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19 October - High on Sponsoring and Leeds Rage

I am a Sponsor in nature and nurture. As an iron dog - chinese astrology - born in communist Bulgaria I am not merely a free-runner - runs, as well as does everything else, for free - but I am also a Natural Born Sponsor who was also nurtured in this quality. This is how I got P, my English manfriend, "A cheap date" - was the furthest his imagination went to describe “Does everything by itself, including paying for its own, and often other peoples', drinks” - P judged and this is how I got him forever. Had Republican men in Nevada, USA known how men-liberating liberated women are, they would have long ratified ERA instead of waiting until 2020*. Mind you, they might have rightly guessed that liberated men and women mature quickly; hence, decided to stick to the nonchalant, life-long irresponsible Peter Pan syndrome that eventually caused the #metoo movement.

This text attempts to explain why I started perceiving myself as a Sponsor - rather than a volunteer - to the societies I join.

A volunteer on a humanitarian mission would get: a free transportation, free shelter, food expenses covered, a financial remuneration which is a pure equivalent of a salary which is not called a salary. It is considered that the person is volunteering with a good will to attend difficult places and assist in difficult situations, mostly leaving their personal life behind. A "volunteer" is not supposed to work for free. Basically, a volunteer of one of the big NGOs has absolutely the same - as components, only smaller in volume - “bonus package”, apart from the retirement scheme perhaps, as any NATO soldier on a mission.

When I was teaching Arabic at Sofia University, just as when I am doing public service interpreting in, and around, London the hourly payment rates that I was/am getting are such that: In Sofia, only covered my tube ticket and none of the materials I used for my classes, let alone pay for any expertise delivered or time spent. A payment, it certainly wasn’t. Therefore, it wasn’t paying for neither my roof, nor food. Volunteering with expertise, time and materials made of me pure Sponsor of Sofia University. Why was I doing it? I wanted to sponsor Sofia University, and more particularly its Arabic Department. In London, when I am doing public service interpreting, the hourly rate covers my travel and what I use as materials - say the amortisation of my soles, but nothing else - it doesn’t pay my time and expertise - neither roof, nor food, and payment, it certainly isn’t. Why do I do it? I love everything about face to face interpreting: The speaking with other people’s “voices”, especially when you do more than two sides, it is an extraordinarily experience of walking out of your own shoes. And the fine layer of mediation that a skillful interpreter adds by simply being present. I love the travelling about town, the jumping from one social setting into another. The endless rosary of human conditions. Hospital, probation, citizens advice bureau, custody, home visit, school. An essential mediation between two ends - doctor/patient, teacher/parent, solicitor/client, refugee/adviser - this is what public service interpreting is; and these two ends of it I personally sponsor. I am not even particularly bothered that a faceless corporation is taking brutal fiscal advantage of my sponsorship of humankind.

What's the issue then? The issue is the Leeds Lot.

What bothers me, is that in my sponsorship of humankind in the UK via the specific activity of public service interpreting I create brahmas out of the Leeds Lot.

I explain: Ancient societies knew that there isn’t work for everybody. Hence a fair percentage of the population - forget women - anywhere between 25 to 50 per cent of the male population was fed by the “active” part of population for staying out of any money and goods generating activity. These parts of the populations were particularly respected for getting away from people's businesses, not entering into competition and minding their own non-worldly business. Thus, the world ended up with Brahimins, Rabbis and all sorts of other clerics and mollahs.

Contemporary Western Society has resolved the same issue otherwise. Now we have People on Social Benefits that are basically doing the same as the Holy Men of old ages - staying peacefully and voluntarily away from all competition for formal activities and positions that generate money or goods and minding their own out-of-worldly business - but better, as while they are minding their own business they don't claim moral superiority.

Nowadays Holy People - men and women on Social Benefits - are much better than all the ancient ones, because they spare the population that feeds them of all the preaching, end-of-world-and-redeem-scary-talking and golden-rolls-royce-delivering-obligations. ** In a nut-shell my theory is the following: Immediately start to respect these most holy of holy people - the People on Social Benefits. For they have given up the social race competition but also have no religious or moral pretences on the rest of the population. They are not demanding gurus and thus thousands of times better and preferable to any guru.

And certainly don’t try to engage them in doing a completely unnecessary work against a payment equalling or so their social benefit just in order to, presumably, give them working people's selfesteem . They are just not good at it. By "it" I mean working. Nor give a useless corporation the pretext to say “We have opened XXXX working places”. Both are utterly useless - the Corporation that has contracted, for a second time, the integrity of public service interpreting and the useless Leeds Lot it's operating thought.

There, instead of the Corporation install a software, Uber type", which will do a much better work - The National Union of Interpreters wotks with such an apo, why not the public service interpreting?

Then I will still be sponsoring through mediation two social ends, I will still be paying taxes, and the Leeds Lot will remain Holy instead of Useless But Brahminly Entitled. For thr strange phenomenon is this - the more useless a link is for a process, the more entitled it feels.

Either leave the Leeds Lot be self-contained holy Benefit receiver, or if you'll engage them with any work at all then give them education and teach them manners. And how to write UK postcodes. While in the meantime send me a badge reading UNVOLUNTIRALY SPONSORING LEEDS.

*Mrs America, the tv-show.

** Mind you nowaday Brahimins that “dominate the key positions in science, business and government” are not real Holy People - they simply run a Holy position as private business just as civil servants in corrupt countries run public service positions as private businesses.

8 October or Why America Dreams to Become Bulgaria?

“I can’t forgive ourselves, the Iranian women, how in the name of change we gave up voluntarily so much of our freedoms”, Azar Nafisi in Reading Lolitta in Tehran⟱

...and when I think that during the nineties in Bulgaria, there was a tv-show  called "How will we catch up with the Americans"... 

Who would have thought? Who would have thought that it would be the Americans that would want to catch up with the Bulgarians some twenty years later?....

In Bulgaria the nation's highest judicial instance is de facto submissive to the party in power. That’s why Bulgarians are protesting already 92 days. 

In America the Democrats dream to do the same - controlling the highest judicial instance - once having won the election. 

Controlling the highest judicial instance is not merely a way " to ensure it rules in favour of the party's programmes"* but it is also the easiest way to get rid of political opponents.

Thus, last Monday, 5 October  in Bulgaria "The first hearing on the prosecution's request for a ban on the Bulgarian National Union (BNU) is scheduled at the Sofia City Court. The case is unique for Bulgaria as this is the first time since 1989 when a ban of an organization is sought on political grounds"  as reported by BNU. What will happen if the Chief prosecutor gets the ban of BNU that he wants? A new real subculture will be born in Bulgaria for the first time since 1989. 

The question again is: Why does America want to go away from its long democratic traditions? 

In the aftermath of America’s pre-election debate of the vice-presidents, I have another question: Why aren’t these two people running for presidents? I like each of them more than their respective candidate presidents. 

I still don’t like the Democrat’s candidate enough - despite her being a woman and of colour. I think I would have preferred it if the Democrats had a completely unaggressive strategy and more constructive style. Also a little bit of sophistication wouldn’t have harmed them. They would have looked far more credible to me if they had left the bullying and roundness to the Republicans; and not compete with them in this discipline precisely. For there are some disciplines that should be lost so that the big game is wan. Thus, in communist time as a student I strived to have a law mark in the ideological disciplines while working hard for high grades in the non-ideological ones - Because I wanted to have a particular image, I had to fail in particular disciplines. It is just not good if you look exactly like the people you don't like.

An English friend keeps asking me why anti-semitism and the far-right are on the rise in Eastern Europe - Mind you she, who is for the One State Israel-Palestine Solution, doesn’t like Trump even if he has done more for Israel than any American president in the last few decades, I wonder how come... I have to ask her ....

⤊Quoted by memory

* Gerard Baker, The Times, October 2

30 September - Bedate, Bidet or Debate?

"No contact with Manila," Ernesto "Che" Guevara wrote several times in his diary as he marched to his death in Bolivia↓ 

Come election time in Bulgaria, people say "We have to choose the lesser evil".

On November, 3 in the States people, it seems, would have to choose the lesser idiot. On Trump, I won't comment. We all know - he is an idiot.

What caught me by surprise though was that Biden was the more bullying idiot of the two... and also, well I am not sure how he achieved it, but the worse looking one.

Dude, Americans chose Trump, after eight years of YOU at rule.... what does it say about you? If my manfriend today - we're living together for exactly eight years - suddenly went away with Cruella De Vil, what would this say about me? How scary must I have been?

A word has to be said about Radio 4’s (Long live the BBC!) comment on the debate in its Today program: I am not sure why it was reported that Trump "failed to condemn white supremasists". When he was asked to call white supremasists off the streets, he effectively said "White boys back off"↓↓. As well as I am not sure why there was not a word on Biden's reluctance to mention the word "order" as in "law and order". It took Biden some time to get out of the situation by adding "justice" to the word-combination. The sleaziest point of Biden's presentation was when asked by Trump about the millions his son received from Moscow. Then he did the usual get away trick of an old salon tiger when trapped in an uncomfortable situation called Distract the Audience. "People don't care about you, but want to know how we can help them" or something of the kind, said he.

Other than that - Warning: this is a personal and very partial opinion - Antifa is as dangerous as white supremacists; but much more active, as less surveyed, and more tolerated.

Which is also a warning to whoever wins the US elections - unless the winner opens - timely and voluntarily - an era of rule of law and justice, their adversary would have a vicious army of demons - supremacist or anifa - at their orders to fight them back with.

A personal warning to Biden: One cannot count on the far-left. They are a traitorous lot, the far-left are. Think of Trotsky. Think of 35th and other years... This is one. Two, if you have the pretence to represent the intellectuals of a country, known until recently as a great country, your manner of debating cannot be ... not merely lower but lower-life, than that of your opponent. Let alone lower-life than this particular opponent. Verbal insults such as "lier" and "clown" and telling a president in office "Shut up maaaan" and in the same sentence "This is so unpresidential" all learned phrases.... stick them up your SENILE a**s.

The thing is, you see, that I believe both of them. But I see Biden as more delusional and cunning than Trump. Biden's sole merit being being against Trump. If somebody says this is enough. I say nahhh.

The question remains: Who is the lesser idiot?

And so that none is left under the impression that Americans are the only miserable lot who has to deal with idiot politicians, I will quote Karayancheva, the Chairwoman* of Bulgarian National Assembly at her meeting with Gerb activists in Lom saying "They are driving their expensive cars on Borisov's highways. They go protest and then they take the tube back home. Why don't you go back walking? Go on then, go back walking." rhetorically asks she**.

With the idea behind this  completely mysterious - for the innocent reader, I am sure -  statement being: If you are using, whatever has been produced by the Bulgarian people during the rule of the current government, you don't have the right to protest. If you are protesting, then you should give up on... whatever you - as a part of the Bulgarian people - have accomplished in the last eight years. For you see this is how Boiko LoveChild Borisov and his people see things - the money of the country is their personal money. They see every road and tube line as their own. As if it was constructed with their family money. And they see the construction of every road or a tube line as money that didn't enter their bank accounts, which apparently has the same effect as seeing money going out of their bank accounts. Thus much have their pockets agglutinated with the national budget. Auch, how much it must hurt to think at the sight of a highway "These XX millions by-passed  my bank account". This association has been inspired by Trump and his (non?) tax returns. Trump, who LoveChild says is a big supporter of his...

So dear citizens of the United States, whatever happens remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE in you electoral misery. The tendency for parties who peretend to represent nation’s intelligentsia to be hyper arrogant, which is another word for stupid, is global.

↓Article “Fidel "betrayed" Che, "abandoned" him in Bolivia, Cuban journalist says” . Article here 

** Boiko LoveChild Borisov likes to surround himself with women. Not unlike Colonel Kadhafi. Boiko’s women though are less charming. 

**See Karayancheva’s video here

PS Bedate, Bidet or Debate - you thought that was a game of nonexistent words? Well, it describes events displaying non-people, or as goes the Bulgarian expression “Нема такива хора”/”There aren’t such people”. “Нема такива хора” or ”There aren’t such people” we say in Bulgaria as a short for “My brain struggles to comprehend these people, their existence and the reality that their existance generates”.

Reflections from that evening: Calling Trump “Clown” and telling him to “Shut up” is basically calling Trump’s supporters clowns and telling them to shut up. These, obviously, are very bad, disrespectful manners and represent an overt provocation. The more I think about it, the less Biden looks to me like a person seeking national peace and dialogue.

Interrupting another speaker is bad manners all right, yet it’s miles behind verbal insults. A massive, senile-establishment bully this is what I saw in Biden.

Once more, the whole situation reminded me a recent situation from the Bulgarian political life: When couple of weeks ago, at the opening session of the Bulgarian National Assembly the MPs of ruling GERB party and their coalition partners demonstratively left the Assembly Hall at the speech of the President of the Republic; only to come back quarter of an hour later and state that they are open for national dialogue and consensus. The problem that I see here is: The people at rule, Gerb & Co. don't want the people  -  What shall we call them? The "normal people" or "people not at rule"? - to protest or strike, but Gerb's MPs protest and strike by leaving their workplace the National Assembly at the sight of the President. Which is another way to say to Bulgarian people "What I allow myself, I don't allow you. What I can do - you can't". Naaahhh maaan that's baaad. 

The arrogance of establishments baffles me. But bad manners is the worst sin in my eyes. Bad manners and the lack of style is BAAAD, a very big baaad sin man.

Conclusion: Biden's contribution in the bidet was an overt provocation. And disrespect for the Presidential institution - just like the one Gerb is generating in Bulgaria. Which leads me to the conclusion that the Democrats in the US and Gerb in Bulgaria are conscientiously and from the top generating social unrest aiming to create chaos and produce anarchy. So that I don't be accused in conspiracy theoritising I won't be saying Moscow stands behind this. Therefore, I will hold personally responsible for future chaos in the USA and in Bulgaria respectively Joe Biden and Boiko LoveChild Borisov.

↓↓Apologies to Radio4. it seems that Trump has said "Proud Boys, stand back and stand by" hmmm baaad very baaad. That's why I have taken out another paragraph saying "So yes, Radio4, you can support each candidate you like, but you should say it openly: “We are partial”. Or at least say: “Warning: you are about to hear a partial comment”."  The mistake is mine.

Comclusion: With his intention to "pack the Supreme Court" American Biden is aimimg to achieve what Bulgarian Boiko already has "To ensure that the narion's highest judicial body rules in favour of the party".

Which, I think, finally prouves my old point - Boiko LoveChild Borisov is RED, never mind the blue eyeliner. 

28 September and the Nth Conservative Revolution

“Two-storey extensions without planning permission”*?

I've always had a hard spot for Highbury & Islington. That's to say, I never liked the place. "It has bad Fen Shui" would say I - who believes that Fen Shui is a bad thing in itself let alone places that have it - as a habitual excuse for not meeting friends there. "Now they will fix its Fen Shui" said a friend, Highbury inhabitant in the past, Highgate inhabitant at present. Unfortunately, this is not what happened. At least not in my eyes...

Because of Highbury & Islington London has now something of misfortunate Sofia. What I have in mind is the provincial aspect of the little pedestrian area by Highbury & Islington Station entrance. Shall I call it Highbury & Islington Square? I don't mind the traffic roundabout, it's well organized and probably very convenient for the vehicles. I mean the space for the two-legged right by the station and the Famous Cock.

And more precisely the preposterously ornamented but then mismatched pavement blocks. The white sitting (? or for what particular purpose are they there?) blocks on the side that have nothing to do with the mentioned patched and mismatched pavement blocks. The even more irrelevant wooden round bench with metal finishing.... The whole ensemble looks like … the dream of town of somebody who had never seen a town.

The sight of Highbury & Islington reminds me of Sofia’s Sveti Sedmochislenizi garden, which is the other name for urban corruption. It makes me think of somebody calling shimself “entrepreneur” who had paid shimself instead of paying an architect and then hired an Eastern European, probably Bulgarian, building brigade to do a planless construction with old pavement blocks found in some forgotten in the woods (of Ukranian?) warehouse; then brought the spare (from the massacre of Sofia's downtown) ridiculous white stone cubes - a top up from a weird barter deal - and arranged them about... Thus turning a renowned spot in N1 looking like aaa... not a part of London, mildly speaking, but aaa ... a private profiteering mine.

oday, Highbury & Islington Square represents the species ``The Spot of Corruption on the Face of the Urban Landscape". I would advise: Don't let this animal escape its natural environment - Bulgaria and the Third World - and breed on this tiny island. Let alone in exquisite London.

On the bright side: if you allowed that animal - adding sudden storeys to buildings - to breed, you might expect a secondary, yet planned, effect: All those migrants who, like me, have found in London a shelter from the unplanned ugliness of the capital cities in their own countries, leaving it and heading for other capital cities where people still need planning permits to cause unexpected storeys to accomplished buildings.

Detailed photos of the Highbury & Islington Square disaster will be edited next week, when my 14 days, post travel self-isolation will be over.

*”Boris Johnson faces a new rebellion by Conservative MPs over his plans to allow two-storey extensions to homes and tower blocks to go ahead without planning permission.” The Times, Saturday, 26 September p8

By the by, wasn’t the whole point of being conservetive errrhhh… being conservative? Isn’t it time for Easter Bunny Boris, at the second Easter of this second life of his, to lay a new party? The Party of the Revolutionary Revolutionarists? Hu? Thus eventually taking us away from the binary model? Just by the time when I might - or might not, who knows? - gain the right to vote in this country. 


Lexicology in Times of COVID19

Anglo speaking civilisation achieved the culmination of its "positive thinking" the other day when President Trump describing the negative result of the COVID19 test of a White House worker said "Her test came back... humm... as good" and then continued talking about the same worker's test result of the week after : "She tested positive to COVID19". There, I think it has been now made official the Western World in the Times of COVID19 is so much only positively thinking that the word and notion of "negative" are made redundant and do not anylonger exist. So when the little brain can't comprehend when something negative is actually positive it calls it good.

It's official, Good is the new for Negative!

Which tribes were we calling superstitious?

14 May

The Tweet

I am reading the PM's tweet "We are writing off NHS debt as part of a major financial reset for NHS providers" and my hair rises at the back of my head. Ever since the COVID19  started I wanted to write "Now when you see how dysfunctional the NHS is, hope you’ll finally dismantle it" but restrained because the moment seemed inappropriate. 

But actually there is no other moment to write it. For it is now that we have to rethink the future.

Now we rethink, while dealing with COVID19, and then dismantle and build anew the NHS immediately after.

Everything about the NHS is dysfunctional for different technical reasons at different levels and places, but in principle for one big reason : the system was created and run by different kind of people, so it didn't have or need protection mechanisms. The class system doesn't help, as everybody imitates the behaviour of those on top of them...and as those on top are arrogant profiteers...

So the system is abused in a spectacular way. And here is the usual paradox, and as it is usual, it shouldn’t be a paradox any longer, but the paradox is that it still is a paradox: Whenever the finger points in one direction for “the guilty” one should look in the exactly opposite direction. Thus, the NHS is not failing because it treats tons of foreigners; but because it is run by aliens with "foreign" ethics and is overcrowded by spongering providers, not users. Just as there are so many drug users, because there are thus many drug dealers and not vice versa. There are just too many drug dealers, warmongers, human traffickers, NHS contractors etc etc Black Brethren pumping the light out of the world. You know it better than me; I am only just finding it out. I mean, you must have been silently witnessing it from ages. 

Since working in a renowned  NHS hospital - and don't get me wrong they perform miracles there, but at the same time the levels of abuse of the system at any given level are pharaonic - I always wonder why we insist on keep saying "African scale of corruption"? I mean why "African"? Really. The systematic witnessing of criminal levels of bullying,  extortion and corruption makes one paranoid. Not only did I not want to write about it, even though at the time I tried to get in touch with a BBC journalist, but I was even reluctant to keep notes on the subject.These notes, if only I've kept them, would have made a fantastic background for a criminal novel. And then a wonderful Netflix horror series.

The details don't matter because the system is ...well, systematically abused head to toe. Therefore, it has to be dismantled and built anew (Please note that I believe that anything that functions shouldn't be touched). There is no fixture for the NHS the way it is now though. 

In private healthcare, where every position up the line get's a percentage from the economies it makes downwards is even nastier. Strange phenomenons exist there, like subletting  your work position: it is very simple it works like that: I receive, say £20ph but I am letting you work in my position for £10. Thus, I mind my other business while still pocketing £10 ph every hour you work... Like in Libya at the zenith of Gaddafi's era. As much as I appreciate when somebody finds a way to abuse an American corporative system thus much I hate it, because it usually  is of negative consequences for everybody else, patients included. 

Another trick is when your line manager is signing for you, as it has lately happened to me. Which basically means that not one time did I receive the same amount of money for the same amount of working time. It has always been more or less, depending on the manager's needs.

Obviously, all these forms of extortion are witnessed directly by at least two-three people at any given time, who naturally don't have an opinion. Now, how do you fix this - People without any opinion or position whenever there is a personal price to be paid?

Good luck.

My text ‘Black&Blue* or The Makhno State of Affairs’, further down, is dedicated to this subject - the healthcare system in this country. Private and NHS, and in  the zones where these two coexist.

So yes, take the NHS apart and rebuild it from scratches integrating all possible anti-bullying, extortion, corruption and abuse mechanisms. And don’t allow capital - feudalism within the private healthcare in this country. 

Well, if you ask me, I would add "And no box-ticking health assessments either" ... but this is too much of wishfulthinking and daydreaming... for if there is no box-ticking at hospital assessments their wouldn’t be box-ticking tests at schools either… and this would obviously happen only after a massive human extinction.

4 April

Black&Blue* or The Makhno State of Affairs

Who would've thought?

Who would've thought that if you go Right enough you'll turn Left?

I mean we all know that if you go West, sooner or later you'll emerge from the East... But I didn't expect that Liberalism and the supposedly Free Market will look so much like anarchism and Makhno's Black Army.

Think of the self-audit of private and public structures and entities. It's Makhnovshtina.

Think of the self-management of these same private or public entities. It's Makhnovshtina.

Think of the voluntary work on which these private and public entities are based - I mean the minimal living wage and even the double of the minimal living wage are still within the frames of VOLUNTARY WORK because they ensure the functioning of the biological unite that provides the voluntary work. It's Makhnovshtina.

Think of how the private and public entities counting on voluntary work can't ask those biological unites offering voluntary work for accountability on mistakes committed on the work place because "we have difficulties to find people to work anyway, let alone if we start tracing mistakes". It's Makhnovshtina.

Think of how the outside world, or broadly speaking society, can't hold the entities counting on voluntary work responsible for their results and modus operandi for they autoimmune-diseasely self-protect. It's Makhnovshtina

There, private and public entities self-manage, self-audit, are unaccountable and autoimmune-diseasely self-protect. It's a Black Army. The whole so called Liberal System of the Free Market suffers from an autoimmune disease, currently in a remission period. Who would've thought? Who would've thought that the old communist saying "We pretend that we work; they pretend that they pay us" will find it's perfect illustration here, in the conditions of the Liberal System of the Free Market.

And yes, certainly those coming from the East did not expect to find Makhnovshtina when arriving in the West. ....but we should have. We should have known had we read more about Liberalism and Anarchism.**

*Not the film with the same name, even though I recomend it too as a good illustration of thr text.

** My scares knowledge of Makhnovshtina is based on Bulhakiv's White Guard.

"Don't know much about The Makhnobshtina, but NeoLiberalism smells Bolshevism " Zhoro aka Pyrko said on the subject.

PS Ça va de soi of all this Makhnovshtina I have no time for art. When I emerge from my Makhnovski Unit in the evenung all galleries have closed and all shows already commenced.

25 January