March / April

Art in The Time of COVID19


P21 Presents

"‘ATAX|A’ - a series of testimonial paintings that have in various ways been inspired by media and online images of the war in Syria. Transcending barriers of language, race, age and nationality-and provoked by images and representations of war and violence-these paintings bear witness, albeit from afar, to the torments experienced by Syrians, both in war-torn Syria itself and in the diaspora." Gallery's press release

From 12 to 21 March


David Hill Gallery, 345 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HA

February 28th - April 26th 2020

Boardwalks, Beaches and Boulevards featurs the incredible monochrome work of American photographer Harold Feinstein at David Hill Gallery. In the 2015 New York Times obituary celebrating his life, Harold Feinstein was declared as “one of the most accomplished recorders of the American experience”, yet much of his photography is largely unknown. (gallery press release)

Private view at Cristea Roberts Gallery, 12 February about 1900

Vicken Parsons at Cristea Roberts Gallery

An extremely curious artist.

Untill 21 March

The Perfect COVID19 Time Show

Tintype, 6 Essex Road, 11 January about 1900

8 Artists - 8 Films

When interviewed the little dog, see above, said "Good idea, of only it wasn't so cold..."

Screening in gallery window every evening 5 - 11

Tintype, 6 Essex Road

From 10 January to 9 February

This exhibition has now passed, but I dare say its concept os the perfect one for Art in the Time of COVID 19 - pass by and see art OUTSIDE the gallery.

Come on art people - adapt. Take art to open spaces or gallery windows.

Also, this exhibition should be extended or changed with a similar one until COVID 19 is done and over.

Together with table equality, there will be plenty of art on the Mars Ship and in Elontown, as to compensate for the sensory deprivation of the Earth travellers.

We own the healthy tradition of decorating spacecrafts with original pieces of art to Galina Balashova, architect and designer of Soviet spacecrafts, who designed interiors for Soyuz, Salyut and Mir programmes. Her work is still in use in the International Space Station.

Balashova added watercolour paintings to humanize the interior of crafts : 'The landscape of my homeland; winter in the garden ... summary scenes from the beach of Sudak and the Black Sea, where I spent my holiday as a child". (Extracts from exhibits' info).

Modern forms of inspace creativity include sensory chef-d'œuvre such as the smell lamp spreading earthly perfumes (the object info describes the smells as 'from forest rain to baked earth' but LAAF smelled only watermelon and cucumber)

For space fashion see exhibition..

Tim Walker. Wonderful Things at the V&A by Caroline Fakhri

Wonderful things is the perfect title for this exhibition of Tim Walkers amazing work. From the beginning to the end I defy anyone to see his photography as anything but extraordinary. “Extravagant staging and romantic motifs characterise his unmistakable style” .

The exhibition showcases over 300 items, encompassing photographs and the V&A objects that inspired them, photographic sets and props, scrapbooks and sketches. Visitors are taken on a journey through Walkers “enchanted world”.

The show begins with 100 pictures from previous projects displayed in a “sleek white space"; his unique approach to visual story telling blurs fantasy and reality, creating pictures that can be lavish, surreal, humorous and touching. His photographs share a sensibility that is unmistakably his own.

The main exhibition contrasts with the brightness of the first gallery to reveal a darker environment rich with texture colour and sound. The first of these three rooms is illuminations and on display stained glass panels and illuminated manuscripts; these treasures inspired Walker’s pictures which hang close by.

Each of the rooms takes you on a different journey to reveal the objects that inspired Walker’s pictures. Towards the end of the exhibition a room, as if from a country house awaits you. The walls are hung with multiple portraits inspired by Edith Sitwell’s clothing in the V&A collection. Don’t take my word for it, come and be dazzled by ‘Wonderful Things’.

Tim Walker Wonderful Things at the V&A Museum South Kensington

Until 28 March

V&A- Cars: Accelerating the Modern World @vaskostefano

Cars: Accelerating the Modern World

The first-ever production car and a flying car on display in the V&A’s major retrospective on the automobile.

The V&A opens an exhibition looking at the car as the driving force that accelerated the pace of the 20th century. The exhibition brings together a wide-ranging selection of cars that have never been on display in the UK, each telling a specific story about their impact on the world. This includes the first production car in existence, an autonomous flying car, a converted low-rider, and a 1950s concept car.

“The V&A’s mission is to champion the power of design to change the world, and no other design object has impacted the world more than the automobile.

"This exhibition is about the power of design to effect change, and the unintended consequences that have contributed to our current environmental situation,” says Brendan Cormier, Curator.

Showcasing 15 cars and 250 objects across three main sections, the exhibition examines how the car changed our relationship to speed, how it changed the way we make and sell, and how it altered the landscape around us, from countryside to cityscape.

‘Going Fast’ opens the exhibition, exploring the role of the automobile in imagining a future world of liberated movement and technological progress. Bringing together a range of 20th-century concept car designs, magazine illustrations, and film, the display references popular culture, science-fiction and novel technologies to show the central role of the automobile in imagining an accelerated future.

(V&A press release)

This exhibition runs from 23 November 2019 – 19 April 2020