LAAF is independent and funded by its authors' other activities.

LAAF aims to open new physical and mental routes in order to create new situations and meeting points. We mediate in English, Arabic, Farsi, Bulgarian and French.

LAAF is dedicated to the new and on London's art and food scene.

London is a cosmopolitan town because of its people. That's why LAAF often reports on the new and the old in the towns from which the people living in it come from and to which they often return.

When the world is a troubled  LAAF reports on art and food in troubled places. London, Idlib, Paris, Sofia or Gaza.

LAAF welcomes contributors.

This page is based on observations rather than research. It is a description of things seen and the reflections they have engendered.

We draw with word.

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Self-portrait ‘Oviri’, 1984-5 bronze casting, brown patina.

Self-portrait ‘Oviri’, 1984-5 bronze casting, brown patina.

PAULE Oviri The Savage GAUGUIN Patron Saint of LAAF

Because of his lonely travels and longing for distant places.

Because of his ability to turn things into something entirely different.

And also for his endless searching for cultural parallels, religious connections and civilisational synthesis, LAAF chooses Oviri (The Savage) Gauguin for its patron saint. Also because LAAF's style could be described as modernist-primitivism too.

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