What Next? On the Female Front

In bed with Caitlin Moran and other women, not all of which alive alas, Saturday morning, 27 March 2021

In bed with Caitlin Moran and other women, not all of which alive alas, Saturday morning, 27 March 2021


In the measure of your enrichment you grow in insignificance.

The middle classes once known as "a vehicle of progress" had long-time forgotten the unhandy obligation of being socially useful. During the last half a century no change has initiated from a middle class, busy with personal enrichment rather than social improvement. Where once standeth noble deeds, now lay empty slogans. Indeed, in the last fifty years the distance between slogans and deeds - known as "paying a personal price" - hadn’t been walked through by any middle class representative. Where once there were noble Victorian ladies ready to muddy their shoes on regular visits to the slum, and dirty their gloves with feeding and nursing the needy; now there are noble ladies whose full volume of activism amounts to uncompromisingly leftist discourse in the pub - and/or social-media - followed by a cab to a gated home. Charity? Oh, obviously charity is included, but charity that has no impact on the personal standard of living.

It is daylight clear that no matter how good is the preaching if it isn't backed by a practice - which it obiously isn't, as it would imply the unthinkable : paying a personal price - no initiative is put in motion and no social movement is set in action by the middle class. Hence, all social change during the last decades was brought either "from above" through legislation - just turn the preaching into laws, and then who cares if those are hard to implement and therefore are rarely implemented. Or, more or less successfully, by raging mobs "from below" - like the ones shouting "I can't breath " last summer, or those shouting "Kill the Bill" yesterday and the week before. But never from the middle class.

Therefore, CW, congratulations for mobilising this country’s middle class into an attempt for useful action. And thank you for asking “What next?”

If for once in a hundred years, the middle class condescend to fulfil its natural social duty and wants to be once, just this once, an impulse for progress; then the next - after talking - step should be done and I see it as follows:

Every single boy whose name has appeared in a testimony on the Highgate School rape and harassment dossier should be expelled from the school and his predestined entry into Oxbridge denied unto him. And so on hereafter the Highgate school should apply "zero tolerance policy in regards to rape and sexual harassment" in the same way it now thoroughly applies its zero tolerance to drugs.

Other schools will follow and the effect will be immediate and considerable. The post-effects thereof will also be great - say if 220 less middle class boys enter Oxbridge this autumn, then someone else would do instead... say some 220 middle class girls. And that’s fine by me. And then who knows, maybe some lower classes’ children might sneak in? Another side effect would be that boys start talking to girls with small, broken voices and being nice to them - once having realised the smashing new power that girls have obtained.

But yes, for the purpose the middle class would have to set a good example by sacrificing some boys. See what the mummies and the daddies will say about that - and then we will find out how serious the middle class is in its intention to achieve social change by paying a personal price and thus to occupy its long-forgotten, natural place of vehicle of progress.

Alternatively, the middle class families parenting girls, could unite funds and invest into the creation of electric bracelets to be implanted into both girl’s arms. If one of the bracelets is used on a harasser-boy, he gets paralyzed for a couple of hours; if both bracelets are used at the same time the harasser-boy is paralayzed for life. I think that that - physical strength - will be the easiest way to set the balance girls vs boys right. After all, we are just animals.

Note: I do apologies for my general speaking about "the middle class/es" to the few representatives of the middle classes that have made the decision to pay a personal price for a better society. Say, the best thing that Marie Anne Hobbs, whom I don’t like as a presenter and don't perceive as a DJ, has done is to let Jamz Supernova, whom I like much, sit for her. I don’t know what is the arrangement in this case, but if Hobbs has decided to generously share her position with Supernova and if Supernova is paid equally for it, well this means that Hobbs is paying a personal price for a better, more balanced and just society. Else to say, if this has been initiated and volunteered by Hobbs, then Hobbs is a pure middle class woman of the brilliant type. 

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* Come forth with your names and state the names of your perpetrators. Unless it is done this way it will remain undealt with like the processes not having taken place in the ex-communist countries. Few years later you'll have to vote for your violators at elections. And when you refuse to do you will be accused of being ultras. Also if you come with your name now, you'll have a say in the narative and none will come in the future to blackmail you with information. Come forth with your names now. Because " victim shame blaming", won't end up with your school life it will follow you in adult life, whether you decide to make a career or get married. This is how you will be kept passive and submissive. This is how you will be kept in eternal control of the perpetrator. Therefore, come with your and his, name now. Why are there so few women in politics today? Because all the others were rapped while at school or university. And sit home ashamed until today. Control the narrative.  Wear the name of your rapper as a badge. And then tell everybody who asks you "What's that?" the story. 

Do you remember Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination amidst sexual assault allegations? When it was going on I tried to explain to my 80 year-old father why this is wrong. For a first time at the age of nearly fifty I told him how a 14 year-old boy tried to rape me when I was 11. To my surprise my father had more words of forgiveness to say about my rapist - how a man should not be judged upon what he has done in his youth - than words of regret about my rape accident. My argument that in contrast with the particular boy there were many other boys who weren't rapists, therefore come to that, we shouldn't even think to elect a rapist didn't make much inpression on him. So, yes, it may happen that your parents aren't as much empathetic to you as they should, nevertheless you have to come forth now. And actually that might be the real revolution admitting to your parents your rape situation....Better sooner than later.

Don't leave a rapist unpunished.

Don't shy from doing the work. For there is work to be done. A purely and properly girls' work to do - a spring cleaning. In ten years time we will call it the Girls Spring. And I am telling you, it's better be SUCCESSFUL.

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