DJ Neill Moore (NEO)

Neill Moore is a UK based psychedelic trance DJ and producer who plays his live act sets under the stage name NEO.

He has been a favourite DJ of many fans in the fourteen or so years he has been playing the many different styles of trance until he decided to go psychedelic all the way due to it's beautifully delicate and intricate composition and cultural aspects, which fitted well with Neill's general mentality even before he discovered the music.

Neill has also spent over a decade training in audio engineering and has made a lot of music in a lot of different genres over the years.

He is also an avid sound designer and synth programming freak, with countless hours of synth patch designing that have helped give a flavor to his tracks that fans say sounds 'unique' or 'different.' 

As a music composer, Neill likes bringing many ideas he gets inspired by from many kinds of music including breaks, dubstep, uplifting trance, tribal, dark psytrance, techno, cinematic, classical and many more.

Surprisingly his music has also been heavily influenced by his taste in computer games, movies and topics of reading that usually involve some form of science or philosophy.

Signed to new Uk based label 'Altered States Music' and being managed by 7artistmanagement. Neill's love and passion for the music is said to shine through in both his DJ and Live performances and he has been highly rated by some of the worlds best artists and promoters as one to watch out for in the near future.

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