" Definishion: MicroFestiveDosing is the timespace spot at which microdosing on music, company and others is trending" LAAF

Now then CW do you feel like Dr Sam Walker from Profiler tv-show? I hope you do, because I feel like the serial-killer lured to the light by the skillful profiler. The monster reemerging to the world to show off its hellish scales.

You obviously do know that your suggestion to “lifting the nation’s moral” through a government sponsorship of Glastonbury Festival will be a little too much for me to handle in silence and I will break my self-induced silent sulking turn meditation on the subject “When writing is not enough what can we do more?”; thus turning your lonely monologue into a friendly conversation, don’t you? And correct so. 

There: What I don’t want to see - and what I don’t want to see obviously the rest of the world doesn’t want to see either - in 2021 is Big, Exclusive, State Sponsored Mass Gatherings with Competitive Propaganda Agenda and Commintern Guerilla turn Cartel Drugs. 

Therefore: I am all for local musical events - state crisis sponsorship should be provided for each and every artist, djs included, but not for events*; and just by the by, this state is already super providential - open and inclusive filled by drugs provided by the National - Yes, here we need Government sponsorship - Joy and Happiness Laboratories in microdoses. MicroLCD infused orange juice. MicroMDM infused mineral water. It is time that the nation capitalises on the nation's biggest resource La joie de vivre! 

You get the idea :Yes to music, yes to people in small numbers and yes to drugs in micro doses and this regularly throughout the time and space. Instead of one big bang once a year; many local tiny chim-chams all through the seasons.

In the meantime, kindly advise your colleagues:Those at the Times Newspaper, to stop writing treacherous, Champagne Comintern titles like “Europe shuts door on Britain” to describe the phenomenon of the EU finally gathering its endless unqualified - mostly and qualified lessly - unemployment mass-exported to the UK and trying to herd it back to the barn. And change it with “EU off you go towards an even further increase of your unemployment rates” which is quite more scientific and truthful a headline than the current one. Or also “EU citizens off you go towards your paid medical care” for only, I repeat ONLY in the UK - not in France, not in Bulgaria; don’t know about Germany - there are no healthcare admin fees, nor additional healthcare taxes and one gets an NHS number and a GP as soon as one gets an address. 

Those of the Times Radio, stop amplifying treacherous Champagne Comintern evil-spells such as ‘Disunited Kingdom’ and replace them with interdisciplinary discussion panels on how to tackle each point on which the Kingdom’s various actors have conflicting interests.  And NO it is not "The world shutting the UK out", nor "The UK in quarantine" - funny though when a whole country falls in a champagne media bubble - it is "The British Island disappears in the mists of Avalon" for this is what this mystical island does occasionally, disappears of the eye of the outsider into the magic mists of Avalon** becoming unreachable.

*In 2020 I saw two fantastic gigs: an organ recital at St Brides - I've written about the young organ player, but now alas, I am not sure of his name - and Brian Fox's Cosmos at the Barbican, with an audience of 10 and 250 respectively, and wouldn't insist for more populated events. Sir Paul McCartney, he might well play at a random street corner - doesn't he have enough glory and money to be free to bring joy to random people, say in a nursery? - for the joy of whoever happens to be there - don't see anything wrong with that.

** "Stroooong winds, magic mysts", remember Manowar? Well they could go touring around the construction sites in the UK, full of Eastern European Heavy Metal Fan Workers - Ok Ok may be gigs at construction sites could be Government sponsored, hu? - I bet that would lift plenty of morals.

Three sons have I and they ride by my side The fierce, the black and the wicked are their names We ride down the EU, Russia and China on their half-hearted flight No voice of mercy, no evangels of light.Stroooong winds, magic mysts.

And CW, thank you THANK YOU for dragging me out of my hole; I actually ended up having fun writing this, and especially remembering Manowar, whom I heard for the first time in a panel tower block in Comintern occupied Sofia at the end of the 80s and haven't heard since. Hope you had fun too. There is a question for you : to what congregation should the Rolling Stones play at a Government sponsored event?