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Tsola Dragoycheva calculates the number of communists in Bulgaria prior to 9/9/44 (Coloured photography), Fb art.

18 June - Between a Rock and a Hard Place or The Eastern European Conundrum

Or Why anti-socialist = fascist these days?

Last week I visited a controversial monument in the Bulgarian town of Burgas. The monument is dedicated to forty something Soviet soldiers deceased from methyl alcohol poisoning. According to the local anecdote turned legend : Soviet soldiers drank the undrinkable alcohol despite the warnings of the natives and as a result some 190 of them got hospitalized, with 6 losing their eyesight and 44 (or 42) dying of poisoning.

The idea that the Soviet soldiers could have been premeditatedly poisoned is utterly alien to the Bulgarian psyche. When amongst my closest and dearest friends I said “What if… “ suggesting that the citizens of Burgas might have been the only resisting the Soviet invasion; the idea provoked astonished laughter after which was immediately rejected with the argument that similar dynamics have taken places on many an occasion, with a similar lack of premeditation and with less a mortal result. Thus V, whose family owned a distillery in Sofia quoted much the same an anecdote retold by his father. In a few words: a Soviet commander visited his family distillery and asked to taste a sample of the pure alcohol used in the production of various spirits; the demand stirred big fear, as all expected the commander to collapse after drinking the sample, and the distillery to be accused of an assault on a Soviet commander. “But he drank it without blinking an eye and all sighed with relief”.

Which shows that 75 years later, none believes that there has been a real resistance to the Soviet.

But I don’t want to give up on my idea and would like to ask: What if it was an active form of resistance - giving Soviets all sorts of… what for others would have been… undrinkable, methyl or pure, alcohol? Obviously those retelling the stories in communist times, like V’s father, won’t boost on the premeditation and “resistance” element. They would just retail the story hoping that one day, somebody would read the anecdote correctly… And also, does resisting the Soviets make Nazis of the Bulgarians?

The question is even more pertinent in the Eastern European timespacespot of today, in which parts of the population find it very difficult to go along with EUs socialism - furthermore today's Estern EU socialists are direct hеirs of the Soviet times communists turned socialists of the transition period yesterday. These same parts of the population find themselves accused of nationalism by the heirs of yesterday’s…. Western European Fascists and Nazis….? …. “Catch the thief!” The thief yelled…?

Between the heirs of national and international socialists all other children in the EU are in a hard place between a rock and a stone.

At a time when the non-EU world - UK and US - are revising their attitudes to ethnicity and colour differences; the mainly unicoloured EU should revise its attitudes to poor and address the question Why does it maintain a wellbeing difference between its member-nations.

A difficult casus. The massive conundrum of the lack of shades of grey. Just White and Black - Socialist and Nazis. Amazon and Facebook. The two sides of the same coin. The monopols of the titans. Poor humans, which gods will ally with them?

My impression of the EU and the way it functions, is of structure as rotten as any global corporation. In both structures humans are equally cynical and demoralized. In both people behave like a monkey on a palm tree - climb up, climb up, climb up, hop up hop up hopup hoping to eventually get a date or two - no attempt to delve, seed, saw, improve or embellish horizontally at any single level. In this sense, whether in or outside the EU it wouldn’t really matter, it's a global utter discourse. When China is ordering the music and dictating the tempo - what else to expect?

4 June

4 June - Reflections in Memory of George Foyd - WORK IN PROGRESS

Scattered Reflections in Memory of George Floyd

While in the beginning of the COVID Situation I was wondering where is a good place to die: is it the adoptive - mostly of own choice - country? Or is it the home - of parents/destiny/god/pure chance’s choice - country?

Today, in the light shed by George Floyd’s death, I am wondering where is a good place to live. With the institutionalised racism on both anglo-speaking sides of the Atlantic - fortunately, more on the States' side - and the lack of the Royal Opera here and Burning Man Festival there, one wonders based on what criteria to revise one's places life and death choices. After all its 2020. Revision time.


So far, in 2020 I cried three times:

6 of January, of relief that WW3 is not commencing as a result of the series of events that started with the killing of the Iranian General; and that I will most probably be able to see my son & parents - living in another country.

11 of March, when I fell ill with, what I thought was, COVID19 - but wouldn't know if it was or it wasn't until I did the antibodies test. Thought I would die without being able to see my son & parents anymore.

15 of May, after watching The National Ballet's online ‘Anastasia’ with Natalia Osipova; at the idea that I won't be able to watch ballet "for real" anymore. Even if cultural life reboots, my profession won't - Face to face interpreters despite having been given a “key worker” status during the COVID19 crisis are expected to work at a rate 25% lower than the preCOVID one; and with a volume of work about 1% of its previous size. I wonder if there is another profession, which becomes cheaper and cheaper year after year, apart from road-side prostitution obviously. - so I won't be able to afford opera and ballet tickets ever more.


These days the ancient factor “race” came to fashion once more, after being swept under the carpet for ages under the pretext of “political correctness” as the good old-fashioned taboo is called nowadays. The same political correctness that calls renowned war mangers peace envoys - obviously, aiming to keep the primitive status quo by shutting all doors to acknowledgement and discussion. Yet, race - and other factors used as discriminative distinguishers- and racism, chauvinism and nationalism have always been a factor in people's choices for a place to live, and often determine people’s place to die. Thus, naturally racist France became clearly unlivable for me - as a recognisable Middle Eastern type…? I guess… you, see I don’t even know with which words to discuss something on which I am silently judged. - The fact that in France I was not recognized as a white person, with all its repercussions; whilst my son was sticking as too white, actually the only white pupil, for his non-white class at school and bullied for that; but despite his whitness my son was to foreign to be put in the Francais souche class! with all its repercussions of that which led to our return to Bulgaria where luckily we are both perceived as Bulgarians; and at the time the newly born hatred towards “The Bulgarians from Abroad”, who import COVID, was not yet around.

Bulgarians do not operate on “colour - principle”. It is not in Bulgarian habits to refer to people as white or black; probably because the colour in Bulgaria is not indicative for the ethnicity, which is Bulgaria’s main discriminative distinguisher : Bulgarian, Gipsy, Arab, Turk. Or as a Duch friend once said “Only Bulgarians think that we (Westerners? White people? - I forgot to ask him for precision) distinguish them from the Gypsies”.

Whilst Greeks, function on a religious (? as much as I have observed) basis: Christians and Muslims, for example.

England from the other side is both friendly and hostile. When asked to compare between England and France racism wise, I say “The French hate you as an alien human being; the English like you as a pet”. Which is better? Not sure. Patronizing is a double edged sword, and English practices it alot towards foreigners. Obviously patronizing has some benefits, “patronizing with benefits”, surprisingly many when you are treated - obviously judged on the basis of your language command, accent and understanding of social-situations obviously alien to you - as an eight-year-old child. But it is also tiring to be treated years in a row as an eight-year-old. One wants to grow up eventually .

On this point - Race and racism - for the Inbetweeners like me, it doesn’t really matter who you think you are, unfortunately. What matters is who wishes to recognize you as “theirs”, therefore adopt and integrate you*. In a way I was very fortunate, as not only Bulgarians recognize me as a Bulgarian, but also Arabs recognize me, even though not immediately, as an Arab.


Last but not least, in the shadow of the knee-”handling” of George Floyd, a word has to be said about the Police. The Metropolitan Police is the best police in the world. If you are not convinced just look towards France. If you still are not convinced - then look further to Bulgaria**. Eventually look towards the States. Bulgarians in UK particularly appreciate the style of The Metropolitan Police, a combination of tactfulness, calmness and intelligence. I am sure that there are many reasons for The Metropolitan Police to be as it is; but I think that one of the main reasons is the fact that it was born and raised as an unarmed force. It somehow seems to me that getting an arm is like getting on a fast track to Stupidity (=Evil). English police were obliged to be clever(=Good) because unarmed. So there is the challenge - for the Met Police to be as good as it was ever despite its increasing armament.

* Like Turkey with the EU, or more particularly with Germany. After using Turkish main d'oeuvre for decades Germany was the most fervent opponent of Turkey’s membership in the EU. “We need you but we don’t like you”, “We are too good for you” was basically what Germany said to the Turks. And because Germany, together with the rest of “First-Class EU” still needed slaves, Bulgaria and Romania - white and Christian, none could shout “RACISME” - were the obvious choice. Just keep repeating “the poorest countries in the EU”, while denying Bulgaria and Romania the option to become social-states: “Unlike us, you can’t afford getting into debt” . Thus, two slave-nation were created within the EU - to use and abuse. Why would you systematically label somebody, person or a state, "the poorest" unless you legitimise their abuse? Unless you normalise in public imaginarium the fact that now it is alright for a whole nation to be exported and used as cleaners, for the women, regardless of education, and as construction workers, for the men, regardless of previous achievements? For how otherwise, the “advanced, democratic societies” will continue to perceive themselves as advanced and democratic?

Has the intention been different - the narrative would have been different. Had the “advanced, democratic society” planned to integrate the “newly admitted countries” as equals, other rhetorics would have been put in circulation like: “While we were wearing wild animal skins, the population of Serdica, nowadays Sofia, were having hot thermal water running in their household - for heating, bathing and cooking”.

What is this strange labeling of ally countries as “poor”, “chauvinist”, “corrupt” etc? What if not rubbing your own nation's ego, else to speak nationalism, is this? I said it before, I will say it again - Germany didn't succeed to concur the world alone armed with National-Socialism, now it storms again, this time well-accompanied by other nations with a renowned fascist past, armed with....socialism.

Having said that I have to add: Yes, to the EU and Yes to Bulgaria in the EU. For Bulgaria it is better to be in a subservient position in the company of politically correct, rich nationalists countries, rather than having the same position under a politically incorrect, poor bolshevik empire. Or at least this is my opinion, many Bulgarians think exactly the opposite. For there is one thing rich, people or nations, can’t understand - the poor has nothing but dignity. As current events have shown - humiliating individuals, or groups of people can last only thus long. Well the same concerns larger groups of people too. Russia on the other hand, being poor itself, knows this fact far too well. As I witnessed in 2019, it was Russian, Cuban and Palestinian representatives to honour the celebrations of the Bulgarian Jurnalist Union’s Day. Why not German, French, Spanish etc representatives? It was the same on the 24th of May, Bulgaria’s much loved celebration of the Cirylic Alphabet. The only time that English, Dutch, German etc officials appeared to support a local event was the Pride. Gathering an international community to celebrate Pride is obviously good, but then why not the same community on other local celebrations? This permanent haughty disdain from EU’s nationalist countries like Germany and France, is only far too well noticed.

**I have seen Bulgaria’s first Militzia, then Politzia exclusively in an ugly and abusive light, The Clash’s Police and Thieves verbatim, fighting the nation with their guns and ammunition, with drugs added (with which I imagine them similar to American police). Nevertheless, I have never given up hope that Bulgarian Police, just like the country, will one day wake up to its good and gently mannered nature. Thus, once every year , I approach a Bulgarian policeman. It is a whole show to observe the face of a Bulgarian policeman while a member of the public approaches to ask for information or direction. First it is the disbelief, when the policeman realises that you are effectively coming to him - female officers are hyper rare - instead of crossing on the other side of the road as 100% of the people are doing 100% of the time. Then his face becomes the scene of a cognitive crash - like a robot receiving a command conflicting with Asimov’s Third Robotic Law - when he realizes that you are effectively expecting him to serve you, by providing information or directions. Then an even further cognitive crash - like a robot receiving a command conflicting with Asimov’s First Robotic Law - when he realizes that no matter how simple is your question (“Where is such and such school?” “Which street is X street, this or the next one?”, or “At what time does the football match finish?” he still is not equipped to answer it. Then an even further cognitive crash at the realization that he has dealt with a member of the public without any exchange of violence and bullying, when you tell him “Thank you”, despite his having done nothing that makes sense. I regret not having eyes on my back to keep watching his face when I go away.

And yes, my patience and optimism has given fruit, be it small and green : This year, when I asked a policeman about the people protesting at the National Assembly he managed to not merely to take it as something usual, but also to actually deliver a reasonable amount of information. I also have to add that last year, I saw two young policeboys, who held the door for me to get out of a shop; which was hyper strange because it looked like something that a normal person would do.

There, the benefits of long life - one may witness curious changes - hopefully the brothers of George Floyd might witness changes too.

31 May - The Missbehaved Beehive

Thanks to Cummings-Durham non-affair I found out the following:

Responsibility for the English*, is what is Work for the Greek - “Even if you put it in a bra they wouldn't touch it”. Not that they don't like it, it's just that they don't recognise it cognitively. For them, the thing - simply - does - not - exist.

Here, England, we like to share what we don't like - say responsibility; and keep for oneself what we like, say honey (in its variation : position, privilege, power; and bee pollen, say money in its currency variations, commodities, assets). Obviously all attempt to achieve the opposite - make individuals or other entities, like institutions, take responsibility and share les biens will fail.

This attitude - the collection of honey and the shared irresponsibility in which the nation dwells - makes me think of a beehive. A beehive is a useful natural phenomenon, its benefits are numerous and known so I won’t bother with them. Yet, the English beehive looks somewhat confused to me lately; as the honey gets siphoned away the maddened bees sting each other and the flowers... Is it a beehive suffering from some sort of autoimmune disease?

I've always thought that this paradisiac feeling of being like in heaven on earth when in England is due to the combined effect of clement weather and beautiful nature. It's only now that I realise that the reigning edenic bliss actually comes from the awareness of total deliverance of responsibility. Only in heaven - post Judgement Day obviously - the issue of responsibility had been dealt with as definitely as this.

To me it looks this way : we delegate decision making and responsibility to the upper level/class, which delegates its decision making to the upper level/class and so on up to the Government; whilst the Government only far too well knows that none will hold it responsible. Thus we end up with a perfectly closed circle of perfect irresponsibility. A sheer perfection. Hence, the New Jerusalem. Which is already built - in case you haven’t noticed.

The Beehive, an unstoppable power - There is no grace, there is no guilt this is the Law - Do What Thou Wilt.

* Before Cummings-Durham non-affair I thought that shared- irresponsibility is UK Labour, therefore NHS, specific trait. Now I know it's a national one. So I won't bother wondering how to fix the NHS anymore, or anything else for the matter. And yes, I should’ve figured it out earlier. The most populous party - Labour Party (580,000 for 2020, Wiki); the most populous institutions - NHS (Taken together, the four National Health Services in 2015–2016 employed around 1.6 million people, Wiki ) - responsibility absolution responsibility - of course it is a national - what was I thinking?!

It dawns on me : might it be that whosoever is born as English is absolved of all responsibility forever and ever? That would explain many things in Word's Modern History. I also wonder whether the responsibility-absolution spreads to English people’s non-English parents?

English passport a straight gateway to Heaven➷ to you and your family?

➷Only naive people think that people come to the UK from all over the world for the NHS and social benefits. The benefits people come for are far larger than that. All the Russian oligarchs and children of the world’s political elite of all description - Eastern European, African, Asian - are here seeking redemption. Absolution for them and their parents, and their parents parents and their…

May we all be as absolved of responsibility as English are.

Absolved as an Englishman.

Even better: Absolved as an English wife sworn to obey.

People don’t come to use the NHS, they come to work in the NHS - the most responsibility absolved institution on the responsibility absolved Island. It’s better than being a Politburo member in Moscow 1977. Far better. 

Democracy or barbary? Civilization or savagery?

25 May - Brutus'Justice or 35th and Other Stalinian Years in 2020 UK

The Opposition, being it's usual sanguinary self; together with the Clergy, showing an unexpected unforgiving character - while I was on my way to reembrace Christianity… - have proven to be Nation's Enemy No1 and Putin's right hands once more, not unlike the rest of the Socialist Parties around the world, - aiming to destabilise the country's Government in a time of crisis, which in itself is an act of treason, at least in my view.

This so-called Opposition, which I would nowon call Nation's Main BioHazard, is flashing carnivorous teeth under the pretext of equal COVID Regulation application for All, which is obviously a joke. How would the sacking of Cummings insure the equality of punishment when COVID Regulations and Coronavirus Act 2020 are breached in times of unprecedented UNEMPLOYMENT?

How would I be punished if I get caught breaching COVID Regulations and Coronavirus Act 2020? You can't ask for me to be sacked - I am unemployed, unbanked and unself-employed. If you force Comings to be sacked now, how would you ensure to provide me with similar punishment? Won't sacking Cummings give a green light to all unemployed - and I won't remind you their number at present - in this country to breach COVID Regulations and Coronavirus Act 2020? For what do we risk? Sacking? If we, unemployed, risk a fine, why doesn’t he risk a fine? Or if he risks sacking and I risk fine - where is the equality of implementation of regulation? 

Will you sack the NHS for sharing staff with the Private and International Healthcare Sector from where, probably, many early infections were brought into NHS wards? If I personally know about one such case, I can assure you that there must be at least another similar case. And you know the logic - when there are two...

Why don't you sober up and ask for reasonable and common punishment, say Community Service? Furthermore, it would set up a useful precedent for a judge to decide how many hours NHS community service should be imposed to individuals breaching pandemic regulations and acts. Isn’t community service the habitual punishment in this country for those breaking law regulations?

For those who have already got over the COVID19 the community service will obviously take place in NHS COVID wards. It could be anything from porters and cleaners, through catering, to receptionist and ward clarks. Which would have a tremendously beneficial and useful effect unlike what the bloodthursty so-called Opposition is whispering in the ears of the masses to seek to achieve now.

I used to think of the Opposition in this country as simply useless. Now I am thinking of it as a DANGEROUS BIOHAZARD. And if somebody is trying to convince the public opinion that the Sack Dominic Coming Campaign is an expression of ' Vox Populis' or an exercise of direct democracy; I can fully heartedly confirm that it isn't. It is a distant, ugly echo of Stalin's Time People's Courts, which I call Brutus Justice - where 5 liters of blood is shed by many hands so that no one in particular carries responsibility - which is ultimately the aim of ‘People’s Courts’. If somebody is about to say that I am dramatising with this comparison, for People's Courts lead to many people losing their lives, while now a mear Cummings will lose his job - I can reassure you that destabilising the government in time of COVID and Economic Crisis may result in the same - many people to lose their lives. Destabilising the Government now might lead to more people losing lives that what Cumming might have cosed with his travel/s.

Thus, in the organised move to destabilise the government I see the habitual any-Socialist-Party-In-This- World-Strive to move closer when the money tap is open. And we all know, now the money tap is indeed open. And no, I am sorry, it so happens that you aren’t anywhere near it! Live with it. What makes the Sack-Cummings-Campagne even uglier is the fact that this Conservative Government is leading a very social and humane politics, which scares the sh*t out of Nations No1 BioHazard and makes them hyper nervous. Eh yes, it’s them, not you. On the other hand, trying to destabilize a Conservative government whilst it is leading a social policy is so very Socialist Party-Wold-Wide speciality…for such a government makes them redundant. As long as the party at rule is running a social and humane policy, I don’t care what’s their name - It might be the Carrot and Bananas Party, I care what they do.

Now and only now, I begin to understand why Easter Europeans traditionally vote Conservative - when they don't vote Green - in this country. They simply know by heart the old nasty tricks of Socialist Party’s Brutus Justice. Brutus Justice, or the eternal running away of responsibility, is also the singular sign of all Socialist Party’s creation - NHS - where nobody is responsible for anything; or all are responsible for nothing… I mean the lack of taking responsibility in the NHS is such that there isn’t even an appropriate grammatical form to put it in words - included. There, Brutus Justice is NHS' main problem, which nobody wishes to discuss. Just like in BSP. The creation is the sheer image of its master.

Let’s put the question once more for discussion: Of the two, what is more practical and useful:

a)destabilizing the government by forcing the PM to sack his faforite adviser through a Brutus Justice Champagne. Or for Cummings to continue working next to the PM; while the legal system coins an appropriate legislation for breaking pandemictimes regulations, hopefully resulting with Cummings and his wife delivering 160 hours, between them community service in the NHS COVID ward. Hu?

Cummings or no, I think that nowon all individuals in this country should serve an NHSTime as qualified or unqualified staff, as pandemics are the biggest national and global hazard. A good example is Israel, where all serve in the Army, at one point or another, for their nation’s biggest hazard is war. Just as war is a threat to everybody in Israel, that’s why all serve in the Army, a pandemics is a threat to all in the UK so everybody should serve NHSTime. Furthermore, even those privately insured were getting COVID19 treatment in NHS, and not in private, hospitals. Then and only then it will be 'Our NHS'.

If we start implementing this, initially with cleaners and porters - how much money will we save? Huh? How much money will NOT GO in hands of private providers? Let’s make the NHS truly ours. Let's deliver national health service!

Ok, if we don’t make NHSTime mandatory for all; then let’s at least use the occasion and set the precedent of serving COVID Wards Community Service for COVID Regulation and Corona Act 2020 breachers.


If Domminiq Cummings is not legally processed before being sacked I will hold it personally against Sir Keir Starmer, as the most prominent representative of the legal system in this country, for not taking the opportunity to refine a pandemic legislation, which will certainly serve the future.

The whole situation reminds me of how the UK missed the opportunity to elaborate its legislation on terrorist-female/non-armed?-collaboration and just dumped a Bethnal-Green illiterate Shemima Begum as yet another micro-weight on the shoulders of already devastated Syria. What exactly was Syria’s guilt to be confined to Shemima Begum? At least if she was attractive for the slightest instead of being East London social-estate casual dim and dull... UK gets Syrian doctors to clean COVID wards in NHS hospitals, Syria gets UK terrorist-collaborators to feed in overcrouded - probably COVID infested - camps?

Brutus Justice.

Last but not least, in this country legislation has been imported from France - not from Scotland! - that’s why most of its terminology is of French origin. Why, therefore, don’t you look over the Channel for inspiration and stop getting too much heed of politicians personal lives - instead of looking North? Personal example? Ridiculous - should I impose the rule that when I stop eating all my household and my guests have to stop eating too? N’importe quoi…  

Actually Cummings shouldn’t wait, he should say “I deeply and truly repent and my wife and I will go and provide 160 hours of volunteer working for the NHS in the coming 12 months” and if afterwards somebody says that this is not enough repentance, we will all be able to say “You are out of your mind!” Through which hours Cummings will learn so much about the NHS from within, so that he might be well equipped to start dismantling it immediately after in order to then build it anew for Nation's benefit, walling up all the shared-irrisponsability doors.

Admitting mistake and repenting through volunteering will definitely establish this government as a progressive, modern, supple and practical government to be clearly distinguished from the ridgid, destructive, self-serving, unapologetic - despite all evidence establishment which now plays Opposition. 

Cummings might as well initiate the charity that will take care of organizing the NHS community service volunteers. As at present all community service services are run by yet another bon a rien contractor, which nobody would obviously like to allow to function withinin the NHS.

Luton Airport, 22 May about 1200

Luton Airport, 22 May about 1300

Ants Rebrand

Wizzair* did not cease to fly Sofia-London return three times a day all through Lockdown.

As of this week, the only other daily flight to fro Luton airport - once a day, is to Bucharest.

That's it! Four flights a day to and fro Luton airport - three of which to Sofia. 

This week, the only other flight to and from Luton will be an one-off flight to Lisbon. 

Having in mind that through Lockdown all the Harrods, Tom Fords, Zaras and other fringues shops and boutiques down Oxford, Regent and other streets were closed - all this to and fro London articulates a single logic - coming and going Bulgarians were evidently not in the pickpocketing business. They must have been around on other sorts of affairs.

Based on this evidence, I most solemnly suggest for Bulgarians in the UK to be officially rebranded from PickPockets to PickPackettes, as this is what they mostly do in the UK pick&pack fruit&veg. This, obviously, when they don't nurse**, care, build, cook and clean. 

Or should we simply call them Ants? To and fro to and fro with a grain to go with a crumb to come. 

Here the appeal is to common decency and objectivity, the same that called the Polish "Plumbers"  - not that they weren't also waiters, receptionists, social workers, carers and many others - and not... say...  "Alcoholics", "Shoplifters" or "Swearers". 

Whilst this same common decency and objectivity obliges us to call consecutive Bulgarian governments - all after 2000 - "Lazy pimps of the worst type". For this is what they do - pimp the nation for 2,50.

Another question a la Agatha Christie is: What nationals are then the pickpockets? Pick one or two or three of all the hundreds of nations that ceased to go to and fro UK since the pickpocketing parlours  have been closed. 

It's worth mentioning, while we are still on the subject of shops  and airplanes, that just like in any random shop - Tesko, Sainabury's, Co-op - the distancing in Wizzaircrafts is practiced outside - before and after boarding, once inside distancing is no longer relevant.  Thus, we have two extraterritorial spaces where distancing regulations are made redundant - shops on earth and airplanes in the sky. 

*  I wonder whom and how much they are paying.

**There hadn’t been a massive exodus of Bulgarian doctors towards the UK, as they didn’t like neither the system nor the conditions.

23 May 

Lexicology in Times of COVID19

Anglo speaking civilisation achieved the culmination of its "positive thinking" the other day when President Trump describing the negative result of the COVID19 test of a White House worker said "Her test came back... humm... as good" and then continued talking about the same worker's test result of the week after : "She tested positive to COVID19". There, I think it has been now made official the Western World in the Times of COVID19 is so much only positively thinking that the word and notion of "negative" are made redundant and do not anylonger exist. So when the little brain can't comprehend when something negative is actually positive it calls it good.

It's official, Good is the new for Negative!

Which tribes were we calling superstitious?

14 May

The Tweet

I am reading the PM's tweet "We are writing off NHS debt as part of a major financial reset for NHS providers" and my hair rises at the back of my head. Ever since the COVID19  started I wanted to write "Now when you see how dysfunctional the NHS is, hope you’ll finally dismantle it" but restrained because the moment seemed inappropriate. 

But actually there is no other moment to write it. For it is now that we have to rethink the future.

Now we rethink, while dealing with COVID19, and then dismantle and build anew the NHS immediately after.

Everything about the NHS is dysfunctional for different technical reasons at different levels and places, but in principle for one big reason : the system was created and run by different kind of people, so it didn't have or need protection mechanisms. The class system doesn't help, as everybody imitates the behaviour of those on top of them...and as those on top are arrogant profiteers...

So the system is abused in a spectacular way. And here is the usual paradox, and as it is usual, it shouldn’t be a paradox any longer, but the paradox is that it still is a paradox: Whenever the finger points in one direction for “the guilty” one should look in the exactly opposite direction. Thus, the NHS is not failing because it treats tons of foreigners; but because it is run by aliens with "foreign" ethics and is overcrowded by spongering providers, not users. Just as there are so many drug users, because there are thus many drug dealers and not vice versa. There are just too many drug dealers, warmongers, human traffickers, NHS contractors etc etc Black Brethren pumping the light out of the world. You know it better than me; I am only just finding it out. I mean, you must have been silently witnessing it from ages. 

Since working in a renowned  NHS hospital - and don't get me wrong they perform miracles there, but at the same time the levels of abuse of the system at any given level are pharaonic - I always wonder why we insist on keep saying "African scale of corruption"? I mean why "African"? Really. The systematic witnessing of criminal levels of bullying,  extortion and corruption makes one paranoid. Not only did I not want to write about it, even though at the time I tried to get in touch with a BBC journalist, but I was even reluctant to keep notes on the subject.These notes, if only I've kept them, would have made a fantastic background for a criminal novel. And then a wonderful Netflix horror series.

The details don't matter because the system is ...well, systematically abused head to toe. Therefore, it has to be dismantled and built anew (Please note that I believe that anything that functions shouldn't be touched). There is no fixture for the NHS the way it is now though. 

In private healthcare, where every position up the line get's a percentage from the economies it makes downwards is even nastier. Strange phenomenons exist there, like subletting  your work position: it is very simple it works like that: I receive, say £20ph but I am letting you work in my position for £10. Thus, I mind my other business while still pocketing £10 ph every hour you work... Like in Libya at the zenith of Gaddafi's era. As much as I appreciate when somebody finds a way to abuse an American corporative system thus much I hate it, because it usually  is of negative consequences for everybody else, patients included. 

Another trick is when your line manager is signing for you, as it has lately happened to me. Which basically means that not one time did I receive the same amount of money for the same amount of working time. It has always been more or less, depending on the manager's needs.

Obviously, all these forms of extortion are witnessed directly by at least two-three people at any given time, who naturally don't have an opinion. Now, how do you fix this - People without any opinion or position whenever there is a personal price to be paid?

Good luck.

My text ‘Black&Blue* or The Makhno State of Affairs’, further down, is dedicated to this subject - the healthcare system in this country. Private and NHS, and in  the zones where these two coexist.

So yes, take the NHS apart and rebuild it from scratches integrating all possible anti-bullying, extortion, corruption and abuse mechanisms. And don’t allow capital - feudalism within the private healthcare in this country. 

Well, if you ask me, I would add "And no box-ticking health assessments either" ... but this is too much of wishfulthinking and daydreaming... for if there is no box-ticking at hospital assessments their wouldn’t be box-ticking tests at schools either… and this would obviously happen only after a massive human extinction.

4 April

1 April - Fools' Day, Jokes' Time

Think of all the bank staff used by private hospitals, like me, or by NHS contractors, like many others, now dumped on the Government's COVID 19 financial assistance scheems hahahahha

(Mind you, just a month ago I was promissed a contract, as I have been working in this private hospital since 2014.... tant pis.)

There are also plenty of jokes to tell about my bank- working. Every bank worker is supposed to fill in their own working hours on 'Work Day'. After "onboarding", yeh yeh, in an American healthcare corporation, one is supposed to recieve a code to fill in their shifts. Not me. For me it was done by "my line manager"... ask him/her why, I have no idea. When a week ago I recieved an email saying "sign in on your Work Day to recieved your 2019 bonuses" I worte to the line manager telling him about the email and asking "What about my 2019 bonuses now?" He didn't bother to answer. Hahahhahaha

And another joke, two weeks ago I bought a scooter online - such a lovely scooter with big wheels to go to work without using public transport and immunestimulants to become virus-invinsible - Due to work on Wednesday 25, Thursday 26 and Friday 27 of March, with my homeisolation expiring on Tuesday 24th.... Despite having spoken to the already famous line manager to confirm my attendence, upon my arrival at work I find out that somebody else has been given all my shifts. The private healthcare provider has dumped me on the Government's shoulder without notice nor valuable reason, getting advantage of my homeisolation hahahahahaha.

It was difficult to pick a fight over a working position of which one is terified. Yet, I still did hahahaha. Chiken fighting over a grain. (Mind you the imposter was a man. Proposterous, knowing that the position often requires interpreting brestfeeding instructions to veiled Arabic women... Even though, I have to admit, it sometimes requires interpreting at masculin fertility and libido consultations... "Are you getting erections? How is your ejaculation?  -  to Arabic men).  Later that evening all work at this position was cancelled anyway hahahahah

Mort de rire. Mort de rire ....That will teach me! Bank-worker! ha! Happy Fools Day.

As the slaves at a certain timespace point have stopped reproducing, all bank-workers should stop bankworking. I know, it is easier said than done, but I have a whole selfisolation eternity to think how to do it. Or more precisely, how to do-bank-working-not laughingly.

And this precisely is the joke: if this Conservative government had refused to act as a communist, not even socialist, one the free-runing liberal units of capital canibalism, like the one I was bank-woring for, would have turned this country into a Congo of the Ebola outbreak period, Gaza of 2012 Izraeli fire period and rural India at any given time combo. Can we conclude that even the toughest English Coservative soul is much more tender than the avarage manager in a Wild-Wild West corporation? Who knows? Who knows?

But I would like to say: It is now obvious that American corporative practices are in the detriment of this country.

And don't forget: HA HA HA HA HA to laaf and laugh.

Black&Blue* or The Makhno State of Affairs

Who would've thought?

Who would've thought that if you go Right enough you'll turn Left?

I mean we all know that if you go West, sooner or later you'll emerge from the East... But I didn't expect that Liberalism and the supposedly Free Market will look so much like anarchism and Makhno's Black Army.

Think of the self-audit of private and public structures and entities. It's Makhnovshtina.

Think of the self-management of these same private or public entities. It's Makhnovshtina.

Think of the voluntary work on which these private and public entities are based - I mean the minimal living wage and even the double of the minimal living wage are still within the frames of VOLUNTARY WORK because they ensure the functioning of the biological unite that provides the voluntary work. It's Makhnovshtina.

Think of how the private and public entities counting on voluntary work can't ask those biological unites offering voluntary work for accountability on mistakes committed on the work place because "we have difficulties to find people to work anyway, let alone if we start tracing mistakes". It's Makhnovshtina.

Think of how the outside world, or broadly speaking society, can't hold the entities counting on voluntary work responsible for their results and modus operandi for they autoimmune-diseasely self-protect. It's Makhnovshtina

There, private and public entities self-manage, self-audit, are unaccountable and autoimmune-diseasely self-protect. It's a Black Army. The whole so called Liberal System of the Free Market suffers from an autoimmune disease, currently in a remission period. Who would've thought? Who would've thought that the old communist saying "We pretend that we work; they pretend that they pay us" will find it's perfect illustration here, in the conditions of the Liberal System of the Free Market.

And yes, certainly those coming from the East did not expect to find Makhnovshtina when arriving in the West. ....but we should have. We should have known had we read more about Liberalism and Anarchism.**

*Not the film with the same name, even though I recomend it too as a good illustration of thr text.

** My scares knowledge of Makhnovshtina is based on Bulhakiv's White Guard.

"Don't know much about The Makhnobshtina, but NeoLiberalism smells Bolshevism " Zhoro aka Pyrko said on the subject.

PS Ça va de soi of all this Makhnovshtina I have no time for art. When I emerge from my Makhnovski Unit in the evenung all galleries have closed and all shows already commenced.

25 January