Sandy Summer Fashion for Rock'n'Roll Women

2D6+CW 29/6 Wearing a paper dress made of floral motif bookmaker and her own CW rubrique!

Bella Badger says that lately her dress was clinging to her (like a toddler on its first day at nursery) and names this previously undescribed phenomenon the Menopause of Clothing Symptom.

I say: I don't know about the clothes, but I lately tend to cling to people. That's my Menopause of Clinging to People Symptom.

Say yesterday at the Druidery (place where you meet druids) I met Caroline and wouldn't let her go. A lady of 70, Caroline had such a noble old-time's rock'n'roll bohemian glamour about her, that I just stuck and then clung to her.

Dressed in a simple black t-shirt and white- turnbrownishatthekneesbytheendoftheafternoon cotton trousers, Caroline was also clad with the essence of the rock'n'roll spirit of last century's second half. She was just carrying it about her, and mind you without speaking about music at all.

All the Stones in Morocco, Jimmy Pageses in Boleskine houses, Jimmy Hendrixes in Marylbone Hotels, Marian Faithfuls lost in New York Cities, all the drugs, magic and drama of the past 70 years of life and music were shimmering wrapped around her like mother of pearl, while she was gently glowing in the centre wholesome, perfect and intact amidst the glory of a well spent life.

And it is to this air of times not seen but heard of in tunes I clung to (like a toddler on its first day at nursery).

Caroline with the manners of a diva, charming and polite, half turns to include me in a conversation the beginning of which I've missed. "Our coven was on green marches four times a year" she says. She is talking about the 70s and the Green activist wiccan coven she was part of. Later on she tells me she has been part of four wiccan covens and other magical groups all green activists. "I am now moving to a bohemian colony in Spain, near Granada. I am 70, I will go for another adventure until I am 80 and then who knows... it depends on the state of the NHS, I may either come back, if the system still works, or die in Spain".

And here I feel the clinging, if this woman goes to a bohemian community near Granada she will be taking all her rock'n'roll air with her.

I cling to her (like a kitten on a curtain). I insist to exchange Facebook details, give her my contact card. Later even beg her to take me wherever next she is going for the evening. She politely refuses.

Luckily she is too rock'n'roll to be bothered by my frantic clinging. In fact from all the people in the Druidery, more than thirty, only I react to her 70 years aged rock'n'roll fragrance like a vampire on maiden's blood.

"Tell me more about this woman", I ask Druid Master of Celebrations, Joe the Tailor the minute she lives. "What can I say", says MC Joe, "A self maid woman. Made her money of music. Millions" he adds to impress further, as if I need to be impresses any more.

I told you she smelt of rock'n'roll.

What else was rock'n'roll alleged millionairess Caroline wearing apart for the black t-shirt and the white cotton trousers? Black Adidas plimsolls. Yes, plimsolls, hand painted black. By hand painted I mean that I don't think their original colour was black. It has most probably been white. But she has painted them black. Not in the way Zhoro Gerogi Martinov Pyrko, the Grand Translator of Crowley's big Magick paints his white Adidas trainers with black marker, but rather with fabric dye. This is what proper Rock'n'Roll ladies are wearing - white Adidas plimsolls painted black.

What was LAAF wearing at the Druidery by the Summer Solstice time? A grass green t-shirt with grass green velvet trousers. It thought that when the sun is at its highest, LAAF should represent a manicured loan. It also bought itself a ticket for Hawkwind's gig at the Royal Albert Hall in November, just to densify the base notes of good old rock'n'roll in its future "at 70" scent.

What the Happy Skunk should be wearing? It doesn't matter for the spirit, free and libertine, of 25 and more Glastonbury Festivals will be always wrapped around its shoulders, clinging to it like the smell of blossoming linden and pan fried peppers and courgettes is clings about LAAF's childhood street at midsummer dusk. (For CW's childhood smells)


As it is obvious from the picture above, the paper made clothing might become the healthy future of the Sandy Summer Fashion.

They are 100% eco friendly. One could make their own garments the night before, colour them with the colours of one's mood on the day...

And then if one doesn't mind being seen naked after a shower, one might well not frown at being seen naked after a rain.

For emergency cases like a storm while at a garden party at the Queen's, one might well carry a funny mask in one's handbag so that one doesn't get recognised if one is too big a celebrity as CW.

As an imigrant LAAF charges the discount price of only £333,333 for the advice of the good eco-fashion practices.


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For Hawkwind's gig tickets, all price ranges, still available on Royal Alber Hall's website.