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In search of a flying carpet? Unite Gallery has a celestial 1 of 1 by Jason Seife. Transformations exhibition, Unite Gallery. Until 21 January

Hamida Arabi's Book

Elegant Iraqi theatre artist and writer Hamida Arabi has published a new short stories collection 'The Widow of the Martyr Maradona and Other Stories'. Due to my personal dislike of Amazon, from where the book is to be ordered, I haven't got it yet, but I will eventually do - like Bezos or not. Actually, after watching The Dissident and Bezos's support for Freedom-of-Speach Martyr Jamal Khashoggi's widow, my dislike for Amazon has become one shade lighter - as I very much liked the rich language, ornamented style and contemporary theme that I found in Hamida's demo-taster story.

I am also very much looking forward After Lockdownland when the Iraqi Women's Club will restart its theatrical program.

Order 'The Widow of the Martyr Maradona and Other Stories' by Hamida Arabi here 

For the electronic version here 

For a delightful taste here 

ٍِSA vs IR - BRING THE WOMEN OUT or The Beauty Contest - The Arabian Team

حليمة الحويطي، فاطمة آل نصيف، نسيمة السادة، وزانة الشهري. إسراء الغمغام، نوف عبد العزيز، عايدة الغامدي، بسمة آل سعود، نعيمة المطرود، مياء الزهراني. آمنة الجعيد، سهود الشريف، سماح النفيعي، خديجة الحربي، أماني الزين، دلال الخليل، سمر بدوي، مها الرفيدي 

قلوبنا وافكارنا معكم

معتقلات الرأي في سجون المملكة  العربية السعودية وذلك حسب " سعودي ليكس" من 3 فبراير 2021

Prisonresses of consciousness still held in Saudi prisons, according to Saudi Leaks from eight days ago.

Halima al-Houaiti, Fatima al-Nasif, Nasima al-Sada, Wazna al-Shahir, Isra al-Ghamgham, Nouf Abdel Aziz, Aida al-Ghamadi, Basma al-Saud, Naima al-Matroud, Miah al-Zahrani, Amina al-Jaeed, Souhoud al-Sharif, Samah al-Nafiee, Khadija al-Harbi, Amani al-Zain, Dalal al-Khalil, Samar Badaoui, Maha al-Rafidi.

SA vs IR - BRING THE WOMEN OUT or The Beauty Contest - The Persian Team

In Iranian prisons are heald (this list is from April 2020 and is not exhausitve) :

Evin Prison: 1. Nasrin Sotoudeh 2. Fariba Adelkhah 3. Kylie Moore-Gilbert 4. Mojgan Keshavarz 5. Saba Kord Afshari 6. Raheleh Ahmadi 7. Yasaman Aryani 8. Monireh Arabshahi 9. Atena Daemi 10. Niloufar Bayani 11. Sepideh Kashani 12. Maryam Akbari Monfared 13. Samaneh Norouz Moradi 14. Negin Ghadamian 15. Zahra Zehtabchi 16. Rezvaneh Khanbeigi 17. Elham Barmaki 18. Maryam Haj Hosseini Other Prisons: 19. Golrokh Iraee Ebrahimi (Qarchak Prison) 20. Leila Mirghafari (Qarchak Prison) 21. Raha Ahmadi (Qarchak Prison) 22. Zohreh Sarv (Qarchak Prison) 23. Maryam Ebrahimvand (Qarchak Prison) 24. Fatemeh Khishvand (Qarchak Prison) 25. Narges Mohammadi (Zanjan Prison) 26. Zeinab Jalalian (Khoy Prison) 27. Fatemeh Sepehri (Vakilabad Prison, Mashhad) 28. Fatemeh Dadvand (Bukan Prison) 29. Mojgan Sayami (Ardebil Central Prison) 30. Fatemeh Asma Esmaeilzadeh 31. Enis Saadet 32. Jaka Esmaeilpour 33. Sheida Najafian 34. Samira Hadian 35. Hajar Ardasr 36. Hakimeh Ahmadi 37. Fatemeh Kohanzadeh 38. Zari Tavakkoli 39. Gita Hor 40. Maryam Mokhtari 41. Saghar Mohammadi 42. Mokhgan Eskandari 43. Nahid Beshid 44. Simmin Mohammadi 45. Ehteram Sheikhi 46. Sheida Abedi 47. Masoumeh Ghasemzadeh Malekshah 48. Yalda Firouzian 49. Farideh Jaberi 50. Masoumeh Askari

SA vs IR - BRING THE WOMEN OUT or The Beauty Contest

Now when the Comintern has once more aligned with the Ayatollahs of Iran, the only useful move that Saudi Arabia has in order to take the lead in the eternal SA vs IR derbi is to BRISKLY AND UNRESERVEDLY UNVEIL SAUDI WOMEN AND GIVE THEM FULL (EQUAL?) RIGHTS. Thus, in one move Saudi Arabia will show a diamonds-and-gold bejeweled fat finger to both Iran and the Cominter. Obviously, this genius move will have a dominos effect: Iranian women, who won't want to be left behind will quickly follow suit.

Then, and I pray to see that day, we will have the first Irano-Saudi beauty contest - that will make all other beauty contests redundant forever- when the most fabulous women in the world, Iranian and Saudi, will meet to compete in poetry, fine arts, dance and political and freedom-of-consciousness activism before obtaining the Beauty Crown. For the occasion Dior and Chanel will join efforts to create a special product the CHADOR (read SHADOR) EYEGLASSES with special filters. Those who don't have the special opticals will go insane at the sight of thus much beauty and talent amassed in one timespacepot.

I am ready to place two bets : The Poetry Reciting Crown will doubtlessly go to an Iranian woman - there aren't better read women in the world. The Dancing Queen Crown will go to a Saudi woman - not least because for less than fifty years the Islamic Revolution in Iran has managed to interupt the relationship of women with their bodies in a way that mileniums of "Salafist Islam" in Saudia hasn't; I have no clue how they've cause so much damage for such a short time - probably because in Iran Muslim austerity is combined with Comunist severity. As well as for the Fine Arts Crown and the Political and Freedom-of-Consciousness Activism, I have no idea who will win those; nor who will go home with the Beauty Crown.

Now I wonder : What is there about religion that makes bad tacticians out of religious men? Don't they see that women are the heaviest arms in any artillery? And when I think that both peoples play chess for more than a millenium... and especially the Iranians...

11 February 2021

"Beirut is the sister of Baghdad", poem attributed to Iraqi poet Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri.

حلال النفط

البارحة، بعث ليّ بابا فيديو دون تعليق

في الفيديو طلعوا رجال ونساء عراقيين يشتكون امام الكاميرا،  ان بعض المصادر الشيعية، صدرت فتوات تسمح سرقة  النفط العراقي،  وجعلته حلالا، منطلقة من المبداء الديني "مثلما المطر لأصاحب له لانه جاي من السمى، كذلك النفط، لا صاحب له، لانه جاي من الارض. ومثلما الاستفادة الذاتية من المطر حلالا للجميع، كذالك النفط، حلال لكل من استفادَ منه". حتى اشتكى احد الرجال قائلا " المشكلة سهلة، كيف يعني سرقة النفط حلال، لكن  شرب الكحول حرام؟

بعد مشاهدة الفيديو قُلت،   "عندكم حق تغارون - في الغرب لا يحتاجون لفتوة  لسرقة اي شي، نفط كان ام بطاطة و بعد السرقة، يشربوا الكحول للتعقيم

فالمسلم معقد  شنسوي

Upgrade عاشت الجوازات او

اتصل 'ابو جاسم' يبشرني ان البارحة اخذوا بصماته من شان اصدار جواز بريطاني له

قال: صرت اجمع جوازات... عندي  - عراقي وبلغاري وبريطاني

قلت له : تهانينا والرابع انشالله امريكي

قال: لا، ماأريد أمريكي، انا من اصغير ما احب امريكا

قلتُ له : تحب او ماتحب، غصبا عنك راح تاخذ جواز امريكي، اذا ردت جواز قمري. فجواز القمر راح يصدروه الامريكان وراح يعطوه لاصحاب الجوازت الامريكية فقط

صرنا نضخك. شنسوي

Unexpected Item in Bagging

... in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. King Faisal of Iraq oil on canvas portrait from 1919 by Augustus John. Strangely this is the opening piece of the museums' British Contemporary Art Rooms.

توجد هذه اللوحة -بورتريه للملك فيصل في قاعات 'الفن البريطاني المعاصر' لمتحف الفنون في مدينة برمينغهام

وهي للرسام 'وغستس جون' من سنة