The Sugar Witch

Honey Baby Princess Latifa before becoming a hostage of an evil Arabian prince as seen on @freeprincesslatifa

The Honey Baby and The Sugar Witch

In case anybody wonders why conspiracy theories and distrust in self-serving establishments such as the UN exist; I reckon it is because of people like Mary Robinson ex-UN Human Rights Commissioner, and her role in Princess Latifa's - I hope continuing, in the sense that I hope she is still alive - saga.

Seeing BBC footage* I am curious to know: what was Mary Robinson's award for her perfidious role? A six figures sum - in the lower end - in her bank account and a golden watch? It couldn't have been much more than that I reckon for an old female, be her a retired UN Commissioner and an ex-president of a small half of an island, doesn't cost much in the eye of an Emirati Prince. I call for a thorough investigation of Mary Robinson in connection with this case.

If the Brothers Grimm had to describe the situation, wouldn't they have said that an old witch living in a tall sugar tower - have a look at the building of UN headquarters in New York - came on the back of a big metal bird from across the ocean and helped an evil Arabian Prince keep his little baby locked in a house made of cookies and cream until she grew eough, then through her in the oven and eventually eat her?

How strangely this scarytale - it's not per chance that the Brothers are called Grim! - resonates in unison with the conspiracy theory that people at power in today's world eat... well...babies...

For Mary Robinson women's solidarity is a phenomenon unknown so I won't hesitate to shout MARY ROBINSON IN THE OVEN! IN THE OVEN! IN THE OVEN!

Mary Robinson should also be investigated in the sake of people's sanity, for the less Mary Robinsons there are, the fewer conspiracy theories about eating babies people of power will there be. IN THE OVEN! IN THE OVEN! IN THE OVEN!

Last but most - in addition to giving legitimacy to a f*cking rotter** of a ruler and giving grounds to baby-eating conspiracy - I hold Mary Robinson responsible for adding the most cruel torment to the torture menu Baby Princess Latifa was already enduring; the one of self-blaming - from Bably Latifa's footage we understand that after the meeting, once having realised who Mary Robinson was, Baby Latifa started blaming herself for not speaking up and missing, what she believed was an opportunity to set herself free. No, Latifa Baby, this wasn't an opportunity, because self-serving sugar witches never give honey babies real break-free opportunities - her presence was merely a way for her to self-cater whatever cramps your cruel Jailor gave her in exchange for the opportunity to : from one hand perpetuate your ordeal and from other hand to add an extra layer of torment, the most dangerous as self-inflicted, to your endless chain of tortures. IN THE OVEN!IN THE OVEN! IN THE OVEN!

Note1: When searching the net for more on Honey Baby Princess Latifa, be aware that she has two half-sisters with the same name - which can be confusing - one of which was appointed as Dubai Culture Chairperson in September 2018, only a few months after the imprisonment of Honey Baby. An overt paternal bribe from one side, from another side a CHEAP way to mislead anybody searching the web for news at the time, when the case was still hot. Yeah, that's right - call at least three of your daughters with the same name, so that ifif one disappears, you can replace her with another and none would notice. What a trickster, what a dirty rotter.

For #MissingPrincess​: What has happened to Princess Latifa? - BBC News here

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Note2: I unreservedly respect everybody self-identifying and labeling themselves as witches -so that there is no confusion on this point. Also, and because I was explicitly asked: No, when speaking about “The Comintern” I neither mean, nor even think of “Jews” or “Jews cooperating with aliens to bombard the mankind with blue lights from spaceships”. I merely mean any self-serving establishment waving the red banner on which the word EQUALITY is written in big golden font, but the small dark-red, nearly invisible script on the back reads “Some are more equal than others” above their heads; like say the EU or the UN, which sugary horns - here again with all due respect to Satan whose horns are not made of sugar - become more and more visible day after day, but for some reason they don’t even bother to hide no longer. The kind of establishment that believes that a “successful revolution” is when the same old faces start singing to a new tune, just like in the fairytale, or scarytale?, ‘The King's New Clothes’. Untouchable Olympus gods playing with people's lives …. This for me is The Comintern. Oh, and obviously feeding on tax-payers ἀμβροσία. ** If this material had added grim and gloom to an already greyish day, please have a look at this video for a bit of a timespacepot shift and remember all establishments crumble sooner or later and for real. CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT

17 February 2021