The MerVen Look

Caitlin in Venus by Antony Buonomo and Sandro Botticelli


In the beginning of this summer, while I was back in Bulgaria a friend of mine reminded me a past moment I've completely forgotten: How in the distant 1988 while watching Almodovar's Mujeres al borde de una crisis de nervios, our friend Ivan the Punk had made a show striping his top while shouting "Too hot. Too hot" attracting the attention of the whole cinema hall before sitting back at his seat. Apparently, a minute later I've shouted "Me too", stood up, and started chanting "Too hot.Too hot" while stripping my top. It's only that my top was a dress and I ended up bare-nickered before going back to my seat.

Looking back at this moment, other than laughing a lot, my friend and I marveled at how tolerant the other viewers must have been as only laughter and encouragement accompanied our spontaneous strip shows. No nasty comments, no security warned, no measures taken. We simply finished watching the film quietly half and 3/4 naked.

Which is why, I was particularly happy when Mother of Pearls and Inventions Caitlin Moran have came with the ultimate fashion invention - The MerVen Look.

MerVen is the abbreviation of Mer- Mermaid and Ven- Venus Rising from the Sea.

Over the course of only two weeks Our Mother of Pearls and Inventions came with the Looks: The Mermaid Look is your look for the days when you decide to go about your business topless and ornate with red dreadlocks or straight extensions and a fish tail.

The Venus Rising from the Sea Look is when you decide to just go about your business straight after your shower.

The MerVen Look is here to stay starting from July 2019 it will be also be the alternative, parallel look for 2020 and all coming years.

The MerVen Look - alternative for all other coming and going looks - the Sandy Look, the Paper Look a d whatever other Look the future may come up with.

The MerVen Look is the right of all and every woman to go on and about her business naked or half-naked. Before, after and during a rain or a shower. With or without a tail! With or without hooves! And with or without a pair of wings or a broom sticks.

Go on ladies! Courage ! Let's get naked and fly! (With or without elixir!)

For those who are not sure how to do it - start gradually by taking off your bra.

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