Art and Food in Troubled Cities

No need to dream : LAAF just realized

I am reporting about art and food in troubled cities. I am reporting from London... Sofia... Paris....

10 August 2019

Laaf dreams of Art and Food in Troubled Cities.

Following the situation with the renaming of the capital city of Kazahstan Astana to Nur-Sultan (The Glory of the Sultan) and the consecutive troubles in the world news; the idea of Art and Food in Troubled Cities emerged naturally.

Contributors from Gaza and Mosul also welcomed.

Far from cynic, be it somewhat decadent, "Art and Food in Troubled Cities" will fill in the same old need to make sense of what we read in the news; and get a broader and more detailed picture of "la condition humaine" in troubled places.

Art and Food in Troubled Cities will present humans' endless ability to excel in the creation of beauty and delight despite all circumstances.

Old-fashioned news balanced by the news of the living eye.

27 March 2019

Laaf is now searching for :

One : Volunteer correspondents in Astana

Two: Sponsorship for a tour to Astana.

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