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Nurses despairing on the thick red carpets of the Bulgarian Parliament. Photo www.mediapool.bg

9 March The Drama with the Bulgarian Nurses - Work in Progress

With absolutely no relation with the said above: Nurses in Bulgaria strike from godknowshowlong. Last week five protesting nurses barricaded themselves in the building of Bulgarian Parliament. A very upsetting video of one of the nurses going out through of a building window in hope to attract media attention is to be seen here together with an article in Bulgarian.

All establishments in Bulgaria, media included, have been busy discrediting the nurses' protest since its beginning - more than a year ago. Initially the nurses were accused of being inspired by Moscow - as if people working most valuable work and living at about €350 monthly do need an external stimulus to protest ^^ . Now the nurses are accused of being 'mentally unstable'. Nothing about their hipper low wages is mentioned. Bulgaria treats its citizens as the Bad Step Mother from the fairy tails. Only that this living nightmare is not about to end anytime soon. 

Illustration of the text bellow

29 February, A more successful text, also from yesterday and also in Bulgarian was this one:

Китайското посолство в Лондон по КОВИД19но време или А, представи си, какво е да си гладен мъж!

Всеки ден по обед притичвам от "мойта болница" до болницата на Портланд Стрийт - новият им шеф е креолец от Ню Орлиънс и готви страхотно. При тези пробези и въпреки водещата моно-мисъл за храната, постепенно взех да забелязвам туй онуй. Ето така:

Търча към храната и изневиделица пред мен Фалун-дафа човечец в обичайните жълти дрехи и в поза лотус седи на тротоара. До него също така обичайният лозунг "Не на насилственото отнемане на човешки органи" или нещо подобно. Казвам си "Ха! Фалун дафа. Къде е китайското посолство?" . Обръщам се, гледам китайското посолство зад гърба ми.

Няколко дни по-късно, търча хъм храната, гледам на тротоара до мен Дух Куче, така де Forest Whitaker, само малко по-слаб и вероятно по-висок. Облечен е в ливрея и с бомбе, стои пред някаква врата. На другия ден също, на третия ден пак. Замислям се "Каква е тази врата? А, задната врата на китайското посолство, добре".

Минава време. Търча към храната. Появява се човек с ливрея и от другата страна на сградата. Фин като танцьор. Ще речеш Майкъл Джексън. И той с бомбе, и тои пред врата. Коя? Ами, на китайското посолство предната врата.

Няколко дни по-късно, вече си подхвърляме по някоя и друга реплика с Дух Куче на преминаване, например "Пак вали" или "Приятно и слънчево". С Фалун дафа не си говорим - различни са всеки ден. Майкъл Джексън го виждам само отдалече.

Няколко дни по-късно, зад Дух Куче, на прозорците на партера се появяват решетки. Не обикновенни, а от вътрешната страна на стъклата. Бели са и видът им някак си подсказва - несмазани.

Днес, тежко въоръжени полицаи с бронебойни жилетки и автоматично оръжие в ръце - знам ли ги оръжията? - сновят между Дух Куче и Майкъл Джексън.

В някакъв смисъл, чак дне загрях, че всеки ден минавам покрай китайското посолство по време на КОВДИ19 пандемия.

Храната. Храната.

28 February Сирийците - братя по съдба or Syrians - Brothers in Destiny

Recently, on 18 February, Bulgaria commemorated the sad anniversary of the betrayal, at the hands of the Russian diplomat Earl Ignatieff, and the consecutive murder by the Ottoman authorities of Bulgaria's national hero Vasil Levski in 1873.

Next week, on 3 February Bulgaria will "celebrate Liberation Day", officially known as the Day of Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Dominion, unavoidably described as a result of the Russo-Turkish War in 1978.

Russia just couldn't allow Bulgaria's self-liberation, 50 years after the self-liberation of Greece.

Under the title Сирийците - братя по съдба/ Syrians -.Brothers in Destiny, today I posted on Facebook a text in Bulgarian, in which I appeal to my Bulgarian friends to look at Syrian refugees - which numbers might start increasing in Bulgaria (as well as in Greece) as a result of the last developments in Idlib, Syria - as at brothers in destiny, trapped in the same old fire between Russia and Turkey, from which Bulgarians have suffered longenough in the past.

Therein, I also recomend to Bulgarian speakers a very curious Facebook group called De Re Militari that follows the latest battlefield deveopments in Idlib. 


Needless to say, my text remained likeless.


26 February - Political Economy of Complacency - the scandal with the unreported crude oil imports

The hot topic of the day, with immense repercussions, covers a possible manipulation of statistics on the import of crude oil. This is not a trivial, petty opposition talk, but a fundamental issue about the credibility and trustworthiness of Bulgarian state institutions. The ball started rolling with the permanent boasting of Borisov, who drew attention to the difficult to explain statistics on the current account, which suddenly registered a record surplus...........

..............Here are two possible explanations - either half of the crude oil imports is not declared and further processed in the black, starting the largest in the history of Bulgaria's black-market refined fuel fraud involving Lukoil, or the NSI manipulates statistics. In the economy, all sectors are interdependent as docked vessels, reduced imports, reduced processing, reduced trade, reduced consumption, reduced energy intensity, etc. At any rate, the scandal is just starting to brew - wait to see the reactions at the EU, IMF, and World Bank level. Watch also how the rating agencies. The effect on Bulgaria's entry to the EZ will be immediate.

Sic transit Gloria Mundi.

Earlier this year, I warned that the government would not fall because of pressure from the street or the toothless parliamentary opposition, but under the weight of its own corruption and irrelevance. Who would believe that Borisov, with his long track record of business with Lukoil, has been kept in the dark on this?

Switch on the countdown counter.

Give it a week.

Full article here:  https://idvassilev1.blogspot.com

Pavlensky Reminder

Svetlana Kuznetsova, LAAF's expert on Russian art, wrote on the subject:

"I read about Pavlensky and his fellow from ВОЙНА (Voina/War) group. He does not respect any context.

Voina Group - more on Voina here

On the leader of the group Natalia Sokol, here 

"They lived by stealing from shops and teaching kids to do the same. This is a very sad story of people, who don’t really know what to do and how to do good in my opinion.

I think they lost their purpose after leaving Russia. Unfortunately."

19 February 2020

A reminder for those reading the latest on French ex-candidate mayor Benjamin Griveaux who stepped down last Friday because sexual content viedeo posted online by Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky;

In London, we saw photographs of Pavlensky's performances from Moscow and Paris in the frame of Saatchi's 'Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism' exhibition that took place between November 2017 and January 2018.

Here I am adding a link to France 24's comprehensive video, click here. At Saatchi's exhibition Pavlensky was presented with photos of all the performances referred to in the video

18 February 2020


7 February

Bulgaria - A realm kidnapped by orkas, goblins and other mountain creatures*

When after my sojourn in France I started a job in Bulharia where one of my routine tasks was to prepare a daily press digest and translate some of the articles in detail upon demand; it took my boss about a year to put his finger on my problem translating PM Boiko Borisov.

My problem was to convince my boss that the PM has effectively said things like "I will top myself for real" for example, while threatening the nation with suicide if ...I don't remember what - like a real diva. As for the pour soul (my boss) the main difficulty was to suddenly start reading the PM's real discourse instead of the heavily made up and embellished statements and interviews that my predecessor was concocting for the civilised foreign eyes.

It seems that in last ten years, as obvious from the video bellow, the PM's communication management has much worsened.

And it could have been very funny, if it wasn't very scary - the PM tells the all female journalists crowed around him, that they are like turkeys and imitates the sound turkeys make. And then makes the sound once more while pretending to apologise. And this is only one of the many problems with his statements in this short video.

Thank God I don't have to translate him nowadays.

* Prime Minister Boiko Borisov is of the mountain village Bansko, known to many in Brotain from their more or less pleasant ski holidays.

Obviously the destruction of the nature in Bansko region is a whole different story.

Boiko Borisov's turkey and other nonsense video here 

For trukey's real leadership powers video here 

This piece of impressionistic news was brought to you thanks to the special contribution of Dolcheto aka Mich.

4 February

It was Reported that Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr supports the nomination of Mohammed Allawi as a head of the Iraqi government....

Now we know why...

لمن لا يعرف محمد توفيق*

علاوي هو والد زوجة حسن الصدر ابن شقيق السيد مقتدى الصدر. و هو نجل شقيقه مصطفى الصدر وحسن الصدر حاليا ممثل التيار الصدري في أوروبا وهو وشقيقه احمد متزوجان من بنات محمد علاوي فضلا عن أن محمد توفيق متزوج أخت اياد علاوي واخته متزوجه من احمد الجلبي 🤔🤔🤔

*For those who do not know Mohamed Tawfiq (Allawi) *

Allawi is the father of the wife of Hassan al-Sadr, the nephew of Muqtada al-Sadr. And He is the son of his brother Mustafa al-Sadr.

Hassan al-Sadr who is currently the representative of the Sadrist movement in Europe and his brother Ahmed are both married to the daughters of Muhammad Allawi. In addition, Muhammad Tawfiq (Allawi) is married to Iyad Allawi's sister and his (Muhammad that is) sister is married to Ahmed Chalabi

🤔🤔🤔 Indeed

Емо, Emil Krumov

Вики, Victoria Marinova

RIP Vici and Emo/ Вики и Емо

I desperately wanted to write about art, even though I know nothing of it, only not to think or write about politics. Yet, it turns out that not thinking or writing about politics is quasy impossible for me. Probably because the countries of both my parents – Bulgaria and Iraqi – are and have always been problematic places.

But while the world ever so often looks towards Iraq, it nearly never looks towards Bulgaria. The tiny winy little country in the corner of the continent. Probably because a) the heavy shadow of the USSR – I keep calling Russia USSR so that it is clear that even though the crocodile* has changed its skin, it is still the same ancient monstrous entity that lives in the Kremlin. And we rarely tend to look at what hides in the shadows b) far too many international actors have interest to do their dirty business in Bulgaria’s shadows and keep the place out of sight out of mind.

Hence, I feel the need to draw some attention to two killings that took place in Bulgaria in the last two years. I wouldn’t have bothered to even think of the messy situation in Bulgaria if it weren’t for the two human beings brutally killed in a European country.

The first killed was journalist Victoria Marinova, 6 October 2018. She was killed because in her show Detector she gave platform to investigative journalists Dimitar Stoyanov and Attila Biro, to talk about their investigation of alleged fraud with EU funds linked to big businessmen and politicians**. Approximately two hours after Victoria’s killing the authorities came with the version that she was merely the misfortunate victim of a random rape. Bulgarian authorities then, just like the Iranian authorities earlier this year, didn’t need any time to investigate before coming with an official version. This is how you recognise authoritarian regimes – when they don’t need to investigate before coming with a version. After the killing, nobody, apart from their online editions, gave platform to the two investigative journalists mentioned above.

This same year, 2018 was the year of Bulgaria’s presidency of the EU – when cash of tens of millions of euros was discovered in SHOE BOXES – I repeat in shoe boxes - in hotel Marinela, the hotel in which the EU delegates intensively visiting Sofia at the time were staying. And in another hotel in Plovdiv. Plovdiv the town that became European Capital of Culture in 2019. Here is the place to say that Plovdiv, or Philipopolis in ancient times, the town erected by the father of Alexander the Great, did 100% deserve to be European Capital of Culture – yet, without thick palm-buttering, else to speak bribe, the EU officials wouldn’t let it happen.

If killing a journalist doesn’t send a signal to the world, because the authorities mask it as a random rape incident; it still sends a very clear message to the journalist in Bulgaria and Romania (Biro was Romanian journalist). So nobody cares or dares to investigate EU corruption no more. Or, as I suspect, the change of hands of massive amounts of USSR money – this is a purely personal theory.

Why do I exhume the dear memory of Victoria? Because something rather similar just happened in Bulgaria. When somebody who wouldn’t attract international attention or advocacy is killed so that the remaining representatives of the group are controlled through fear.

Last week, only few weeks before the annual Lukovmarsh***, which takes place in February, Emil Krumov was killed in the premises of SANS (Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security). But because Emil Krumov was a right winger, and as you could guess no one, literally no institution in the world would care what has happened to a far-right-er in Bulgaria, Bulgarian SANS didn’t bother whatsoever to disguise the murder.

If it wasn’t a question of human sacrifice, I would have laughed at the top of my voice writing the tones of nonsense that the Bulgarian authorities came with for cover; stating things like :

1. He shot himself with a pen (a mechanism of the type of the “Bulgarian umbrella”, I imagine. A tiny devise with super shooting powers) in the head.

2. Emil was carrying a gun, with erased serial number.

As soon as those official statements appeared, Facebook got full of mocking comments and questions of the type of: If he was having a gun, why did he shoot himself with a pen? or How did Emil enter the premises of SANS armed with a gun when there are metal detectors at the entry? When the questions appeared under posts, see below, on Facebook, next thing we know – hop SANS comes with knew statements, genre:

3. Emil has shot himself at the entry of SANS just before the metal detectors.


The message here is clear: We are killing nationalists and none will say nay. So don’t go marching. We don’t have the legal grounds to ban your march, but there is nothing to stop us killing you.

Now, let it be clear: I am a hippy. I wish I was a teenager splitting my time between California and London in the 60s and early 70s – Jefferson Airplane and psychedelics, Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix and all that; in Paris in the 80s etc. Right winger I am not. Nationalist – me split between at least four nations that I partially adhere to - I am not. I am a global localist. That’s who I am. But people, rightist or other killed without justice, mercilessly, while being called for interview (nobody knows what interview) within an EU country – I am not accepting.

Having edited on LAAF Боян Расате/Boyan Rassate’s Facebook post I will get even more criticism than before – I know it. Let alone that Боян/Boyan thanked me publicly already – I can hear the screaming voices of many of my friends and people known and unknown – I will endure them.

It reminds me of an even older situation from the end of the ‘90s, when I wrote an open letter to Bulgarian Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other institutions and the media – pleading for the preservation of Radio Bulgaria in Arabic, and the importance there of; and my embarassment, later on, when only the communist newspapers “Дума” and “Пари” published it… but this, as they say, is another story…

And yes, I know that everybody wants to know about Rouja Ignatova – because she has stolen tones of money from around the globe, and nobody cares for yet another killed Bulgarian; be it journalist, be it nationalist; be it a woman or a man; be it Vici or Emo.

But to be honest I don’t even have a theory about Rouja and her whereabouts. I guess tones of money can do this too - make invisible.  

...and not having a theory is something very rare for me hmmm hmmm, I might even start thinking about her now.

. *No animal deserves to be associated with this living mummy.


*** Last year I incidentally fell upon this Lukovmarsh, the march of Bulgaria’s far right movements when coming back from a mountain hiking; reported on it on LAAF, after which was accused of being “strangely impartial” – as if whenever one reports on a far right marches one has to be either lying, which was Reuters strategy; or aggressively condemnating. It seems that impartiality, like simply witnessing and describing what one eyes saw and what one ears heard was no good at all in the case of reporting on nationalistic movements.

3 February

The Bojkov and other BG affairs

In regards to Bojkov, I don't know what you have been asking yourselves. What I have asked myself is why the UAE?

For Bojkov that is. I am sure there is a simple answere- like UAE does't have some sort of criminal return contract with EU. But Bojkov is NOT the only/first Bulgarian criminal hiding in the UAE. Now, is UAE EU's Brazil? No idea. All Bulgarian USSR affiliated criminals go hide there.

What is going on in Bulgaria is basically a continuation of what is going on in the USSR. As much as you know what is going in USSR, thus much I know what is going on in BG - else to say - nothing.

You and I thought the Cold War is over. BUT No, it hasn't. Not for a minute. We were having good time. They wern't. They were corrupting the world.

Apparently UAE included.

Please do read Bulgaria as an unseparatble part of the USSR. Everything that happens in Bulgaria has been generated in USSR. Bulgaria is nothing but USSR's proxy in EU and beyond.

Why was Bojkov tolerated so far (about 3 decades) ? Obviously he had served a purpose.

Now the system needs a renewal- in Moscow hence in Bulgaria - old faces will be sacrificed. They served their purpose, now they have to go.

Putin believes in resurrection and new life. If He lives long enough and we all die those who come after us won't remember/know who he is/was.

Future generations may perceive Putin - still live and ckicking (be him ugly and bad tanned) like what? Immortal like ...Jesus?

More on Bojkov and his confiscated art, including Damian Hirst 'Skull with Biterflies' 

More on arbitrary state violence in during peacful protests in Sofia ( ATTENTION violent content ) here 

More on how a citizen was called for an interview at Bulgaria's State Agency of National Security then killed there 

There now, did you think of Bulgaria as of an independent EU country? Did you think Bulgarians where merely poor economic migrants? Think twice. If Bulgaria is USSR proxy what is EU? 


2 February 2020

Iraqi security forces beat a girl and a boy during clashes with protesters in Baghdad yesterday, الشرق الاوسط front page 28 January 2020

28 January

Lately, horrible horrible videos of militias torturing protestants in Iraq circulate on Facebook. New videos day in day out. Night in night out. Day after dat. Night after night. As I can't neither share nor watch these I am just petrified... What to do? .... What to do? 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧

Reading newspapers is safer for mental health.

صورة احمد عبد الصمد و صفاءغالي على مذبح الصحفيين في كنيسة "القديسة العروس - سينت برايد" في لندن يوم الاحد، ١٩ يناير

20 January

الصحفيان العراقيان في كنيسة بلندن

توجد في مركز مدينة لندن كنيسة اسمها "سينت برايد" اي كنيسة القديسة العروس ولن اتطرق هنا الى اصل الأسم الغريب هذا لكن ساقول انها كنيسة الصحفيين، لانها تقع في شارع "فليت ستريت" واشتهر هذا الشارع بكونه محور الصحافة البريطانية منذ مجيئ أول طباع من القارة الأوروبية في القرن الـ16 وركب الاته الطبأعية، خلف كنيسة "القديسة العروس - سينت برايد" أكتشفتُ سينت برايد صدفةً، حيث خدعني "فيسبوك" ان هناك جولة سياحية في برنامج الكنيسة، تبين ان الجولة مختلفة عن البرنامج تماما، اما عند مجيئي كان هناك قداس الأحد. تفاجأت و كدت أتراجع، لكن الحضور رحبوا بيّ و رجوني ان ابقى معهم للقداس، وهكذا فعلت. إستمتعت كثيرا، لان في الكنيسة آلة اًُورغن و فرقة تراتيل مختلطة رائعة. و الافت اللطيف، انها كنيسة الصحفيين: فيها يقرون صلوات على كل الصحفيين في الأرض، اللذين قضوا وهم يؤدون المهمة، ويصلون من اجل أن يبقون بخير وآمان، وان يرشد الله اقلامهم. وفي أحد أركان الكنيسة مذبح خاص مكرس للصحفيين المتوفيين. وهم من كل البلدان والديانيات. وعلى هذا المذبح صور كثيرة لصحفيين متوفين في فترات مختلفة. و تتغير الصوور على المذبح حسب وحول تواريخ ميلاد اووفات هذا الصحفي او هذاك اصبحت اذهب الى سينت برايد بين الحين و الاخر أأدي طقوس القداس، أغني واراقب التغيرات الحاصلة على مذبح الصحفيين. بعد فترة طلبت ان يضعون على المذبح صورة الصحفية البلغارية " فيكتوريا مارينوفا" التي قتلت في آواخر عام 2018 ففعلوا بعدما طلبوا مني، ان أختار صورة وأكتب نص قصيرا عن حياتها وعملها -ثم ضعوا الصورة التي اخترتها مع النص على المذبح في ١٩ يناير و بعد القداس الجميل الذي أدته الكاهنة" آليسون"، تفاجئت.حين شاهدت على مذبح الصحفيين، صورةالصحفيين لقناة دجلة التلفزيونية احمد عبد الصمد و صفاء غالي. ولم أكن اعرف عن وفاة هولاء الصحفيين ونشاطهم ولا عن وفاتهم على يد مجرم ضالم مجهول. ومع حزني جاء أمتنان وشكري لآليسون والناس حولي الذين يقدرون كل جهد من أجل الحق والعدل، بغض النظر عن الاصل أوالدين، ويعملون كل في امكانهم الا تذهب حياة الصحفيين سُدى - مهما كانوا انكليز، فرنسيين، عراقيين. هكذا أهدتنا أليسون في اسبوع عيد ميلادها (٢٤ يناير ) هدية ستبقى في الذاكرة لا تُنسى




صورة احمد عبد الصمد و صفاءغالي على مذبح الصحفيين في كنيسة "القديسة العروس - سينت برايد" بين صوور آخرى لصحفيين مرحومين، يوم الاحد، ١٩ يناير

PS Well, that was more "What I post on Facebook"...

In the mean time press photographer Youssif Sattar, 21, was killed while reporting on the protests in the Centre of Baghdad last night, as reported by الشرق الاوسط daily newspaper on 21 January.