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برای آزادی سانچو

"Ultimately, just beeing a woman is controversial whatever you do". Caitlin Moran

Which is the Better Team? Team Iran vs Team Ayatollahs

A new episode of the series ‘Scrying through FWC2022’  under Little East here 

Thank you Peter Brookes. At times you are even sweeter than Our Lady of Jelly and Yokie. In the light of the coming game Iran vs Wales, may we be aware that Team Iran is between a rock and a hard place: The players are not simply faceing retaliation from the UnGodly Regime in Tehran upon their return; but their families are kept hostage at all time. And within this frame of mind they have to run, think, kick and score.

Peter Randall-Page is at Pangolin, King's Place * until 14 January 2023

For Women and Wolves All the Way also known as WWAW or Scrying Through the Fishy Saint Fish's Rabbit Hole

Nicola Sturgeon also known as The Saintly Fishy Fish 🐟 from the North Side of Hadrian's Wall stands strong for self-determination. So do I. Her insistence that it suffice for a man to say that he's a woman in order to obtain false identity but real documents and engineer a whole new life for himself reminded me of the following anecdote retold to me often by close friends. According to them once upon a time, in the good old times another friend and I allegedly had entered an affected discussion upon a matter that none recalls and just when the discussion had been about to turn into an argument and possibly a fight my opponent allegedly had said "Darling, don't be like that. After all you are a woman". To which I have allegedly responded "I am not a woman. I am a wolf". Thus putting an end to the conversation. Because allegedly at this point my opponent has lost his repartie.

Having no recollection of these events, I can only presume that I must have been beside myself at that point. Yet, I recognise myself in the quote, as I very much, still, like to think of myself as an ordinary grey representative of Canis Lupus; and only sometimes - but less than half of the time - as a desert fox also known as Fennec Fox 🦊.

Reading about the The Saintly Fishy Fish from the North Side of Hadrian's Wall psychedelic initiative I am thinking that it will surely open strange colourful rabbit hall 🐰 of the genre:

It is 2024 late November. I am in Edinburgh and decided to get myself into a nice, hot Turkish Bath. I get there all soft and naked as one does in a Turkish Bath and oops I come across a proper square and bare naked man self-identifying as a woman! WWAWWWWWW I hear myself howl while jumping and biting the penised-c*nt’s - for honestly what else would you call a woman with a penis? - throat and consequently chewing on his guttural...Simultaneously I see Superwoman jump on him from the left depenising the now depenised c*nt.

Later on in court I plead to be sued by animal laws, because frankly I am a Wolf - at least two people at all times can testify under oath that I've stated this more than a quarter of a century ago. Edinburgh Court of Session can't put me down because PETA Animal Rescue has been besieging the building for weeks and won’t let them. I am waiting for a verdict varying from : Best case scenario - I am acquitted and let to run freely into the wild Scottish Highs. Worst case scenario - I am found guilty and confined to the Edinburgh zoo. As they don't have a wolves’ cage in 2024, I am confined to the rabbits’ cage where I spend the rest of my life fondling ...well… rabbits.

Superwoman in the next court box, who has been self-identifying as Superwoman since she was four, insists human legislation doesn't apply to her either and requires to be judged by Super Heroes Laws. Edinburgh Court of Session obliges because the building has been besieged for weeks by a horde of Amazons sponsored by Jeff Bezos. Eventually the Amazons successfully break into the building and kidnap Superwoman before the court’s final verdict.

Leaving the Edinburgh's Court of Session and on my way to the rabbits cage at the Edinburgh Zoo I shout Azadi AZADI AAZAADII whilst making everybody lined on the pavement outside sign the petition in support of the Women of Iran.

In a parallel rabbit hole: It is a cold dark late November day in 2024. I am in a nice, hot Turkish Bath in Edinburgh. I lay soft and naked as one does in a Turkish Bath surrounded by five wolf-sisters at my age. We chat. One of the wolfesses says “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a young man self-identifying as a woman here with us?” - In this reality we don’t use the expression “peniced-c*nt” when we talk about women with penises because the PC Police has spies everywhere and we can get find - Only a few minutes later the door opens and through the mists we see a very young, rather cute, man self-identifying as a woman making his way through the slippery floor towards us…. Later on, in Edinburgh Court of Session we plead ‘ animated by pack instinct’ and are found not-guilty of seven counts of sexual assault. We sue back the Court for causing instinct distress and are accorded a considerable amount of money plus six free sessions with iCope to cope with the distress of the notion that following one’s wolves’ pack instincts might bring one to Edinburgh’s Court.

All this, obviously, because psychologists' and solicitors' fees are just what we need to add to our utility bills - which, frankly as an ex-Easter European, I find to be criminally low at present.

🐬 St Nicholas is the patron saint of fishermen, repentant thieves, brewers, pharmacists and drug-dealers, prostitutes, unmarried people, and students in Europe

🦊 Fennec foxes are sometimes called "desert foxes" because they live in desert zones of North Africa and the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas.

🐇 Which might explain why in Kuwait Alice in Wonderland is a forbidden read.

*Talking about rabbit halls and other than that, for honestly lately, whenever that didn’t have another? While at King's Place and wanting to see more art, I headed towards Gallery Level thus finding myself at....'Predict. The 2022 Intelligence Summit' hah. Did a whole lap of the venue before being detected and asked to leave. As nothing thereabouts looked particularly intelligent or interesting, I didn’t find it hard to oblige and leave.

Win Win or Who's the BestTeam?

Who would have thought? Who would have thought that in one game both sides can be winners?

Today at the FWC2022 England vs Iran game both teams won! Team England won the football game by 6 to 2, whileTeam Iran won the Bravest Team in the World title by not singing IRIran anthem*.

Team England added 6 scores to their record, but failed to climb to Rainbow height, while Team Iran added an additional Hourya/Virgin each - to the 72 each already waiting for them in Heaven - for supporting the women of their country, but failed to score 4 more goals.

Having missed the bit with the non-singing of the IRIran anthem in the beginning, I spent the first half of the game supporting Team England, hence happy with their goals. Learning about Team Iran's courageous non-singing in the half-time, I then started supporting team Iran and was happy with the goals they scored. Furthermore, at this point, Team England have already scored a goal or two too many. "We need more even-goal distribution" said I. The manfriend, through a strike-to-kill look at me, his competitive nature in total disbelief at what I'm saying. "Well, if you don't stand for a more balanced goal-distribution in football, how will you stand for a more equal profit-distribution in the World?" I continue my argument. The English-manfriend passes🚩.

Else to speak, I was happy at all times while watching a game that provided a universal balance glimpse opportunity : the light, cheerful play of the free world vs the courageous grieve play of a death-stagnated nation.

Complementing each other, both teams were half-losers** and half-winners*** at the same time. Team England gave the good game wanted, while team Iran gave the rebellion needed. Having in mind that both teams are also good-lookers, the conclusion is both teams are the Best Team.

* I can't make my mind whether scoring 2 goals, when knowing that you and your family might have to pay a very high personal price for not-singing the anthem is a sign of bravery, or of excellent footballing qualities or both. If they had the calm spirit of singing the anthem, would they have scored two more goals?

** Team England not-wearing the Rainbow, doing what they're told !?! Should I conclude that one more easily compromises one's own life than one's own career? Is a career the same as a bank account? Or that one is ready to pay a high personal price when life is difficult, but becomes less inclined when life is heavenly already on Earth? What is a win? Is it Money only? What is glory? If I suddenly obtain a hundred million pounds will I briskly stop caring about the conditions of the women in Iran? Or will I continue caring because I would merely be a Nouveau British Riche and non pas vieux argent? For what amount will I agree to be a mono-programed bio-robot?

***Team Iran not doing what they are told !?! More free in spirit in Iran than in the Free World? Does it mean that Money is the Most Important Thing in the World only once one is free? Or, what should I think?

🚩 Later on, after the game, the radio comments of "Thrashing team Iran" helped me articulate my sentiment : Team Equadro probably could "thrash" Qatar, but possibly chose to simply win instead. And I was thankful to them for that. Why do you have to thrash, when you can just win? I actually don't want restrain from this young, innocent version of Team England, they just play too easily and light-heartedly; the problem is all the other "thrashing". The "thrashing" in all other spheres at all other times...

Who would have thought? Who would have thought that football can stimulate such philosophical reflections?

PS Win win situations indeed. Instagram is full of videos showing Iranians celebrating England's goals in different parts in Iran. Including a video of dancing in the street after the final.

Fifa World Cup @maisonartc Marakesh

🎼 Azadi Azadi Aazaadii

After long and deep consideration on what should Team England do to support the Azadi or Freedom movement in Iran I came with a simple and easily applicable idea: after singing 🎼 God save the King - it would have been better for the occasion if it was still God Save the Queen, but there we are - they sang 🎼 Azadi Azadi Aazaadii. Two short and one long 'Freedom'. That's it. Nothing more nothing less.

Immediately went to pass my idea on to the English-manfriend for the test. "P, do you think Team England should sing 🎼 Azadi Azadi Aazaadii, which is basically 🎼 Freedom Freedom Freeeedoooom in Persian on Monday?" "What do you mean?" P asks "Footballers can't even sing in English". "Harsh", I say, "And unjust underestimation of footballers' talents, but if Team England prefers : Wearing long-haired wigs is another option."

"I feel sorry for them" P continues "You should do this! or what do you think of that? and if they do this Why did you do it? and if they don't do that Why didn't you do it? when all they want to do is play football. It doesn't happen often to me to feel sorry for footballers, but in this particular case I feel sorry for them".

So there we are: If Team England wants they could chant 🎼 Azadi Azadi Aazaadii. If they want they could wear long-haired wigs in their game against Iran. This option is very strong, because it will endorse the LGBT+ cause too - after all, I am sure there isn't a written Fifa rule for footballers not to wear wigs, now is there? But if Team England doesn't want to, they are free to not do either because after all it is all about azadi, isn't it?

🎼 Azadi Azadi Aazaadii

For Team England fandom my suggestion is even simpler: all men wear a scarf on their heads as to show English men's support for the women of Iran and not only; whilst all women wear captain hats, or red-Halloween style little horns, or are simply bareheaded - which makes me wonder whether Team Iran will play adorned with horse caps as to not to get distracted by bearheaded women.

Easy peasy but dramatically effective.

But if Team England fandom doesn't want to, they are free to not do either because after all it is all about azadi, isn't it?

🎼 Azadi Azadi Aazaadii

The Queen* would have signed the petition in support of the Iranian people

Sign here

To Rt Hon James Cleverly, The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs We, the undersigned, strongly condemn the killing of protesters in Iran at the hands of the state security forces and ask the British government to take urgent measures to stop this repression. The dossier of this regime's crimes must be referred to the United Nations Security Council. We urge the British government to do whatever necessary to guarantee free access to the Internet for the people of Iran.

I am thinking : Shouldn't we just ask Elon Musk for internet for the people of Iran instead?

*Monarch In Green by Mark Sloper - known as Illuminati Neon. Mixed Media Original Framed size: 136.0cm x 78.0cm as seen at the window of Castle Fine Art, Covent Garden today 17 November

The Imminent End of Racism Rescheduled For Eternity*

Putin with his reckless missle attack on Ukrain is proving what the West has always believed: That Slavs are an inferior savage tribe, not unlike Semites and Gypsies. Which explains Western passivity and contempt in the face of the conflict: Let Slaves interkill.

A repetition of the Israel Palestine situation that lasts now forever : Let Semites interkill.

Ingeniously, Slavs and Semites oblige.

Obviously the shame is on everybody. But above all on the lowest, most inferior of all living beings Putin.

* Harland Miller's Imminent End, Rescheduled Eternally is at White Cube Bermondsey as of today 16 November.

At St Brides, remembering all the journalists, photographers, fixers, translators and collaborators fallen in wars. I always wonder why aren't all the journalists, reporters and columnist at St Bride's come Remembrance Day.

I say Iranian WOMEN BEFORE Albanian MEN.

Massive Albanian male protest block at the National Gallery today, Saturday the 12th at about 1430, next door to the regular Iranian Women Life Freedom protest

Climate, Egyptian Anti-Sisi's and other interests groups protesters down Trafalgar Square, contrasting the Lord Mayor's Procession. 

The Albanian Male Block Protest Group behaved strangely: took selfies, brought along a handful of women to pose with, interrupted and disrupted all other groups' activities and left to attend their usual Albanish business some 10 min later. Judging by their quick appearance and dissapearance I will happily speculate that this group was paid poorly, possibly by the same party that organised their mass exodus. and behaved like people paid by the hour to be here or there.

The Climate Justice Coalition that had a stage at the Square, also made a wierd impression by trying to overshout the Women Life Freedom protest with massive speakers instead of studying the situation of the Square in advance and integrating or joining the Women Life Protest.

The Climate Justice Coalition should know that the change of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be a massive service to climate, because this regime is even worse to climate and nature than it is to people. Tehran* is one of the worst polluted capitals in the world and the draught in Southern Iran**, partially duento the bad management of water resources by the regime is of the exact scale of climate unjustice that they are shouting about.

The Climate Justice Coalition shouting about solidarity from a stage shouting down the protest nearby? Shame on you.

Let alone the total lack of sense of momentum, very typical for leftists' tunnel vision - a result of profound disbelieve in its own abilities and ultimately an even deeper disbelieve in the possibility of change. Did I say Shame on you?

At Lord Mayor's Procession on the other hand there were massive Troll hills disguised as armoured vehicles, knights in shiny armours, camels and dancing people in turbans thus reassembling greatly Amazon's Rings of Power, Lord of the Rings. I won't be surprised if its creators have assisted at a Lord Mayor's Procession or two. The ensemble forming an epic, hyper-strange combination of military, charitable, cultural and agricultural entities display.

*  Out of 1,099 cities evaluated for overall air pollution, Tehran was ranked 82, a situation many pollution experts believe has deteriorated since the publication of WHO's report in 2015. Tehran has roughly four times the concentration of polluting particles as smog-blighted Los Angeles.

** For much of 2021, drought gripped southern Iran, parching crops, drying wells, and fueling protests over water. The first week of 2022 brought the opposite problem—a series of potent rain and snow storms overwhelmed rivers and unleashed widespread flooding.







This is a recap for Chuchu Richi, our beloved Especial* Needs PM, in case he was sipping too loudly at his tea this Saturday the 5th of November afternoon and failed to hear what was shouted by few of hundreds of people at his doorstep; or in Case Whitehall is outside the parameter of his attention.

And because people with this particular type of special needs love numbers, here are some:

The Iranian procession (1) was composed of three (3) fractions, which I will name ** roughly as 1st Peshmergas *** A group of 10-15 boys with balaclavas and other face-covering gear shouting obscene, I can only guess, slogans as all present were morts de rire, but then refusing to translate the slogans for me saying "My English is not good enough to translate". 2nd The Royalists, a group of about 50 or so supporters of the Shah Reza Pahlavi. Which is not to worry for in each and every country there are people called Monarchists or Royalists and in some countries there are even more than 50, like in this one. 3rd about 300 Zan☆Supporters. Fortunately, the group of Women, Life, Freedom was the most prominent of all three groups, the best organised and with the ongoing communication with the MetPolice.

Which reminded me once more how madly you appreciate British Police when you come from a dictatorial country. Not simply you appreciate them you just love them. You want to go and kiss them each and everyone by one. Yesterday, there were plenty of them and they did an excellent job, whilst Whitehall was a very complicated field with numerous diverse actors. Met Police was a warm, positive and reassuring presence. Which is precisely why I will repeat myself and say: Populate your front houses like they were populated before. So that the population knows that you are available to serve. The inaccessible or depopulated fronts of your houses are a disgrace. Whosoever has invented the void  front of Police Stations houses is a villain. Roam the streets as before, so your glory as the best Police in the World might be re-established. I will repeat it : The Police that serve people and don't beat them with a baton on the head are the most glorious of all Police forces. The Police that protects and doesn't rape women is the mot blessed amongst police forces. Therefore, don't get cynical and don't forget that you serve P E O P L E. 

Back to the Iranian procession the slogan BBC SHAME ON YOU was shouted only three times and then forgotten, possibly not unlike BBCs oblivion of Iranian processions around the world.

* "Why Estop", I asked two enthusiastic sloga shouters. "We tried saying Stop, but it didn't work" the two fabulously young and pretty girls told me. This is how melodical this Nation of Poets kidnapped by Ayatollahs is. They can't just say " Stop"  - and possibly this is why the Ayatollahs are not stopping - They have to say a nonsense like estop so that it is smoother for the ear. 

** all names are mine

 *** The Peshmerga (Kurdish: پێشمەرگه, romanized: Pêşmerge, lit. 'those who face death')[25] is the Kurdish military forces of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq.☆ ZAN woman in Farsi 

6th of November

Say her name, say her name # mahsaamini

The Credit Suisse Exhibition LUCIAN FREUD NEW PERSPECTIVES 'I go to the National Gallery rather like going to a doctor for help.' LUCIAN FREUD

Curator Christine Riding and Directore Gabriele Finaldi frame Turner's 'Cologne, the Arrival of a Packet-Boat: Evening'

Iranian Women Saits icons at the NG. Better photo next time

NG's Triptych

I don't want to possess art. I just want to live in the National Gallery. Alternatively, a weekly visit at great great aunty NG is not too bad. Not visiting NG, together with the perspective not to go to ROH ever again, were amongst the scariest thoughts during the First Lockdown. Anyway these fears are now gone. At least for us - Iranian women still have to go with masks on their hairs. Virus or no virus sorry lice or no lice.

Back to the pleasures and joys of life, these days mainly contained in the National and other galleries.

Turner on Tour in conversation with Lucian Freud's New Perspectives are different in scale, yet complementing each other's exhibitions.

Different in scale, as Turner on Tour features two grand paintings, temporarily loaned by the Frick Collection, Fifth Avenue Garden, while they are doing some redecoration - unseen next to each other before. Whilst Frieud's New Perspectives exhibition features many a painting. For this and many other reasons I reckon they should be seen together.

Both Turner and Freud make an extensive use of yellow. It was curious for me to learn from the curator of the Turner on Tour exhibition, the excellent Christine Riding, that Turner's use of yellow monochrome was " innovative and modern, engaging with new colours coming on the market". Yellow, therefore, wouldn't have been a novelty at the time of Freud, yet he too uses it extensively depicting women and men's hairs, floor deckings, armchairs, flesh and other. Admittedly not in the "blinding" way of Turner and fortunately.

Apart from the unifying yellow the two painters are diametrically opposed in a very complimentary way.

Turner on Tour features two large scale port-scapes. One of Dieppe and one of Cologne. Of the two I linked the ``anti-picturesque" as Christine Riding described it, 'Cologne, the Arrival of a Packet-Boat: Evening' because of the rusty iron roads entangled at the front ground.

Seeing Freud after Turner helped me - eventually and after fifteen years of wondering - understand why exactly I don't like Turner. The Veiled Man, I now call him. The man with a big ambition and a vail on his head. For in the centre of most, if not each, of his massive paintings there abides a big misty vail. A huge ... nothingness. It might be that the colours have faded with time, which's why they don't "blind" me the way Turner wanted to "blind" his contemporaries like "Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus ", as Christine Riding explained. Hence, I am not blinded so much as to think that there is something at the place of nothing.

Turner's skies are so voidish to my eye that when I stood under ' Harbour of Dieppe: Changement de Domicile ' I thought "What a strange hole. And why would the restaurer put white into this hole instead of the same yellow as of the surrounding sky? How very strange!" Much later, when listening at Christine Riding explanation on how the painting depicted mostly women working near a gutter and how these women were a kind of reference to Cologne's patron Saint Ursula; and looking at the painting from far only then I realise that the strangely restored white hole in the middle was actually Turner's... sun....

Seeing the self-portraits and portraits of Lucian Freud next door made me think that Turner's vails hide a void. In this void there is Fear. This is the fear of one looking into other human beings in order to avoid looking unto oneself.

Which is why, I don't like the Veiled Man Turner, I perceive him as, dare I say, pompous coward. Which is how Freud's exhibition complements Turners, by being the exact opposite. In the centre of each of Freud's paintings there is a being : man, woman, dog, himself, described with a brave candid stare.

Last but not least, the third exhibition, the one outside NG's doors, towards Trafalgar Square, with the paintings on the pavement, adorned with flower wreath. The Iranian Women Saints Exhibition, already half washed by the rain, but still visible for so many people to spare a thought and to pay respect minute after minute.

While I am sitting there watching for people's reaction at the sight of the Three Iranian Saints icons, three men approach, they contemplate the icons in silence, then sit next to me. At this moment the sun starts to shine, I take off my raincoat, roll up my sleeves and my trousers - I am a sun-addict not wanting to waste a single sunray. The three men talk quietly Farsi, their glances pass through me not registering : my blonde hair, my naked arms and calves. The three men don’t give any symptoms of feeling provoked nor excited nor agitated at all.... Just normal men like so many others around. Now I wonder, what does this mean? Does it mean that they too much or not at all want to go to Heaven? May be they don't want to go to Heaven at all as Iranian men that want to go to Heaven, I am told, lose control at the sight of women's hair, thus faithfully paying respect to their Prophet, who, I am told, as well used to lose control at the sight of women's hair.* Shouldn't we then make some checks at airports to make sure that only men that are able to be in control at the sight of women's hairs may travel the world? Or in order to be non-discriminatory, like Islamis State of Iran is non-discriminatory to women and requires of all to wear the hair-mask (virus no virus, lice no lice); so the world should be non-discriminatory to all Iranian men and distribute horses' blinders to those of them travelling abroad (provoked or not-provoked, agitated or not)? Questions, questions...

To some or all of these questions - treat whatever sounds as a statement in this writing also as a question - each and everyone can find an answer this coming Saturday the 5th of November. And here is the schedule:

Get yourself into Turner on Tour free exhibition in the morning.

Have lunch. Get a ticket for Lucian Freud New Perspectives exhibition in the afternoon.

Have a coffee.

Attend the Iran Protest at 4pm and bring tools to draw more portraits of Iranian Women Saints. Hopefully on a different support than the pavement. These Saints have already been washed away from life, now seeing their portraits washed away from the pavement seems only too cruel.

This is the Triptych Schedule, in and outside the National Gallery. To be done this and few more Saturdays to come.

1 November

* A universal phenomenon : When men lose control they say women provoked them. When women lose control men tell women that they are mad.

@anniezamero' THE KISS AND MAKE UP' [Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin], (after 'The Kiss' by Rodin, 1888-98) oil and acrylic on canvas, 107x159 cm. On exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space, private view Wednesday 9th November, 7.30-9pm with guest speaker Pandemonia at 6 for 6.30pm.

Nobody is kidnapping this revolution - ILA couldn't deal with the Devil's Horns sign given at a single woman in fron of a cameta (!)....Down down Down with the Ayatollahs. Down down with A. Down down with all and any Ngo

Whilst I was kindly invited to  join International Liberty Association on Iran meeting today Saturday 29th October.....

  About 3 min within the  meeting  I was removed from it  for making the hand-sign known as Devil's Horns.

Good luck.

Good luckn to you ILA with this body-language chassity policy.

Which makes me conclude that ILA would rather have some dead meet in front of cameras, rather than a living female body. This is what I witnessed.

People, do you hear me?

I just got baneed from an international forum for Iran for giving two fingers up.... haha


This revolution wlll not be kidnapped  and rock&roll the world.


Friday 29 October

Thank you @Sohaila_Sokhanvari

To this brave Iranian woman from the diaspora* I will say:

"Don't worry too much about this economic analysis. For the Anglo-Saxon world, both sides of the Big Blue, sincever it exists, has been mono and singlely tuned into the MONEY code. Hence CBNC's economic analysis. Hence the Northern Hemisphere 's monotheism. This part of the world is triggered, turned, reactive and responsive sololy to M O N E Y.

And without wanting to worry you to much; for the Anglo-Saxons the slogan Woman Life Freedom, doesn't speak much more than it says to the Men in Beards (both sides of the border with Afghanistan), or to the Midget in the Kremlin. In this sense we, women around the world, are all beginners. We are all just now starting to...resist, sing, insist, dance, fight, make mischief etc etc etc

* I don't mention your name as your video was just shared by the brave at heart and tallanted at hand Sohaila Sokhanvari, but I can't find your name mentuoned.

Trevor vs Rishi vs Putin under Digestions 2022 here 

We Invoke the Culture of Heretics (W.I.T.C.H), Anna Bunting-Branch at Summerset House Horror Show

Witch Is the Greater Horror?

Now that is a question with a very simple answer.

Usually simple questions require complicated answers. Not this one though. For there is no Greater Horror than the Terror and oppression imposed by the Islamic Republic of Iran on its population men and women alike from one side; and on the World from other by supplying Russia with camicadze drons.

Luckily, the fabulous Horror Show to open doors at Summerset House tomorrow, Thursday 27 October, doesn't, even the slightest, rival the Islamic Republic's horrors but intrigues and fascinates with humans' endless ability to resist to crisis - economic, political and other - with art, imagination and rebellion.

The show is a vast one starting somewhere in the beginning of the 70s with David Bowie's ❣️ Dimond Dogs passing through all the politico-economical crises this country has seen and art forms they have stimulated ending up today with the magnificent galore of art-resistance and rebellion formats the last decade and a half - post 2007 - has generated culminating into sublime art witchery, sorcery and magical work. Of witch - saving the h for other occasions - my personal favourites are Anna Bunting-Branch with her posters We Invoke the Culture of Heretics (W.I.T.C.H) and Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (W.I.T.C.H). Witch gains Anna all my hearts ❣️and smiles😀.

Here I should probably admit that this Horror Show made me laugh a lot. Just like despite the brutal murders of Mahsa Amini, Shirin Alizade, Hadiz Najafi, Nika Shakarami Juwad Haidari, Neda Agha Sultan, Navid Fkari, Suriname Esmailzadeh and nameless others and the rape by the IR police followed by dissapearance of Armita Abbasi and nameless others; the head of Ayatollah Khamanai, and Ayatollah Khomeini before him, still look ridiculous and funny to me. Other favourites in the Horror Show, the one in the Summerset House I mean, are the two tarot decks of Sophy Hollington and Suzan Treister. Unfortunately one can't get those in the Horror Show Shop, yet, other curious tarot decks are available there of witch the most curious is called something like New Archetyps. The Fashion Tarot Deck is also quite funny. Julie's tiny skull ceramic plate is one of the items in the shop which merits a praise. Julie Goldsmith is sublimely sinister in a particularly sweet way. Hence, the not only the Horror Show but also the its shop requires special attention with endless curious items and titles on display.

Ideally, one should dedicate three and not merely two - as I did - hours to the Horror Show because of the many video and sound installations on display, all of witch very interesting and some of witch very long. Here my favourite is Derek Jarman's Blue despite having caught only the last 15 of the 76 min of the film.

In a word the Horror Show is the show to be seen this autumn. Its richness and fine diversity nursed me to forget. To forget for at lest an hour the real Horror. The Horror on display in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

PS by the way TB, no, not tuberculosis, merely Toni Blair was also there nicely framed as a Horror Icon. Thanks to him now half the Middle-East is aligned with Putin.

26 October

TB as a Horror Icon by Paul Heartfeild, 2014. Paul could make a business mass-producing those and supplying them to Greek Taverns frequented by Iraqi tourists

Julie Goldsmith's fabulous 'Clown Minature' is to be purchased for only £300 at the Delta Gama Contemporary Art Academy show at Saatchi Gallery.

No Saffron-Cooking Untill Freedom*

We all should pay a personal price for Persian Women's Freedom. I suggest we stop saffron-cooking until Freedom.

*Iran Iran is the largest producer of Saffron in the world and has over 90% Saffron production worldwide. Khorasan Razavi province and Gonabad region are part of central Iranian plateau with arid and semiarid climate.


Also known as Saffron is out of fashion for now

برای آزادی سانچو

 „Свободата, Санчо, е едно от най ценните блага, с които Бог дарява хората. С нея не могат да се сравнят нито съкровищата, които крие земята, нито тези, които таи морето."

"Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that heaven has bestowed upon men; no treasures that the earth holds buried or the sea conceals can compare with it" Don Quixote, 1605 (!)

@londonish_citizen "Woman Life Freedom" زن زندگي ازادي

Happy Birthday Mister President

Aka Death Note

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Congratulations, on your 70th birthday half of the human raise wishes you dead.

Admitedly the other half wishes you victorious. Obviously, you'll fail the second, rather sooner than later.

Hence, your legacy will be disastrous. You and Adolf... sure when you're deprived of all talent causing the death of many people counts as a sort of achievement. Well done (without the encore) .

خامنه اي و رئيسي در جهنم. الله أكبر.يا فتاة

Khamenei and Raisi in Hell. God is great.O girl.
Original video and song..

Old Fashioned - Islamic Revolution? No, thanks.

"Yes thanks alot 💜 I'm fine. I went to the protests for two days but few people were there and honestly I was scared so I didn't go the following days.

They are arresting all the famous people who supported these protests."

Fereshteh, 30 September 2022

.مهسا اميني - ملکه من مرده .ملکه ایران هم مرده دوستت دارم. من تو را گرامی میدارم، آرزوی تو را دارم، ملکه بزرگتر از همه ملکه ها


02.10.2022 19:22


I knew how much you were concerned about the violation of women's rights in Iran .Thanks for your prayer and for being so inspirational. So much LOVE.

29.10.2022 12:37

London Art and Food

Thank you my dearest MZ for the kind words. Much love to you in return❣️

21.05.2021 21:15


Much appreciated Mr Moto... Moto or Mojo? :)

21.05.2021 17:46

Mr Moto

An oasis of sanity and stimulation

18.09.2020 08:03


So Non-comersial, great!

21.06.2020 18:38

Торта Павлова

Загадки в чинията?! Опасно вкусно!

21.05.2020 08:02


Let them eat cake

06.04.2020 20:27


Get well Borko!

05.03.2020 22:55


Thank you for posting the article about Abney Cemetery, what an intriguing place, I didn’t know it existed until today and so many events on there.
Thank you London Art and Food

26.02.2020 16:16


I enjoyed the article on Masculinities and feel it is in a way perfect timing. I think to reset the balance between men and women more exhibitions like this are needed.

01.01.2020 18:03

Youko Shimitsu


01.01.2020 17:56


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bonne année! Merci pour le matériel de lecture de qualité.

03.09.2019 06:56


Great job..

15.07.2019 08:54


.... the beautiful London streets.. thanks

14.07.2019 21:40


The city of Jasmine! Such a great new way to think about London. I am definitely try a little blossom in my mimosas:)

12.07.2019 18:29


Great review! I will love to see it ( with old friends of course)!

11.07.2019 18:48


Project Zoltar at The Rave Room, great stuff.....

06.07.2019 12:48


30.06.2019 11:55



24.06.2019 18:53


Incredible video from Primrose Hill. Continue to keep us informed about cultural events in London, and not just...

26.05.2019 13:40

Doroteya Hristova

#Here We Go Again or Screaming Brexit - Brexshit

15.05.2019 07:03

Takeshi Kitano


14.05.2019 16:21


Now gallery . PV. Greenwich peninsula

14.05.2019 07:59

Adele Davies

#Sofia or Idlib? How it is possible for this to happen in a European country in 2019?

11.05.2019 07:42

Kristian F

LuciFairian Games рулира!

21.04.2019 15:40

Doroteya Hristova


05.03.2019 10:11


Great stuff! Intriguing! Will follow

05.03.2019 10:10

Doroteya Hristova

f a v o r i t e !

01.12.2018 22:13


its interesting to understand this point of view. thanks

03.10.2018 17:22

Doroteya Hristova

Iva & Ivo - one of my FAV peoples from Sofia