In bed with Caitlin Moran

or Saturday Morning

21 June, a sunny morning in North London household

Delfie Revelation

Thank you CW, I just came to realise why since many a year I refuse to be photographed with a cigarette in my hand.

Until today, I believed I was hiding the cigarette from the camera so that my father doesn't realise that after quitting the smoke in May 2004, about which he was very happy, I started smoking again in May 2007 after the election of Sarkozy for President of France.This is what evil politicians do for you - ruin your health.

Strangely enough I am to be seen with a glass in my hand on many photos... Inconsistent, this is what humans are inconsistent, especially about their delfies.


The Art-Oracles reading for Bella Badger in Sofia mid June showed Gustav Courbet's card representing the artist as a travelling man in front of his L'Origine du monde painting... Initially LAAF had no idea what the card might mean in regards to CW.

After reading CW's "Caitlin Moran goes behind the scenes at Glastonbury" though LAAF wonderes whether the Travelling Man might be a touring overseas musician which CW will meet at Glastonbury Festival?

Glastonbury's "Final Headliners Lists" is too long for any serious guess on who CW's Travelling Man might be. So LAAF would simply say:

"Bella, no Robert Smith nor Liam Gallagher please, too old. Look for a fresh, handsome face preferably about 33, so that fun might be guaranteed. Have a lovely festival.

And after all who says that your Travelling Man will be only one...?

Why 33? 33 means nobody could tell you "CW, you are a paedophile!" Nor say "CW, you are gerantophile!" 33 is the best age for a Travelling Man on a Glastonbury Festival!

And by the way, between friends, I didn't get an accreditation for Glastonbury Festival, nor succeeded to get myself a ticket. As if this was not enough, my British nationality application got rejected by the Home Office. Hence, I am coming back to London tomorrow and starting to write an article called ' Avalon Establishments - Glastonbury Festival & The Home Office. Or why I am looking forward the AI era'.

19 June, Sofia

Koprina Mallini reading the Art Oracles for CW, Gustave Courbet's L'origine du monde was CW's lucky card, The Cocktail Bar, Stereo-Gradinkata, Sofia, 12 June.

CW at Lago di Pravets, 4 May 2019 at about 12.30 (under Pravets on GoogleMaps)

A Gay Man in Female Body?

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2D6+CW 30/3 in Soho.... And I had to speak Russian for at least 10 min to get this photo.

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2D6+CW 23/3 at at James Elliott, best butchers in Islington.