Cultrual Babies

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Cultural Babies : Attributions and Appropriations

On Monday 9 September, after England lost the test match, I had a nightmare:  I was at Lord's, the home of cricket, when a sports journalist carrying a recorder stopped and asked me "Do you think that Jonsson should remain the Captain of England’s National Cricket Team?"  Perplexed I answered "Excuse me, I don't know enough about cricket to comment on this". "Yes" said the sports journalist, "I think the same - Jonsson should remain". At which point I woke up horrified thinking "LAAF you went too far! Commenting on English cricket? This is cultural appropriation proper!"

In nations, just like in people, it is the small, peripheral ones that usually shout "cultural appropriation" and complain about what an outgoing, confident  nation would call an "inevitable cultural radiance".

Good example here are Israel and Lebanon with their pretences on hummus. And unfortunately hummus is not alone in the category.

Poor coffee hadn't skipped nationalistic complexes either. Thus what in Turkey, Iraq and Syria is called "coffee" in Greece is called "Greek coffee", as a response to neighbouring countries  calling the same drink induced with the same methodology "Turkish coffee". 

My favourite International-Gourmet-Treasure though is the Oliver Salad called Russian Salad in Eastern Europe, Spain and Lattin America; French Salad in Slovenia and Croatia and American Salad in Turkey where at the age of 11 I had it with a steak for breakfast; and which is now probably called a Beyoğlu Salad in Turkey after the birth province of Recep (misspelled Recipe) Tayyip (from طيب 'tayyib' “good, tasty” in Arabic) Erdoğan.

For Caitlin Moran’s “How to have a baby the British way” check

P.S. Now then, believe it or not, Beyoğlu Salad exists in fact (I Google it) ! Not elsewhere, but in... New York. By the Recep of it, it looks exactly like... Greek (not else) Salad, but with added chicken and lemon vinaigrette. You can get a Beyoğlu Salad, at Beyoğlu Restaurant at 1431 3rd Ave New York, NY 10028

Check Beyoğlu Salad Recep Tayyip here

Written 9 Sept, uploaded 28 Sept