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Since the early 90s the USA is using various techniques to convince Arabs and the Wide World that the Arabic countries have nothing to do with each other.

Since, the Arabic language - the obvious unifier, has been the focus of these efforts. Thus, the US is very keen to convince the Arabs and the world that Arabs don't speak Arabic, but speak Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Egyptian, Sudani etc.

Hence, since the existence of PC, whosoever has installed Arabic on their computer have seen the endless list of different Arabics at hand. Arabic languages galore so to speak. I remember testing all by writing the same sentence in each of them on my first PC at the Arabic section of Radio Bulgaria. The result? Obviously the same. But I didn't think much of it at the time. Just marveled the senseless endless drop menu thinking "Windows doesn't seem to know much about Arabic, does it?" (No, it is not the same as English (UK) and English (US)).

This year, in UK, the public service interpreting contractor has added 'Syrian' to its language list. As if "Syrian" is a language different from their 'Standard Arabic'. As if an Iraqi, Lebanese or Saudi would have a problem to understand and be understood by a Syrian.

When do Arabs from as far as Yemen and Morocco understand each other without a problem? When they have attended school. How we make them forget or never learn 'Standard ' or 'Literary Arabic? By not allowing them to attend school. What is the greater school holiday maker? War, obviously. War and social unrest.

Make a New Tower of Babel in the Arab lands heh? "Confound their speech so that they can no longer understand each other"? Play god in God's land?

3 December

And as through out Advent, one explores the darkness around and within oneself:

I am trying to imagine what it would be being an Arabic speaker with an Arabic surname in the new United States and Kingdom. It might turn to some sort of France - racist, hostile and built on exclusion - with much less art obviously.

We may all end up in ghettos with drugs and arms as economy and 2230 public transport curfew.

Having, for many years, witnessed the systematic, ugly and inhumane discrimination of already four generations of people of Arabic provenance in France from one hand. Being aware of the ruin of numerous happy integrations of people of Arabic provenance in the US after 9/11 from other hand. And fearing that people will be targeted on a basis as simple as their name; while they won't perceive themselves as a part of a group - as obviously they won't be; hence, the phenomenon won't be recognised, registered and treated from a third hand.... big fears. Big big fears.

It might be the dark season. It might be the flue with which I am suffering already three days.

...the bright spot on the horizon, no, not the elections you spanner... the bright spot on the horizon is the Winter Solstice Ritual on Druid Hill on 22 December just after midday.

Welcome to America - Samsung/Vodafone Combo

My new Samsung (I got it on Thursday 28 November) in its Samsung/Vodafone combo setting does not support Arabic.... As usual I uploaded Bulgarian and French for texting and emailing, vibering and messaging, but unlike the usual I couldn't upload Arabic.

I need my Arabic to text clients, patients, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances; and to occasionally, be it rarely, to write my thoughts in Arabic. I might be wrong and I have to admit I am struggling with the issue for four days only, yet I don't understand why uploading Arabic should be more complicated that uploading Bulgarian and French as one. And why it should be more complicated than say two years ago as two.

Obviously everytime I am dealing with an establishment I doubt in myself. And I wouldn't be crossed if you doubt in me in this situations. If I turn to be wrong, I will immediately self correct and keep you posted.

Now why all my apps suddenly need permission to record my voice in order to allow me have a simple conversation is a whole another sorry, which concerns all of us and maybe somebody else should investigate it.

2 December 

By the by during Advent one should explore the darkness around and in oneself...

I managed adding the Arabic easy as peas. It's my dark season FEARS. Imagine how big are my fears from the changes ahead, as to prevent me for six days to download Arabic on my mobile! Blocked by fears, the brain can't do simple exercises.

4 December


This is America

The New State of Levante and Iraq Of Greenland Solution

Now, when it became clear that the State of Israel will soon become Turkey's new neighbour, with the two countries meeting borders somewhere in ex-Syria; it is time (for the world's community) to back US President Trump in his effort to buy Greenland.

For Mr Trump's next step should be to move (train transportation won't be possible alas) the surviving Palestinians and Syrians to Greenland for the creation of the New State of Levante Of Greenland.

The New State of Levante will shortly after become The New State of Levante and Iraq Of Greenland when Iran joins border with Israel and Turkey amidst ex-Syria and surviving Iraqis will need new place to settle.  

Which might well have been Mr Trump's idea when initially approaching Danish PM Mette Frederiksen with the Greenland purchase proposition.

Eventually, The New State of Levante and Iraq of Greenland will chose Mr Trump for patron saint, naming him the New Father of Nations and will lift up an orange turned bronze national flag.

Yes, it is time to start thinking which land to promise to the Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis. Big time.

20 November 2019

What Iraqis Post on Facebook

الفديو لحقائب مليئة بالذهب تعود للنائبة حنان الفتلاوي اثناء قيامها بتهريب أموال وذهب إلى خارج العراق بعد الهزيمة النكراء التي منيت بها. يقال أن الحقائب اكتشفت في مطار الأردن. متع عزيزي المواطن نظرك بكمية الذهب التي تمتلكها نائبة من نائبات البرلمان. وأكيد اكو جماعة من المطار ساعدوها على التهريب بعد قبض الثمن منها . ذهب ممكن أن تبني به مدينة جديدة حديثة المواصفات مكان مدينة بابل التي تفتقر إلى ابسط الخدمات رغم أن حنان الفتلاوي كانت نائبة من نوابها. هذا ثمن الطائفية وخلق فتنة بين ابناء الشعب الواحد. حنان المشهورة بأم ٧ في ٧ نظرية عجز عن ابتكارها حتى الشبطان . اسمها    '٧في٧'  لأنه حسب قولها اذا مات ٧ أشخاص من الشيعه يجب قتل ٧ اشخاص من السنه،فهي تدعوا إلى الطائفية التغطيه على صفحاتها المشبوه وسرقة  الاموال

What Iraqis Post on Facebook

An Article : Sweden confirms that the current Iraqi Defnce Minister, responsable for the bloody handling of the popular upraising, has received Sweedish nationality under a false identity and has been claiming benefits as a disabled in Sweeden. His disability - memory lost. Text of the article in Arabic here Articles with similar content could be read in English in various media outlets like the one in the Telegraph here 

A video dealing with the problem of mindblowing corruption - the Arabic word for which is فساد / fassad, also meaning rottening - within Iraqi establishment at all levels, parliament, covernment and civil servents. The presenter explains that the media outlet has a list of all the people who recieve 7, 9, 10, 15, 17 and 25 sallaries. The presenter admits that the sum adds to numbers unknown to him which he even can not read to the audience. For video in Arabic here 

A videoin English with Arabic subtitles. And is a desperate cry for help and crying over spilt milk at the same time Here

Unexpected Item in Bagging

... in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. King Faisal of Iraq oil on canvas portrait from 1919 by Augustus John. Strangely this is the opening piece of the museums' British Contemporary Art Rooms.

توجد هذه اللوحة -بورتريه للملك فيصل في قاعات 'الفن البريطاني المعاصر' لمتحف الفنون في مدينة برمينغهام

وهي للرسام 'وغستس جون' من سنة  

A Palestinian Seasonal Gala

A small cultural note for introduction. "Season greetings" is an inclusive expression to salute all those whom we wish to include in our festivities regardless of their religious believes. That's why on some cards it is written Merry Christmas and on others Season Greetings. The last type you send to all your Zoroastrian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist friends at Christmas time, so that they don't feel excluded from the Christmas frenzy.

Thus, this year, on the 13th of December a Seasonal Palestinian Gala will take place at Diamond Hotel with guest star Palestinian artist and human rights singer AbdulFattah Owainat.

As this promising event combining art and food (announced by the organiser as "A five star Dinner") doesn't have enough publicity; I thought to alert the UK Lawyers for Israel, so that they may do what they usually do - attract some much needed attention to the event. (Thank you in advance).

Inspired by the Romans - after whom nothing new has been invented - and their saying: "Art and Food for the masses" (slightly parsphrased) from one hand and the ongoing very Modern Lebanese Uprising, who says "Forget sectarianism and left and right. All we need is some technocrats" (slightly parsphrased) from other hand; I say more Seasonal Galas with art and food for all and always let UK Lawyers for Israel know and invite them.

All event's proceeds will be donated to Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Deir AlBalout Refugee Camp, North Syria.

Tickets here 

St Bride's all inclusive Church celebrating the lives, contribution and sacrifice of journalists of all faiths and belives.

العشاء الفلسطيني

بمشاركة ضيف الشرف : د. رائد فتحي / المدرس في المسجد الأقصى المبارك والفنان الملتزم عبد الفتاح عوينات / فنان فلسطيني وعدد من الشخصيات الرسمية المتضامنة مع فلسطين في بريطانيا

يرصد الري لصالح اللاجئين الفلسطينيين والسوريين في مخيم دير البلوط - شمال سوريا

Troubled Windows or The Crackdown on Human Rights and Freedoms in Bahrain

This is an appethiser. Appethiser of impressions.  

The Crackdown on Human Rights and Freedoms in Bahrain, the panel

The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK type-O-negatived the Home Office (HO) very seriously for its training of the Security Services of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Thus participating into the capture, torture and killing of people attempting to practice their right of free consciousness, expression and association.

I guess that the HO is in desperate need for cash. And the nearly £1800 of which it robbed me in return for the promise that in a years time, and under the condition that I deliver more cash, it may, or may not, give me what according to the regulations I should already have been given; I was saying that the money stolen from me (and probably from many more little, harmless, speechles speople) under the pretext of document issuing did not suffice the HO and it went selling its now-how and expertise in perfidiy to Bahrain. This on British Budget.

To be honest I, as a taxpayer, when hearing 'Foreign Aid' as a strand of the budget, don't imagine the government sponsoring the HO to train the security services of a non-democratic monarchy in the Middle East in efficiency in capturing, torturing, killing and striping of nationality its citizens.

While it turns out that it is precisely this.

More on the subject and the excellent young people on the panel of The Crackdown on Human Rights and Freedoms in Bahrain will be coming soon.

For now I want to mention two names:

Sayed Aleadaei, a young activist from Bahrain’s Institute for Rights and Democracy. Many of his family members are held in Bahraini prison at the moment. Sayed was stripped from nationality because of his energetic campaigning for his father’s right of medical treatment while in prison. Sayed has an asylum status in the UK.

Olivia Rosenstrom, a young barrister and winner of The Human Rights Lawyers’ Association Bursary Award, amongst others; who has worked hard to prepare a serious HO type-O-negativing file. Each brilliant in their own way.

The Windows

Last spring, during my first visit to the Houses of Commons ( at their original address Westminister) I found myself wondering "How come that the windows of The Houses of Commons are dirtier than mine?”

Well, this time while visiting the Houses of Commons secondary address (1 Parliament Street, Westminster ), I found the answer to the question. And the answer is simple :

The Houses of Commons doesn't like to see clearly what is going on in the street. They prefer to see the streets wrapped in soothing 50s' fogs and smokes. Actually, they don't insist on seeing the street at all. I had to lift up dirty curtains to make the short clip above. Dirty curtains over dirty windows that is.

When watching the clip please keep in mind : a) no filter was used for making this video. This is exactly how vaguely Parliament Str is seen from 1 Parliament Str population; b) no Extinction Rebellion banner was readable because of the windows' dirt. It might be that the users of the two buildings (Westminister and 1 Parliament Street, Westminster) haven't been updated yet on the invention of the taps (let alone the tap mixer) and still draw Themes' water in buckets.

Extinction Rebels outside. Bahraini Rebels inside. Dirty windows in between. And me stuck thinking about the schizophrenia of a Home Office training UK ally Bahrain, while giving asylum to Bahraini rebels in the UK.

To know more about Bahreini Rebels in London, you might want to watch this video

Bahraini Rebels in London

Poetry from Baghdad Under Bullets

By clicking here Poetry from Baghdad Under Bullets you will be led to a Facebook page. I do not associate with it but I like the video of a young man reading a poem which expresses the general mood of the revolt in Baghdad. This is an open link and should be accessible to all, but I do appologise that it is a link Facebook . 

I may add some translation of the content in few days time.

10 October 2019

The Flower of My Muslim Potential, by a known anonymous

Artful Harassment

Last week I was part of a team that worked few hours with an Iraqi family based in North London. At the end of the session I recieved two unexpected presents.

It so happened, unrelated to the work and process involved, that both father and daughter were into drawing and while the team was working with one of them, the other was drawing. Thus at the end of the session I recieved two portraits.

The girls portrait of me is quite a sweet thing: furthermore it represents me at about the girl's age - eleven. Otherwise I am recognisable: the blue dress with the triangle décolleté; the shoulder length hair with the blue hair-clip; the relaxed and easy body posture - I am not sure where I have it from: is it the years dancing? Or is it the Bedu gene - when one doesn't have a home, one is relaxed everywhere; the smiling face - I enjoy working most of the time. And then there is something like Eia written in the paper, which is quite close to what I am called.

We discus the portrait. The team confirms that it is certainly me at the age of eleven. Then few moments later the father hands me over a piece of paper and says "A flower for you".

Effectively there is a blue-pinkish flower drawn on the paper and underneath it another, black and white flower. "It is dedicated" says the man, which makes me look at the back of the paper as on the flower-front as presented to me I see no dedication.

What I see at "the back" of the paper is the portrait of a veiled woman, with an expressionless face and hard eyes. And there is the "dedication". It reads "To sister Iva" in Arabic.

At that point I am perplexed and disorientated: he said he has drawn me a flower, but then he had put the dedication on the other side where drawn is a woman; the woman must be there drawn another time, but why didn't he write the dedication on the front side. Thus runs my stream of thoughts and I don't hurry up to understand as, not being a control freak, in general I like the feeling of slight disorientation. At that time other things are going on around too - the session has finished, people talk and take goodbuys. I leave.

On my way back home I look again and again at the piece of paper and its two sides. The two flowers on the one side: one in my "present life colours" and the second one, the one that I even haven't noticed at first or more precisely the one that I thought was just there on the paper before "the flower for me" was drawn. This black and white "still hidden" flower that "stylistically" connects with the veiled women at the back. This black and white veiled woman that still lacks "the colours of life". The muslim woman in embryo waiting to come to life in me (?!?).

I am appalled. Horrified. Just as much as if the man has given me a nude portrait of moi. I mean it would have been completely unacceptable if the father of the child at the end of the session has given me a naked portrait.

Yet the veiled image of a presumable Muslim me is equally offensive. And also scary. Because I rarelly forget that in a parallel reality many steps away (read Terry Pratchet's The Long Earth) I walk to my neighbours in Mosul, as a veiled woman.

What contributes to my confusion is that the episode with the 'Double Sided Flower Porttait' followed a pleasant chat we had with this man about Leonardo and the man's dream that his son becomes a second Da Vinci.

So ingenuity, drawing, construction, philosophy and all the glory of the palace of François I + 2000 golden coins annual salary for your son, and a veil for me, huh? I think. No, thank you, I would say to such flower. I will leave it perish unwatered and unsunned.

Last but not least: Is it all Muslim men's porn to picture veiled all unveiled women? Just like my friend the Free Range Satanist undresses in his inner eye every woman passing by, but the other way round?

There is a saying Bulgarian women use often "Call him a man and don't insult him any more"...

On the occasion of 500 years from the death of Leonardo Da Vinci the NATIONAL GALLERY reveals images of ‘abandoned’ angel and Christ underneath The Virgin of the Rocks. The new Leonardo experience opens to public: Saturday 9 November 2019 .


25 August 2019

Two Perspectives Me, by known but anonymous painters

The Cherry Blossom Plan

Maha and Wafa Alsubaie

To Maha and Wafa Alsubaie

In regards to women's right in Saudi Arabia and reflecting on Suad Abu-Dayyeh's ( Middle East and North Africa expert of Equality Now) statement that "Governments and businesses around the world need to place greater pressure on authorities in Saudi Arabia". (The Independent 17 April) Laaf suggests all progressive governments and businesses that have to do with the Saudi Kingdom to gradually but relentlessly replace all their male staff with female.

Change them one by one, do it step by step, but in a year's time every single representative of a progressive government or business in Saudis Arabia should be a woman.

Every single person Saudi authorities and businesses encounter or communicate with in the progressive world would be a woman.

Do this until the Saudi Kingdom get the impression that they are the only men in the world, a lonely island in a women's ocean.

That would be a positive message and implemented through a positive action. No sanctions, no heavy words, no criticism, no accusations, just soft and tender power.

All governments and businesses that call themselves progressive should have the sufficient goodwill and womenpower to execute the Cherry Blossom Plan.

Beautiful Zehra Dogan

Zehra Dogan, 2019 Freedom of Expression Arts Acceptance Speech"