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Darren delivering his 'Psychedelics, Yoga and Sacred Union' talk with Sena Orchi, Psychedelic Society 16 Jull

The Pure B-Free Experience - 2019 Award

The winner of LAAF's award Pure B-Free Experience 2019 is Darren Le Barron and his talk 'Psychedelics (in general and magic mushrooms in particular) Yoga and More (Sacred Union and Spirituality)' delivered at the Psychedelic Society.

Listening to Darren yesterday I came to realise that my popular ritualistic practices and cosmological believes map is quasi entirely based on the Golden Bough and what Sir John Frazer have collected and systemise as knowledge on the subject by 1915.

Of course, after The Golden Bough I've read many other comparative studies on the subject of magic and religion but, I dare say, most of them have been coming from the same line of thought as Frazer; or at least of a line of thought that dosn't challenge Frazer's.

For his comparative reflection on practices based on cults and spiritual believes around the world, Darren chooses as a starting piont the fungal mycel(ium) and travels with the fungal spore through time and space giving his audience an unexpected point of view on the world's cosmologies map and the way various cults and religious practices have interacted in timespace.

Some of Darren's ideas are simultaneously eccentric and plausible. And this is a combination I love. At his lecture yesterday, he delivered not one, but four new ideas on old subjects. Usually I feel lucky when presented with one original thought, let alone four in the same talk.

Darren's two hours presentation is highly dynamic, informative and very interesting. A sort of documentary action life-film.

More of Darren Le Barron, his lectures and practical initiatives

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About him you could also read Funzing here


Amidst Camden Passage disaster of systematic closure of antique and vintage shops, Past Caring London shines as a lighthouse on Essex Road.

Dar Leone, N1

Is an excellent source of birthday presents. As good as any gallery or museum shop for the matter.

It sources its products from Africa and they are handmade, arty and original.

V&A Joy Sparkles

Kashmira Bulsara's 49 Art Deco vanity cases collection in memory of her beloved brother Freddie Mercury!

Byoncé's Butterfly Ring!

Queen Victoria's sapphire and diamond coronet!

Are only few of the countless treasures to be seen at The Judith and William Bollinger Gallery at V&A.

The gallery reopens on Thursday, 11 April with 80 new pieces of Jewellery.

Rivaling each other. Unrivaled by others:

The awesome tandem 💕NPG💕 ⭐NG⭐

Parr, NPG

The triumph of the Ls - 

Life Light Liberty Love

Parr and Sorolla

Sorolla, NG

People's Kitchen

Not sure how to describing it... I will go the easy way:

Many people from different countries .

They all like to cook and love to eat.

Go there.

People's Kitchen, Hope Hotel, 6 April 2019