On my walking way to work, pass the station, Worren Street smells fresh croissants in the morning. The fragrance fillimg the air spreads from Miel Bakery and brings myriads of cosy memories to mind. But be ware, the smell - just as so many things in life - is cunning.

This is NOT original French bakery and there is NOTHING Parisien about Miel's croissants. Above all, today Monday, 23 November as early as 0855 the croissant WASN'T this morning FRESH. And yesterday's croissant is not what you'll find in any self-respecting boulangerie.. The same concerns le croissant aux amandes - in France the almonds are finely dispersed in the dough and DON'T, I REPEAT DO NOT look like a layer of filling.

Having said that, I can also confirm that what they sell in Miel is tasty - predominately because of its sweetness and the good quality of the products. Thus, the crust of both plain croissant and croissant aux amandes, because of the unusual quantity of sugar, remind plus tot a palmier, rather than the crust of a croissant.

Last but not least la douloureuse... the bill of £6.55 for two yesterday's pastry to take away is a proper pain. £4 for a croissant of any description, be it with almonds, is proper idiocy. Hence, this place should be marked ££££ and not mere ££.

Slow service is typical for every pretence-high, delivery-low, expensive coffee place in London and this one is no exception. Esspecially nowadays, when conveniently only one person works because of the social-distancing regulations. Hence, going in before work is a bad idea, you'll inevitably be late.

Haven't tried the bread. Mind you, I probably can't afford it. If a peace of croissant is £4 a loaf of bread might be £14.

Now you would ask about the smell. If the croissants are not fresh, what's the origin of the cosy fragrance? I guess they have an oven to warm up the "croissant sandwiches" - you know the sacrilege - croissant filled with cheese and ham? That's it - ... to refresh their freshness so to speak...

So far the best croissants aux amandes are at Prêt... alas.... of the plain croissants, non is good in London. Even Raab's need extra- warm-buttering.... alas, alas....

23 November 2020

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