The Bo Gesture

Boris wanking the cock of a tinny invisible man or Boris in his new embkematic Bo Gesture!

Was he doing it before?

Wanking the cock of an invisible man?*

Is it an old gesture in Boris' body language repertoire or is it newly acquired from his role Trump model? Could Boris, actually, be wanking a tinny imaginary Trump?

Questions questions...

Now on, this distinguished hand posture and movement will for ever be known as the Bo Gesture.

Once N1 at N10 Boris might well write to L'Académie Française in suggestion to change the spelling of beau to Bo!

More about the future N1 at N10 to be read at CW under, obviously, ...N1 here

Go on Bo Kill'em All!

( *Credit to the excellent John Niven)

Boris wanking the cock of a tinny invisible man. Silhouette used to illustrate the invisible man, Boris' tinny imaginary Trump : the sillhouette of the wonnabeN1atN10 Liam Gallagher cut from CW's CW column.

"Beautiful. Beautiful"

I can hear Trump say...

Just because he haven't been thought French, or any other language or discipline for the matter, at a younger age. Otherwise he would have just whispered: 

"Oh, Bo, que c'est bo!".