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Peta for Boris or In case you wonder why some people think some other people are baby-eating Satanists.

Inspired by BBC’s Radio 4 podcast 'The Coming Storm'

The idiocy of the opposition - in&out bread, Conservative and Labour - transpires in its arguments against Boris Johnson : Too many children; too much sex; too cheep a wine; too many parties; with the latest, as of 27 January, beeing: too many saved cats and dogs.

Do you really believe that any one, just any one would believe that Boris is responsible - we would have called it fiasco if it wasn't a carnage - in Afghanistan, only because Boris has saved 162 cats? Well, I won't believe that more than I believe that Boris, and not the NHS, is responsible for the high COVID mortality rate in the UK.

Accusing somebody in lack of seriousness with ridiculously unserious arguments is... well,... dead-unserious.

People stating that they want "a competent PM, be him boaring" should give proves of "incompetence" of the PM and not of him simply being terribly human. I certainly can't believe that the loss of human life in Afghanistan is due to the saving of 162 cats and dogs 'linked directly by the Prime Minister'.

What I can see though is the language "cheap" as in "cheap wine" (David Mellor), "stray" as in "162 stray cats and dogs" (‘A very bad time for any pawprints to emerge’, The Times, 27 Jan)* , "living in his parents basement" (The Coming Storm podcast, radio4, BBC) all synonyms of poverty - What is the difference between a man who is living in his parents basement and Prince Charles living in his mommy's castle for example? Literally nothing but the fact the Charles mommy is richer and queen. - Thus, poverty now is the biggest Champagne Socialists scarecrow. The greatest post-COVID sin*. Thus Boris Johnson strikes a bad pose with his too many children, cheap drink and his insolvency in regards to wall-paper, so they send him to go “make money to feed his children and leave the rule of the country to somebody more competent” as apparently is trendy now to call the reache and sleek’.

Putting this together with the impression that Kier Stammer's filigran cameo with the pub owner left in me; together with Sir Phoney Fair's exemplary competence manifested in the war on Afghanistan and Iraq leaves me with the impression that Boris Johnson opposition, in&out- born is inhumanly cruel calculative countless-headed, not only babies eating but, omnivore Lamya with many a head from various walks of life, journalists included; which some like to call 'Deep States’.

The good news for the Omnivorous Lamia being : Not the fittest, but the most destructive ones survive. Good luck to you ugly, but groomed, champagne drinking war loving monster.

The babies? All war makers are by default baby-eaters, what's obscure about that? Clear as a midsummer sunny day.

*It is hyper curious to me how the pet- loving nation that has adopted even more dogs than ever during the last two years, is suddenly judgemental to its Prime Minister for saving dogs and cats. What makes the PM act a sign of incompetence is the fact that the 162 animals in question were “stray” Afghani dogs and cats and not good-home-groomed English dogs and cats.

Today, the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association releases its brand NEW Covid-19 Pet Surveyi confirming a staggering rise in pet acquisition: Over one third (35%) of young adults (age 24-35) have already embarked on lives as new pet owners – or are planning to add a pet to their families.

Conclusion: I suggest Peta should immediately give Boris Johnson the title Knight of the Cats and Dog of Afghanistan.

I should immediately start spreading the idea that English chauvinisme and double standard - English vs not-English - affects even dogs and cats and not merely humans.

WHATEVER has Boris done he hasn’t gone into a war. I repeat: He hasn’t gone into a war!

28 January 2022


Telegram, 3 February 2021

The Good Liar

"Don't let the truth get on the way of a pre-prepared gag." Says Sir Kier Stamer in a video gag recently released by a Telegram user.

Well-trimed, well-spoken poor liar? Is that Sir Kier Stamer ?

Until recently we couldn't put a finger on what exactly the leader of the Labours is... Could we now say he is "A good looking bad liar"?

Apparently, later Sir Kier - do we have to still call him "sir"? - has excused his lie saying that he misheard the Prime Minister.

Deaf!? The Leader of the Labour? A deaf liar? You don't say! Well, at least none could accuse him for not being in continuity with Tony Blair. 

Ops, sorry, Sir Kier is probably within Parliament's People with Special Needs Quota, being the first Labour leader officially diagnosed with mythomania and pseudologia fantastica.

But all of them lookers, those Labours, huh? tststs*

*a tongue chuckle expressing simultaneously fascination with somebody's good quality and fortune and disappointment of the unfairness of the universe to accord the fortune of such a good quality to this particular individual. A very Bulgarian complex nonverbal expression.

4 February 2021


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