CW in her strange model-going-to-casting uniform

Carla Sarkozy dressed as Carla Bruni going to casting

The Fashion Revolution Will Not Be Televised and other style questions

CW, pictured in white shirt, blue jeans and white trainers/plimsolls; aka very much all-time fashion-models uniform* - you illustrate quite the opposite of "My style icons are little girls and old ladies". Whenever did a little girl or an old lady voluntarily dressed in a faceless, characterless, pretend iamgoingtowork boredom of a look? And why do you have to wait another twenty years before taking off the model-going-to-casting uniform?

It's the second-easiest idea, after the white-sheet ghost, for a fancy-dress party. All you need is a white t-/shirt, blue jeans white plimsolls: et vous voila transformed into a model going to a casting in Paris, Milan, New York or Rome.

"When does anyone wear all-white outfit, unless they are dentist or a ghost?"? Young Khaliji aka Arabian Gulf women when in London. That's when. And as it is fashionable now, they not just wear all- white outfits - white leggings with white boots under white jumpers - but also let their hairs off and out which is a brand new thing for them and they are so thrilled by it - which is by themselves practically - that when you see them they look, smell and feel like spring. The real Spring. Not some meek change of some people on the top of a government. It looks like the real Arab Spring - the emancipation of Khaliji women**, is taking place in London dressed in all-white, as opposed to the otherwise mandatory jet all-black abaya that all Khaliji women are supposed to wear back home, adorned with waist-long, raven-black, lacked Chinese-box sheen vail-free hair.

An all-white*** fashion Revolution is happening CW and is not being televised.

*Models adopted the white shirt , blue jeans uniform so to not unwillingly offend this designer or another by wearing a piece made by a rival or a garment that might be perceived as tasteless.

** Which is yet another trick to direct money-flow to this country - selling the idea that here Khaliji women can be free and fairly treated. Which will basically be all the freedom their money can buy. Seducing, in one way or another, many women with many money can be a rather lucrative affair.

***White is reserved for men's garments in the Gulf States. 


Caitlin Moran contradicts herself on another fashionable phenomenon : The Cancel Fashion. Only a few weeks ago Our Lady of Sharp Mind and High-Spirits wrote a sweet article where she was 'cancelling the cancellation' of a list of people and 'cancelling cancellation culture' in general in conclusion - I hope I have understood it correctly and remember it correctly.

Yet, this week in her CW emploi Our Lady of Wisdom and Daughters expresses the irritation typical for Champagne-drinkers that love to think themselves socialist: that Boris Johnson hasn't yet been cancelled. As inventors of the Cancel Culture, Champagne-drinkers who think of themselves as leftist just can't understand why and how Boris hasn't yet been canceled by his own party and voters despite all his too much sex, too many children, no money for wall-paper, cheep wine and 162 saved cats and dogs from Afgfhanistan.

Obviously, Cancel Culture is the result of hyporespect of others and hyperslef-love - all typical for the champagne drinking altruists. Thus much is clear, yet coming from CW it surprises me the lengths undergone to explain what normal people would call 'Loyalty' with stories about people standing next to people on fire and even stranger stories about heads being kicked behind bins by kitchen porters. Well, champagne drinkers for whom voting Labour and shopping on Amazon* are the two sides of the same coin, will have to do with the fact that other classes don't cancel each other like pies or like pieces of cake - for as far as I heard the sample group of Red-Wall inhabitants interviewed for Silly, sorry, Times Radio**: is not cancelling Boris either. Here, and according to old traditions altruist Champagne drinkers are in severe disaccord with all other classes - below, parallel and above them.

So dear CW, are you taking Cancellation or No-Cancellation fashion as a personal style choice? That is the question. Or as any random champagne drinking altruist you too cancel the cancellation only of people from your Bullington, pardon, Highgate street?

*Avanti Bellicose Amazon is my name for the even newer New Labour.

**Active lobbying could be the other name of this interview. 

PS What is surprising is the fact that the New Amazon Labour hasn't yet thought to cancel Boris Johnson's premiership using the three most common accusations with which leftist-Amazon users cancel real people in the real world which are:

1. Bad Energy 2. Old Woman 3. Not nice

I have witnessed more than one attempt of generic staff to cancel good specialists with one of these motives.

The cancellation attempts under the label "Old woman" are most common in the hospital sphere when not-so-young-anymore gay men are trying to cancel the marvelous women that onece welcomed them in this same hospitals with opened armes and nursed them until they get some skill.

While "Bad energy" and "Not nice" are used in the same sphere by female nurses who can't take bloods when they try to cancel other female nurses who can. Every hospital user would have noticed that in each ward there are plenty of nurses who tell the patients that they are dehydrated, which is why they can't take bloods from them and only one nurse for whom at all time the level of all patients' hydration is just at the right blood-taking level.

Luckily these attempts are rarely successful because of many reasons of which to mention are:

From too much Champagne drinking, Amazon shopping and Labour voting the Cancellation Altruist can't bring an action, be it a cancellation, to a finish in the real world.

Two, no matter how hazed their minds are, even they can understand that after all some real people are needed to do some real work in the real world and they know it certainly won't be them. Let the others do the work, we will only do the takings: taking of wages; taking of the moral heights of voting Labour and, last but not least, cancelling old women, and not nice people with bad energy like Boris Johnson who drink cheap wine, can't by their own wallpaper, saves cats and dogs from Afghanistan.

Next time you attempt to cancel Boris Johnson try : He is a not nice, old woman with bad energy. It might work.

Other people wearing all-white: The All-White Wearing Skater about to start plating one of the two pianos at St Pancras on Monday afternoon 31st of January

"Tories back in masks as Mr Sunak delivers budget yesterday" read Metro today, Thursday, October 28

The Only Trend in Mask-wearing or How to Wear Your Mask Not

Whatever you decide to do mask-wise, wear it or wear it not, and I am genuinely happy to see half the folk in this country wearing masks and the other wearing them not - I find this truly and intensively liberating. Personally, I wear mask on public transport and in shops this last month, for it's flue season and wearing mask is good anyway and also because I believe that when I wear a mask it also protects me and not only others... 

The time when I was most adamant not to wear a mask was in Paris, where such an option wasn't even theoretically possible.

Anyhow, in case you decide to wear a mask, the only possible way to do this is by putting it on the nose too. Leaving the nose out is the equivalent of cutting the closed end of a condom*... which may explain why the Prime Minister prefers it this way.

*The analogy between masks and condoms came from a certain Bulgarian COVID - measures responsable, who said "Dear compatriots, wearing a mask under the chin is like putting a condom on your balls".**

**the mask/condom analogy might tturn out to be a more profound than what it looks at a first sight - the old left vs right, Democrat vs Conservative, contraception vs anti-avortionists ... suddenly I have the urge to be .. non-...binary ...?!? And certainly the urge to be non...English... just when I have a pied for naturalisation the day before yesterday.

Nea Wear UK is one of the fourty designers to be showing at DFW21 in November



The modest fashion market size reached $474 Billion

Press ReleaseOctober 2021 - It is time to see fashion with a different eye, it is time to be inclusive and say that fashion is not just for one type of woman. It is time to think sustainable and ethical both in creating and consuming. That is why we chose the theme of Awakening for those who are ready for a fashion revolution. We want to speak out loud that Modesty is the New Cool! ''

The 7 th edition globally and 3rd edition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2021 will be held on November 18-19-20, 2021 at the spectacular Rixos Premium Dubai - JBR. Think Fashion, the organizer of the DMFW21, will bring an awakening story to the people…a story for individuals, a story for modesty and a story for empowerment.

''Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2021 edition will be the most special edition. We see Dubai as our home and one of the most attractive modest fashion capitals in the world. Rixos Premium Dubai – JBR is the perfect venue to show the elegance, glamour and the exclusivity of modest fashion with a premium experience.” says Ozlem Sahin Ertas, the CEO of the global Modest Fashion Weeks.

The Modest Fashion Weeks have a travelling concept that highlights the best designers and brands, media, influencers, and retail buyers, while being the hub for the global modest fashion industry. 40 exclusively selected designers and brands will showcase their latest collections on the fashion show runway. Meanwhile, the modest fashion lovers can touch, experience, and shop the collections in the exhibitor booths area.

Coega Sunwear, Lemate, Di' Gerari, Bahae, Najtags & Ranazone (United Arab Emirates), Homolog, Gold Design, Al Haya Paris (France), Hukka, Mizalle, Mimya, Zems (Turkey), Nea Wear, Salayfa, Demure Duchess, Thread Palette London, Samaira Ghani, Shaeen Salim (United Kingdom), Munamer (Italy), Surturban, Israel Kasnett (United States), BModest (Lebanon), Halimo (Norway), Brave Kiswa Almaty (Kazakhstan), Heaven Lights (Indonesia), Lirat (Iraq), Zeina Ali (Jordan), Massodah Shabodien (South Africa), Salam Design (Palestine), Sweet Dolce (Iran), Nordays (Belgium), Valdini Couture (Bulgaria), and the (Global) are only some of the designers and brands who will demonstrate unique fashion shows and highlight the diversity of modest fashion.

During the 3 days many fashion talk shows will be in the event calendar and host global celebrities as keynote speakers to empower women entrepreneurs and fashion lovers. Aya Fawzy, Sherine Samir (K.S.A), Sara Coelho Ansari (France), Rania Yehia, Nadia Elkholy, Dina Sokar (Egypt), Oumaima Elgachi (Morocco), Sarah Baghdedi (Lebanon), Ghazaleh Ghaffari (Italy), Mahsa Ghazanfari from (Iran), Ines Sebiane, Rana Al Sayyed, Nerveen Al Jabban, Hafsa Lodi (UAE), Talieh Kheradmand (Turkey), Mayma Kraichi (Spain) are only some of the great inspirational names with many other 100+ selected special guests.

“We’re excited to host Dubai Modest Fashion Week this November at Rixos Premium Dubai, our most fashionable destination in the region. There is not a better place in the world for the most anticipated event! This paradise is the world’s runway, in the sense that there is a constant flow of A-list celebrities and trendsetters from all around the globe to our location. From the grandiose entrance to award-winning dining and stylish outlets, to picturesque luxury accommodations, to phenomenal views of the record-breaking Ain Dubai, we’re set to make a show-stopping impression amongst Modest Fashion Week lovers. Rixos Premium Dubai is the perfect venue to showcase the elegance, glamour and exclusivity of modest fashion with a premium experience and authentic Turkish hospitality.” Says Ali Ozbay Regional Director of Marketing & Communications Rixos Hotels UAE

Ozlem added saying: “We feel the responsibility of being the pioneer and the most prestigious event series that is dedicated to the industry. This responsibility helps us to go out of our comfort zone and serve the best for the modest fashion industry while creating the solution for global businesses. We carefully curate all the global designers to show the power and beauty of modesty.”

The Modest Fashion Weeks were previously held in Istanbul, London, Jakarta, Amsterdam, Dubai and has 2 Billion Media Coverages, 40+ country participations. The event series are supported by the United Arab Emirates Government Entities and other countries that see modest fashion's huge potential and deep influence on other industries like tourism, high tech and FMCG. The modest fashion market size reached $474 Billion.

Top selected global online and offline retail groups will also have their front row seats in DMFW21 while they will be busy with choosing the designers exclusively for their brands. Altayer Group, Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group, Armada Group will be some of the selected buyers of the Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2021.

Dubai Modest Fashion Week 21 event entrance is only available with pre-registration on and with special invitations.

What to expect next? A daily presentation of the desingers to be showing on DFW21 catwalk! 

"They said only with masks"

17 September  2020 "Hundreds have stripped and posed naked in a north London park -- all in the name of art. Wearing nothing but a white face mask, some 220 volunteers gathered at Alexandra Palace to take part in the Everyone Together art installation organized by Spencer Tunick." CNN

'Teadrinking by the Blue Sofa" @krasso_mihaylov

Blue Sofa - Both Sides 2020 - Current

The Blue Sofa spirit : Nothing knewer than ten years old!

also : The older the better!

Be Blue Sofa - Save the Planet!

Note: the Blue Sofa Current motos do not concern your FacialMask!

As an ancient Chinese script - the fashion entries are to be read from bottom to the top.


Rug by Galina Borisova's grandmother

4 May - The Old Blue Rug

Tired of the Blue Sofa? You could always roll on down on the bluish rug.

The older the rug is the better. Remember: Nothing new in order to be en vogue with The Blue Sofa Current!

Check with you great aunt, she must have one in the attick/celler. Trust me, I know what I am talking. Not par hasard they call me The Iron Carpet!

Above excellent Blue Sofa rug, found by Galina Borissova in her attick. Inherited by her grandmother! Entirely in the Blue Sofa spirit : Nothing knewer than ten years old! and also : The older the better!  Be Blue Sofa - Save the Planet!

Note: the Blue Sofa Current motos do not concern your FacialMask!

30 April - Trikini Day

Yesterday was Dance Day. Today is Trikini Day. With all famous beaches around the world COVID-closed the only chance one gets to wear one's trikini is on a rainy day in a shopping trip to the Co-op....

It's such a shame that in our household its the hunter that goes shopping...

Alternatively, one might premier trikini at a NHS' Thursday clapping session.

Author unknown, source social media

Sunny Blue Sofa - Both Sides 2020 Fashion

Remember this time last year? LAAF launched its Sandy Summer 2019 Fashion. It consisted of wearing old garments used to the point not to be good to be worn in town; but loved enough so not to be thrown away; hence moved to the Old Fisherman's Cabin and worn by the sea during long sandy summer days.

This April LAAF is launching its Sunny Blue Sofa - Both Sides - 2020 Fashion. It consist of wearing your pyjamas and house-deluxe garments both indoors and at your rare outings outdoors. And this is the best time to do it - introduce free style street pyjamas wearing - after a month of COVID19 quarantine when people are used of both : at home, seeing people in pyjamas 24/7; in the street, seeing people in uglish lycra sports gear 24/7.

Thus the introduction of free style street pyjamas wearing will softly and unnoticeable reign the streets as a dream merging into reality. And of course nightdresses too.

The Sunny Blue Sofa - Both Sides Fashion - is a relaxed rather naked sort of fashion. Hence, the nearly newborn naked element of the current uglish free style sport fashion will be perpetuated.The naked element will even be perfectioned as who wears bras or smalls under a pyjama or a nightdress?

Last but not least, just as last year's Sandy Summer 2019 Fashion, the best thing about Sunny Blue Sofa - Both Sides 2020 Fashion is that you don't have to buy anything. You already have all that you need.

Inspired by Phaedra, an excellent biker and pitchblackwardrobe goth, who suddenly "I am going soft..I've bought a bloody WHITE bloody dress...aaaarrrrggghh....😧. Now I just need somewhere to go actually bloody wear it given that no one is allowed to go anywhere at the moment...bugger!!"

The Sandy-Summer 2019 Look - is now de passé


24.04.2020 23:16


No jammies worn here.
Have a yowling bath robe/ dressing gown
Black and dark grey vertical striped

24.04.2020 08:24


Love the Sunny Blue Sofa!