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25 October - High on Gratitude!

Thank you! Thank you, thank you my My Lady of Permanent Brilliance and Improvement. I thought that I was the only idiot in this world that constantly - in the last three years - trying " to leave the place better than I found it "; which - just as in your case - involves non-stop toilet, park and streets cleaning.

Say the toilets : I don't want the next person to frown, as I did, when entering the cubicle - so I clean it.

At the park : these triangle sandwich boxes, spoiling the beauty of the autumnal feuillage under the huge cherry tree - I pick them up and bin them.

Yesterday, I was contemaiting a holly bush in unknown people's front yard, when I suddenly spotted an empty can of beer hidden amidst its sharp bright leaves. I just couldn't stop myself going for it. "Oh, my god, what are you doing?" I was nagging myself "What would they think of they see you? They might think that you've left it there, that's why you're picking it up. Even worse - they might think you've hidden something inside..." I ran down the street and through it in some other people's bin fearing that I will be nagged out from a window for throwing empty tins in strangers bins... The lengths that one goes to preserve the beauty in the world....

I do the other thing too - "talking loud to gone, dead and myself" by often shouting at fantastic buildings and spectacular trees, flower and bushes "Bravo! Bravo! Well done! Continue the same way!" I imagine that the living forms absorb my shouts while the buildings reflect them back to the dead or the living that have created them and nurish their souls or spirits.

Thank you! Thank you, thank you. Now I know I am not alone.

About the responsable social media, I am also with you - I've lomg left all the social networks "May they be damned for a dog" as goes the originl French saying... Only let the responsable social media this time be really SOCIAL and distribute their profit to their users proportionally to the time spent on thereon. And if artists - writers, musicians, filmmakers, painters etc - endlessly deliver what people want, why don't programers, tink-tankers, ITs, businesspeople, politicians and other genius do the same? Why does the one limitlessly create beauty, while the other incessantly sh*t (verb) sh*t (noun)?

I also thank you for the invention "Black Lives Manner" I think we should establish a vast, international, interpartial movement "Manners Matter" and require good manners of all socio-political actors. Of all actors point barre.

Based om CW's " I only cared about being funny and sexy" and "I’ve lost count of the death threats I’ve had"

CW is wearing the ‘David Hockney iPad Drowning Two Piece Suit’ consisting of a sky-blue jacket and grass-green trousers, to match her blue eyes and manicure. The white shirt? Ah, yes, the white shirt… It’s to wash away all these anti-magical Amazon buyings…

4 October - The Anti-Magic League or My Problem with Human Condition

Couple of years back, a friend living in Bulgaria asked me to order for him an album of J.M.M.Turner. He said something like " Could you order this Turner's album from Amazon so that I can pick it up when I come to England - Amazon doesn't deliver to Bulgaria."* To which I answered that I don't use Amazon, explaining precisely and particularly why, and suggested to buy the book from a local bookshop. "As you like" my friend said "At Amazon it is £17 cheaper and I don’t intend to spend more on it”.

As I am all in the service of friends and art, I promised to buy the album from a local bookshop and cover the difference - after all, one has to pay a personal price to defend one’s believes. Practice what I preach, I try to do as often as possible. Said as done, I ordered Turner’s album from Waterstones - not sure that it is better for the community than Amazon, but it looks like a bookshop at least. Upon reception my friend said "Thank you", handed over Amazon’s price for the album and that was that.

In this micro episode I did perform a tiny bit of magic for Waterstones and did not allow my friend to perform his planned little bit of magic for Jeff Bezos. These £17, and more precisely their lack, did not affect my standard of living and until now the thought of whether buying only from Amazon could have lifted-up my living standard hadn’t occurred to me.

The question here is not why Jeff Bezos doesn’t choose to perform magic for humanity. The question is why so many people choose to perform magic for Jeff Bezos. Which is the same as: This is the decision of millions of people to perform non-magic for other people, but to perform savings for themselves, like £17. The accumulative effect of millions of people performing non-magic for other people but savings for themselves, eventually results in millions of people doing magic for Jeff Bezos. Why doesn’t Jeff GoldPileDragon Bezos perform magic for Humanity with his £160 billion? Because the gold pile he is sitting on is a result of Humanity performing non-magic! That’s why. This gold pile, no matter how big, is deprived of all magical qualities - as it represents the golden expressions of humanity’s selfishness.

In the same manner I ask my friends why do they work voluntarily and for free, sometimes doing long shifts, for Mark Zuckerberg? To which question they cannot give any reasonable answer. "Don't post it on Facebook, post it on my blog" I say. To which suggestion the answer is a permanent and monochrome "No".

"Why? Why?" I then ask the friends, "Why for Mark SugerMountain but not for me? Is he your friend? Is he dearer to your heart? Is he prettier than me? Does he treat you better than I do? Does he give you a share of Facebook's profit?" No answer.

Mind you I offered only those with less than a couple of hundred of followers on Facebook - The others with the mackerel passages volume of followers I did not approach - "You are maintaining an excellent column on Facebook with only 5-6 likes on each article/post, why don't you sod Facebook and post with me?" No. "You will be there with your name, your picture, your whatever you want." No. "I'll give you the blog's access password so that you do whatever you like on your own subpage". No. .... Mystery upon mystery.

Again : Why would millions of people want to perform magic for SugerMountain and GoldPileDragon and anti-magic for millions other people? Mystery upon mystery.

Back to SugerMountain, about five years ago and in a state of optimistic drunkenness - of the type that sails viking ships in open seas and galops on black Arabian horses through vast steppes - I sat and wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, suggesting that he starts playing, not merely a magician, but… god. "Now" wrote I "When Facebook generates such a stupendous profit, why don't you start playing god by initiating the Facebook Wheel of Fortune for Mankind (FWFM). It will consist of you turning two wheels. On one there will be years written, on the other countries. You spin the wheels and you get results like Burkina Faso 1983, Sweden 2001 and Tasmania 1968. Each Facebook user marked on Facebook as born in the respective year in the respective country will receive a $1million.

Imagine the impact - personal and national, when say a few thousands or more people in a country find themselves outside their usual business and on the road to leisure and entrepreneurship. Hail Discordia! In this way, you Mark SugarMountain will become everybody’s favourite and living “My unknown uncle who died in America leaving me his fortune” You’ll spin FWFM three times at a go each year… say at New Years Eve or on New Year's morning. Sometimes you will have special FWFM spin editions like: FWFM Spin for Women - this for Priscilla’s birthday - it will be absolutely the same as the New Year’s one but here the praises will be $10million and will go only to the women born in such and such year in such and such country. Forget the people - just imagine the governments and l'effroi avec which they will expect FWFM Show! Broadcast on FWFM tv-channel ! And its repurcutions on global economics and polititcs!

As it hasn't yet been done, I guess Mark has received my letter.

In an attempt to make life for people a little bit more rock’n’roll, I am always establishment-friendly, yet establishments, just as my friends, remain mostly unresponsive.

So our hope and expectations of you dear Lady of Colloureful Dreams and Shirts to achieve more noticeable rock'n'roll effect on establishments are very high.

*The reason for that can't be Jeff Bezos's disregard of Bulgaria for being the poorest country in the EU - Jeff knows far too well that the most lucrative market is the poor market, especially for his kind of business. The reason is probably the greed of the current - for the last twelve, practically twenty, years - Bulgarian government. For this is a government whose main source of income is the Bulgarian people and it wouldn't let anybody else milk it. Just as they didn't let Uber in but let Maxim, functioning on the same principle. Maxim is a Russian, Ukrainian or Georgian - Maxim drivers couldn't agree - taxi services provider. Why Maxim and not Uber? Probably because unlike Maxim, they couldn’t use Uber for money laundering. Nobody knows. - Sorry, I’ve been too long in Bulgaria this summer. Bulgarian reality bugs my mind.

Google answers : Is there Amazon in Bulgaria? Does Amazon ship to Bulgaria / Can you buy from Amazon in Bulgaria? The short answer is: No - very few Amazon.com products ship to Bulgaria. About two thirds of Amazon stores (third-party sellers) that make up the bulk of merchants on Amazon don't ship internationally at all.

For Our Lady of of Colloureful Dreams and Shirts original article here 

CW is sporting a fine veil coming down from her elegant hat. The veil is en lieu - or en guise perhaps? - of a mask and is made out of one of the sponges of CW's Yellow-Sponges Dress.

27 September - The White Shirt Series.

Remiss from Latin remissus ‘slackened’, past participle of remittere. The early senses were ‘weakened in colour or consistency’ and (in describing sound) ‘faint, soft’. Definition in English: Lacking care or attention to duty; negligent.

I am looking at CW's picture in yesterday's magazine and am thinking ... With age and no HRT clinic to call, am I becoming more and more like my father? Who often says "Look at these Western men, how dull they look in the dun colours they are fond of"... So I am thinking... Never mind the men, but why the women too now?

Mind you my Spanish painter of a cousin, while still living in London, also used to ask "Why are people addicted to boring colours?"... Therefore, age might not be the reason and the thing for colour might run in the family. Just like that thing for anthropomorphising household appliances might run in other families... Or is it that adolescents and perimenopausents are equally inclined to empathise with robot-hoovers?... Hence, after all it might be age .... hmmmm

Who knows? Who knows?

The use of dim colours though has some explanation in France, where prior to Revolution les bourgeois, no matter how filthy rich, were confined to wearing the shades of brown and black of their guilds. Floating in colour was a privilege of the aristocracy. Something similar is to be found behind the high walls of the Forbidden City in Peking once upon a time, when each consecutive step up the lather of imperial concubinage was accompanied by adding a new layer of specific colour - blush, prune, cherry - to the already achieved layers of colorful robes.


Rebel CW from the Alliance to Restore the Republic

Films wise, yes, certainly, we do need more films about women. For example I would like to see a film - BBC (Long Live the BBC!*)'s favourite format of 6 episodes - about LiLana, the Bulgarian singer and tv-host, who became a girlfriend to Vasil Bojkov aka The Skull and went to study Economics in UCL (?), London, who upon her return to Bulgaria launched the EU funded Road App of Sofia Municipality; and who later on found herself with EU funds embezzlement charges (?) over a toll sticker and digital vignette product (? ) meant to support the State Agency "Road Infrastructure''; who then hooked with her lawyer, the same lawyer who is nowadays one of the three figures - called the Poisonous Trio - leading the anti government protests in Sofia;... LiLana will doubtlessly one day become at least a wife to an MP/PM?, if not the MP/PM? Itself and will certainly be wearing a very very white shirt soon. Hey, what am I saying? She already does! Where is the wearing it? There, where she needs to look immaculately clean obviously - at the gates of Sofia Courthouse.

I would like to see more films glorifying women villains ... I want to stop judging women on the way they achieve success.

Another modern heroine could be The Missing Cryptoqueen, Ruja Ignatova - 6 BBC (Long Live the BBC!) episodes. Carla Bruni might be the topic of the third season of The White Shirt series. A close look shows that of the mentioned only Ruja Ignatova is nowhere to be seen in a white shirt, which will be the exception that proves the rule - some will say "nowhere to be seen point", for the matter - probably because she is a galactic villain of the size of Lord Vader. .. White shirted are only the Stormtroopers....

Put it this way: at Star Wars black or/and white is the Empire, while the colours of the Alliance to Restore the Republic are... random.

Ye, choose well your colours CW.

*By the by, I less and less understand the Conservative Party; as it turned out to be the par excellence Revolutionary Party. As if it is not enough that we are living the COVID Revolution within the Brexit Revolution, the Conservative Revolutionary Party now wants to initiate yet another revolution - the destruction of the century old BBC institution . O tempora, o mores!

I told you: if you go too much to the right you end up popping up from the left. Cos’ the world is round you see...

New systems - unlike new gods - do not demand the destruction of old systems! New systems - unlike old gods - aren’t jealous. AI wouldn’t mind TV. Quite the contrary - it will sit and watch it all day, like the OI (Original Intelect). Eventually AI will join the BBC, I bet you. So mind your new systems, you revolutionary tories, and let the old systems mind themselves.

White shirted Storpmtrooper Lilana at the gates of the Courthouse in Sofia

Blackcapped CryptoCurrency Vaderess Ignatova

Our Lady of Inspiration lost - temporarily, I hope - in decency

26 September - The Look or Lost in Decency

Oh Caitlin, what have you done?!

I leave you for only a few months and you go all decent on me?

I am used to cats and people going untamed when I leave them for a month or two. But decent!? Nobody had gone decent on me after leaving them only for a little while.

And then why would you want to look decent? The only reason for people to want to look decent is if they want to marry or get a job. You, obviously, are not after neither nor. You don't need to look decent if you want to be prime minister or president or president's wife either... So what could it be?

My mother changed her haircut when my son was one week old only but she still decided that he was staring at her hair disapprovingly... You don't have grandchildren... Is it puppies? Did Luna give birth lately?

Or is it because you haven't been on a Greek island this summer and now you are recreating the Yacht-on-the-Ionnic-Sea uniform? Consistent of white shirt, white plims and jeans, originally known as The Model’s Uniform, as the models were always dressed like that when going from casting to casting - blue jeans, white t-/shirt so as to not offend this designer or the other. As to be designerly correct. And obviously when models became yachtsmen's wives they continued to bet on the safe, designerly correct, neutral look... the all decent and wiferly innocent look. Let alone that the decent, wiferly innocent look is normally used to make others forget - usually unsuccessfully - this same wife’s seedy past. A past that contains messy stories of the type - You date a world famous elderly You date an elderly - onviously wealthy - write, after which you pass on his philosopher son, after which you give birth to a son, so that the world wonders is this your partner's son or brother; after which you move on and marry a newly elected president - in which case you really need a white shirt to wipe it all. A past of the sort of which you, as far as you have told us, don’t have. A past without which, you might pass for an imposteur wearing this white shirt blue jeans uniform.

And don't say "come on its just a SHIRT" as the false decency uniform is our culture's black chador.

What I am trying to say here is that properly decent people can allow themselves the luxury of looking indecent... and leave the chadors to others. Or, that decent people shouldn't feel obliged to disguise like undecent people. Not that I mind undecent people or deep cover for the matter.Rather make undecent people... what? ..Wear masks and get naked❣

Only last week Noam Chomsky said "The world is at the most dangerous moment in human history"... which sounds like a pretty inappropriate moment for anybody to make the yachtsman's wife's decent look.

Last but not least it doesn't match the chaos outside. Whilst rule number one for good looking is to be adequate to environment and occasion.

Lady of Inspiration, I beg you, cut the white shirt into a white mask; sod the blue jeans, your eyes are blue enough and go .... well... indecent.

For fashion, humanity, Spencer Tunik's and my sake too. If this is Humanity’s last dance, is this really what you want to be wearing? Or if this is Humanity's better future for the matter?

On the blue nail varnish I am all with you! Nails on toes and fingers should be in Blue Summer all summer. THIS IS THE WAY

Old decent = new indecent also known as "Any other look but this"

PS Don't worry Lady of Inspiration, everybody can make the "misunderstood civilization" kind of mistake with imported fashion. Thus, upon his arrival in London from Lyon age fourteen, my son had shaven head, bomber jacket, drain-pipe jeans and Dr Martins and wondered why people are looking at him strangely and don't understand that his look was all about anti-racism.

The thing, you see, was that people where falling to notice that his boot laces were ...white, which was supposed to mean that he was a SHARP.

More on whiteshirted fashion here

As well as on the content of Our Lady of Inspiration's article "Forget Laos, India or Brazil. You'll learn more on an estate in Wolvo" - you are bang on the spot, as usual, My Lady, that's why we - Eastern Europeans and Middle Easteners - are all here. West is the new East and South West.

By the by on Monday I have an online interview for a job paying £12p/h... and I am seriously fretting that I may not take it. That my 2 (two) MAs may play against me. Cross your fingers... CW, that's why I also love you - I practice what you preach! "But LAAF, you are not a student" you will object. "Quite the contrary" I will tell you "Never mind the mirror, in my head, I still am".

More on CW's article in question here 

LAAF was on tour and is therefore slightly behind in its Celebrity Watch back watching