I as a Budget Item also known as Gov.uk & I or My Home Office Odyssey, season N

Like in all other Oddyseys, the beginning and the end of this one are shrouded in mists. But I think that now, when we are talking about the national budget, is a good time to mention the story of one of its hidden items, which is... I.  

An Odyssey, unlike a journey, is a trip in which actors with super-powers - The Greek called them gods - are involved. Unlike a journey, an Odyssey is not an individual, but an incommon enterprise. In this story the Greek/human is I and the gods is gov.uk; which I suppose means the Home - not the Hope, as the spellchecker suggests - Office

.Commençons par le commencement:

In…. 2017 I applied for resident status on the basis of five tax declarations, as is the rule. I paid the fees.Some time later I did receive a document stating “Residence Card” on it, and I assumed that I had received what I had applied for.I waited a year and in 2018 I applied for a British passport on the basis of what I thought was a permanent residency status + one more tax return. I, obviously, paid the fees.  Some time later I was surprised to receive a refusal stating that I haven’t provided enough of the necessary evidence needed for the issuing of the document in question.

Baffled, and upon the advice of a solicitor - a client of mine for whom I was doing some interpreting - I contacted my local MP. Thanks to Emily Thornbery I found out that; about two years ago, despite having applied for permanent residency status and despite having supplied evidence for five tax returns, I was accorded the residency status for EU citizens abiding in the country six or less months; hence, my application for passport backed with this “fresh status” + one more year tax return = did not respond to the requirements. Else to say - despite having ticked all the necessary boxes and paid all the fees - I was not getting what I wanted. The result? Only the mediator, the hadler company - the one that “checked” and confirmed that all my documents were in order gave me back the checking fee, but the main paiements - for a status and a passport - got swallowed by gov.uk, obviously, never to be returned.

Hence, I had to start all the procedure a new - без вина виновен as they say in Bulgarian, guilty without guilt -  I reapplied for settlers status and only thanks to the gaidens of solicitor mentioned above I obtained it. Which meant that I …. paid it once more. Hello, in order to obtain this status I paid twice. So it will be with the passport - if one day I re-apply for it - I will have to pay it all over again. The scary bit here is - despite being a grown up, educated, capable, IT literate and English speaker and writer - which should make me good enough to successfully apply by myself; I would never dare, not even phanthome, to brave the process personally again - I would seek the solicitor to do it instead, for I lost too much money to gov.uk and I can't afford losing more. So far the story had been told before. I hate to repeat myself - a good storyteller never does. So here we come to the new bit of the Odyssey: the DBS game. And it goes like that:

When I arrived in this country, every agency I applied to work asked for my DBS check. Funny as it is, at least three agencies made me pay a new DBS check through their provider until I knew best: that one can simply do a DBS subscription. Having in mind that the agency earn/gain? from people doing their DBS check through their providers, they trick newcomers, like myself not too many years ago, to do a new DBS check specially for them. With agencies telling me that a DBS check I've done three months earlier was not good for them and made me use their name and code to do a new one. Hence, I made at least three unnecessary payments to gov.uk.Eventually, I found out that one can have a DBS subscription and subscribed for a renewable one. 

Next thing I know: I have this DBS renewable subscription and I continue it with only £13 and all is bright and beautiful until this year when: I receive an email to renew my subscription - I still don’t know why, as it was supposed to be automatic and I haven’t changed my bank card since last year at the same time - which I immediately do. It’s the beginning of January. To my surprise, on the last day of January I receive a papered letter telling me that I should renew my payment. Surprise as I am, I still repeat the process - open my laptop, sign in with the necessary codes and do a SUCCESSFUL payment. Or at least this is what my screen is telling me. This time I write the date of the payment on the letter, so that I know the exact day of the payment, which is 30the of January. When on the 8th of February I receive an email from my agency - yes, it’s the Fat Joke, but what can I do? It's the unriveld massive public service interpreting contractor - telling me that they are switching me off their system because my DBS check was not renewed, I am more than surprised. As a result, I get to lose a job already accorded for one, for two I am off the booking system, so I don't get to get any work in the remaining February, and so far March. This in the current situation when interpreting jobs are so scarce.

I contact the DBS check customer service. They contest. I contest too. I contact HSBC, they contact Verified by Visa for me. Verified by Visa says “as far as we are concerned you attempted to make a payment and the payment was successful from our behalf”. Off record they tell me “The problem must be the retailer's  - whatever that means - website”. In their email though they only agree to write that “the two attempts for the payment of £13 were successful as far as Verified by Visa is concerned”.DBS customer service hasn't answered yet. Which means that I won't be able to get any work, at least until the end of March. And who knows how much longer.

Now, admittedly £90 for an entirely new DBS check is better for gov.uk than the meak £13 for renewal. Also, admittedly if the Home Office manages to milk me £90 in February this would be more than I would have contributed for this month as tax return - work is very … meak … these days. But still, Really? I mean really? How much more should the Home Office syphon/milk me? 

To put it simple: every time I initiated an interaction with the Home Office I am literally robbed.  There is no other way to say it - EVERY TIME I ASKED THE HOME OFFICE FOR A SERVICE, I had to pay at least twice if not more in order to get it, if at all.

No, I don’t believe that the Home Office is full of amateurs or incapable people - even though the story with the "failed retailer's website" is probably exactly this. Mind you, DBS custom service admits that I have entered my account, and they can even quote the exact time, but don't admit any payment attempt of my behalf, nor any failure of their system. Nor do I believe that I am important enough to get a personalised “special” bad treatment. What I am starting to think though is that the Home Office uses some sort of algorithm that singles out people suitable for syphoning/milking. People that will pay the tax and then won’t get what they should get, so that they see themselves obliged to keep paying.  Otherwise this systematic abuse wouldn’t have happened. And I call it systematic abuse - I don’t get what I want when I need it despite checking all the necessary boxes and despite paying for the service. It is a “Domestic”/Home Office abuse.

I desperately wanted the passport hoping that it would bring me the clearance needed to work on another level - this obviously won’t happen any time soon - what I got instead is to be stripped even of the simple DBS check that allowed me to work on a simple, “street” level. How random is this systematic failure? I just don’t agree to be abused by gov.uk anymore.

Only Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue and Rishi's self-employment scheme hadn't let me down so far, but with the absolute lack of work - even the odd job per week - in February and March, I don't know how I will manage until mid April. When I forwarded Verified by Visa's email to DBS customer service, I also asked them for compensation for the loss of profit and time. See what they will answer. It will be funny if I pursue dbs.gov.uk through HMCR's small claims complaint.

Having said "small claims" and "algorithm" further up in the text reminds me of work-galore I was enjoying through the first years of my sojourn in this country. When I was brand new here, I was receiving plenty of work from companies that didn't intend to pay me. I do believe that some companies are praying on newcumers thinking that if somebody is a female, working with Arabic and new in the country, they won't know how to obtain what they are due. And effectively, I had a problem to get paid during the first year and until a friend introduced me to HMCR's small claims procedure - which exist in a simple online format and is very easy to use - with which I immediately fell in love because of its efficiency. After the first successful claim, I bravely started to pray on the predators. So when hungry hunter-agencies approached me with seductive offers I would always say yes, knowing that the system - HMCR - is backing me with all its efficiency. An agency would approach me, give me a lot of work, then when I start asking for payment would disappear. I learned to postpone the moment I start asking for payment. Thus in the third year I worked four months before issuing an invoice. Once I sent the invoice, the company disappeared from my radar - they stopped calling me, stopped giving me work, stopped answering my calls. Funny that. But obviously they couldn't hide from HMCR's eagle eye. And when one thinks that this company was servicing the NHS at the time....

Regrettably, once I have accomplished four years in this country, I have fallen off the radar of the predatory companies. Alas, alas, it was fun this pray at the predators game.... just with the Home Office, I still don't know how to turn it to my benefit....So let's finish where we started - is gov.uk/the Home office : merely incapable or predatory? Does it use a milking algorithm to spot and milk me? And when one thinks how much idealism one has projected onto the British system....

Every payment or small claim mentioned here is verifiable.

4 March 2021

TFJ Inteligence crisis

The sole contractor - let's call it The Fat Joke - to the whole public service interpreting - medical, social, police etc - in this country haя DECREASED the wages for face to face interpreting with 15% since the 23 March, "due to the COVID -19 crisis".

So interpreters are now supposed to work alongside all medical professionals and police wo/men, at a rat 15% lower than their usual one. Which was volunteering-level-low at the first place. I would like to know why? At this precise moment, highly qualified and skilled professionals working shoulder to shoulder with key workers are expected to work for 15% less than in peacetime?

The trend of undermining translators' and interpreters' work has been imported by American the mentioned American from monolingual US, where no native-red-neck speaks any languages, including their own, at all; and if a native US citizen, by pure chance, speaks a foreign language on a read-and-write level then they become an ambassador or special FBI - or was it CIA? - agent.

As if it wasn’t enough that the interpreters work short of for free, so that ignorant “booking agents” may receive some miserable salary in Leeds - which I don’t mind but at least give me a badge that reads “I am feeding a hungry mouth in Leeds” or “Volunteering for Leeds”; but in addition those booking agents fiddle with an otherwise excellent algorithm - basically if it weren’t for the booking agents to interfere with the algorithm serious interpreters would have had much more work. Hence, I prefer to pay more taxes, so that youth in Leeds may have a good life - I absolutely wouldn’t mind -  just get them off my chest. Or at least give them some lessons in good manners.

Undermining and underpaying skilled foreigners won't make you more intelligent - be you an intelligence service - anytime soon.

Translation, of all sorts, is an ancient, noble and creative profession. While  face to face interpreting combins representation, mediation and conflict solution. The profession as a whole should be under UNSCO protection; while intelligence services standing for public service providers should be outlawed. For what exactly are we - my taxes included - paying this company? To gather intelligence or to provide interpreting services? Or basically, as it seems it gets double, at least, paid - once with public funds for the interpreting services and a second time with data which it collects while delivering its undercover services.

The Fat Joke - Both your Mother and Father Work in Mcdonalds Looser!

12 May

In case I didn't put it clearly enough : the 15% decrease of interpreters' pay at the times of COVID19, is only possible because no public service interpreter is a natural born Brit. I call this institutional racism.

This decrease in interpreters' rate might be related, or not, to the fact that this public sector contractor's contract is due to renewal this year - in case it hadn’t already happened. Which will result in depriving the public sector all together of qualified interpreters.

Note: Since this text was written, I have recieved a communication from TFJ informing me that as a medical interpreter I have the status of a Key Worker. 21 May

When your enemy is the EUSSR - The Rewriting of History. Part IV.

I don't know about else but in racism all nations are equal. Equally racist I mean. If somebody says elsehow, they would be lying.

Bulgaria though has an additional characteristic, it is a nation in depression. Depression in the psychological term of the word.  Bulgarian history, which I haven't read neither at uni, nor at school, recognises  'two national catastrophes' : the Second Balkan War and WW1. With a combined effect - the lost of Bulgaria of massive regions enhabited by Bulgarian population such as Vardar, Aegean Thrace, South Dobrudja and the Western Borderlands. 

Those are the 'National Catastrophs', nobody though mentions the National Depression issue of centuries Ottoman Empire dominion in the frames of which Bulgarians, like other peoples, have been Christian minority. Followed by 45 Soviet rule.   

The Soviet rule oppressed Bulgarians in many ways, the least mentioned of which, yet very important, is the perverse read of history that the Soviet occupier imposed. Of all the perversions I will mention only two :  

1. The duration of Bulgarian history is only 1300 years (and it never increases). Bulgaria starts only with Asparuh. Soviet historians recognise Asparuh as Bulgarian, but his father and brother no.

2. Bulgaria has betrayed  its national hero Vasil Levski; thus failing their own liberation movement and efforts. So that Big Brother Batushkin had to come and liberate Bulgaria. In fact, it was Russia that made all possible so that, unlike Greece, Bulgaria's independent liberation effort fails. 

Imagine the depression of a nation that had to call one of the major boulevards in its capital  and many others in smaller towns, Earl Ignatiev, after the Russian traitor of its national hero.   

I am sure that by now UK Lawyers for Israel are empathetic and slightly bored. I am about to make my point :  Despite the Two National Catastrophes, publically  recognised, and the National Depression, generally unrecognised, Bulgaria has always be proud  of one episod of its history - " the saving of our Jews". I remember my mother telling me "Yes, but unlike others we saved our Jews".  I only realised the full meaning of this expression years later, when at uni at Lyon. Lyon II, the university, shares courtyard with Centre d'histoire de la résistance et de la déportation. The museum that reminds us how France, rather eagerly I would say, has put its Jews on tranis and sent  them into death camps. The squate building, nowadays hosting the museum and the university, has been previously the Gestapo regional headquarters. 

So far so good. Apart of the little detail, no longer Bulgaria is allowed to say "we have saved our Jews". Now Bulgarians are told that forced labour is not saving. Within the EUSSR peripheral countries are denied the right of any sort of dignity. And certainly EUSSR periphery cannot be more righteous, Jewswise nor otherwise, than EUSSR core countries.

Imagine EUSSR's contemporary drama if it turns out that Germany....we know what Germany did; France.... we know what France did....; and suddenly Bulgaria had done otherwise...  Obviously within the frames of EUSSR a similar hystoric fact cannot exist. For if it existeth how would Germany and France would then pretend to have the moral grounds to teach...say Bulgaria...say tolerance .  

This histori fact cannot exist for a second reason two - it would give a more nuanced picture of Royal Bulgaria. It will show that unlike others, Bulgarian nationalism wasn't antisemitic.  A picture that doesn't serve the aims of the current EUSSR Bolshevik Headquarters in Brussels, Moscow and  Strasbourg. 

Yes, there has been such a Germany affiliated regime in Europe that has not, I repeat has not embarked the Jewish population within its borders to death camps.

So here is my demand, could you, UK Lawyars for Israel, kindly make a comprehensive map of EUSSR, known to you as EU, and politely mark on each country, for the period say 1935-1945 how many of your brethren were killed, locked into ghettos, forced to labour, exported towards concentration camps or exported towards Palestine, so that we may, finally,  see who is who in EUSSR in this regard. 

For as a child I was also told that not only not even one Bulgarian Jew was killed or exported towards a death camp, but that many people escaping from Central Europe came to Bulgaria and were shipped towards Palestine.  

Was this a Bulgarian falk myth? And if it was a national folf myth - then what a dear, tolerant nation must have produced it? For why doesn't Germany or France have similar gentle folk myths?

When I was living in France and the French weren't missing an occasion to let me know how poor was Bulgaria (despite the then statistic fact that 96% of Bulgarian population owned their own dwellings oposite less than 55% in France, which I knew; and despite the fact that France was exporting more unemployment, towards EU in particular and the world in general, of which I wasn't aware) I loved to tell them : "Yes, but our hands are cleaner than yours..." This is question one.

Question Two: If nationalism = antisemitism.  Then is the creation of the state of Israel an act of nationalism? I mean I know it is called Zionism, but still...? Or ok, what is the difference between nationalism and Zionism? Can we call Israelis defending Israel nationalists? I mean I know Israelis defending Israel will be called Zionists, but still : could we consider them as nationalists too? And if yes, are they antisemites? Do you concider all other nations' nationalism antisemitic?  Is this actually  the difference between nationalism and zionism :Nationalism = antisemitism, while Zionism is the only nationalism that ≠ antisemitism? And if this is so, it means that Israel can't have allies or friends , no matter how friendly they are to Israel, can you?

Respectfully, I wouldn't dare otherwise, waiting for your answers. If I don't get them,  in the future I will feel free of obligation to answer any possible questions of your behalf.  

Conclusion : Nowadays Germany has achieved Hitler's dream - dictating over Europe in Socialism. Political correctness does not allow us to articulate the N word. 

More about the Rescue of Bulgarian Jews here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rescue_of_the_Bulgarian_Jews

When your enemy is the EUSSR  - Catch the Racist, the Racist Yelled. Part III. WORK IN PROGRESS

I can tell you that it wasn't difficult. For Bulgarians to stage an anti-fascist march. In order to placate the EUSSR. After all, Bulgarians have been marching waiving red flags and shouting atni-fascist slogans on comand many times a year for 45 years.

Having EU a deux vitesse, where the core countries can be both rascist and carrying for their national interests as much as they want but, the peripheral countries are not allowed to be/do neither nor, is an unhealthy practice. When you have an entity of the size of a continent functioning on the sublimely and utterly racist model and image of France* - where privileged people live downtown, marginalised people are closed in ghettos, with a public transport curfew so that when they get angry, they can only burn their own quarters... Is not a good solution for any conglomeration of countries.

Adding taboos to the already existing ones and calling them political correctness, just because this works for the most vicious of perpetrators will sooner or later end in tears for everybody not only for the victims.

After Brexit the words nation and national; and the word combinations based on those such as "national interest", within the EU have become the equivalent of robe, line, corde, cable gallows, halter, hempen collar etc in the hanged man's house. EU in its severe schizophrenia - hyper racist and hyper politically correct at the same time; with its "Only we can be the politically corect type of racist" of the core Europe has become a new entity EUSSR.

"That's right master. That's right" shouts the periphery and stages anti-fascist marches and writes politically correct articles and law and behold.... this saves all EUSSR's problems.

And here is the Bulgarian conandrum. From one hand Bulgarians are called Bulgarians wherever they go in the EU, and believe me this doesn't go hand in hand with being shown love and respect, but when they start calling themselves Bulgarians, they suddently become nationalists and this suddently is a problem and they have to repent by staging anti-fascist protests and writing articles including as many hebrew names as possible.

The new EUSSR Political Correctness requires Bulgarians to be strictly referred to as 'cheap labour'** and strictly self-refer to as 'cleaner', 'construction or season worker'. That's it.

After Brexit a nationalist witch hunt has started. and only now I am becoming aware of its scale. A massive witch hunt that turns the EU into EUSSR.

That's right EUSSR, few more anti-fascist protests and all your problems will be solved. Few more politically correct articles and we will start believing that you are not racist. For real. I promise.

And it is just from colonialist and supremacist countries that the rest of the world will learn how to be tolerant and egalitarian and just....

Ja ja natürlich

UK Lawyers for Israel, I haven't forgotyen you. Tomorrow's episode will be dedicated to you. Нали трябва да сте на всяка манджа мерудия и ако не сте се сърдите....

* While living in France in the noughties I have sent about 500 CVs signed by my real, Arabic surname. To all those I have received ZERO response. ZERO as in NOT A SINGLE ONE. I have then sent 200 of the same CV signed with my then husband's, Bulgarian name. To EACH of them I have received a negative response but still a response - a recognition that I existed and have initiated and action. I have then sent 100 copies of this same CV signed with a French name, after EACH of which I have received a phone call. Needless to say, it didn't take me anywhere as my French was obviously with a strong accent. Worse than being the victim of racism though is the systematic witnessing of it and in France it was 24 hours, full on of that. Everywhere. Including in my own home with the all white, false blonds on the telly. As far as I learn from my art correspondent in Berlin, being a burnett is no longer fashionable in Berlin either.... make your own conclusions...

** In the UK I have always worked. But always on the basis of my old, Arabian Phonology MA. My absolutely contemporary and, as I thought, much useful MA in Representation, Mediation, Conflict Solutions was never solicited. "What conflict solutions? we have political correctness instead". When I hear Political Correctness I imagine under water Idlib. Mortal combat in deep, dirty waters. Good luck with that. May your Correctness be ever more political.

When your enemy is the EUSSR – or the tough luck of having the whole Eurasian Bolshevik state on your back. WORK IN PROGRESS Part II

22. 02.2020 While obviously owed by my own writings I am dreaming of dancing with no other but Trump. In my dream Trump is orange and very tall. His jacket, half dressed on one arm and one shoulder; with the other, shirted only arm he is holding me and we half dance half proambulade on a public garden loan. I am half ashamed half excited of the general disgust that we provoke. Everybody is watching us.

So while I am dreaming in London, two things are happening in Sofia: 

1. the website of BNS had become unreachable from my mobile in the Uk. I found out when I wake up.

2. "In the meantime, a protest will be held in the capital. The initiators are "Anti-Fascist Action - Bulgaria". They will protest under the motto "No Nazis on our streets".


This is how democracy looks like in the EUSSR. 

For Part I see bellow

When your enemy is the EUSSR – or the tough luck of having the whole Eurasian Bolshevik state on your back. Part I

whom I sympathize the least. “Let’s open a discussion, where not almost everyone can participate. Cause in order to participate in a discussion we need to share some values. And of course, among others, the value of antifascism must be clearly addressed in this hall. Those who do not consider themselves antifascist, I think they cannot participate. And I think that they need to leave” ‘Francesko X *

As so often, I am incapable to resume what I think and feel in an orderly text. Therefore, and as usual, I will though some lines relaying on the intelligence and imagination of the reader to generate a picture. Each, their own picture. And yes, I know, if I am quoted, I will be quoted from those to whom I sympathize the least❤.

In February last year, on my way home after a mountain hike I fell upon Lukovmarch and follow it through out. Led by curiousity and proper attraction to this young, very serious and solemnly grave crowd.

A big crowd of journalists and camerapeople waited at the height by Alexander Nevski church and took pictures of the procession while passing though this emblematic for Sofia spot.

My article on the Lukovmarch was different from other articles on the subject. It was ladled “strangely impartial”.

As I came to understand: Year after year, official and unofficial media says that at Lukovmarch “far right groups chanted racist slogans, made fascist salutes, exhibited violent and disorderly behaviour”. Year after year, the Mayor of Sofia bans the march. Year after year, Sofia City Administrative Court overturns the decision. This year as well and on the grounds of lack of all evidence that the march represents “a real and, even less so, immediate threat to public order”.

In the meantime:

27.01.2020 Emil Krumov gets killed in the premises of SANS (Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security). His guilt? Emil is a member (or ex-member according to some sources) of Bulgarian National Union. Because he is an “ultras”, Bulgarian authorities are not bothered at all by how this murder looks. They have the full support of EUSSR

19.02.2020 “Paul Golding, the leader of the fringe far-right group Britain First, has been charged with an offence under the Terrorism Act after refusing to give police access to his phone”.** The coincidence in Golding’s case is funny: “He was stopped at Heathrow airport in October”, but “was charged by postal requisition on Wednesday. He is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 27 February.” Is it how it normally happens? I don’t know.

19.02.2020 Also 'Far-right extremist' carried out shisha bars attacks in Germany'

20.02.2020 A rather strange “discussion” takes place at the Students’ Society for Equality of Sofia University.( One of my two Alma Maters. Should the second be called Alma Pater? Sorry…) See the opening quote. Imagine if in the major university of a country ‘discussion’ means all who are not anti-fascist go out, what happens elsewhere.

21.02.2020 “German federal police in North-Rhine Westphalia have barred nine people, eight men and a woman, from boarding a flight to Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia where they had intended to take part in the Lukov March on February 22.”*** Also on

21.02.2020 I have checked BNS website and downloaded Telegram app to follow the updates life. Later on in the evening, an update appeared “ Today we had a meeting at the Ministry of Interior, which was attended by representatives of the Sofia Municipality. At this meeting, the representative of the Municipality handed us a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, upholding the order of the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, in which she orders that we meet only in front of the house where General Hristo Lukov was killed; and where the procession traditionally ends. This order is in response to a judgment of the Sofia City Administrative Court overturning Lukovmarsh's total ban. Therefore and naturally, we won’t be calling for a violation of the law and for failure to comply with a judgment. We will leave to peoples own wits where to assemble and how to move towards the assembly point. What we can guarantee though, and what depends on us is that a proper and dignified remembrance of the idol of nationalist Bulgaria will be held in front of the house of General Hristo Lukov on 1 Trakiya Street, after 6 pm"

I know that I am being the Devil’s advocate here. But it seems to me that the Devil’s enemy is more Devil than the Devil. Who says that the ends justify the means is not merely Bolshevik but hardened Stalinist.

Judging by the actions of the British Police, despite Brexit, we are still a part of the EUSSR.

No island is far enough…. Yet, if by some climate-change miracle we get away from the EUSSR, then we will find ourselves closer to Guantanamo and USA or GUSA… where to go? Where to go?

1. Man has the right to live by his own law-- to live in the way that he wills to do: to work as he will: to play as he will: to rest as he will: to die when and how he will.

2. Man has the right to eat what he will: to drink what he will: to dwell where he will: to move as he will on the face of the earth.

3. Man has the right to think what he will: to speak what he will: to write what he will: to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as he will: to dress as he will.

4. Man has the right to love as he will

5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.

Liber OZ

*1.56-‘2.25 Francesko X(Surname remains unclear), an Italian speaker, third year student at Sofia University in his opening speech at Students’ Society for Equality at Sofia University/ Студентско общество за равенство при СУ, 20.02.2020 Full video in English at the bottom of the article, in Bulgarian, here

Also on 19.02.20 Deutche Welle publishes an article called “Lukovmarsh: Has Bulgaria learned to recognize its true patriots?”. In this rather curious article Angel Dzhambazki, vice-chairman of IMRO and MEP is quoted defending the march. Quoted is also Zvezdomir Andronov, Head of of Bulgarian National Union. Opposite these two quotes, there are two other quotes; of the President of the World Jewish Congress Maram Stern and Mr. Solomon Bali, Vice President of B’nai B’rith for Europe. Excuse me Deutche Welle, but if you are asking whether “Bulgaria has learned you should certainly include various Bulgarians in the query. I particularly insist on including “strangely impartial” Bulgarians; and also Bulgarian representatives of other ethnic and religious groups.  Full article here https://www.dw.com

21 February 2020

❤ I suddenly know why I am writing this. Not of love for nationalism, but so that those that feel wronged, lonely and abandoned might feel less wronged, lonely and abandoned. Always with the underdog. Always with the underdog.

Now when I think about it twice, I see that it is much more than simply "Always with the underdog." Much, much more. At the march I saw the children of Bulgaria elated and completely and utterly abondoned. (By the same time Shemima Begum was disccoered in a camp in Syria.). I also realized that what my eyes see has nothing to do with what has been constantly inspired unto me as left and right.

Hence, the necesity of a new political cosmology. . 

....and never forget Jefferson Airplane

Giles Walker, Sweethearts, original work 1/1, Cash is King, Money Talks 2, at Saatchi Gallery until 6 September 2019

Giles Walker, Sweethearts, original work 1/1, Cash is King, Money Talks 2, at Saatchi Gallery until 6 September 2019

This Is How Democracy Looks Like

"Tell me how democracy looks like!" "This is how democracy looks like" A slogan from Saturday, 31 August 2019.

Abolish Eaton and RIP Democracy banners

Abolish Eaton and RIP Democracy banners

Art Wise

Art Wise Democracy looked rather weak as seen by LAAF on the date mentioned above down Whitehall at midday.

There were many "chain made" banners with no artistic value handed over to attendees. Those stated unimaginative lines like "Defend democracy. Resist parliament shutdown" (if only the U was mistyped with an I in "shutdown"...) or " MARCH STRIKE OCCUPY. Bring down Boris". The banners, obviously provided by the parties initiating the protest - mostly parties waving red flags and also white banners with red fists or white banners with red roses (Else to say parties that have never been to big on Democracy). Nothing new here. No fly of the imagination. No new look. No new read. No etc no etc.

Also to be seen were blue berets with yellow stars. These berets obviously matching some blue flags with yellow stars. Again, ready, conveyor made. No .... how can I put it... none of what happens to human beings when they are about to lose their loved once. Or their comfort and livelihood. Let alone their dignity as free humans with free will and means to express it. Else to speak no "Hay Jimmy, where are you going with that gun in your hand" (Here I am talking about the mood in a certain tune, not calling to arms!) mood and ingenuity.

There were quite some photoshoped Borises all of which funny, yet with arguable artistic value. I mean Boris with long Pinocchio nose can't get you a good mark in Arts even in year six. Nor in literature or philosophies by the by. I mean "Boris - Liar" ...Really? How old are we?

There was one Brexit-The Scream banner. Very well made, has to be admitted, yet the idea itself is already half a year old and a rip off the Guardian article from as far in timespace as March and the British Museum's Munch exhibition closed on 21st of July. Hence, completely irrelevant to the present timespace spot (see dateplace above)

There was one drawing of Boris, shirt unbuttoned, his bottom covered only by English flag nickers, drinking red wine by the tombstone of Democracy and drunkenly spilling it, which I really liked. What I liked even more was the banner next to it stating " Close Eton" where the O in "Close" was replaced by Baby-Red-Cheek David; while the "Eton"'s O was Boris' head. Now, I am absolutely against the shutting down of Eton, as I am against the destruction of anything alive and functioning. But something in this funny little banner with the two silly heads there in, had the sparkle of craziness that all piece of creation should have in order to be called art. This lovely little banner made me think that instead of shutting Eaton an exchange summer camp should be initiated between Eaton and French ENS. (Just imagine the babies of the couple Boris-Macron created on an Eaton-ENS summer camp! Or those of Cameron and Sarcozi. Poor little ugly souls.) Just like Beyoncé's derrieres, I think, Eaton should rather expand, not shrink.

Here again, a little typo would have done much good to the banner: It is EATON like in eat-on, eat on and not Eton.

That was it basically, how Democracy looked like the other day.

That and Patch.

Patch from Patrick, with his The Brexit Game deck of cards. Last year, informatics and business teacher, Patch realised that his six-form students don't have a clue of Brexit and what's going on in politics in this country. In order to shed some light on the issue Patch has developed the Brexit Game for his students. Each card carries the face, name and most notable phrase of 52 big UK political players.

Opposite 10 Downing Street Patch was protesting while selling his useful, playful artistic product - The Brexit Game Deck, here

I liked Pach : a teacher who practices what he preaches - artful business opportunities. If only Democracy had more Patches ... 

2 September 2019

@thebrexitgame, also https://www.thebrexitgame.co.uk/

@thebrexitgame, also https://www.thebrexitgame.co.uk/

Saturday, 31 August 2019, Whitehall at noon

Saturday, 31 August 2019, Whitehall at noon

This Is How Democracy Looks Like

"Tell me how democracy looks like!" "This is how democracy looks like" protest slogan from Saturday, 31 August 2019.

To me, as I saw it on Whitehall about midday 31 August, Democracy looked: good, politely voiced, with general Beta attitude and no artistic disposition.

If Boris, inspired by Morisey's 'Spent the Day in Bed' was having a kip at 10 Downing Str at that time, the voice of Democracy wouldn't have woken him up.

But if he was awake and has spied with his little eye (have you seen smaller than Boris' eyes?) at Democracy hanging down his windows he would have seen a handsome, fine and gentle outsider.

Judging by his current partner, Boris isn't into good looking, fine and gentle outsiders. Usually, Alfa cannibals aren't into those.

The only thing in common between Miss Boris and Democracy was the age. The average age of Democracy hanging outside 10 Downing street was about 30.

Having the same age as Democracy, Miss Boris strikes as more mature though. For Democracy was shouting funny nonsense like "People united can never be devided" !

Really?!? What people? England and Scotland? Wales and Northern Ireland? Brexiteers and Anti-Brexiteers? Arsenal and Tottenham? Police and thieves? Drug dealers and drug users? NHS and Bupa? Black cabs and Ubers? Etc and etc?

If I have to think of a more opportunistic society and one composed of more diverse groups of conflicting interest, I will have to go as far as India (as finely described by Gregory David Roberts in Shantaram) or even Syria (The good fiction describing the opportunism of the numerous groups of conflicting local, regional and international, interests in Syria hasn't yet been written).

The lack of maturity of Democracy, became transparent also by its witless moves. Having just successfully occupied Piccadilly Circus Democracy left it when a Woman in a Red Top announced: "A big pick nick is served at Trafalgar square. Let's go and have a nice pick nick". To which, Democracy responded as if it wasn't already about 30 years old, but as if it was still 15 and at school and been called to tea in the canteen. Hop Democracy goes leaving Piccadilly Circus and trots down to Trafalgar Square, only to find it just as it has left it half an hour earlier: still successfully occupied yet void of pick nick, snack, tea, champagne, caviar lobster and all other gourmeterie and amuseboucherie.

In addition of showing immaturity, Democracy also showed that it doesn't read (here saying "Democracy, you haven't learned your lessons"" or "Democracy you've been amnesia struck" doesn't work as in our case Democracy is about 30 years old); or at least, Democracy hasn't read The Gardian's article from exactly two modest ( it is just two, not two hundred) years ago "Undercover police spied on more than 1,000 political groups in UK"

Spied? Spies? Is it how now we call people who tell Democracy what to do? Like in: "Now Democracy let's leave the efficiently occupied Trafalgar Square and let's go to Buckingham palace, but also let's not stay there even one minute, as protesting at Buckingham palace makes too much political and strategic sense, so let's rather take you down Constitution Hill where we shall corner you with police vans. After which let's make even more senseless movements so that when you eventually come back to Trafalgar Square you find it occupied not by Democracy, but by Police"? Spying heh?

Oh, and by the way the Woman in a Red Top announced that on Wednesday, 4 September, at 6pm there will be a protest at the Home Office. At first when I heard it I rejoiced thinking "Ha! The Home Office will be Type-O-Negatived!" Having in mind though what happened to Democracy immediately after this announcement - the same woman promised Democracy a nonexistent breakfast at Trafalgar Square... I think, you shouldn't bother going on Wednesday, as I wouldn't. Instead, head to Cash is King, Money Talks 2 exhibition at Saatchi Gallery.

The aftertaste : Communism didn't exist. Democracy doesn't existe either.

3 September 2019

For The Brexit Game here: https://www.thebrexitgame.co.uk/ and also @thebrexitgame

For the Gardian's Spies article here: https://amp-theguardian-com

Saturday, 31 August 2019, Whitehall about 1300

Saturday, 31 August 2019, Whitehall about 1300

The Democracy Police

A word has to be said about the police and its appearance on Saturday, 31 August.

English police is the best in the world:

It is gentle and polite just like Democracy is. It is also as handsome, fit and atractive as Democracy. But much more intelligent and artful. (Intelligence wise Democracy looses to both Miss Boris and Police).

English Police attended Democracy protest, giving it poise and legitimacy.

English Police wares YELLOW VESTS!

English Police occupies and blocks sensitive spots so that Democracy can't occupy and block them, but to the same effect.

Hence, English police is compatible with Democracy as seen that day.

SPECULATION : English Police is primordial for Democracy. For if hundreds of undercover policemen hadn't infiltrated leftists parties, then who would have taken Democracy to the streets? And imagine how odd would have England looked if after the derogation of its Parliament nobody had gone to the street!!! It would have looked waaaay stranger than Iran and waaay weirder that China...

Yellow Vests Police blocking streets in Central London, Cockspur Str, about 1600

Yellow Vests Police blocking streets in Central London, Cockspur Str, about 1600

Other People in Yellow

Meditative attempt to put Boris to sleep, Falun Dafa, Whitehall opposite 10 Downing Street, 1 September about lunch time.

Establishments' Porn

Or the épopée of a journey to, through and beyond the EU told Arabian style

This reading will bring you to a better understanding of the timespace continuum of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

Home Office I Type O Negative YOU

No Style No Sense Call it Home Office . Please don't call it LIVERPOOL. (Part 3)

No Style No Sense Call it Home Office . Please don't call it LIVERPOOL.

Why does the brilliant, cordial, humane city has to do anything with hostile establishment? Just write Home Office . Don't write LIVERPOOL.

For more than a month I am trying to write something cool and funny about dull Home Office Establishment. I can't.

I don't want to be as dull and inhumane as my subject. What should I do?

Please. Anybody make a joke of the Home Office.

I am just putting here the whole ESTABLISHMENt BOREDOM

Too dull for revision Just as the Home Office

Now what is the common between all of the bellow and my application for British Passport? Nothing and everything. I am sure you will figure out the "nothing". I will tell you about the everything. On 23 July, I receive the long awaited response from dear Emily, who has, on her turn, recieved a response from the Home Offices. From this response I am made aware that I have not provided a permanent residence card as I believed but a registration certificate card. ?!?!?!?!?! Surreal It turns out that the card of which I believed was a permanent residence on the grounds that I have recieved this card as a result for my application for permanent residence card actually isn't a permanent residence card but a registration certificate. A document of the existence of which I previously haven't heard. I apply for a permanent residence card I receive a registration certificate. And not at any point I am made aware that I am receiving something I didn't apply for, I didn't need ("If you are an EEA national currently living in the UK, under current rules, it is not a legal requirement for you to have an EEA registration certificate." ) and the ownership of which messed up my what-to-do-next-in-life strategy. For some mysterious reason despite of providing tax return for five years while applying for a permanent residency I receive a document meant for people who haven't lived in the UK long enough "A registration certificate is also a useful alternative for obtaining documented residence if you haven’t yet lived in the United Kingdom for the continuous 5 year period that’s required to apply for a permanent residence card. " I have no recollection of any accompanying letter explaining why I don't qualify for permanent residency that I applied for. Hence, I receive a document and I presume that this is what I applied for. Why would I suspect that the Home Office have sent me something I haven't applied for? I also haven't seen warning of the sort: in case you don't qualify for permanent residence card, you'll get a registration certificate. I am sure that the usual YOU DIDN'T know what you were doing, YOU DIDN'T use the correct application form, YOU DIDN'T provide enough evidence - would be applicable in this as in any other case when "a third world person" deals with a "first world establishment". To which I will say YOU TOOK MY MONEY once for a document I didn't want or need and YOU TOOK MY MONEY again and let me known that I can't have what I want and need based on the useless document that you gave me. Now YOU WILL TAKE MY MONEY again to deliver the document I applied for the first time and then YOU WILL TAKE MY MONEY again to review my case for the second document I want. Hence, for each document I will have to pay more than once until YOU get the absolute maximum that can be obtained without giving any guarantees that I will obtain what I am paying for. How does the other Bulgarians do? Pay extra fees to Bulgarian accountants to make their applications for them. I didn't want to do that. Why would I do it? I thought those who read and wrote English, should be enough to apply by themselves. "Yes, but No" goes the Bulgarian saying, created to describe similar surreal situations. The successful dealing with the Home Office can be done only through the mediation of specially appointed High Priests and Priestesses: Bulgarian accountants, Migration Lawyers, Local Representatives, other Home-Office taming powers. A third-world person certainly doesn't qualify for this mysterious task no matter how well read. The mortals can try their tough luck at their own peril. And pocket. A corrupt system generates corrupt sub-systems. I also don't have a proof that I applied for Permanent Residency card, as I applied personally at Islington Town Hall and discarded the application number upon the reception of what I believed was the document I wanted. Also all residency cards and certificates for EU citizens coast the same, so the amount I paid can't be a prove. Having said all that, I have to also note that the Home Office did admit a mistake in two different, non matching ways: In their letter to Emily, they admit that Sopra Steria, should have informed me that the document that I present is not the required permanent residency card. Yet, I suspect that Sopra Steria employee presumed just like me, that a residency certificate is a residency card. Apparently he too, just like me hadn't seen neither the first nor the second document previously in his life. Mysterious £80 appeared in my bank account from payer LIVERPOOL. From which also my - now I know - residency certificate had been issued. And with a reference number which matches my payment for citizenship. £80 it seems is the administrative fee. So tue Home Office gives me back the administrative fee. Why? It doesn't say. Nor does it sign as Home Office. It signs LIVERPOOL. Throwing on the cordial, friendly and f And then I earn my money interpreting to English Nationals at their NHS appointments. Obviously, studying English since the age of ten, all the rock'n'roll tunes sang /the films watched in English, the 2 MAs, seven years living with an English manfriend and quarter of century visiting England prior to application are not enough for the Home Office. Just get a Bulgarian accountant.

Avalon's and Other Establishments (Part Two)

This is a continuation of Avalon Establishments - Glastonbury Festival & The Home Office (see below)

When in the distant year of 2000 I applied for French Student Visa (Bulgarians still needed visas to travel in the EU) I recieved a refusal. I have no recollection of the refusal reason. But it has certainly been something along with YOU DIDN'T PROVIDE ENOUGH EVIDENCE of seriously intending to study. (Just like when I applied for British passport, I have been informed : YOU DIDN'T PROVIDE ENOUGH EVIDENCE of living in the country at the time of your application... Despite, one my think, that having more than four thousand hours !!! working for various public services !!! in this country counts as enough of a proof of living in the country... together with what one thought was Permanent Residence Document but turned that it wasn't!!!) . 

Hence, I traveled on a tourist visa and did all my studies in France up to études approfondies (profound studies! How profound!) at the renowned Science Po (litical), Institut Lumière, Lyon 2 while being illegal in the country. A fact that was worrying my son occasionally "What will happen if they get you mum?" "I will get a free flight to Bulgaria" I would say and then we will laugh more or less jollily depending on the day.

In 2004, here I am back at the Embassy of France in Sofia, applying for a Student Visa armed with my French MA (the mentioned Profound Studies) certificate and a letter from a certain Monsieur Claude Journes, then director of Lyon II University explaining how happy he would be for me to become his PhD student.

The woman at the consular, desk as sullen and somber as it suits a French consular clerk, takes my documents and asks "Where is your previous visa?" To which the obvious answer "I don't have one" lifting my eyebrows meaningfully and giving her a tiny mocking half-smile while fixing her firmly in the eyes.

She grabs my documents again disappears and reappears two minutes later with this massive shiny student visa splashed on my passport.

You didn't get it, right?

This is because you don't know what has happened in the meantime.

In the mean- 2001-2004- time a massive diplomatic scandal has be stiffled. But is it was so massive some of it saw the light.

The scandal of the Embassies of France and Belgium in Bulgaria issuing student visas used for human trafficking.

"If there has to be crime, it should be organised" says the Dean of the Unseen University in Terry Pratchett's 'Unseen Academicals'

The ambassadors and consuls of the countries involved where revoked. And that was about all.

From Le Parisian we learned that "The French ambassador Dominique Chassard was investigated for bringing 50 Bulgarian prostitutes into France. And that between Novembre 1999 and March 2000, the French embassy in Sofia has issued some 205 visas to Bulgarian citizens, mainly women"

I was refused student visa in...yes, January 2000.... Now I understand - the French Embassy have simply run out of them.

It looks like at that time Shengen visas were given only to Bulgarians actively or passively (as a victum) involved in organized crime.

On 6 Dec 2006 Dominique Chassard and his wife are acquitted. Acquitted also is the head of the French consular service and a French Businessman. Found guilty is only the only Bulgarian national in the case, the wife of the mentioned French businessman. For the facilitation of the trafficking of 195 women she is given a suspended sentence of...five months. This in a French court. 

My disappointment in regards to the Human Trafficking on Student Visas Gate comes from : 

9 August 2019

For one, non investigated the case of four or five EU embassies being involved in a EU scale human trafficking as one Gate; as the one, massive International Diplomatic Gate that it was. If you read the articles, still found online, of Liberation and Le Parisian there is zero mention of the other embassies engaged with the same activity at the same time. You will see (the links supplied bellow) that while the Parisian focuses on ambassador Chassard only, Liberation does even less by not only not mentioning the French ambassador or the other ambassadors involved but blaming "a poor, badly paid Bulgarian embassy staff" as if it was their fault for being badly paid by a French (practically and EU) institution while working for it IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. Here we don't talk about Bulgarians abroad working for lower than the local wages. We are talking about EU institutions maintaining the economic disbalance between EU country. A disbalance imposed before the particular countries join the union, maintained afterwards and perpetuated by all is entity: governmental, economic and non-profit. As even NGOs (only MSF aka DWB is an exception) maintain the vicious malpractice of paying "local wages to local staff". Half "Western wages" are paid in all Easter Europe, Greece included; thus creating and perpetuating poverty which engenders migration.

Which brings me to my second point the context of the Diplomatic Human Trafficking Gate : Bulgaria and Romania where amidst their joining the EU processes. So why don't we just spoil the process? Why don't we protect our own business of exportation of unemployment?

France was and continues to be a major exporter of its own unemployment, qualified and unqualified, towards Germany and the UK. This unemployment export business had to be protected from the migration wave EU structures malpractices were creating. And the best way is? Propaganda. Easter Europe = poverty = prostitution.

Because, let's be honest, when you are trying to export brown and black poorly educated and not qualified children with Arabic and African names to England or Germany to work- as, frankly, despite all the drug and arms comers that you stimulated in the banlieues of your own cities and which generates hundreds of millions of euros annual turnover - despite of which you still don't have another economic solution for them than exportation; so you certainly don't need white, highly educated and qualified people grown in classless society - which basically means with high self esteem - to be running up and down Europe and qualify for all available work spot. Lets disqualify them. Abort competition at embryo stage.

And so we read "Within the framework of integration meetings held between the EU member states and the EU candidate states Bulgaria and Romania, an 'Association Committee' was held on 22 June 2004... however, it highlighted the need for further reform of judicial structures in both Bulgaria and Romania, particularly in its pre-trial phases, as well as the need for further efforts to fight against political corruption and organized crime, including human trafficking. The findings were reflected in the 2004 Regular Report for Bulgaria and Romania.' (Wiki)

There we are: France and her EU sister countries traffic people on French student visas - which also means that this particular year/years the number of Bulgarian students in French Universities was quasi zero, unlike the number of Bulgarian human traffic victims in French/othercountries' brothels (later on while working in Lyon I met some of these screamingly obvious  human traffic victims treated as prostitutes and not assisted at all by police/authoeities) - but Bulgaria and Romania have to make efforts to tackle organized crime and human trafficking? Pitié ....

During the 00s in Lyon the probability of a person with an Arabic surname finding a job was ZERO, I can testify. Despite my prestigious certificate from a local university my hundreds, literally hundreds, of job applications signed with my Arabic surname hadn't ended up with as much as a simple response. They were all, ALL met with total and absolute silence. Lack of refusal even. Just nothing. All my job applications under a Bulgarian name, borrowed from my then husband, accompanied by the same cv recieved a response. All of them! Some even led to interview. Poor, poor French of colour and strange name.

Anyhoooo . The most innocent and unlikely victim of the EU Establishments Diplomatic Porn Gate was my son, who would ever so often imagine his mother being stopped for a check on her way back from uni - we've all seen the gangs of heavily armed policemen accompanied by dogs about les stations du metro - arrested and sent on a state-paid ticket back home.

10 August 2019

(To be continued)

Avalon Establishments - Glastonbury Festival & The Home Office (Part One)

Why am I looking forward to the AI era?

What's the common between Glastonbury Festival and the Home Office?


Except that I received a refusal from both (within a month) and there was much in common between the two refusals : the false reason.

Glastonbury's refisal came first:

" PS - I have just resent the notification that informed you that you had not been successful. Please check your junk folder if it does not appear in your inbox. The original notification would have been sent the week beginning April 15." It stated.

I think it goes by itself, that whosoever awaits an accreditation looks for it "under wood and rock" as goes the Bulgarian saying to which I would add "and the junk box".

To this moment, I still have not recieved neither the "original"nor the presumably resent notification.

Anyhooow Glastonbury's press office response to my first query about the results of the accreditation application stating :

"Accreditation closed on Friday April 5. We will be considering all applications the week commencing April 15. Applicants will be informed whether they have been successful or not by the end of the month latest."

And a second, again in responce of me asking for a result: " Dear Laaf, As clearly stated in the previous email, accreditation for Glastonbury Festival closed on April 5 and we cannot accept any more applications. Therefore you would be correct in deducing that London Art and Food is not going to Glastonbury Festival. Sorry to disappoint. Best wishes, Glastonbury Festival Press Team"

The quoted stext come as the fifth email in a string of emails (by a string of emails I mean consecutive emails lined under an initial email using the laziest option - clicking on the "reply" botton) the first of which was:

"Dear Laaf, Many thanks for your application for 2 Press Passes on behalf of London Art and Food. Your application reference is PA1900173."

The PS was to an email with which Glastonbury press team informed me for a forth time that I should have applied until 5th of April answering my third enquiring demand and to which I responded that I have done so ever since March.

For this forte annoying inadequacy there might be two reasons - and may the arrows of the small god of false reasons skip me - either complete ignorance of how email communications work, or complete disregard to people (yes, unknown but still people) having spent time and effort to create a concept (be it in broken English) to back their application as Glastonbury press requires.

I read and still read (while rereading for an N-iem time my email exchange with Glastonbury press) the mentioned inadequacy as typical establishment arrogance.

The typical establishment arrogance being: YOU MISSED the application time. YOU DIDN'T check your junk box. YOUR MAILBOX FAILD to receive our notification. YOUR CONCEPT IS NOT worth mentioning with a single word . YOU FAIL. YOU. YOUR FAULT.

Thank you very much Glastonbury establishment.

Now a word to be said about Glastonbury and other art (music is an art. It has its own muse and all the rest) establishments. Art entities, should have a style. No communication with an art entity should feel like a failed job application. Style does not necessary imply more work, even though it my require some thought and inspiration. Style doesn't even require heart!

For Glastonbury Festival a good generic refusal email might include a simple link to Stones' "You can't always get what you want", instead of four senseless emails with false reasons and wrong statements.

And while Glastonbury was "a life changing experience for those who attend it" as I heard many times to be said on Radio Glastonbury over this last weekend. For me the interaction with Glastonbury, be it brief and from distance, reminded me of the times I was searching for job in France. Which, as a foreigner of "mixed origin" as the French call it, basically emplyes facing systematic uselessness. By this systematic uselessness I felt permanently insulted, despite being aware that uselessness is never personal. To be useless for all those that stands outside of it, is every establishment's self-protective mechanism.

I might have completely forgotten my irritation with Glastonbury's press team, if it wasn't followed by the Home Office's letter - similar farce.

The Home Office. Better tone - as it should be when paid £1349.20 (the fees for the two tests: English Language and Life in the UK not included - roughly another £300) and an extra £35 paid to documents check contractor Sopra Steria UKVCAS. Still the Home Office says:

"Your application has been refused for the following reason:....As you have not provided a document certifying permanent residence or a permanent residence card issued by the Home Office, we cannot be satisfied that you were permanently resident in the United Kingdom on the date of your application for naturalistion and it has been refused".

The reason, of course, just as with Glastonbury Festival, is false as:

First, I have provided the needed document - Permanent Residency Card - just as the appointed contractor Sopra Steria UKVCAS has confirmed in an email:

"Thank you for uploading your supporting evidence to the UK Visas and Citizenship Application Service website. We have now completed the following checks of the files that were available as of 26/03/2019 · Checked for the presence of all mandatory documents · Checked that all documents are legible · Checked that all documents been uploaded to the correct category · Checked for any obvious missing pages · Checked that all uploaded documents are in either English or Welsh language, or have an accompanying English or Welsh translation. No action required: Following a review of supporting evidence available, we can confirm that: Mandatory documents are present in all required categories. All documents are legible. All documents have been uploaded to the correct category. There are no obvious missing pages in any of the documents. All documents are in either English or Welsh language, or are accompanied with an English or Welsh translation that obviously relates to the original Second, it is this same Home Office that has issued the document in question.

And precisely there is the similarity between Glastonbury Festival and the Home Office : one wonders what is it all about?

Is it a simple and complete incompetence - the Home Office can't see an attached document from one hand ; and from other hand despite being paid a ton of money can't check if it has issued such a document. Or is it a pure and arbitrary disregard to people (foreigners with broken English, but still people)?

All establishment serves itself only (Only British Labour Party serve the Conservatives as well). Where I am now in regards to the mentioned Avalon Establishments? (Why Avalon? Because their rational is covered in mystical mists).

With Glastonbury : After seven unsuccessful attempts to get myself into Glastonbury Festival - I try since 2012, one way or another, an eight won't follow. F*kc you very much Glastonbury! YOUR ACCREDITATION REJECTIONS ARE WRONG! If they were right I would have never given up trying to get in there.

With the Home Office: my local MP Emilly Thornberry is communicating of my behalf. At present a response from Mark Thomson, The Director General of the Home Office is awaited.

So far so good. Where is my drama? The UK starts to look more and more like my native Wonderland, Bulgaria, where nothing is where or as it should be. Say:

For one, my moral integrity is shaken by the necessity to ask for assistance my local MP as she represents a party I don't sympathise to. Imagine if it was Jeremy Corbyn!!! Have I lived in Islington North instead of Islington South!!!

For two, the wierd refusal reason stated by the Home Office makes me wonder whether their contractor Sopra Steria is competent. Which reminds me that all my personal data and biometrics have been collected by a contractor. Which on it turn reminds me that this country's whole administration has been contracted to private companies. American companies, for example according to my personal experience, have no other interest at heart but their own.Which means that the two ends they are supposed to provide services for and to could only "blow the soup", as go the Bulgarian expression.

The Silver Lining: Emily Thornberry and her office have been extremely efficient (so far) and perfectly polite. A pleasure to deal with (UNLIKE YOU Glastonbury Festival)

If the Home Office care to come to its senses and, as Emily asks it, grant LAAF British citizenship (be it without the issuing of unreserved apology, for which Emily asks too), next year ... BURNING MAN I am coooommmiiiiiinnnng.

No accreditation needed thank you.

And if Emily Thornberry's mediation is successful and I eventually get a British citizenship, to honour her and all other wonderful women, on the next elections I may vote for Women's Equal Rights Party !

Tuesday, 2 July

PS Looking foreword the AI era! AI will exclude uselessness, unless breastfead with nonsense.

In this regard a very important exhibition is coming this autumn:

Trevor Paglen: From “Apple” to “Anomaly” (Pictures and Labels) Selections from the ImageNet dataset for object recognition at The Curve, Barbican Centre

26 September 2019 – 16 February 2020

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