Bulgaria's Curse or The Soviet War on Bulgaria is Ongoing

Andrey Vrabchev, "9. IX.1944 Happy celebration to you ungrateful people, Sofia

75 years after the coup d'état of 9th September 1944 that toppled the Parliamentary Monarchy in Bulgaria, the country still hasn't officially condemned the bloody coup and the consecutive annihilation of the national elites - military, intellectual, industrial and clerical. The coup is performed by a coalition of leftist parties headed by the Bulgarian Communist Party and is backed by the Soviet Army present on the territory of the country.

75 year later and despite Bulgaria joining the European Union, The Monument of the Soviet Army still stands blasphemously erected in the centre of Sofia, Bulgaria's capital. Parties and individuals throughout the leftist spectrum offensively commemorate the black occasion.

On the occasion Bulgarian Socialist Party, a member of the Party of European Socialist, organised a ceremony of laying flowers at the hated monument - a symbol of 45 years of Soviet oppression in the country. Bulgarian Socialist Party's leader assisted to the opening of an exhibition organized by the Embassy of Russia under the delusional title "75 Years of the Liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazism. Bulgaria". (Russia insists on calling National-Socialism Nazism, as National-Socialism German Style sounds and looks pretty much like...Inter-National-Socialism Soviet Style with the main difference being the Inter as to indicate more a global ambition... this is a comment made by a friend of LAAF's and a renowned cook, Alger le Macedonien. For Alger's cooking check here http://www.londonartandfood.com/441922589).

As the address of the Embassy of Russia is not central enough to stir a good provocation, the exhibition was organised in the Russian Cultural and Informative Centre - whatever this might mean, situated downtown Sofia.

A quick reminder : In 1944 Russia declares war to Bulgaria just when the new, democratically elected Bulgarian government declares neutrality to Russia and the end of the country's affiliation with Germany.

Today, Bulgarian Socialist Party, backed by Putin's Russia, still celebrates the anniversary of the Coup of 9th September when its predecessor the Bulgarian terrorist Communist Party came to power backed by the Red USSR Army destroying the Kingdom of Bulgaria.

How do you call this? I call it CONTINUIT!

...And the Winner Is (Boyko Borisov), by Christo Komarnitski, 2008, currently.at Ganbrovo Art Biennial, The House of Humour and Satireпin Art, Gabrovo. Here we see Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov having just snatched the red star prize under the nose of Sergey Stanishev, leader of Bulgarian Socialist Party. Obviously the red star prize is the leadership of Bulgaria granted by Moscow.

Spontaneous and Organised counter demonstrations in Sofia

In the morning, I heard a passerby asking the scares individuals gathered under the blasphemous Monument of the Soviet Army : "What did you gain from betraying your country?" To which a woman carrying a red flag with a yellow star answered "Take a gun and go to Ukrain".....(?!?!) Does it mean that both sides of the Crimean conflict harvest volunteers in neighbouring countries Bulgaria included?

Later in the day, a crowd gathered opposite the Russian Cultural and Informative Centre wearing banners reading "Stalin was not a liberator"; "The Soviet-Bulgarian War of September 1944 had nothing to do with the war against Nazism"; "Konstantin Muraviev - Was in power seven days during which declared a war on Germany. Then spent sixteen years in a communist prison"; "Why did you declare a war on us in 1944?" etc.

Another counter initiative of 9 September was "Memory for Tomorrow. Nine Terror Spots" that reads "Our children know nothing of the Communist times, so it is up to us to fill the gaps". The initiators have chosen nine places emblematic for the Communist terror to create augmented reality spots using QR Bar Codes. Those were marked with big posters featuring torn red stars. The one next to St Nedely Church in Central Sofia carried the following information:

Communist terror shed blood in Bulgaria much prior to black September 1944. In 1925 communist terrorists assassined reserve general Konstantin Georgiev. Couple of days later, at the general's memorial service in St Nedelya church all the political and military elite of the Bulgarian Kingdom was garhered, the military wing of the Bulgarian Communist Party (nowadays Bulgarian Socialist Party a member of the Party of European Socialists, 5 MEPs) blasted the roof of the church on the heads the mourners killing193 people. Among them are 3 MPs, 10 generals and 26 officers. 343 people were injured, many seriously. Among those were : Prime Minister Tsankov, Home Office Secretary Roussev, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Vazov, Metropolitan (Orthodox bishop) Bourov. This remains the biggest terrorist act in the history of Bulgaria. It aimed the liquidation of Bulgaria's leading figures.

Of all the counter actions most attractive I found the installation of sculptor Andrey Vrabchev, labelled "Art provocation" by local media.

To remind the public of the bloody character of the communist coup Vrabchev had the simple and not very imaginative, yet efficient idea to dye the water of the fountain in a garden near by the Russian Cultural and Informative Centre in red. A "blood" written banner installed nearby read "9. IX.1944 Happy celebration to you ungrateful people". The strong impact of the installation comes from its representation of the Bulgarian flag with the white of the banner, the green of the grass and the red of the fountain water. 

Andrey Brabchev is also know for his satirical sculpture "The Talking Borisov" (Bulgaria's Prime Minister). Here the satirical references are too local to be properly transmitted. It suffice to say that the sculpture of the Talking Borisov was saying "I am dumb, you are dumb, that's why we get along well". The statue was exposed in public for only two hours.

Here is the place to say that in Bulgaria, not merely old communist monuments stand still; here, standing still is the old communist guard disguised under new, rather invisible clothes.

This communist turned conservative- populist guard is headed by the ex-bodyguard of the old communist dictator serving as Prime Minister. And not for a first, but for a third consecutive term.

Boyko Borisov was a member of Bulgarian Communist Party prior to 1990. Not before but AFTER the Changes did he become a bodyguard to the ex- Bulgarian Communist Party Chairman Todor Zhivkov. Hence, no circumstances can excuse his affiliations. Only AFTER the Fall of the Wall did Boyko Borisov offered the services of his security company to the toppled Moscow's Marionette. When the last was stripped of his state guard.

Borisov was still a bodyguard in the noughties - this time to Bulgarian Tzar turned Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Nowadays Boyko Borisov as a Chairman of GERB (member of the European People's Party with 6 MEPs) is still a Prime Minister of a country devastated by decades of Soviet turned Russian abuse. Where Moscow's footmen are still at rule tolerated by a complainant EU. (As much as I believe that the EU is the only possible future for the European countries, this much I believe that it needs an immediate and deep change.)

How do you call this? I call it CONTINUITY

This might partially explain why Bulgarian of all backgrounds work as builders and cleaners in the UK - low self-esteem is characteristic for people systematically ruled by a clique from a poorer cultural background and of less moral scrupulous.

And just by the by, there is no such thing as an ex-communist or an ex-Soviet apparatchik.

More about sculptor Andrey Vrabchev, in English, here: http://andreyvrabchev.com/#/eng/sculpture

For "Memory for Tomorrow" in Bulgarian, where each spot is attached to a short documentary link, here https://pametzautre.bg/

11 September 2019

Andrey Vrabchev with his oeuvre The Talking Borisov, Fools Day, 1 April 2019, Sofia