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LAAF's special correspondent and versatile artist and personality Elizabeth Thallauer

Reports on Art & Bite im Berlin.

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Elizabeth with her work © Foto: Hubert Bösl

Time shift

"The current situation demands finding new ways of presentation and ways to keep the connection between art and art-consumers alive. Virtual exhibitions, online events, discussion and talks are increasing in popularity and a growing number of artists and independent venues start experimenting with hybrid forms of presentation.

In this vein, the cultural venue “Badstrasse 8”, a former bath barack in the frankonian city of Fuerth, started a new exhibition format called “Barrack Attack”, which offers an experimental platform for the creation of  site-specific works and experiments with different ways of digitalised presentations.

My installation “time shift” plays a psychedelic perception game with time and senses. By repurposing obsolete media carriers  I transform the space into an imaginary scene, full of light ,shadow and reflection. The space is optically deconstructed into a real-time collage. New angles, walls and shapes pop-up out of nowhere. Mirror glass objects fold and unfold the parts of the interior transmitting the distorted images even further.

The final film is a documentary and an impression at the same time, aiming to involve the viewer in the fantasticlight experience." Elizabeth Thallauer

Mein Beitrag bei der Aktion der Kulturreferats "Kunst-Anschlag"

LUCID DREAMS am Siegmundstraße 13, Nürnberg, bis 26. Juni. Oder Paar Tage länger.

My contribution to "Kunst-Anschlag", a project  initiated by the Culture Office of the city of Nuremberg. The billboard is located on Siegmundstraße 13. Untill 26th of June. Or a few of days more.

For the video here

by Elizabeth Thallauer

Wim Botha

Art Karlsruhe - Micky Mouse, neon and forest pathways

I decided to write this article about Art Karlsruhe two weeks after visiting the show, when it has ripen in my head, in a way to make an impression of the impression. Well, I am picking up cherries and don`t say a word about the flies on the cake. So, this impression is all about focusing your attention on few artists, I personally find very interesting, to keep a further eye on.

I'll start the PechaKucha with Wim Botha. Originally from South-Africa, this contemporary artist is getting well deserved attention in Europe lately. His installations and sculptural objects are free interpretations of classical themes and cultural heritage in a very unique style, with use of unconventional materials and playing with the context.

Anothervery interesting artist, who captured my attention is Philip Loersch. He creates strong objects by mixing painting and sculptural technics. Yes, it is a newspaper. No, it's painted.

Both Wim Botha and Philip Loersch were presented by the Berlin-based gallery FELDBUSCH-WIESNER-RUDOLPH.              

Philip Loersch, Turn it up! | 2018 | pencil, ink, polishing oil, varnish on soapstone | 30 x 58 x 15 cm

Besides the excellent technic in painting, Anna Bittersohl has a gift of expression of very fine materia – she catches multiple moments of time in one picture.

With the time the puzzle is changing and new contextual connections appear. Is the nature she is painting an reminiscentia from a paralel universe?


Some of her works are currrently on view in Eigenheim Gallery in Berlin till 28.03.2020.

Anna Bittersohl, devourer II | 2018 | oil on canvas | 170 x 130 cm

A very pleasant surprise was to see the powerfull light works of Jan van Munster, presented by Galerie Renate Bender.

Activ over sixty years he created great body of work, devoted to energy, light and dark, cold and warm.

By the way, this year he was awarded the prestigeous German Light Art Award (Deutsch Lichtkunstpreis) for his body of work.                                    

Jan van Munster, Edged Circle in Corner | 2019 | transparent blue and green glass, argon, transformer Courtesy: Galerie Renate Bender

I took also a closer look at the works of Albrecht Wild.

He created an unique artistic expression while working with his prime material - disposable beer mats.

New forms and puzzles are formed through geometrical decomposition of the printed faces and information.

Albrecht Wild, George Condo Mental States (3) | 2017 | collage | Werkgruppe Beermats | 30 × 30 cm Courtesy: Davis Klemm Gallery

Katharina Gierlach is painting in three dimensions, take it literaly.

Her paintings grow to an object and lure to be touched, they overcome the bound between painting and sculpture.

Bold, thick colours and complex textures arise and form her paintings.

The solo-show of Katharina Gierlach „Flower Power“ is running currently in DavisKlemmGallery in Wiesbaden and can be seen till 7th of March.               

Katharina Gierlach