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Flora Tristan & Paul Gauguin vs Pious Entrepreneurs

Have you noticed: when ambitious lather climbers reach the top of whatever lather - business, social, individual fixture on the achievement of a certain figure in millions or billions - they have been climbing for a decade, two or more, how they suddenly discover ...the non material?

After having climbed to the top of the Earth and all its material goodies; they now discover Heaven and the non material dimensions of the invisible and have to conquer this too. In one way or another. And here enter all gurus; Kabalas; Scientologies; unnamed Balian magicians etc etc

With the phenomenon being far too common and the pattern far too repetitive, I felt it needed a name and started calling the individuals entering and existing in this particular mind send the Pious Entrepreneurs.

A Pious Entrepreneur is a person that starts thinking about her/his soul approximately a quarter to half a century after having started thinking about her/his bank account. The funny thing about the Pious Entrepreneurs is that they end up doing what hundreds of millions of very poor Muslims, Hindus, Bhudists, Bahayans, Zoroastrians, Sufits and others do : pray, meditate, fast, strengthen their bodies and souls with strange physical and spiritual practice etc etc.

Take Jack Dorsey for example he uses a sauna to sweat not unlike millions of the poorest in Africa and Asia. Eats a meal a day not unlike millions of the poorest in Africa and Asia; and has a whole food-free day on a Saturday not unlike millions of children in Africa and Asia. The question is, if you will end up doing what tens of millions of poor people do, why bother getting rich at the first place? And here we come to another characteristic common to the Pious Entrepreneurs : they always miss the point.With the point of all spirituality being roughly: restore balance and generate harmony. Hence, no, taking a dry-heat sauna after an ice-cold bath won't restore the balance in the world.

Lately, the world woke up with yet another Pious Entrepreneur, one of an estellar scale - Donald Trump. And in the best Pious Entrepreneurial traditions Trump too missed the point. With the point being that regardless how useless the UN is, at this moment in timespace, the most spiritual thing to think about is restoring balance in nature. But here we are yesterday’s Pussy Grabber turn newly born Pious Entrepreneur has just discovered two exciting notions ‘freedom’ and ‘religion’ . So hop he goes off to get himself a place in heaven.

On his Religious Freedoms Summit the newly born Pious Entrepreneur Donald Trump was joined by other newly born Pious Entrepreneurs, like Bulgarian President General Major Rumen Radev. Who is a case of a rather curious Pious Entrepreneurship, as he represents Bulgarian Socialist Party - which is par excellence the party of Pious Entrepreneurs. The materialistic party, once called Bulgarian Communist Party; that persecuted genuinely religious and pious people and came with ingenious slogans like "The American President - Enemy number one of the village system in Topolovo Town" (No, this is not a translation clumsiness) or "Every picked tomato - a nail in Kenedy's bed"; so this party is now freshly reborn, it its integrity, on the Pious Entrepreneurial model.

Another slogan of the time, to which I adhere, is "Вместо църква и вино - клуб и кино" "Instead of church and wine (go to a) club and cinema". A rather sweet appeal to exchange religious practices for more cultural ones. Grown up in "communist" Bulgaria I learned about the cooperation between the Church and the Work and Women's movements in the West only in 2004, when reading Mario Vargas Liosa'a exceptional novel El paraíso en la otra esquina translated in English as The Way to Paradise. A double biography of Paul Gauguin and his grandmother Flora Tristan, a socialist writer and women's rights activist. It blew my mind, this naturally logical connection between Church and social activism in their attempt to create a more balanced, harmonious society. A connection destroyed by the ex-Soviet communist, future Pious Entrepreneurs party.

Leaving the Pious Entrepreneurs to their ambitious celestial practices and religion freedoms’ summits I invite the remaining, less pious but probably more lastingly and routinely spiritual, part of the population to:

The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Gauguin Portraits at the National Gallery from7 October 2019

Also Gauguin from the National Gallery, London, will be released in cinemas nationwide from Tuesday 15 October 2019 by More2Screen.

After reading Liosa, whenever I think of Gauguin I also think about his grandmother and how behind every great man there standeth not one but endless network of great women.

24 September 2018

memento mori

"That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die", Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu"

Even death may die. But not us. Not our creation/s.

We humans are very bad in accepting our and our creations' mortality, hence our animal nature.

But we die, briskly, unexpectedly and usually unfairly.

One of the most memorable and incomprehensible things I've seen in my life was the death of a six year old girl taken out of suport-drugs so that she may die in peace and her family may have the space to say their goodbyes the battle against her cancer once lost. The whole team of specialist and army of specialised personnel in a West London private clinic cried over the lost battle - the eternal battle of the living against Death.

And we were only the second team to surrender. The Russians, yes, the same old Russians who sent the first man in space; who flue the first woman in a rocket, who took the payment for the first "commercial" cosmonaut - a 60 year old wealthy American gentleman... they have given up before us putting arms down before the Reaper.

Five years later I still choke at the memory. And again in another hospital with another health team I cried bitterly and desperately over the death of the elderly Saudi gentleman when his heart gave up.

You though medical staff was immune of tears, snot and emotions? Yes, in films and in real life. But behind "real life" 's curtains everybody cries.

We humans and our oeuvre we are still mortal; even though constantly engaged in a vain, gods defying rivalry.

Reading Uncle Tom's Cabin to my son when he was eight in the 90s was impossible: "Mum, what is this?!?!" he would giggle in his pyjamas not believing his ears. It sounded ...what can I say... not at all as I remembered it. The book sounding so politically wrong to his infant ears he wouldn't allow me to finish it.

"Mum, what is this?!?!" More of the disbelieving giggles. Few years later there were attempts to censor Uncle Tom's Cabin in the States. To correct it. afterwards the book was taken off the programmes of some American high schools. Thus we came to realise - literary oeuvre/art may die too.

In strange aeons even man may die.

"Yes, man is mortal, but that would be only half the trouble. The worst of it is that he's sometimes briskly mortal—there's the trick!" Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

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To Notre Dame, 16 April 2019


Uncle Tom and Eva, mass-market Staffordshire figure, England, 1855-1860, glazed and painted earthenware

Collaboration Horizontale, Robert Capa, 1944

Citizenship's Darkest Hour

10 March 

Yet, again a poor and low cultured decision was taken in regards to two more "Brides". For only poor people with low culture don't deal with their problems and relegate them into the open space - in this case the open international space. (A lifelong humanitarian-ngos' burden?)

The issue is pertinent for me as I am in the process of applying for British citizenship.

As a citizen of a poor, low cultured country which is permanently in a bent over position with its derrière turned towards its Big Red Brother; obtaining a second citizenship of a country that takes poor, low cultured decisions echoing those taken by its Big Orange Brother is mentally and emotionally difficult for me. (According to my experience life in a small country which is in a "mutually beneficial" relationship with a biger brotherly country could be very disappointing).

The whole point of the effort was to become a part of a rich and culturally elevated nation, wasn't it?

Unfortunately this latest of my revelations confirms Timothy Garton Ash's* theory that because of the consolidation of the capital and the way it rules the world emigration no longer provides solutions for problems.

Having realised that my beloved Bedu-habit of horizontal displacement would bring me to no good  place as illustrated above, I thought that now it might well be time for a vertical displacement for me - with my intellectual and practical luggage, I might turn to be a good ladder climber. 

It took me about ten seconds of mental climbing to realize that in the best case scenario if I climbed up very vertically and very quickly - up up up to the summit - I will fall upon, hence in the company of, (just as in my original country and which initiated the horizontal movement at the first place - a downtown girl wishes not to be seen in bad company).. these same people of, obviously, poor and low cultured background that take poor, low cultured decisions that deprive of sense any horizontal displacement - and who wants that? Not me, thank you.

No light on the horizon, nor stars above.


*Talk given in Sofia, Bulgaria in February.

The Wrong Ambassador - Shamima Begum is not Andy Murray

23 February 2019

We are far too used to English schizophrenia the clinical study case for which is Andy Murray: When Andy wins he is "our" player. When Murray loses he is a Scottish ****er.


Shemima Begum though is Bethnal Green Londoner. Striping her from citizenship won't strip her from her East London accent. (Despite the obvious fact that the Bethnal Green Academy cut short Shamima's  Speech and Language Therapist sessions).

Wherever she settles or roams until the end of her life she will have an English accent proper and be recognisable as The British Isis Wife.


At a second-level association whenever I hear Shamima Begum I think of British Petroleum gaz spillage in the Mexican Gulf.

The phrase "A lady never farts" pops up in my head. Yes, the lady never farts she just projects dirt away from herself.


England better take Shamima Begum home and launder her by a trail.


On the occasion of WW2's 75th anniversary next year, it might be a good idea to eventually decide how sex-colaborators should be lawfully treated.


Thus instead of letting Shamima Begum tour the world as the wrong ambassador take her back home and make her the precedent law case for a sex-collaborator. 

As this is what she was a sex-collaborator.


Alternatively she could undergo a lawsuit as the "howsewife" she insist she was.

In England if Shamima was divorcing a Russian oligarch she would have pleaded the right at half of his fortune.

As a wife of an Isis fighter, whom she obviously would like to divorce, Shamima might be entitled to half of her husband's fortune (or the whole of it if he is already dead) = a life sentence (?).

Unlike other housewives she can not claim that she was not aware of her husband's occupation.


Suing Shamima Begum at home would send a positive message to all women around the world :

a) you are responsible for your life and destiny even if you are a housewife.

b) your pussy is as dangerous a weapon as a gun - using it may lead to prison.


(This might be why decision makers don't want to deal with the hot Begum potato : women will refuse sex with politicians from the ruling party fearing their fall, therefore punishment, on future elections).


This is what I think as half مصلاوية Mosulite who still has plenty of family in Mosul.


Give justice don't swipe the dirt under somebody else's carpet.


And yes, pay the personal price - having left women with no other weaponry but their bodies - Yes, you might be deprived of sex. Even (or especially) if you are a too prominent a politician - decision maker.


Thus the children of footballers will inherit the world. (Not sure about tennis players - those occasionally British occasionally Scottish in particular).


Fair enough don't you think?

Britain's Golden Heart's Opinion

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