Spanish-Iraqi Goldsmiths graduate Gorka Mohamed is at residency in Madrid this year; will be at residency in Lebanon next year.  While Galrie LMR, Bordeaux will present his art at Bienvenue Paris art fair later this month, October 2018


الرسام الاسباني-العراقي غوركا محمد، خريج جامعة "غولدسميث" البريطانية ، يوجد حاليا في إقامة فنية في مدرير؛ وسيكون في إقامة فنية في بيروت السنة القادمة ولهذا غوركا، الذي ولد وترعرع في اسبانيا، يدرس حاليا اللغة العربية بصورة مكثفة حتى يتمكن من المحاورة مع زملائه العرب حينئذ.

ستعرض لوحات غوركا المثيرة في مهرجان فن "يينفينيو" في باريس، خلال القسم الثاني لهذا الشهر/أوكتوبر ، من قبل جاليري "لا موفيز ريبوتاسيون / السمعة السيئة "


One day of Gorka in London

Sunday, 8 October 2017

I meet Gorka Mohamed at Berwick Street. He loves it for its many record and comic shops, and restaurants. He spends hours in Reckless Records and Gosh Comics, shoulder-to-shoulder with the tens of other customers.
It’s crazy how busy both shops are. Gosh blows my mind. There are comics on every possible subject, style and age. I am absorbed by the ‘Shop’s Favourite Selection’. I didn’t know that Neil Gaimon had comicised lots of his books.
Byron on Wardour Street is also a favourite of Gorka’s because of the continuous  screening of old, black and white cartoons.
Seeing the Super Power Girls, he can’t resist asking for a picture.
Later on, we want to see the new Blade Runner movie, but we give up - all shows in Soho are booked. It’s Sunday afternoon, after all.
The next day, Gorka is flying to Madrid where he lives now. 
Bye, bye Gorka. Hope to see you soon.

At Reckless Records

At Gosh!