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"Chronemics can be briefly and generally defined as the study of human tempo as it related to human communication. More specifically, chronemics involves the study of both subjective and objective human tempos as they influence and are interdependent with human behavior. Further, chronemics involves the study of human communication as it relates to interdependent and integrated levels of time-experiencing. Previously, these interdependent and integrated levels have been outlined and discussed as: biological time; psychological time; social time; and cultural time. A number of classification systems exist in the literature of time. However, such systems are not applied to human interaction directly." WIKI

Wednesday, 6 March at 1050

Wednesday, 6 March at 1050

Is opening at Central St Martin's Square today, tomorrow and after tomorrow (6,7,8 March) at 1130.

According to the first in the queue - a handsome, tall young man and his cat-eyed girlfriend, who had missed KERB's Michelin noodle last year - it suffice to arrive at 0930. Smartly equipped with chairs, blancets and laptops they said arriving at 0800, was far too unnecessarily early.

Pork + Rice = £6 + 3 hours personal lifetime only

Ramen with the whole world in it = £6 + 3 hours personal lifetime only

× 300 portions it makes £1800 + 400 (there will always be more mouths wanting to be fed than portions) x 3h = 1200 free Gourmand-Optimists' hours.

It is obvious that your LAAF will die with KERB⭐Free Palette.

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