The potato book -  An International museum piece - The most expensive diet book in the world as described by its author Wouter Cornet

"Recently I published my second book in The Netherlands called "Dieet smakelijk" (happy diet).

The book displays my 40 favorite recipes that helped me to lose 33 kilo and lose my obesity.Besides the regular version I've worked for 2,5 months on a special limited edition series that consists of 7 pieces. Together with an old paper factory and paper artist we've made paper out of 20 kilos of sweet potatoes (my favorite ingredient ). With the paper we made 7 special versions of my book. Due to the difficult production process, long research time and the men hours the price of a single book became very high. It's almost completely handmade.

The sales price per single book became 10 999 euro. It's the first book in the world that's made out of sweet potatoes.

A couple of weeks ago we finished the production of the seven books. I handed over the first version of the book to the museum "The House of the book" in The Hague, The Netherlands. The second book went to The Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. The third book went to the Graphic Arts Collection of Princeton University. It's a great honour that my book will be in such a beautiful place.The fourth book went to the Gutenberg Museum in Germany and the fifth book went to Musée l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique France. So my books can be found across the world!

There is the  link of the press moment at the museum "The house of the book". The book was covered in more than ten newspapers in The Netherlands! 

The production of the book was already news in South Korea. 

Would this be something you would like to write about? There is a big US website who is planning to publish an article very soon. And last week UK magazine Strong Words published an article to cover the story. If you have any further questions please let me know! Please find a picture of the book attached!!

Best wishes,                                                                                 

Wouter Cornet "

LAAF's Note: Wouter's email made my day. I received it this Saturday, 17 of April morning and it brightened my inner world. It made me dream of the opening of the local cricket season, which will sooner or later take my partner's cricket team to Oxford and it's Christ Church Ground and then in between the battings and ballings, making sure I won't miss the tea, I will make a quick detour to the Bodleian Libraries to see the fabulously delicious book.

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