 terror in the Middle East and Central Asia.

As the rift between the Ayatollahs and the aparatchics of the National Guard is deepening; based on the example of the aparatchiks of the state/secret security services in the ex-communist countries for one and the successful USdrone killing of the Iranian general early January for two; we can conclude that there are already at least two fractions in the bosom of Iran's National Guard. The division might be a result from the vast geographical spread - Iran’s chess-board - don’t forget where this game was invented - is too large now. And vast are the riches it extorts from all its vassal lands - Iraq, Syria, Lebanon to the North, Yemen to the South, and as much as possible from the Shia minorities in between.

Fortunately I have no idea what Iran is doing in Russia’s Central Asian backyard.

The three (? so far) heads of the Iranian Hydra are the best prerequisite for the heads to further multiply. Then they should start to intereat eachother. I reckon this process should be assisted. “How?” is the question.


Nurses despairing on the thick red carpets of the Bulgarian Parliament. Photo www.mediapool.bg

9 March The Drama with the Bulgarian Nurses - Work in Progress

With absolutely no relation with the said above: Nurses in Bulgaria strike from godknowshowlong. Last week five protesting nurses barricaded themselves in the building of Bulgarian Parliament. A very upsetting video of one of the nurses going out through of a building window in hope to attract media attention is to be seen here together with an article in Bulgarian.

All establishments in Bulgaria, media included, have been busy discrediting the nurses' protest since its beginning - more than a year ago. Initially the nurses were accused of being inspired by Moscow - as if people working most valuable work and living at about €350 monthly do need an external stimulus to protest ^^ . Now the nurses are accused of being 'mentally unstable'. Nothing about their hipper low wages is mentioned. Bulgaria treats its citizens as the Bad Step Mother from the fairy tails. Only that this living nightmare is not about to end anytime soon. 

Illustration of the text bellow

29 February, A more successful text, also from yesterday and also in Bulgarian was this one:

Китайското посолство в Лондон по КОВИД19но време или А, представи си, какво е да си гладен мъж!

Всеки ден по обед притичвам от "мойта болница" до болницата на Портланд Стрийт - новият им шеф е креолец от Ню Орлиънс и готви страхотно. При тези пробези и въпреки водещата моно-мисъл за храната, постепенно взех да забелязвам туй онуй. Ето така:

Търча към храната и изневиделица пред мен Фалун-дафа човечец в обичайните жълти дрехи и в поза лотус седи на тротоара. До него също така обичайният лозунг "Не на насилственото отнемане на човешки органи" или нещо подобно. Казвам си "Ха! Фалун дафа. Къде е китайското посолство?" . Обръщам се, гледам китайското посолство зад гърба ми.

Няколко дни по-късно, търча хъм храната, гледам на тротоара до мен Дух Куче, така де Forest Whitaker, само малко по-слаб и вероятно по-висок. Облечен е в ливрея и с бомбе, стои пред някаква врата. На другия ден също, на третия ден пак. Замислям се "Каква е тази врата? А, задната врата на китайското посолство, добре".

Минава време. Търча към храната. Появява се човек с ливрея и от другата страна на сградата. Фин като танцьор. Ще речеш Майкъл Джексън. И той с бомбе, и тои пред врата. Коя? Ами, на китайското посолство предната врата.

Няколко дни по-късно, вече си подхвърляме по някоя и друга реплика с Дух Куче на преминаване, например "Пак вали" или "Приятно и слънчево". С Фалун дафа не си говорим - различни са всеки ден. Майкъл Джексън го виждам само отдалече.

Няколко дни по-късно, зад Дух Куче, на прозорците на партера се появяват решетки. Не обикновенни, а от вътрешната страна на стъклата. Бели са и видът им някак си подсказва - несмазани.

Днес, тежко въоръжени полицаи с бронебойни жилетки и автоматично оръжие в ръце - знам ли ги оръжията? - сновят между Дух Куче и Майкъл Джексън.

В някакъв смисъл, чак дне загрях, че всеки ден минавам покрай китайското посолство по време на КОВДИ19 пандемия.

Храната. Храната.

28 February Сирийците - братя по съдба or Syrians - Brothers in Destiny

Recently, on 18 February, Bulgaria commemorated the sad anniversary of the betrayal, at the hands of the Russian diplomat Earl Ignatieff, and the consecutive murder by the Ottoman authorities of Bulgaria's national hero Vasil Levski in 1873.

Next week, on 3 February Bulgaria will "celebrate Liberation Day", officially known as the Day of Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Dominion, unavoidably described as a result of the Russo-Turkish War in 1978.

Russia just couldn't allow Bulgaria's self-liberation, 50 years after the self-liberation of Greece.

Under the title Сирийците - братя по съдба/ Syrians -.Brothers in Destiny, today I posted on Facebook a text in Bulgarian, in which I appeal to my Bulgarian friends to look at Syrian refugees - which numbers might start increasing in Bulgaria (as well as in Greece) as a result of the last developments in Idlib, Syria - as at brothers in destiny, trapped in the same old fire between Russia and Turkey, from which Bulgarians have suffered longenough in the past.

Therein, I also recomend to Bulgarian speakers a very curious Facebook group called De Re Militari that follows the latest battlefield deveopments in Idlib. 


Needless to say, my text remained likeless.


صورة احمد عبد الصمد و صفاءغالي على مذبح الصحفيين في كنيسة "القديسة العروس - سينت برايد" في لندن يوم الاحد، ١٩ يناير

20 January

الصحفيان العراقيان في كنيسة بلندن

توجد في مركز مدينة لندن كنيسة اسمها "سينت برايد" اي كنيسة القديسة العروس ولن اتطرق هنا الى اصل الأسم الغريب هذا لكن ساقول انها كنيسة الصحفيين، لانها تقع في شارع "فليت ستريت" واشتهر هذا الشارع بكونه محور الصحافة البريطانية منذ مجيئ أول طباع من القارة الأوروبية في القرن الـ16 وركب الاته الطبأعية، خلف كنيسة "القديسة العروس - سينت برايد" أكتشفتُ سينت برايد صدفةً، حيث خدعني "فيسبوك" ان هناك جولة سياحية في برنامج الكنيسة، تبين ان الجولة مختلفة عن البرنامج تماما، اما عند مجيئي كان هناك قداس الأحد. تفاجأت و كدت أتراجع، لكن الحضور رحبوا بيّ و رجوني ان ابقى معهم للقداس، وهكذا فعلت. إستمتعت كثيرا، لان في الكنيسة آلة اًُورغن و فرقة تراتيل مختلطة رائعة. و الافت اللطيف، انها كنيسة الصحفيين: فيها يقرون صلوات على كل الصحفيين في الأرض، اللذين قضوا وهم يؤدون المهمة، ويصلون من اجل أن يبقون بخير وآمان، وان يرشد الله اقلامهم. وفي أحد أركان الكنيسة مذبح خاص مكرس للصحفيين المتوفيين. وهم من كل البلدان والديانيات. وعلى هذا المذبح صور كثيرة لصحفيين متوفين في فترات مختلفة. و تتغير الصوور على المذبح حسب وحول تواريخ ميلاد اووفات هذا الصحفي او هذاك اصبحت اذهب الى سينت برايد بين الحين و الاخر أأدي طقوس القداس، أغني واراقب التغيرات الحاصلة على مذبح الصحفيين. بعد فترة طلبت ان يضعون على المذبح صورة الصحفية البلغارية " فيكتوريا مارينوفا" التي قتلت في آواخر عام 2018 ففعلوا بعدما طلبوا مني، ان أختار صورة وأكتب نص قصيرا عن حياتها وعملها -ثم ضعوا الصورة التي اخترتها مع النص على المذبح في ١٩ يناير و بعد القداس الجميل الذي أدته الكاهنة" آليسون"، تفاجئت.حين شاهدت على مذبح الصحفيين، صورةالصحفيين لقناة دجلة التلفزيونية احمد عبد الصمد و صفاء غالي. ولم أكن اعرف عن وفاة هولاء الصحفيين ونشاطهم ولا عن وفاتهم على يد مجرم ضالم مجهول. ومع حزني جاء أمتنان وشكري لآليسون والناس حولي الذين يقدرون كل جهد من أجل الحق والعدل، بغض النظر عن الاصل أوالدين، ويعملون كل في امكانهم الا تذهب حياة الصحفيين سُدى - مهما كانوا انكليز، فرنسيين، عراقيين. هكذا أهدتنا أليسون في اسبوع عيد ميلادها (٢٤ يناير ) هدية ستبقى في الذاكرة لا تُنسى




صورة احمد عبد الصمد و صفاءغالي على مذبح الصحفيين في كنيسة "القديسة العروس - سينت برايد" بين صوور آخرى لصحفيين مرحومين، يوم الاحد، ١٩ يناير

PS Well, that was more "What I post on Facebook"...

In the mean time press photographer Youssif Sattar, 21, was killed while reporting on the protests in the Centre of Baghdad last night, as reported by الشرق الاوسط daily newspaper on 21 January.