Global-Localists, Badger Bell, Global-Localists

2D6+CW 6/4 with Crudgie at the People's Kitchen in Hope Hotel

I reckon Bella-Badger we should become Global-Localists which, I think, should be the name for modern anarchists. Part of being a "modern anarchist" is not to have a party. Anarchist and party is an oxymoron, isn't it?

What is my personal political background? This of my family? How did I come to this enlightened revelation about the Global-Localists new-style / anarchists old-style?

In the Iraqi school I was invited to join al-Talai', Iraqi Baath's Party Youth League- I didn't.

In the Bulgarian high-school I was invited to join the Komsomol, Bulgarian Communist Party Youth League- I didn't.

Through the 90s in Bulgaria I was invited to join and work for:

1994 Bulgarian Socialist Party (obviously left) - I didn't.

1995 Bulgarian Radical-Liberals (I wouldn't dare put them on the spectrum. They were Colonel Khadaffi's people in Bulgaria, while Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky was their man in Moscow) - I didn't .

1999 Union of Democratic Forces (part of the European People's Party) - I didn't.

Do you remember the story of the catholic and protestant priests fighting over dead Gauguin's body for burial on the distant Polynesian Island? Which religion will win his soul for an Eternity with Jesus, described by the virtuoso Mario Vargas Llosa in The Way to Paradise? Well, Bulgarian parties scuffle over my modest personality ended up only with my departure from the country. A departure partially provoked by the dirty atmosphere created by this same scuffle (together with some shooting and gunwaving in the streets of my downtown neighborhood).

I never joined or knowingly worked for any existing party.

My mother though tells me that my Bulgarian grandmother and her brothers, my great uncles were anarchists. "She wore black ribbons in her hair until the end. But they left her at peace because they thought it was an old woman's thing (the black ribbons) not a political statement". My mother refers to the persecution of the anarchists by the communists, once allies, when the communists came to power in Bulgaria. Which is actually very similar to the mutual persecutions of the once allies Communist and Baathist parties in Iraq - first communists persecuted baathists, then the other way round.

In two words, my maternal grandmother died only few months before I came to this long-time-politically-messed-up world. Thus according to all reincarnation theories, I might well be my grandmother the Anarchist reincarnation.

Which is basically why I suggest that we become Global-Localists.

Now, I am not yet sure what that means. I imagine it like containing of :

a) a positive action: "I am taking active participation in activities that may make the life of people in my area better in one way or another".

b) a negative action: "I am participating now and then in initiatives a la Action Direct - inventive and legal forms of obstruction of dehumanizing or disgraceful policies in my area".

... alternatively, one could always go and hide in the forest. Or live in a Fisherman's Cabin. Get lost in India or Brazil. Join a nunnery.

For the time being, and under a) positive action, I subscribed as volunteer at People's Kitchen with the following skills: Can make Bulgarian Banitsa (form of burek) and Arabic rice with ceder nuts and raisins. Thus much allowed me the "Skills" field space to write in.

Will add b) negative action, when I get to figure it out. The Global stands for "I will do the same wherever I am : England, France, Bulgaria, Greece etc".

2D6+CW 6/4 with London Hacks (check his youtube channel) at the People's Kitchen in Hope Hotel