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This is LAAF's 2nd Year Birthday Celebratory article.

Dedicated to our Lady of the Stars and Fun.

Hence, there will also be some tunes to chear up the otherwise somewhat greyish matetial .

CW 4 Oct 2019 laid on a stary blanket some will recognise

Beware of people who have things to lose

With all due respect Our Lady of Wisdom and Pleasure,

Moderates and centrist have become the Western equivalent of Zen Buddhists: practicing the Big Do It Not.

My personal disillusionment from the EU came at the exact same time with UK leave vote (not that I support it) even though at the time I was at the other end of the EU diagonally, and more precisely in Greece. Working with an EU funded humanitarian organisation. After a few months of this I had an existential shock from the realisation that the EU had become a socialist structure with nomenklatura not unlike the soviet one.

What's wrong with that? The fact that all nomenklatura turn into a Buddhist Centre of radiance. Each nomenklatura gradually gets into the pure Zen of the Big Do It Not. Where each of its members feels so good, that gets into a paralysis and moves not a little figure, so that to spoil not their tit-heaven.

No itch, no stimulus can set them into action or mission. With the nomenklatur’s progressive establishment, all the functions of its golden work-monks ( work monks are people that abstain from work) abate and finally the whole shines in perfect eternal, motionless rest.

Nevertheless, the largest scale of Big Do-It-Not contamination is the one that I have witnessed while working in London. While in the EU the Big Do It Not syndrome of Why do it when you can just Do It Not concerns mainly managerial positions with those below still do: do work, do maintain, do try to improve. In London all levels are contaminated by the Big Do It Not syndrome (obviously with plenty of exceptions, say teachers and doctors - unfortunately allot of the admin with which they are surrounded is contaminated; and people coming from other countries where work is still worshiped). Literally everybody who has a position of any description, and not necessarily significant, Does it Not. Doesn't talk. Doesn't try to improve. Dpesn't bother. Laziness? Fear? Cinism?

Everybody witnesses corruption and malpractices but none addresses it. That’s why journalists are sent undercover into companies, massive public service sector contractors, where hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people work. I mean really? Why isn’t there amidst those hundreds or even thousands of people somebody to say “Wait a minute, what is going on here? I need to do something about it!”

I mean really, it is not like sending an undercover agent to penetrate a small criminal ring. You are sending a journalist where there are already 100 or even 1000 people working. Why none of them addresses the issues with responsable instances, report to the media, write about it?

Who would pay the personal price to stir the mud? Nobody who has something to lose. Because no matter how small is the wage, and actually the smaller the wage is, the less susceptible to lose it are those earning it.

And from there chaos cometh. From this massive, inert mass of Do It Not doers unwilling to pay a personal price. The mass of working, otherwise decent people with a job and a family, who doesn't want to address corruption and bad practices at their workplace out of fear to lose this same workplace. The more they do the Do It Not the more cynical they become and disappointed by the system and by themselves.

Not unlike the people working in the Home Office's contracted Freud call centre. All of them clearly understanding how Wild Wild West is their company, its practice, the Home Office, and last but not least themselves complying and participating into the fraudulent practices of the Freud call centre.

And it is the same, more or less in the whole public sector. And pretty much the same in large parts of the private sector, as far as I’ve witnessed it in the last 7 years working up and down London.

For it is not the small, peripheral percentage of the unemployed and the super rich that maintain the mechanisms, the fabric of society - it is all the rest. All the people at work. The moderates and centrists, as doubtlessly all participants in this circus do perceive themselves. The many that fear so much of losing what they have - be it plenty or little. The masses of the passive in appearance, active in reality, actors of the dismantling of the same system that feeds them.

Here to be found is the sole contractor of the public sector branch where I work. And no matter how Wild Wild West are their practices, and how mouthy I am - I still can’t bring myself to write about how nuisant are they and how pervert is the practice to accord a whole service of the Public Sector to one sole company, with no alternative no competition. Not that I haven’t tried to address most of the issues with the company itself by writing hundreds of emails, 99% of which met with mortal silence.

Now a word must be said about Emily The Miracle Worker Thornbery. Not only for her taking at heart my issue with the Home Office; but also because her name does miracles. After hundreds of emails sent to my agency to no effect ; desperate, I eventually threatened them to get Emily involved. The results of this threat were multiple and miraculous: suddenly the clauses of my pre Brexit, EU-regulations conform contract were reapplied … after a whole year of breachment. I repeat - after a year as of July 2018, when the company started applying Wild Wild West rules non conform with any regulations, nor with my contract. Say the 100% payment compensation for 24h prior booking cancellation was restored. And many others thay I won't list here.

This is the miracle that the mention of Emily’s name had done for me. Of course, I can’t guarantee that the same miracle has happened to the other 6000 people that do the same work as me for the same massive public services contractor.

Having said that, I will still not vote SPGB. Sorry Emily.


The negative of the positive

Now a word to be said about the negatives of the so called positive thinking. There is no such thing as positive thinking. There is either thinking or delusion.

Yet, whenever I have tried to point out one malfunction or another in the hope for those to be addressed, I've been accused of "negative thinking" . Well, it isn't negative thinking it is an analysis and my will to address and fix the situation/function/practice proves my positive disposition and general optimism. But it turns out that the distinction of these subtleties is never made here : if you make a “bad evaluation” you are being negative. Which, obviously, eliminates all possibility for improvement. Unfortunately “Positive Thinking” is the established attitude around here.

Truthful analysis of each and every situation is primordial for a functioning society. But alas this rarely happens. Thus, I was unpleasantly surprised when in the private ward of one of the best hospitals in London, a woman otherwise intelligent and agreeable, didn’t hesitate telling me “I wish we didn’t have Arab patients”. To me, her assessment that the Arab patients are responsible for the massive corruption schemes surrounding them was incomprehensibly short sighted for this educated and well read specialist. I did not tell her, that when another private hospital lost all their Arab patients, because the corrupt practices accompanying their treatment have become shamelessly obvious and life threatening; the Arab patients disappeared and patients with different provenance appeared at their place, while the corrupt practices persisted attached to the establishment and not to this or that type of clients.

Now then you are not corrupted because you treat Arab patients with lots of money. You are corrupted because gaining lots of money by treating Arab patients is not enough and you want to earn lots lots of lots of money for which purpose you engage with corrupt practices. And when Arab patients drift away to less visibly corrupt establishments than yours; you start working on African and Asian contacts.

This is another absolute truth about the “Positive Thinking” - people who practice “Positive Thinking” never fail to perceive themselves as positive, and others as negative.

“Oh, how negative you are” would tell me a dear friend of mine and a big positive thinker when in a bad mood. “If you are so positive, how come that you see me as negative?” I would ask her. To which I would never receive a sensible response as positive thinkers are rather bad thinkers; and verily they are no thinkers at all, as I said in the beginning there is no such thing as positive thinking. There is either thinking or delusion. Delusional people are rather bad not only in thinking but in supporting functioning mechanisms too.

Walk On By

The omnipotent censor of positive thinking

Dictatorships have censors. People under dictatorships can think what they want as long as they don't voice their thoughts. So they are very careful what and with whom to share.

Democracies don't have official censors. That's what is a common belief. They have positive thinking instead. The positive thinking which is an omnipotent and omnipresent censor of free thinking on popular level.

In the West people can't even think to themselves "negative thoughts". Thus, entire generations spend their lives self-medicating, depending on the class, on Prozak or drugs and alcohol. Or the three.

"Oh, I think the Post Office has got sh*t since it got privatised. And they privatised it just when I started shopping online ... Oh, that's a negative thought. I am a negative person. I better have some Prozac. (A little bit later) What was I thinking earlier? Oh, I was thinking about how good it is to shop online"

This is Chaos' second entry : the self-censor of the positive thinking.

So here are the two horses of the tandem on which Chaos rides : The Big Do It Not of the majority that has things to lose and their dysfunctional positive thinking; rendered even more dysfunctional by the antidepressants, illicit or licit, needed for the maintenances of the mandatory positive thinking.

Excise me, if we are all to become positive thinkers then who would do work and maintain mechanism in function? 

DJ Screw

When there is two, three comes around. And the three in our case is the class system in which, of course there is nothing moderate or central. The class system stipulates that we only communicate from up to down.

Here, a person that occupies a position one step higher than another person think themselves cleverer only because of that - which, obviously, is a chaos generator. I mean only this is enough to create surreal situations. In this country people honestly believe that if somebody is here as a position and somebody else is there, then this one is better than that one and then this one doesn't have to hear what this one has to say.

Which means that the wisdom of the people with hands on the matter get systematically lost; by them being systematically underestimated and shut down.

So yes, there is nothing more violent and extreme than the mediocrity of the central and moderate masses. The lack of personal initiative to embellish and improve the place, starting from the work one.

On the contrary at the working place all the effort I witness is for climbing the lather. Which, after all accumulates into massive amounts of things to lose, therefore even smaller chance of desire to improve.

Ain't Got No

Last but not least, I as a person who has nothing to lose, or shortly - as a person who has nothing. I am completely reliable on an ordinate society: TFL, NPG , BBC, NG, NHS.

The less I have, the more those, and the order that perpetuates their existence, are important to me. It is very likely that this holy quintet is more primordial to me than to anybody who has something to lose. My holly quintity.

Just don't make me choose one. Nor even three.

As much the order in this country is vital for my existence; thus much it is of great importance for many of the super rich. Whether it is for its great legal system: say for oligarchs’ wives to get advantageous divorce conditions; or for the oligarchs to get fair lawsuits opposite fish bigger than themselves.

Whether it is for the smooth infrastructure: as in their country no matter how big and shiny the 4x4 is the wife still spills her cappuccino on her fur coat and the sun still bumps his head in the roof because of the holes in the badly asphalted roads. And million other reasons that allow them to enjoy their riches better in this than in any other country.

From where I stand, it seems that people “who have something to lose”, the Big Do It Not doers and permanent positive thinkers are risking that we all lose everything.

Actually, whosoever says other than "It is all win or all lose situation", and where "all" stands for everybody and not for everything is a F*ck*ng Rac!sti

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The black tune selection is in remembrance that I started LAAF after a visit to a Basquiat exhibition (Barbican, October 2017).

After this visit I had a series of question. I thought that if I ask those questions loudly I may find an answer.

Still hopeful.

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