Our Lady of HURRAH

A dog, spotted in Islington, reading Our Lady of HURRAH (2D6+CW 27/4) while waiting for the bus.

Dear Lady of HURRAH,

Kindly carry on Laaf's message up the slopes of Parliament Hill and whenever you spot a fellow dog-walker on Hampstead Heath. Tell them:

"Could you imagine there are strange people who would carefully put a dog-poo in a plastic bag and then though it in the b....ushes! Not the bin! The bushes. And possibly in the lake." (Please feel free to deliver the message in your own words)

Last Saturday, 20 April at Corduroy's Hampstead Heath cleaning party we found the Heath packed with tiny black doggy bags just randomly thrown wherever.

Other than that if I one day see you I will hug and kiss you probably 400 times before you run away after a Shiba Inu.

One of the tens dog-poo bags spotted living in nature having failed to make it to the rubbish bin.

PS Please be non-discriminatory while spreading the message. Just as one would advice a teenager to non-discriminatory use condoms and not think "This boy is too pretty to be an STD spreading-agent"; thus, don't be assuming genre "Oh, he doesn't look posh enough to throw his dog-poo bag in the bushes", as we found some of those down the New River Path by the social estates too.