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The Guess Where Pure Green Mao Feng, 22 March 2020 at teatime..

The Artful Moran Tea Conundrum*

A tea in a room so full of flowers that it smells like a wild meadow in the spring amidst beautiful paintings from the Soho Group (which I think I just invented).

Where? Ha ha! (Triumphantly) I am not saying. (It's not very difficult to guess though and I gave a clue).

The tea is Pure Green Mao Feng. Which makes me think of another possible tea menu entry : Pure Mature Stalin Rooibos.

Anyhooo, inspired by our Lady Badger of the Stars.

By the way Lady Badger, in this room we are only two. The other woman, after having drank a latte, now drinks....champagne... and I feel like a muppet with my cup of tea.... 

As if an English manfriend was not enough, now also tea drinking is necessary...

For the Starry Badgger's article 'Tea vs Coffee'  here https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/caitlin-moran-tea-v-coffee-nr8b8g2r3

* Conundrum my February word

Love is in the... article! 14th February and other days - Love in The Time of COVID 19

... it must be!

Somewhere by the end of January I decided to do a late New Year turn early Easter cleaning of LAAF and swept away more than 30 (thirty! not less) articles and double the number of photos and collages dedicated to Caitlin Moran, and started thinking... if this is not love, what is?!

Also thinking: may be I am a lesbian after all. Some sort of platonic-prosaic, certainly not poetic, lesbo?

Who cares.... it's called love baby.

The alter of the perfectly mysterious threesome CW 2D6+15/02 & Minamoto Kitchoan & Oseyo.

You know how when part of an old couple - people start sharing lines, looks, reactions and other.

Well, for this Valentine my English manfriend and I exchanged, for mutual surprise, nearly the same presents.

I gave him sweets from Minamoto Kitchoan, "The Authentic Japanese Confectionary". He gave me pudds from Oseyo, "The Korean Food & Culture Hub". I guess this is our abstract way to deal with our fears of the Sinovirus - an exchange of sweet Sino-antidote. But this is a different story.

What strikes me now is that as soon as the Magazine is out this Saturday morning, I hurry to amass our couple's Valentine presies at my official platonic lover's altar. And my English manfriend doesn't mind. I think he knows, just as well as I do, that in this mysterious threesome abides the secret of our couples' balance - I live with my English manfriend / I talk to Our Lady Badger.

Le Ménage à trois parffait.

Lets chew some rise cake to that.

15 February 2020

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