LuciFairian Games

'Save the planet through joy and happiness'

'Winners are all those who have fun'


"Red Alan" is how Grayson Perry intimately calls Lucifer. Red Alan abides in RA vaults, near the restaurant.

The Second Edition of the LuciFairian Games took place last Saturday, 4th May at Park Zaimov, Sofia

With the participation of approximately 50 enthusiasts.

Sofia, 4 May 2019

First LuciFairian Games

Just like an ex wife might find herself with the ex’s BMW (with no driving license) after a messy divorce, and the ex hubby gets the hair drier (being bold), post vote-Brexit UK found itself with hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian builders, cleaners, nurses, farm workers and seasonal doctors, plus tens of thousands of chronically ill Bulgarians with all diagnoses and of all ages, ethnicities and religions… Bulgaria ended up with…the British summer. So, the first LuciFairian Games took place in Sofia under mist, murkiness, cats and dogs.

The LuciFairian Games, with its motto; 'Save the planet through joy and happiness', is a sporting event of various disciplines of a non-competitive character, where the only goal is a good time and laughter for all - players and spectators.

On the event that took place on Friday 29th June 2018, the participants were about 30 souls (half of the remaining population) of all ages, genders, ethnicities and religions.

Many awards were given out, with LAAF's favourite being the 'Driest Player Award'. It went to a gentleman who had an Umbrella Porter at his side, and managed to finish the D-Juwels game (a black golf ball, table tennis ball and a raw egg are all carried in a sauce spoon at 3 lengths of 6,66m each) last but marvelously dry. (Obviously, the Devil has three perfectly dry balls. How else?) The second edition of the LuciFairian Games will take place in September. Watch this space.

(The date prediction was obviously wrong - author's note)


Sofia, 29th of June 2018